Kuhner - What is Jeff Sessions doing?

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Thursday, October 19th

Jeff Sessions told the Senate Committee that Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein can investigate himself for his role in the Clinton-Uranium cover up.  WHAT?!  Also, Sessions doesn't seem to be effective, so Jeff comes up with a revolutionary idea for a new AG - The Kuhner Man.  Will President Trump call him?


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You've just into the world of sound. All three branches of government of Republican controlled the nothing's getting done. There's a signpost up ahead and just okay lose them. 106 here on the great WRKO. OK. Another shoe drops. On the run shot Hillary bribery scandal. And now my friends for the first time there is some real blood in the water. OK so. Let's call this uranium one all one would have professor corner. Some hope here is now the absolute latest. As this story broke first in the hill newspaper. By John Solomon and then it was picked up by Sara Carter and others. We're now finding out even more and more about exactly what happened. Under Hillary when she was secretary of state and the Obama administration. An American businessman. Who was obviously in the nuclear industry. Found out that Vladimir Putin and the Russian nuclear industry had compromised. Us here in the United States. That in fact they had taken over uranium one. Were now boy eased to get 20%. Of America as a comic reserve supply. The 20% uranium reserves. He personally witnessed. Bribery. Kickbacks. Money laundering extortion. Racketeering. Involving not just Russians but people within the US nuclear industry. That went all the way up to the secretary of state Clinton and Bill Clinton. He witnessed numerous illegal financial exchanges of money. Yellow envelopes stuffed with cash suitcases laundered with tens of thousands of dollars. And literally millions of dollars wired from Latvia Cyprus. Com and other places. Are around the world Switzerland being another one. And so he wanted to then speak to congress. To let them know that the Russians had final a 145. Million dollars. Into the Clinton foundation. In a direct quid pro quo. They had also paid a Bill Clinton personally millions of dollars so that they would approve the sale. Of uranium one to the Russians. They wanted it and they wanted it now. What we've now found out is that the person who oversaw about investigation. Was none other than current deputy attorney general rod Rosen steam. Yes this say one who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate listen to this. Tom for collusion with the Russians. And so but it gets even worse. The agency. Passed to oversee. And approve the sale of strategic reserves. I've been involved national security like our atomic. Atomic reserves or uranium reserves. There is house to be overseen by a board called Cynthia CF IUS. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state presided over that board. Then Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was on the board. Eric Holder was on the board. So world FBI director Robert Moeller. And rolled since being himself. And even though they all knew. All of home rose sixteen Mueller. Holder everybody. That Hillary Clinton was personally enriching herself she was being bride as well as her husband. To sell away our strategic uranium supply to the Russians to sell us out to sell America out to the Russians. In direct violation of the foreign corrupt practices act. They look the other way. They deliberately. Turned a blind Ali. While our State Department was corrupted. While our secretary of state was corrupted. While they were literally bribe and paid off. To give Vladimir Putin. One. But here is the ultimate kicker and that's why am telling you this scandal now there is real blood in the water. This very same FBI informant is now come out through his lawyer. Was so shocked and disgusted. By what he witnessed. And the Clinton loses involvement. And the Obama administration's refusal to do anything about it in fact to deliberately. Turn a blind guy. To turn their back and ignore what was taking place. Effectively sanctioning it because remember they eventually signed off everybody unanimously signed off. On the sale of uranium one to the Russians. This FBI informant begged to speak to congress. He wanted congress to know and through congress the American people to know. He was deliberately ball. And he was bought specifically. By holder and by the Obama regime. And what they did was they imposed a gag order on this FBI informant. Preventing him from being able to speak. And they told him in fact they openly threatened him that if he was gonna goal to congress say I don't know Rand Paul. To move Ted Cruz. Who Chuck Grassley the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee or whoever. That he would face crippling financial penalties in other words he would lose a shark they would bankrupt them. And they would send him to jail. Whereby he would lose his liberty and rot in prison cell. Very openly not just muzzle him. They threatened him and want and say you're gonna end up in jail. This was blatant up structure and of justice. And so all of this. All of this. Can now and very simply. This occurred under the Obama administration. The Obama Justice Department. They're the ones that imposed a gag order we have a new president and a new attorney general trump and Jeff Sessions. All Jeff Sessions has to do. Is remove the gag order from the FBI informant say you know what. You're not gonna be prosecuted. You're not gonna be fine you're not gonna be bankrupted your not gonna go to prison. Tell us everything go on the record in public. Goal tell us everything that happened is he has documents he has secret recordings he has email intercepts he does everything okay. They're smoking gun and then some. Yesterday. The Senate Intelligence Committee led by Chuck Grassley said they are now opening an official investigation. Into the Hillary Russia bribery scandal. Charles Grassley. Asks attorney general Jeff Sessions he was yesterday testifying on a range of issues in front of the committee. Chuck Grassley asks senator sessions are attorney general sessions by about attorney general sessions former senator sessions. Well we can't trust rod Rosen steam to conduct this investigation. Because she's essentially investigating himself. He sat on the board the agency that approved the sale of uranium one. And moreover he's the guy when he was then assistant. Via an assistant I'm. And assist an official at the FBI he is the one. That oversaw the entire investigation. So of course he's complicit in all of this. He knew about the bribery he knew about the racketeering he knew about the extortion he knew about the corruption. He knew about these illegal criminality. And he deliberately did nothing. So of course and by the way he had a legal obligation. To tell congress and didn't. As Mueller cutting legal obligation to tell congress and didn't. So now their necks are on the line. Their credibility is on the line their careers are on the line. So Chuck Grassley makes the ultimate point saying. You can have Rosen Steve oversee this investigation because he's basically investigating himself. You can't have that and you. Listen now to Jeff Sessions is stunning response. Roll it. Jared I think I know why you're probably reluctant to. Gordon did some detail on that but I would like to remind you that deputy attorney Rosa starting. Directly supervised a criminal case went in he which US attorney in Maryland. I don't think it would be proper for him to supervise a review of his own conduct. Do you. It would be his decision he's a man of integrity and ability if he feels that Diaz de our inability to proceed with any in this investigation. It would be his responsibility. To make that determination and should consult as I've told you I would and as I have done. I'll with the senior ethics. People at the department. I ya yeah IE. Are you are young naive. I I played this clip in my mind and I I at home when I was doing researcher obviously show prep I think about 45 tanks. What sessions is saying is. Let Rosenstiel investigate himself. Now Ahmad mama could gitmo. Look you wanna look into this you want the Justice Department the look and and as our Rosen spine if you want to look into it let him look into it. And Grassley basically saying whoa whoa you kept. Is investigating himself you can have but hey let's investigate itself let him investigate himself. I'm starting to think. This is the equivalent. This is the quote I said this to Jared when we talked about it Britain's often. You know we're doing our show prep on a similar Jared just what is that equivalent. Homer that come into work a Moshood everybody. I don't know why should everybody. And then I'm gonna say I'm investigating myself. I'm looking into the shooting and I'm investigating myself. And you know what after a couple of months. There's just no conclusive evidence that Jeff core walked in and year to W York shut everybody is just no evidence says matches. As an improvement cousin reached that threshold but we think this is. A case that we can prosecute sorry. You want to quarks to investigate themselves. I am seriously starting to think. That somebody has gotten to Jeff Sessions. I really do. I think you have truck Chuck Grassley who's now serious about investigating this you've got shoes dropping everywhere. You got this scandal not getting bigger and bigger and bigger all the worlds from rush shot lead to Hillary Clinton. You got Muller now implicated you've got Rosen spine implicated you've gone holder implicated. May be disclosed all the way to Obama. And Jeff Sessions doesn't wanna pull the trigger. In fact he's basically now trying to cover up for Rosen sign. I'm starting to wonder in all honesty I hope he's just shake him. I don't know if he's just spineless he doesn't have the stomach. That call home miss as the spa as the Spanish would say to actually go after these killer re gangsters. The Hillary. Our crime syndicate. Or if they deep state has something compromising on him I honestly don't know but I am telling you for me as far as I'm concerned. It's time recessions the goal. He recused himself. That opened the door to Moeller being named special counsel and now when I think there is overwhelming evidence. That Mueller himself has disgraced himself he should be fired. Rosen Stein should be fired. All of these people should be fired and I'm gonna say this the president trump I'm really being dead serious. I don't have a law background I'm not a lawyer I don't have a legal background. You don't need to be technically be attorney general. Alt if nobody else will do the job that everybody in Washington is compromised. I'm not kidding if the swamp everybody met swamp is somehow compromised or swimming and that's Juan. Fire sessions hire me I swear to god I'll do it god is my witness I'll do it. All fire Muller. I'll fire row since nine. All send Hillary jail I'll indict Hillary all indict Eric Holder if need be I'll invite the dear leader himself honest to god. I will I'm serious. If nobody else has the guts to do it I'll do it. Now. Here is what's even more dangerous. The Russians. Still controlled the uranium. Remember these are the same Russians. That the liberal media tells us this is the same bottom airport. The biggest threat to America. They're sabotaging our democracy. Were at war with Russia. This is now the greatest evil of the world and you're having them disastrous TJ uranium reserves of America. To this day they still have picked. The New York Times has now reported. Did deal in theory. Would not allow Russia. To ship uranium out of the United States. They've broken the deal. There is yell locate. Literally. Missing. It has been sent to god knows where North Korea. Iran. We don't know. My friends. Let me ask you should Jeff Sessions be fired. Is it time for sessions to go if you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no text or letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. The poll question is always sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Your call reaction. Next the reason number 42 would like to let go. But let that go Bruce Wright back cut back now more lie schooner race on WR KL. One point six here on the great WRKO. OK my friends breaking right now. Trump has now weighed in through this growing Hillary rushers scandal. Had eight sitting beside Puerto Rican governor. Forgive me the governor of Puerto Rico at a. At the White House attic a press conference. He was asked about Russian interference in the election. He said none on on home. The real scandal is Hillary and uranium. Quote that's your story that's your real Russia story the real story is uranium. And he's a 1000% correct. And so my question to you now is this. Why won't Jeff Sessions. Fire were rod Rosen Steen. Instead he wants Rosen Steen to essentially investigate. Himself. His body Mueller. When they were all complicit. And allowing Hillary to sell our country's uranium reserves. To the Russians I she was bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars. We are looking now a potentially. One of the greatest cover ups in American history. 61720666868. Is the number lines are loaded jam in Medford go ahead Jim. I guess I'll have to remember what I would call that a long time ago when he first. You saw that I did that in absolute swamp and everybody that. That when you think he's okay. But I absolutely do that compromises that only. May I can think of no. In east. And some good and particularly have a problem and put them. Most and I think that the Clinton. Jim I gotta tell you look. But I don't want to smear this guy because I've known certain amount cardinal personally but I gotta say you know for years he was the only senator. To have endorsed prompt injuring the election. On immigration on wall on trade. I personally think I was great. His staff members being honest with you his staff top notch. Seoul on that's why many trump supporters when he was first named is attorney general like I on his dark. He's an America first guy all the way Al he was America first. Before America first. But one I see him now. How he doesn't wanna go after Hillary. He refuses to go after Robert Mueller how he recuse himself from everything and then that comment yesterday. Where you got Grassley telling him hey look you gotta investigate the race is set the mother of all scandals. So when you can have Rosen scientists. He's implicated he oversaw the FBI investigation. And he knew Hillary was on the take. And he did freaking nothing hell he's signed off on the uranium deal. And sessions basically says not a lot of investigate himself that's his business of. I'm integrity and ability if he feels that he has today on inability to proceed with any in this investigation. It would be his responsibility. To make that determination. That's like one Al Capone a market is saying I'll investigate yourself in on how for a guy a great parent or how we'll tell us a FISA mafia OC or not. Why it's. My friends there is now blood in the water. And my question to you is this. Do you think Hillary will go to jail. Should she go to jail. And should Mueller Rosen Stein all of them beef fired. Yeah. Yeah 136 year on the great W York say oh okay my friend we are scheduled to have a newsmaker interview. We senator Rand Paul at 215. Tentatively. He's agreed to come on however you may have to be. Pulled away at the last moment for a vote on the senate floor so that's why haven't been teasing it too much because fingers crossed hope we'll show up. I will definitely asked him about. It's time for the WRKO. Box office to open. So be the sixth caller right now 6172666868. Win a pair of passes. For which she is woods in Westfield mass. That's the sixth caller right now 6172666868. To win a pair of passes firm which is woods in Westfield mass if you wanna win. The poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Should Jeff Sessions. Goal. Sure Jeff Sessions essentially be fired or let go as attorney general. If like mean. I think this guy for whatever reason has become ordered I think he's become pretty much useless. Yes send them away get a real cop and that sub somebody really go after the criminals. Dex the letter they the 68680. If like a lot of people they Jaffe is a good guy honorable man man of principle. You know you're not gonna get better than Jeff Sessions and all keep them as they G. Text the letter B to 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Gerri what are the poll results thus far. 93%. Say sessions. Got to go to only 7% who don't think you should lose his job. Jared I'm just curious I know you're sitting in for Brittany today in terms of a running the board. Britney doesn't like Jeff Sessions. Or how about you are you an era beat. I think Jeff Sessions should decide where he wants to fire himself has apparently that's what we now know I cannot honestly the Russian refusal thing. Now this I mean what more dirt do you need on a guide as saying hey buddy. This stupid investigation that's taken a taxpayer money that has like zero facts and evidence. Maybe you're the guy who covered up the other one. You gotta go and just fire them up accuse yourself or don't 'cause it doesn't matter yet he's sees ineffective I think would be the. Or are you now that Jarrett 6172666868. Look we need a sheriff in there. We need a cowboy in there. We need somebody who's going to clean house I don't need how he do he has the attorney general OK listen now to trump. Hi this is not gonna give this scandal may be Porsche let's seem now if the mainstream media bytes so. Trump is with the governor of Puerto Rico. He's asked again about you know Russian collusion and meddling in the campaign blah blah blah blah listen now to his answer roll it Britney. For whatever reason and a lot of people understand what those reasons may be. I think that Europe Russia story that your real rush or story. Not a story where they talk about collusion and there was not it was a hoax. You're real Russia story is uranium. And how they got all of that you write him a vast percentage of what we have. That is to me. One of the big stories of of the decade. Not just now of the decade the problem is that the mainstream. Media does not wanna cover that story. Because that affects people that they protect. So they don't like covering that story but the big story is uranium and how Russia got. 20% of our uranium and it frankly. It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace and it's a disgrace. That these fake news won't cover. It's so sad thank you very much. The bombing now look I agree with him a 1000%. But I and this one Mr. President with all due respect I have to say this. In all your the president now. You got the attorney general that's your guy. Now all he has to do very simple Jeff Sessions always got to do literally a much getting. Did you do do do do literally you know pick up the phone I'm not getting audio dial seven digits where it. And say the FBI informant kick off the gag order. Just remove it. He can go to Chuck Grassley is by committee whatever congress and spilled the beans. Show us all the documents all the emails played all the secret recordings Scholl all of the damning evidence. And what the mainstream media buckeye cover that. And even if they don't it's irrelevant. Then you order your attorney general to say she's got to go. She's got a goal. First of all roses the you've got to be fired. Because he was implicated. He knew that Hillary was being bribed he knew that the Russians had daughter and Bill Clinton. And they still sold our atomic reserves are uranium reserves to the Russians and now by the way is beautiful because now you flip. The whole Russian narrative right on to the mainstream media and the dams. I would just use their own words now I'm not kidding. During the guns of the left on the left Vladimir poor and the biggest freak an enemy we have. After guards have been saying for year potent pull pull Russia were at war with Russia. Africa are saying. The most dangerous power on the planet according to what you guys are sent. And Hillary gave them 20% of our strategic uranium reserve. Which they still hold to this day. Hole. For a 145. Million dollars hole. Million sent directly to Bill Clinton law Ole. And Rosen Stein sat on the board that approved. And so it Robert Mueller and so did Eric Holder. And on top of all the facts. You guys and threatened the FBI informant. The Obama administration did and said you're gonna go to jail and we're gonna bankrupt. If you opened your big mouth. You threatened him that's obstruction of justice body. She violated the foreign corrupt practices act she could go to prison I'm not kidding for the rest of her life. Here's the president. Where you are all due respect. This is not something you punch to the New York Times or CNN. You've got the you've got the power you've got to DOJ you've got the attorney general and is sessions doesn't have. The guts. If I'm not trying to use it attends the world are really wanna say he if he doesn't have the stones let's put it that way if he doesn't have the stones to do it get another AG. You can't find one that's not corrupted Washington. Mr. President to all 617. Arnold's gonna give myself a 617. To a 666868. You give me a call. I'll go up the Washington tomorrow I swear you stormy end all of all fire everybody. Caught as my witness golf god as my eyewitness. All fire Moeller alt fire Rosen steam I'll indict holder all indict Hillary all indict Bill Clinton. And if the evidence leads all invite African Barack Hussein Obama. And let's drain that swamp once and for all give me a call mister president.