Kuhner - Vegas hotel worker warned MGM before shooter opened fire on concert

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, October 12th

What took so long for the police to get to the Mandalay Bay hotel?


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Can you run a complete news you liberal lies and insults to the working people we stay. No more. Is that could erupt for. The Las Vegas Bowl games. Iraq who lay. This is incredible. You couldn't make I'm telling you couldn't make. This stuff up so here is now the absolute latest developments. On the deadliest mass shooting in US history. And now it confirms exactly. What I said just a few days ago. So if you remember my friends and now the furor by the way. The backlash from the victims and the families. Is now really beginning to explode. Because what is now a Airways now becoming obvious. Is what the hell were the police doing for eighteen long minutes so as you know. I I talked about this a couple days ago. A security guard by the name of pesos. Campos Dominick get them a bit later prisoners big developments on him as well. Apparently. Approached Stephen panics room he had dead there was it jammed. Fired door fire hallway door and so. He went to investigate. He then approached. The hotel suite. 200 rounds. Of ammunition was fired through the door. He was hit in the leg so 200 rounds are fired he's only hit in the leg OK lucky Abraham. And then he tries to escape he tries to get away down the hallway. And then he is met by a Mandalay. Bay worker. They hotel worker by the name of Steven shock. Stephen shock has now confirmed. That they're shooting took place six minutes. Both for the massacre took place that he saw pesos Campos. He helped them escape from the hallway. And then he immediately called the hold held dispatched to tell them. Call the police. Shots fired shots fired. A man with a rifle is shooting people on the 32 floor. Listen now to Stephen shock tell his story. On The Today Show roll it Brittany. Hosts both a third of the way down the hallway and a certain to hear shots go off the round started coming down the hallway. I could feel and passed right behind my the something hit me in the back. And I took covered you know remained home of a freak out right now it's it's only gonna get me killed there were injured. So. Shots were fired. We are bullets were sprayed across the hallway he can actually feel behind this coming right near whizzing by his head. He then. Calls hold held this back so Asus camp boasts he scrambles and the safety they're now in the stairway. The fire exit. He calls hold held this batch 9159. Roll it Brittany. Ultimately don't work out there's so fired a rifle on the British Circuit Court double it pivot but it players don't always quote I restore its muscle. Do me a favor played again. Please. Yeah. Ultimately don't work up missiles fired a rifle on the third Circuit Court double it typically required alcohol in America Ecuador. Call the police shots fired. Shots fired. Man with a rifle with a gun in the hallway. Now this is at 959. The shooting allegedly begins to take place a panel five. It goes on for nearly ten minutes the police by their own admission only arrive at a whole Powell at 1017. So the question now is this what took place during those eighteen minutes. Why did it take the police. Eight team minutes. They get to the Las Vegas hotel to get to the Mandalay bay eighteen minutes. Now when I called 911 as his boss then I understand Foxboro ran dumb whatever. Two minutes. Three minutes. Four minutes. Five minutes before they arrive. It's not eighteen minutes. It's not eighteen minutes. So now what is clear there's no getting and this is why now the victims are exploding. This is now why the families are with their already by the way beginning to sue. Already now there are lining up to sue. They're showing guys MGM resorts. Because hey this security there ways I mean I mean that you want talk about swapping. You wanna talk about a lax and pathetic security okay. But now. Why is the police taking eighteen minutes. So they've changed the timeline dramatically because if you remember. Further first week when there was real national attention on this story that is his bike down now where there was really big time national attention even international attention. What was the lying the police kept saying again and again. That the security guard were shot. Half year. Panic unleashed hellfire. Up on the concert. In fact they said not only was he shot out there. But they kept saying again and again disguising Euro Asus Campos is a hero the guy's a hero wise Euro. Because when he approached this week the hotel suite the door. That's when panic at set up its cameras. That's when he shot the security guard and they say he probably saved countless people's lives. Because he disrupted. The killer's actions. It was Campos. Who then approaching the door after the shooting. They kept saying always here we say people's lives will now. He didn't approached the door after the shooting he approached the door and was shot six minutes before the shooting. Now one I've brought this up saying this now changes and everything. Because now the question is could the police have arrived on the scene and possibly prevented this massacre. What the liberals began to say because you have to believe what the media tells you you have to believe the official narrative. You see when the FBI tells you something you have to believe it. Like when they told us about Ben Ghazi. You see one they tell you it's a spontaneous protest shot up don't ask questions about the war dead. You have to shut up and don't ask questions about the four dead. That's a liberals are so what the liberals were calling in to the show saying well may be the security guard probes. In all he gets shot. And he just sits there. For 101520. Minutes and musician a state of shock. That's why couldn't call anybody couldn't get on his radio couldn't get on his cell phone couldn't call 911 'cause the guys just in shock that's just out. That explains everything okay. Well now he's not in shock. Because you have the audio. Of Stephen shock the worker how being called the whole Al dispatched Brittany do me a favor played against them. It was ultimately analyst fired up response fired a rifle on the third Circuit Court double it. Typically players don't always quote the tour. OK so now they noticed an active shooter and they noticed an active shooting situation. At 9159. So we know that now. Now there's no there's no disputing that now that's gone so we've just blowing another hole in their sport. It should have shaft. Jeff won't be a conspiracy theorists now Jeff Jeff. He acted alone. This was shot after their security guard were shot after c'mon now (%expletive) (%expletive) You he acted alone. He just snapped stop asking questions shot up and let's ban guns shot up and let's do gun control object. Oh as stop asking these questions. Just be quiet now mile fishing. So. Here is now to me what is clearly a merger and now this is in this is now indisputable. You have to pick your poison. Pick your poison. Because the very same police. That were not on the scene for eighteen minutes. In other words this kind of gross incompetence. Negligence or enactments. Are the same police better now investigating the shooting. You wanna talk about a profound conflict of interest this is it still take your pick pick your poison for one or door to. Either we're talking now about the keystone cops. That these guys just literally can't tie their shoes properly. Which is why everything about this investigation just doesn't make sense. So we don't know the truth and will never know the truth because of sheer incompetence or pick door number two hole. There are lying and covering up. It does not only literally there's not only two options. They're official story has now fallen apart. They're narrative has fallen apart. When asked they will mock jealousy motive they say they don't know motive now they're saying we will never know motive. Now let me throw two more logs on the fire again these are indisputable facts. And I've never heard of this but maybe you have so you may want to win like 6172666868. Is the number. Number one. It now has been reported by the local media in Las Vegas who by the way are doing a phenomenal drop a phenomenal job. Because they're asking questions. They're not buying the false bill of goods that the official line is now padlocked. The both of Las Vegas Sun Las Vegas review I journal all of them are asking tough questions and phenomenal coverage OK but what Doug what they're doing what the media should be doing. I'm Reno Nevada. In one of Alex Holmes the crime scene in theory is supposed to be secure. There was a breach. Somebody in the middle of the night they have to admit it was reported by the local media the police had to admit it. Broke into one of products homes in Reno and they admit that something was stolen from the home. What was stolen from the home they either will not say or they don't know now. How could you not have secured a crime scene. We're one week into this investigation. This is the deadliest mass shooting in American history. Yet they've actually gone into these homes raided the homes of multiple times. You don't have people on what looked. You're not securing the crime seemed. Again. What we're talking keystone cops or is there a cover up. Again pick your poison door one or door to. And now comes a very interesting point as well. The security guard. Asus Campos. From the beginning I thought it was very strange there's a couple of things that just don't add up. And again the local media Las Vegas are pointing it out now the families and the victims are pointing out. There is now indisputable evidence who hundred rounds of ammunition were fired through the door. Into the hallway sprayed 400 routes 200. At a I wanted to think how many rounds that is. He gets hit only in the leg. Okay maybe he's a very lucky man okay. The cops keep claiming he's a hero although knowledge changes story dramatically. How come this guy hasn't done interview with the media. He's got a critical condition he just got shot in the leg. Just didn't elect. How come he has not Don one media interview. The cops are reacting to the media. The FBI is reacting to the media. People at the Mandalay bay are now we got into the media. The victim's family members friends everybody's doing is an interview with the media but there's no Asus Campos. Now why would die. Who allegedly was the first one to be on the scene the first one to be shot the first one in the hallway. The one who could answer a lot of questions suddenly pesos Campos doesn't wanna give talks that the media. Doesn't want you to be interviewed by the media. And now it turns out. He is a security guard in theory. He is not registered. As they Nevada security guards. Everybody who works as a security guard anyone of these car casino's old pals resorts in Nevada. You are required. To register as either an armed Oran on armed security guard. With what is called BP I LB EV private investigators. Licensing board. You are required by law. Guess what. They show us Campos. Is not registered. With their PI LB. He's nowhere to be proud and he's not they registered mail about a security guard. Now. If he's not a registered Nevada security guard in all honesty. Who the hell is Z. My conspiracy. Basic question basic fact. Was he even an employees at the Mandalay bay. We don't know. And I've got to ask the question because he's gone. He's what he's gone he's gone. Was he any illegal alien. I have to ask the question. A lot of illegals work in Las Vegas. Wise he was the Mandalay bay hiring an illegal alien. And can not be another reason why. They are covering this thing up and they are lying to the victims of the families and to the American people. No matter now how you cut it and you could call me any name in the book you want. Nothing now adds up nothing. This stinks. To the war. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask you this. Worried the police negligent. Worried they utterly incompetent in arriving at the scene Seoul late. And why did it take them eighteen long minutes. To get to the Mandalay bay resort and hold no. Could they have prevented the massacre. And may be is this the reason why they're covering up. There own. Negligence. And incompetence. 617. To a 666868. Your calls such. Gold colored this little fire the rifle off a pretty good record album away for. Twelve point seven here on the great WR JR right Jeff corner Foss is bulldozer. Cleaning up vol liberal bull. Willing to go where the mainstream media refuses to go. Victor in Newbury port coed Victor. Hey Jeff love your show man thank you spent some time in the security business so. Let me get had a couple bullet point might appoint. When the they regard beard not regard to security I went up you were answering true a I'd jarred the war so that tells them they have a system in place with the multiple legal system. Tracking activities in there in their hotel. Win this someone that quote insecurity goes to check amid a war that doesn't mean longer security guard. That could be recorder column I wrote a security guard that's just the guy that goes up the charts on the door make sure things are either. Correct or incorrect. That might major or double minor point it is being integrate its many many times 10 o'clock at night is when this happens. Is like him is like the height of commuting time in Boston. So the police traveling in that trap they are going to be delayed somewhat even with sirens and it. But my major point is this when the year is siege of the guy called announced they were his empire appear. Now the people taken that call it a light year of what is about to be unleashed. So what are they do PG not called police they call the general manager. They called the shift manager or they call who you know someone in our ability they have internal security. Minutes are clicking by not knowing it is doomsday 58 people and it's about to be unleashed. And my final point Jeff. It is senseless shootings with 58 souls what loss. There have been hurt these souls lost in Chicago. In no one cheers Emmanuel whatever his name is that there are no one cares about those core people. There are silently being murdered. Day in and day out in its kind cool regime change this place. Needs or our secure all the germs on the surface called Democrat or left leaning liberal. Victor thank you for that call look I agree with you on the last point in fact there's been 500 murders now in Chicago this year alone 500. At the pace Tehran now. You're gonna have to hand literally it's Chicago alone is a map and times. What happened in Las Vegas and times of the shootings ten times the victims ten times the injured. But I don't buy it would all due respect mr. I don't buy the earlier one look. I don't you're gonna call the manager. The the assistant manager. When there is a sure do. And you can hear it on the radio you played ER you can hear it you can hear the bullets flying. And not only a shooting I'm talking 200 bullets are flying. Your. A. You got bullets flying everywhere. Security guard down guys calling dispatched. And sold there I mean I'm let me talk to my manager. Can or can't find the manager. Let me talk to my assistant manager. And when you see what should I do I think you more right way to 911. It's obvious she Gordon 911. Now. You're saying about the traffic look there were cops remembered there's a concert right across the street. So there are cops on detail at a concert. Now they couldn't cross the street. Remember this is six long minutes before the massacre takes place. It doesn't add up. Again it doesn't add up it just doesn't. So either the police again I go back to this fundamental point. Take your pick pick your poison. Or one Bork to. Either you're talking about I'm incredibly. Incompetent. Inept really almost criminally negligent police force. That did not think or refuse to do anything. I could've prevented this massacre from taking place or number two were talking coverup. And we're talking cover up now potentially by the very people who dropped the ball in the first place in other words they got to self interest the cover it up. 61726660. Yeah all the police I don't want to learn about this little fired a rifle on the third Circuit Court the whole way. The smoke a third of the way down the hallway. I certainly hear shots go off the round started coming down the hallway. I could feel us right behind my. Song hit me in the back and I took covered. Okay my friends a Las Vegas hotel worker is now official. We warned the whole Powell before. The Las Vegas shooter opened fire. At the route 91 Harvey of our harvest forgive me concert. 58 dead 500 injured the deadliest mass shooting in US history. The hotel was warned that the whole tell dispatcher which told. And now the question is growing and growing and growing. Tension is almost about to explode frankly in Las Vegas about why the police took eighteen minutes. From 959. Is one B Alltel dispatcher was told to when they arrived at the whole Powell and seventeen. From dot pt on. Wagering that period nearly sixty killed 500 injured. Worried the police negligent. Could they have prevented this from happening 6172666868. And is all of this is taking place. The autopsy. Of Steven panic as at least been partially complete. And in particular. They looked at his brain. They wanted to see if there was brain damage mental illness whatever it is. And according now to the people who committed the autopsy. They said that his brain was quote perfectly normal. They found no abnormalities in his brain no sign of brain damage or any kind of lesions or any thing. That indicated that there was something wrong with the way his brain function or whether he had some kind of a long term mental health problem. In his head they said there was the autopsy showed his brain was as normal as most people's. So. What I wanna know from liberals is this because now they're looking into the toxicology report they wanna look at whether there were drugs in his system. They wanna look at whether or prescribe prescription medications in his system. And I want to think about the liberals right now I think about the left. Immediately. Within 1012 hours of the shooting they don't know what happened there are already calling for the banning of guns. Gun control gun control gun control. If there was damage to his brain they would have called for looking in to mental health or mental health issues or whatever. But if they do find drugs in his system. Whatever it is you think they're gonna call for drugs to be made illegal. And I just think about it. If if and I underline the word if if they find that there was massive drugs in his system. Are they going to be calling for drugs to be legal or free war on drugs no. They want to legalize weed. Many of them now I wanna decriminalize some of the harder drugs. So notice their hypocrisy again. When it comes to guns bantam. Mental illness may be will do something. But when it comes that a tough off or anything else regarding drugs leave it alone. Okay they're gonna blow it you can't stop that. 6172666868. And in North Attleboro thanks for holding and welcome. I have had some experience but they thought they at least department. Black department. My uncle about five years ago I lived in Vegas with a taxi driver he was attacked. And so my cut that I hit. Representative that we both flew down to it she's from new York and bought it and well we got to the hospital. They couldn't tell us Fannie and what happened it was in front of one of the hotel. So we go to a restaurant across the street they happen to be able full cot. Uncle the cop there of rare victory at four different had you won and we explained to them what happened and said we just really want to get to report to see what went on and they couldn't even tell us whose department. Would be in charge of that that there were three separate police forces. I don't like what I'm of the casino. They were like well the casino handles security to the street. Side of the Katrina. Is this what you know. Five years ago we still don't even know what happened and you know the police department they couldn't tell us that the cable who would have written that report if in case. Somebody did write that report. And so you mean nobody was arrested for the assault no. You look at rested because it happened to bottom you know. And they said the casino is in charge of the security to the street. So another ornish and it's a mess. And what it said it would pay local cops would all different uniform and they couldn't figure out what department that would see what's. Police sports would be in charge of that peak wind on my ankle with a vague at least was. The casino take care that the so that's happened you know especially off a main route I don't think they even knew what they charge. And so I wanna get you know prove I wanna delve too much into your personal affairs but. Did in a police officer taken initial report. Now the only report we got from the ambulance. Ot company that was that there was no police report that aren't so the ambulance responders they're the ones who wrote the report. Right and the and the other thing we could find and I I kind of thought I think it was a likeable way and gave the but you can't win the casino. Because. This nobody age arch. And great call thank you for that call I ya yeah IE. I EI yeah I now look I know people who you know been to Vegas and spent time in Vegas. They all tell me Jack that the places and saying I'm going mean it's insane. There's just so much stuff going wrong. These casinos are huge. Their massive. There's Campbell leaders he pulled as a swarm of people on the main strippers is a swarm of people there's so much going on. It's almost disorienting how much activity there it's. Sold and there's you know people come in and people coming out a lot of transient a lot of rootless people. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so I get all of that. But. I ya ya yeah so look what I wanna know now is this it's a very simple question it's time to connect the dots. We know the whole tell dispatcher was contacted we know we've got the audio. Did bolt Al dispatcher called the police. If the person did. Will OK if they didn't why not. That's it's an obvious point. And if they did call the police guys eighteen minutes how do you explain eighteen minutes and here's why I know I sensed there's a cover. Because the Las Vegas media is now closing in on this. And their asking the sheriff and now the sheriff is punting to the deputy chair and the deputy sheriff respond then I swear to the assistant deputy share. About the timeline and about why it took the police so long to were rife. And their their lips are sealed. Date don't wanna talk about the eighteen minutes. 61720666868. Are the police now covering up for the casino. Are they now covering up for the Mandalay bay. You've got asked that question. Mark in New York going head mark. Which at first I wanna say. Thank you thank you thank you for not being distracted and sustained on this story thank you so much of that jet. On the Iowa I want a mock tunnel it's it's the deadliest mass shooting in American history up. We always to the victims to find out the truth. I just suggest just two points. I personally spoken face to face. With the victims that were wounded over there in Las Vegas and they are telling me that when they were in the hospital wounded. The bullet holes. They were FBI agency you need to change your story from multiple shooters to one issue there otherwise you're not gonna leave the hospital. That's what they're telling me. And the second thing it jet. The very next day. Actor. Did the shooting. Various media outlets. Took photographs and video of the Mandalay hotel there were ten windows blown out yes not to. Mark the first point of the second point I mean not all of them to look into that the first point. That to me is incredible so you have the FBI. Cole change some of the witnesses and none a your eyes may have CNET shooters are three sure enough it was one juror okay. She and that's another thing look to meet this is just common sense okay. I want you to think about this. It's Las Vegas. I sis has sent vowed repeatedly. That they are gonna bring Las Vegas two which means and you're gonna see a spectacular terrorist attack. This is well moment. They've had you can look it up for yourself they threatened Las Vegas they made a big deal about it so now you have the gunman. On the 32 floor I want you to think about Paris. Unleashing hellfire. At a concert. You've got bodies. Everywhere. Dead people everywhere. People injured everywhere. Complete and utter pandemonium. And within twelve I reports. Twelve hours look it up or take my word for looking up. This was not terrorism. This had no connection to international terrorism. He acted alone. There were no multiple shooters. There was an a second shorter a third sure they claim they had to backtrack there was no accomplice season. Should nobody helped him he did it all on his own OK why he snapped. Now you tell me. Twelve hours twelve hours. You're talking bodies everywhere blood everywhere. People fighting for their lives in the app in the hospital and you've already meet these conclusions. And then you spit this out to the media and they repeat it. Again and again and again and again. And then the next day it's already gun control. They are removed on the bump stocks noise all or they fast from those bombs stocks. All all with the arsenal. What he had one he didn't have what he converted from semi automatic automatic. And god they got out quick. That they had Bender or definitive. But they weren't rolling out Bob stocks bump stocks Bob stocks bonds stocks all I universal background checks bad. That was being pumped out right away. So look at that this decision is common sense I know people want force. Within twelve hours if you got a single murder. What's the motive looking to. Could somebody else have been involved I don't know. In other words there's a lot of unanswered questions. They're not very reluctant to talk twelve hours after a single murder. Never mind the greatest mass at the sorry deadliest mass shooting in American history a massacre. Hey guys. I know you think we're dom but we're not that Adam is that sooner or on WR KL. David in central Massachusetts. When did. I kept I think they call my pleasure. The the question iPad is where is the video surveillance. The outage or check in on the 28 he's in the hotel where you know 25. Delighted about that too it's official the 25. OK so yeah I would bet Mandalay bay and the other security camera out front of the car and then there in the hallway. There in the lobby we see nothing that they put out a a videotape of him I think. Back in 2011. But nothing car. And actually strange. Daily use if you say you stayed at the Mandalay bay correct I didn't I cannot stay there I would if you know Michael Jack and show that might ought be sure. Oh really yeah. The night before the shooting night before we I blew out on Sunday almighty god. Are you that your David my understanding is from a couple of my friends who've been to Vegas didn't get the Mandalay bay. They say there are video camera think we'll chat. Everywhere. I go like everywhere. Everywhere and everywhere I'm just amazed because this something on that video they don't want they. And that's why it hasn't been released this something there because don't forget when the Boston bombers when they were looking are hostile to slip off the bombers. They capped the day that they O yeah out in front of the John Hancock building all we spot via the get back. I every. Here or not. Nothing nothing David you're dead on thank you for that call look it's very suspicious. Look I remember right covered the Boston bombing here on RKO. Brittney how quickly I mean they turned that video around pretty quick. You know I mean it was. They needed they needed people to give information about if people Newhan met herb and all that stuff out. I think that's very suspicious as while that we haven't seen any of the videos. Now here's another log on the fire so this also broke yesterday. So if you remember right of the many things they kept guaranteeing us within twelve hours what was the other one right. Not terrorism he was a lone wolf only shorter he snapped a block. Remember the girlfriend merry little band leak was not involved. Within twelve hours on invoked. Not a suspect not a person of interest not involved nothing guess what it. Yesterday. Now she has been put on the the watch list the FBI watch list. In case she decides to travel or gore won a plane or gore overseas. Well if she's as innocent. As they've been telling us now for the last time dates. Don't even think that Jeff on even I don't even think general and his jab jab in a big conspiracy theories to watchers solved Jeff. How come now she's on I don't watch lists on an FBI watch was the case she flies. I mean if she's completely innocent. I knew nothing about this who cares what plane she goes on a worship slice. Again. It doesn't pass the smell test. Okay my friends we're gonna continue to take your calls however another big story is developing. We are now clearly slowly potentially drifting towards war with North Korea. Trumping fact on Hannity last night would not even say anything when asked are we gonna go to war he would not deny it. John Bolton an advisor now to trump I think he's gonna get a high position. Is going to be on next to discuss North Korea. And whether we are going to war you don't want to miss it. Don't touch that guy. The voice of Boston. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock. Making headway fighting fire.