Kuhner- Will indictments against Manafort bring down Trump?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, October 30th

Former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort is indicted on 12 different charges. Kuhner believes Trump needs to fire Robert Mueller. Do you agree?


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He's the schooner road course. These games. OK my friends. Stunning developments. Paul manna for a few former Kerry campaign chairman. Of Donald Trump and his business associates. Rick gates have now been indicted. On twelve counts by special counsel Robert Mueller. But before I get them out in a special announcement. I am going to be off. Both tomorrow and Wednesday. I have a have very important engagement ring me to go to it is a funeral for a very dear friend. And unlike others. I'm gonna respect the wishes of the family. Who wanted to keep dispersants identities. And the weak in the funeral private. However I will be making a major announcement on the show. This Friday at 235. So please everybody tune in to a 35 this Friday. I'll be making a major announcement on the corner report. I am off tomorrow and I am awful Wednesday. Mike Siegel will be filling in. Okay my friends a lot to talk about today. I'm as I preface in the opening. Paul manner fort has now been arrested. He along with his protege Rick gates by Robert Mueller he turned himself into the FBI. It is a sealed indictment that is now being unsealed. He has been indicted by a federal grand jury. On twelve counts. And in particular. They are twelve counts of conspiracy either criminal counts conspiracy against the United States. Conspiracy to launder money. Unregistered agent of a foreign principal. False and misleading foreign agents registration act statements false statements. As well as. Not tax fraud money laundering. A wire fraud. In other words potentially manner fort could be spending the rest of his life in jail as well as that of his business associates. Now. We knew something was up on Friday when CNN he's out that indictments were coming Monday morning. Which raises the first an obvious question. Why is Mueller and his people why are they leaking to the Clinton news network. If this is supposed to be a fair impartial objective. Investigation. They're already leaking to the political enemies of the president. That is point number one. Point number two and the most important point. I've gone through all of the indictments. All twelve of them 31 pages. President Trump's name is not mentioned once. In fact most of the allegations against Paul manna for and his business associate read gates. A goal back years. Weighing before he was the chairman of the trump campaign for a couple of months. So we're talking about alleged financial crimes. When he was a sleazy lobbyist everybody knew that Washington is full of sleazy lobbyists. But big goal back years and years and years. In other words I've looked over bowl 31 pages. There is methane in here. About right shark colluding with the trump campaign. Russia meddling in the election. Altman and the Kremlin scheming would trump or trump associates or trump aides to. Mastermind the victory of trump over Hillary Clinton. There is not in other words there is nothing in there about the stated purpose of Mueller's investigation. Nothing. They are maybe we'll see if he can improve on their financial crimes. There conspiracy crimes. It's white collar crime it's essentially at its core it is money laundering and embezzling at its fundamental core. Now. The charges to go hard on manna fort he did have entities in Cyprus. And he did do business dealings which was well known for years this is no open secret. This is no secret forgive me was an open secret. Whereby. Manna fort. Was doing business. With the role Russian government in Ukraine before it was toppled in 2014. By the Nationalists in the Mike dawn the infamous my Don revolution. So he did do business with April pull my finger. Who general call riches is named Vic oriental called rich. Who apparently gave him over eighteen million dollars in undisclosed payments. According to what Mueller is alleging. He essentially then manna for his business associate created a slush fund. In which much of that money was undisclosed to the American government. Much of it was tax free. Much of it was then secretly embezzled. Millions of dollars in which manna for use it for homes in Florida. Homes in the Hamptons. He bought apparently fancy sports cars. He had nearly one million taller. And peak rug collection I mean how many rugs can you buy with a million bucks but anyway. So he apparently used that money didn't report it or disclose it to the American government. Was clearly in bed with the Ukrainian government at the time years ago. Which is disgusting and maybe even criminal it's clearly immoral. But as I can tell you definitively having been in having been in DC for over ten years. That's. That's lobbying. That's what lobbyists do. In fact what is stunning about this is everything that is being charged. Against man afford. Could legitimately be charged against eight as an example that your pick Hillary Clinton. She set up her private slush fund. Not to the tune of eighteen million dollars but to the tone of a quarter billion dollars. In which forget the pro are pro Russian Ukrainian government the Russian government itself. Through shell companies and banks. A final a 145. Million to the Clinton foundation. So if he wants to go after manna for its books opened up Clinton's books the Clinton foundation and you'll find much bigger products. That's number one number 20. Her campaign chairman John Podesta. We know took literally millions of dollars again not from a pro Russian Ukrainian government but from the Kremlin itself. He and his brother John and Tony Podesta or after their eyeballs in Russian money in fact did you lose manna for. Who had contacts in Ukraine had contacts with some Russian oligarchs today and lobbied Hillary Clinton for uranium one. So if Mueller is really serious about going after Russian collusion. Forget all manner fort he small details. The bigger fish are John Podesta. Tony Podesta. Bill Clinton then. And Hillary Clinton. Furthermore. This broke over the weekend. Which the mainstream media is deliberate. We trying to suppress. It has now come out this is now irrefutable. That the infamous trump dose as Maxine Waters who put it dossier. The infamous trump doce. Which was we now know funded. By the way most of it completely discredited. It was it was a smear campaign against the president. It was funded we now know clearly by the Hillary Clinton Campaign. By the Democratic National Committee but now we find out there was a third person who funded it. The FBI. We now know that the FBI. Paid for the dole CA's author Christopher steel paid for his travel expenses. What is the FBI doing giving money to work MI. A British foreign agent who's a specialist on Russia. Why are they finding him. The FBI has no business giving him money they were implicated. In the smear campaign. Against president trump they deliberately took sides in the election. To try to help Hillary Clinton win and bring down president trump. So we know that call me. Paid or is people paid for the Chris Steele part of it to dole CA. And the Arab and the and the travel expenses in fact call me wanted to put Chris Steele. Permanently on the FBI payroll. Which then begs the larger question. The person who is giving out the indictments should be indicted himself. And now I'm talking obviously about Robert Mueller. This is the man that is covering up for James called me. This is the man who was covering up for Hillary Clinton. This is the man that is covering up for John and Tony Podesta and this is the man who is covering up for the fact that he himself. Knew about the uranium one be Ole. Knew about how the Russians had bribed and bought off the clintons. Secretly funneled money to the Clinton foundation through the Podesta group using Paul manna fort as the kind of goal between. And knowing all this corruption. All of these kickbacks all of this bribery. All of this influence peddling this out Mel treason he personally signed off on the uranium one deal. And here's another kicker. This this is like it's like a spy novel. It's page after page after page now we find out that the Obama administration. Sent nearly a million dollars. Two fusion GPS. To helped them compile the phone we trump (%expletive) Now remember. What is the allegation against front. The allegation against Strom is that heroes campaign officials. Caught colluded where if or shared information. With Russian officials close to the Kremlin is that the delegation. To help tilt the election in favor of the are in favor of trump against Hillary. Well what's the dose day. What was uranium one deal what was all of this about. Edit score that trump dolce. Huge Russian sources. Russian intelligence figures. People the top of the Russian Foreign Ministry. To go and smeared Donald Trump any collusion campaign with Hillary Clinton and the DNC. That very thing that there are accusing trump. It's what they did which the Russians to defeat from the helped get a Hillary Clinton elected. And Robert Mueller is leading this investigation are you freaking kidding me. This should be imprisoned and self. The indictments itself fell. Against both man of sport and gates. Have now unleashed the floodgates. Of speculation. Listen now Andrew Napolitano. This morning on FOX & Friends say this could be the first of many dominos. Befall. Roll it Britney what does this tell you overall about similar approach. That this is the first of many dominoes to fall. And that he is Bob Bob Mahler is following the standard MO of federal prosecutors. You gotta totem pole he got somebody at the top of the power of the totem pole the that's your your big price. No surprises the president the United States you're gonna indict people going up the totem pole to see if you can squeeze them threaten their really nation. But loss of liberty and loss of a property. Had to get them to turn evidence against the top I sometimes people make things up. So that the squeezing we'll stop sometimes a San I don't know anything about the president didn't do anything wrong he had nothing to do with us. We'll see where it's gonna go this is the first of many steps in Bob most putting together an enormous fossil. My friends let me tell you why Mueller did it he did it for two reasons. Number one he has to try to justify all of the money and resources that he's spending on this which time he needs a scalp. Any scalp. The fact that these indictments have nothing to do with collusion or with trump having colluded with Russia. Jerry shows that Mueller wants to indict for the sake of inviting. That's number one. Number two. What he is desperately trying to do. He's used this as a leverage. To squeeze amana for squeeze ray gates squeeze him. Hoping against hope that they're gonna spill the beans on something on anything regarding trump. And the sad fact of the matter is he won't get what he's looking for because he knows deep down. The only person who didn't Coble with the Russians. West trump. That's why there's nothing to get firm man afford. And my question to you is this it's the corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Do you think now that the man a fork indictments. Will eventually bring down president trump. Is this now the beginning of the end. If you believe they will eventually lead to Trump's downfall. Tax though letter dated the 68680. Or do you believe no. There may be a lot of smoke but there's no fire. Text a letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote. Online at wrko.com. Ball 16 year on the great WRK oh bang your first go ahead Dan. Stage epic taking my call my pleasure. Ecstatic thinking about this over the weekend trumpeted Smart guys. Trump you don't want to put these years. The lives that have built into it living trump tower didn't think frank the year. What are the chances that trump picked him. Because we knew this would all play out this way and. He can tie in the debt that he can tie in the Clinton. And all that went on in Russia. Dan I'll be honest I mean it's an interesting theory and thank you for that call. I don't know you start to ascribe psychic powers to trump the economic you can sort of look at a crystal ball and look into the future. Look I know for a fact because I was really plugged into that campaign. The reason why trump initially brought him on board was manna fort was known as a real professional. A brilliant Washington insider. Who could put together a really good convention and I just somebody who if you wanted somebody to make the trains run on time man of sports the guy because he was originally a Bob Dole got. So yet so many outsiders on his campaign at the advice was look. You meet somebody who knows Washington the most how to navigate Washington and put together this convention and streamline your campaign because there's too much factional in fighting. So that was the reason why he brought manna fort on board now what is Timmy discussed thing. Is that everybody knew that metaphor was a lobbyist is was an open secret for years. And they knew that he had extensive ties in Eastern Europe and they knew that he was a shill for the pro Russian Ukrainian government. But. That's Washington when it's it's hard for people outside of Washington understand this but what I was there for ten years. I think honestly caught as my witness like I'm in the confessional. I think I was the only guy who didn't take money in that city. Dar Russians approached me. To do what newsletter for them and pay me obscene amounts of money. The government of Kazakhstan. Approach to meet. And our good friend of mine were running insight. They're gonna offer me on the spot it 350000. Dollar a year salary plus expenses it said Eric said Iraq. To be the editor in chief of the conservative newspaper however with a cabbie ought that they want it to be anti Israel. And they wanted to be more friendly to Muslim interests are so small way I walked away. But what I'm saying is that's how the city operates. It is it is it is for an occupied territory. So the Russians are lobbying the ukrainians are lobbying the saudis are lobbying the Chinese are lobbying. Frankly the French are lobbying the Germans are lobbying man everybody's lobbying that city. So it's a city of horse I'm being series is like what Mueller is now doing this is what truly disgusting to me he's going into a brothel. And it's full prostitutes. Washington is full prostitutes. And he says I'm gonna get you for org. Well OK yes. He's a horror but. And so is John Podesta. And so is Tony the best. It's always Hillary clamped them and it's always. Bill Clinton and so was fusion GPS. Look these were Wall Street Journal reporters. Who created this firm and they're basically guns for a year. And that's how they made big money in fact it came out over the weekend actually on Friday. We now know who the Republican was that funded initially fusion GPS. It was that big hedge fund guy Paul singer. Huge open borders supporter amnesty open borders a backer of Marco Rubio. And so what he did was through his wars in his media outlet the Washington freebie Kim. And I know people who work at the Washington freebie can some of them are half decent reporters but you go there for the money. In other words you're hired gun you go to the Washington freebie can you essentially become Paul singer's hit manner hip woman. And the Washington free bee can was the one that helped funnel money initially in diffusion GPS to do opposition research. On president trump. Later it was the clintons and the DNC that hired Christopher spiel so singer and the Republicans had nothing to do with. The trump go CA that came later. But the fact of the matter is if you wanna make big money in Washington. He's got to be for sale. Now I was never you know god is my witness. I I couldn't sell this country out I couldn't. Because a my grandfather because my father because of what we insured under communism. Because we saw how great America was in liberating. My family and the ancestral homeland so in honor of my grandparents in my own frankly moral integrity I couldn't do it. But I said this before and I'll say it again I said it for years and I think this explains trump. If the American public truly new. How corrupt decrepit and for sale bull city it's their beer revolution. So this to mean is the ultimate smoke and mirrors dog and pony show. He's not cleaning out the bordello. He's just going after one of the prostitutes. To protect. The other hire course the ones who make real money in the city. 61720666868. More with your calls. Jockey Murphy. Jockey what's the latest. Kasten. 1239. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Very sad day for the corner man anyway I'm going to be doing today show obviously but I will not be here. Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be making a major announcement on this show Friday at 235. Other people have been speaking about it I am respecting the family's wishes. They I'm gonna be burying it in a very very dear friend. Anyway I'm bearing on. There's a really good. And the family is wanted to keep the wake and the funeral very private. And I've been honoring the family's wishes. I know others have. Blob. They spoke. It went public with that. I'm gonna respect the family's wishes. I don't be fainted dead or just me. So anyway very tough show for me today. If I sound down or depressed it's because I am down and pressed anyway. I won't be I won't be here tomorrow I won't be here Wednesday Mike Segal B filling in but I'll be back on Thursday god willing. And Friday we'll have a very very big announcement 235. Okay. Tim mead a big story about Paul man afford to be very candid with you. Is I'm starting to think more and more with V his extensive ties to the Podesta group. How he worked with John and Tony Podesta and as you know open dust that was basically Hillary Clinton's right hand man. He was her campaign chairman Tony Podesta was her big bump alert he was her bag man. Everything flowed through the Podesta group manna for was there for years. And that's how he got the Russians. To give so much money to the Podesta as the final it into the Clinton foundation. In exchange for the uranium one deal. So went to meet people talk about Paul manna for. That why he was campaign chairman to meet a bigger issue is and I think it's a fair question. Was he not in mole. Because if you actually look at the trump campaign if you remember cheering this summer when he actually was. Managing that campaign I was criticizing trump saying dump this guy like like a hot potato. This guy is trouble he smothering the trump agenda he doesn't want trump to beach from. He's trying to force trump to run a conventional Republican campaign that Mitt Romney ran that John McCain ran and that we know all end up losing. And sold to meet the real question a ball all metaphor if you won all the truth. Was was he sent them as they kind of agent Horry mole. Byte of the best says and by the clintons to subvert and separate barge to trump campaign from within not to meet the obvious question. CNN however. Which is really disgracing itself at this time. By carrying water for the clintons to such a degree they won't even discuss. The biggest scandal of our time which is the uranium one Hillary bribery scheme. And instead listen now to Jeffrey Toobin saying or what the hell is Matt afford doing a Trump's campaign to begin with. Roll it Britain. Can connect to expand and appointed us justice making this I think it's it's a very important one why was home and a four involved in this campaign. What what what YY who is he why is he involved I mean what this indictment lays out. Is that he was making millions of dollars from. The Russia backed party in the Ukraine I mean he is someone who was doing Vladimir Putin's bidding them. In Ukraine out. He then. Becomes. Big campaign chairman for. For. Donald Trump. Who's he working for what side is he on me it is consistent. With a campaign. That was highly sympathetic and rush ormat. I just amazing I honestly my friends this is orwellian. Like I'm listening to this. I'm as this for real. OK so number one John the best that swimming in Russian money. He was Hillary's campaign chair. No problem there. Hillary and bill she winning I'm not talking some Ukrainian oligarchs. I'm Dawkins stripped from about a national strip from the Kremlin swimming the Clinton foundation swimming and Russian cash. And we can prove. They got our strategic uranium reserves. For their 145. Mil they got what they wanted with Jeffrey Toobin. And then all trump which really really considerate. And favorable to the to the Russians what. What did he say all he said wise maybe on ices in Syria we can have an alliance. That's. Who pushed the reset with Russia Hillary. Who turned a blind guy the Crimea. Hillary and Obama who turned a blind guy eastern Ukraine Hillary and Obama who allow the Russians to move into Syria. Hillary and Obama who all other Russians to new cup the Iranians Hillary and Obama. We're talking about. Nobody was more favorable to the Russians then Obama in Hillary. To the point that Obama mocked the Mitt Romney if you remember that infamous 2012 campaign debate where he said hey man take it easy about your criticisms of mother Russia. Relaxed the 1980s are calling they want their foreign policy back. And these cars are going on about how trump was supposedly lying down for poor yeah this is unbelievable. It's like George Orwell's 1984. Were wrecked war with Oceana no we're not at war with Scioscia on Warrick were not in other words the trophies whatever they want it to be biggest mix stuff up as the goal long. I mean this is sheer propaganda. Nothing more nothing less John in Fitch berg go ahead John. Did you are stuck at all. Musicals and thank you very easy cute. And culture a little I turn. You. And I'll let. You some hopes. And of course share in this big kudos. The child. Was basically. OVE. This was not. Seen that these reports mention it yeah so well. Those issues and when she should not. Basically. Action as you know vice president. I just ignored and we just. Basically say no. And he's gonna get. His. Should share. Because he knows each. Ringo John bingo bingo and thank you for that call look. There is a key WikiLeaks email if you remember. I cited a jury the campaign many were refresh your memory. Where Hillary Clinton tells Donna Brazil. And tells all of them if we don't win this election. We're gonna hang were all gonna hanged. Now you spoke of Lanny Davis okay one of the top concealing Ares for the Clinton crime family I'm all Lanny Davis. Look up. He wrote a column for my paper The Washington Times for years let me tell you were Lanny gets his money from Lanny is in bed with the Pakistan weeks. Everybody in Washington looked. You know the rape scandal the sexual harassment scandal that's plaguing Hollywood in Washington it's not sex I'm telling you it's bribery. Ever I hate to say it would almost everybody does it and the question is your client. Well let me tell you land he's bought and paid for let me bought and paid for our Nolan he's bought and paid for by the Pakistan it's. So when he shields for the pakistanis. OK so what Lenny is worried about now is this. Is if Mueller is see if he's serious he's not but if he's serious. This this will destroy the address those. This will destroy the clintons. This will mean this will bring them all down. And if you really start going after these people that I've been chilling for foreign interests. You're gonna have to indict the whole city. I issues it really is that bad. So this is why I've been saying for a long time trust me when I tell you this. A multibillionaire. Who comes to Washington DC. With a genuine mandate from the people to drain the swamp. Is the most dangerous man on earth. Because he can't be bought. The key to Washington. Everybody's bought its. So I think of it this way were all holding guns to each other's head. You wanna blow the whistle on me blow the whistle on you so you better be quite so that's the game that they play while this guy comes in like a wrecking ball. And he says none then and now there's a new sheriff in town he's now the most dangerous man. And that's why they're desperate to bring him down look I'm not chilling for palm and a fork and Obama for he's a war. But the question is the city's full force. So if you're worried about boring they go after all the horse but there's nothing special about Paul man fort. Now I get rid of him but I get revolt for the city. So what's so far which are seeing right now is one big scam. And that's for the masses. To make everybody think oh there's something to to Russia thing there's nothing. The only man who didn't cope with the Russians was Donald. Nick in Weymouth go ahead meant. Yeah. You're exactly right. Jeopardy. You know. We've seen around the violence so Klaus is that seventy grass investigations that. Look at how people like you can trick Audi sold his soul was that he had no. Fundamental knowledge of the US code eighteen and let only being in the air. And lie about a particular section and he's been included not being in terms and intent would be is that really all about. By especially the the immediate trial than that the of course the Democrats. And and that will open of course the Republicans to enact rules is to create concern. Then the public to where it comes time for elections he appealed the boards will be swayed by this baloney. And that happened up a list is very interesting yet we have much backgrounds he worked for constant. Up until January date jumped on the track to maintain a much. And get what he was doing he was sent its approach to communicating with that Russian agents whatever and just like to talk about. Dear god Hillary does that sound familiar to hill. It was anything and it it was important in wanna try out but got papadore apple has won a truck to go to any and it's what told him supposedly allegedly. What he does not gonna do these things we've sat at a low level does Donald Trump you can't sell it you'll like it makes that web getting that is. From the poisonous tree. Okay. I suspect that the papadore outlets think comes a lot from the Foley trying to dossier as well the kind of paid Bologna at separate center. And it has been trying to look. On a federal judge. Even if these keep port deal is and anybody would probably trap themselves. Bored I'll be thrown out of court because they lied about the dossier when they got a pipe to warrant and the Bruins play. What it was like tropical another milestone. Facility found out that well what is seen. Older. I mean you'll look of course. We set by the into olive Obama's scandals like that the act they knew about that the uranium investigating this. Well Al. Fired immediately. And how could the public complaint. About a negative Panetta would you can't prove it prove a negative view it's it proved that would trumpet saying it's not true not a whit is compromise. Nick look. Look you touched on something very profound. The problem with Mueller's investigation. Mark my words. It's based on the trump ghost here. Everything is based on the trumped OC he surveillance of Matta for comes from the trump toast here. He surveillance of the trump campaign or the FBI's. Is from the trump doce. The headquarters to trump headquarters from powers its from the trump dolce. Well we know the trump dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary and the DNC. So. I won't even stand up in court. The whole thing has now become a massive conflict of interest. And that's why if Mueller had any honor any honor. He would recuse himself and resigned. On the spot. Bruce stand the rain around go ahead groups. He's here yeah lots. I don't know what or do I relate but it. I support it like he didn't do Appalachian and not let it just meant no slight. I lower. He shot and I don't remember power. Once you go that's a beginning a yen. Because power is that the air force say they you know some words on it and make things go. Well what song is outlooks what was it on to. Eric neglected says they're gonna channel on the one of the total bowl. And pigeons unaware ark Asia well or whatever but it she's not gonna care if it's it's it's true evident that the state. Because. Isn't reached what was that slump administration. He's gotten rid of the port in Jenin but investigation going on around you re yen do you. It's beautiful actually beautiful you know. Look outs and trump mentioned it over the weekend it's time for special counsel on Hillary and uranium one. So the race is on Mueller wants them talk trump off before trump can knock him off. Was that infamous trump tower meeting aches setup. Dot discussion more with your calls next. The boys of Boston. You six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's. Won all five here on the break WRKO. OK my friends. I will be off tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be back hopefully on Thursday. Very special announcement this Friday to 35. It's with a very heavy heart but I have to go to attend a wake any funeral. Parade very very dear friend. The only reason why have not mentioned that person's name is out of respect for the wishes of the grieving widow and there are two little children. They wanted to awaken the funeral to be completely private I know some information is leaked publicly. That's on their conscience it's not on mine. But. Anyway very difficult time for me for everybody Britain will be coming as well. To awaken to the funeral. And Mike Siegel will be filling in forming. Tomorrow and Wednesday hopefully I'll be back on Thursday with a very special announcement this Friday at 235. Okay. Paul manna for indicted on twelve counts. Robert Mueller now goes for manna forts throat he also indicted not just amana fort his protege written gates. And an advisory foreign policy advisor to the trump campaign. Has also pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. I've looked at the twelve page. Indictment. Sorry that the 31 page indictment at the twelve counts is essentially conspiracy against the United States. It is tax fraud it is wire fraud it is money laundering. What's the one word or the one name that never appears in all 31 pages. President Donald Trump. Most of these accusations. And charges against man afford. Did eight years. Before he was the trump campaign chairman. And so it is obvious to me that Mueller is simply trying to use these charges they need be true they may not be true. Two tried to intimidate manna fort leverage chairman and flip them against the president. He also wants to make it seem that his investigation is starting to produce results to justify its credibility. To continue fomenting the fanned the flames of anti trumpet stereo. And to justify the massive resources and money that he's spending. My prediction. It's gonna blow up in Mueller's face. He can try to flip manna for all he wants the problem is all worlds from Russia lead Hillary. Not to trump but they're Hillary. Men of fort can destroy the Podesta group he can destroy Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton on trump there is nothing. The irony is he's gonna try to get information on man afford to turn on Tron. He won't be able to because there's nothing to get. And if the man afford a really does cooperate and if Mueller is really serious about conducting its investigation. I'll tell you we should be indicting. John Podesta. Tony Podesta. Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Eric colder Loretta lynch they should. All come crashing down. And so this brings me now to the 64000. Dollar question. No only now. We now know in retrospect. Remember the infamous meeting at trump tower. In June of 2016. Whereby Don junior. Was in a room with Jared Kushner and Paul manna for. Any allegedly met with their Russian lawyer. And the Russian lawyer allegedly said that she had damaging information on Hillary Clinton. And dawn junior said hey you got up all researchers can give us on Clinton we're gonna happy to take a look at it. Was that the meeting now in retrospect. It's set up by Paul manna fort. Two in C manner that trump campaign and try to legitimize these charges of colluding with Russia. Because we now know all that man afford. Was Abby hold into the Podesta group to the tool of tens of millions of dollars. All of the lobbying the Russians did with Amanda Ford went through the Podesta group. It appears that man a fortnight over 75 million dollars. Shilling for these Russian oligarchs. And so knowing now that he was in bed with the Modesto it's. Knowing now that he was the key middle guy that enabled the Russians the final 145. Million. Into the Clinton foundation. To help the Modesto has lobbied Hillary Clinton. On the uranium one deal. If you're looking to bring down trump. The way to do it is set them up with the Russian. Set a mob with irrational lawyer who claims that she's got sources are contacts in the Kremlin an however meet top people of the campaign. And of course Don junior completely not experienced the most inexperienced political guy. In the world Jared Kushner second just a little bit. A little bit more experienced both of them highly inexperienced. And there they go for the meeting. If nobody else has the guts to say I'm gonna say it. I believe manna Ford was acting as a mole for the Podesta says and for the clintons. Just my opinion 61 to sabotage and subvert the trump campaign from within. And notice. The moment they got rid amana for because trump is a results guy. And he saw the numbers are going down down down down. Dull moment they threw man at fort overboard. Kellyanne Conway came onboard Steve banning came on board and what do they tell trump. Donald just beat Donald. Talk about immigration talk about the wall talk about trade talk about foreign policy. Talk about the travel band stick to your core issues stick to America first. We should move to Michigan Wisconsin. Pennsylvania. Ohio they will fall in your hand like a ripe fruit. Which is exactly what happened. And so to meet the bigger question I wanna know now. Was manna for a double agent. Acting on behalf of the pedestrians. And the clintons 61720666868. Is the number. Okay the corner country poll question of the day. Powered by bill Kelly financial services. Do you believe that the indictments against manna for will eventually bringing down trump. Ken Mueller leverage this to eventually bring down the big price which is the president himself. If you believe the answer is yes text the letter made the 68680. If you believe the answer is no there maybe some smoke but there's no fired Jeff. Text the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results thus far nine 4%. No 6%. Yes I'm just curious. And earlier like I mean during a state of grief right now by. Are you an era beat. I'm announce the movie now Crennel thinks. He's an II. I think Travis gonna come out perfectly fine on this one all the information that we have right now points in the direction of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. So I think. The chips will fall and Hillary Clinton will be the one and trouble not Donald Trump. Freddie in Beverly go ahead Freddie. Hello Freddie. Take prettier on the air go ahead. I thank for taking my call. Are you about your friend. Of what I want to just say what. It does definitely just a this is just the total scam the whole thing the day when the Clinton Campaign is an internal survey. Did he what Hillary Clinton's biggest vulnerability was they found out it was. The uranium deal that 53%. Voters weren't likely to vote for her because of that and so what they did like the the WikiLeaks. I am the root. A WikiLeaks. Its the email that I think came up 122115. When he said the best approach to slotted Donald Trump went. Is to go after him for his romance with Putin and they decided that Machiavellian. I'm proud went to give Donald Trump. The same problem that hilly Clinton had given him that same vulnerability and to use that against them and we know that this whole scam. With me that he said because of that stake dot is that they paid for and that we also know that. They album. Didn't even collect money says that the Russians had attacked their computer they didn't even let the intelligence agency actually examine their computers that he would like the Russians. Innate intelligence agencies actually allow them. To take their word art that it was the Russians without actually examining it and the whole thing is just the scam that was not up to help attacked Donald Trump. Again based on solely Clinton's own ability transferred to adult. Obsolete brilliant brilliant Freddie thank you so much and please don't be a stranger call again Friday a look you touched on something key. They're alleging all of this collusion. OK on religion is collusion. How come the FBI. Refused. To look at the hard drives. Of the DNC. When they're emails were being hacked or Podesta is. Computer. How come they wouldn't look at the hard drives of either Podesta Xena are sorry if it does does computers or the the computers at the DNC. If you really wanna find out who was behind it how come you don't wanna look into the the source of the leaks and tracked it back to the so called Russians you know why. Because they were trying to cover up for Hillary. Because everybody knows that it wasn't the Russians who acted DNC. And it wasn't the Russians who hot. But does this email it was set to rich and disgruntled Bernie supporters. Who rightly saw these people are gangsters. Like him mother Russia and they stole the thing from Bernie. Tony what a stunning to this day look you know I don't care for Bernie I'm on a progressive armada socialist but he won. Bernie legitimately won that primary he won. And so you look at all these WikiLeaks emails the want all they were stolen they were hacked I want to read them. CNN had the questions at a time. They were they were spying on Bernice campaign. Hillary had moles within Bernice campaign. They were leaking stuff about Bernie they knew what Bernie was doing before even Bernie knew what he was going. So they completely rigged the primary because let's be honest c'mon lets you among us. In the base of the Democratic Party yes Hillary's very strong on top. With the donors with Wall Street with a big banks all of that but with the base of the party to bridge party. It's a left wing progressive wherever you think about him it's it's a party of left wing progressives I mean it is. And so he would you conceded at the rallies. He had all the energy all the passion all the momentum. The 2016. Election should have been Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders. And Seoul south richer and others saw Venus and sent home caught but what is this a dictatorship. That's why they hacked emails. That's why Julian Assange has said repeatedly I'm telling you it wasn't the Russians it wasn't. He's even willing to look he was if you'll give me a pardon a short you exactly what they'll act. So no I mean it's very obvious. And I asked percent to rich I don't care what anybody says I believe he was murdered. I've looked set to rich. That murder investigation that the mis another sham. How he was shocked how he was killed what happened how we want to meet with the FBI. Give them incredibly damaging incriminating evidence. I look at and I see exactly what I saw in Arkansas when I covered the clintons. You wanna blow the whistle on them and just conveniently you wind up bad. It's just incredible. 6172666868. Russ in Boston going head Russ. First call Jeff condolences so lots of a friend. Gathers dust doing a lot to work here on earth. He gave children the greatest gift of all the gift of faith and there was no question that he was a man of god. Now getting to the item that today. You know seriously there was no evidence at all implementing trot and in this tablet. And you know those one actually has done all they can push it all they want but it's not gonna happen. And what I hope will happen is the anti trappers and opened up pandora's box will come and bite them in the rare ran. At the end of the day. I think you're right. Russ honestly I think they were too cute by half on this one. And I think now if especially now when you have some serious investigations taking place in congress and I'll tell you the big news authored a big news over this weekend points. That trump publicly. Called for a special counsel. A special investigation and to Hillary in uranium one. Now that the president is all on board. He's gonna put so much pressure on Jeff Sessions. So much pressure on the on the DOJ and the attorney general the gonna have to appoint a second special counsel. This time on Hillary. And I am telling you if there is a proper investigation of Hillary all you've got to do is open up the Clinton foundation books but look I'm up against there on time. These wanna ask all of you something. If you're Wladimir who watcher reports yourself now in his shoes. Your presiding over a resurgent Russia. Or in the Kremlin. What is more important for you. Crimea. Or Syria. Because remember. The one thing that trump agreed with pool non in fact look I can't stand. I can't stand ex KGB I can't stand these guys what they did to my family is disgusting okay I'll never forget import. But. Even our. An anti Communist to the course it won't moan when mean radical islamists in Syria crisis is in Syria. There Russia's enemy to our enemy. White hope we ally on this issue on this issue. And take promote so less Americans died less Russians are beacon to a quicker anyway rock guy has now fallen. Okay Syria essentially essentially has won the war against prices. Poor never really needed us for that. He didn't mean we helped of course we helped little question about it the Kurds are US backed militias they helped. But India and Russia and Bashar sought could've taken care crisis. So what is report and the bigger price. That bigger prize is Crimea. And if you know anything as I do of the Russian nationalist. Psyche. Crying media is something they've been hungering for for hundreds of years. And what Gordon wanted. Which didn't know all that he could going to Crimea. And Mexico gobble it up and not start a war with the west. He doesn't care about sanctions he can weather the sanctions. The one thing as a Russian nationalist. I want Crimea but not at the cost of a war with the United States and NATO. That's what Hillary and Obama gave him. So this whole idea that somehow all trump said let's ally with Russia on ices will terrorists. That's self evident. The big price for wooten was always Crimea and eastern Ukraine. And under Obama and Hillary he got it. So I'm asking you. Who colluded with whom. Who served whose interests. More your calls next it was one of the most world. One point seven here on the great WRKO. OK I never thought I would see the day. Play it is now arrived. So as you know. Before I came to Boston. I used to live in Washington DC or to be specific. Rarely do people live in DC they either live in Northern Virginia or suburban Maryland but they work in DC wire mentions. There is a church in Alexandria Virginia Northern Virginia I've been to actually several times. It is incredible is Christ church in Alexandria Virginia. And you're saying she. Aft sheriff Jeff. Okay you went to a church an episcopalian church Christ church and Alexandria Virginia now what does this have to do with life. It is George Washington church. It is the church that George Washington attended for over two decades. A when he was the father of our country. Injuring the revolutionary war practiced a little bit before the revolutionary war. All the way through until his presidency. And when you gold there you were steeped in history. It is the church that not only Washington attended. It is named after him there is a beautiful plaque. Right near the altar commemorating Washington. There is also a wonderful plot commemorating the very few. That Washington and his family. Would sit in kneel and pray. Jury in church services. Well guess what. Because some moon bats complaint a marketing sums left some snowflake progressives complain. That they are honoring a quote unquote racist slave holder. The people now who oversees the church have now decided to remove that plaque. Honoring. Our founding father. And they say that quote according to. According now to. The plaques in our sanctuary. May.