Kuhner - Trump goes after “fake news” media

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Thursday, October 12th

Do you think President Trump will be able to go after media outlets like he plans to do?


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Great news. 1183. Here on the great WRKO. OK president trump now goes for the jugular. He is now challenging. The mainstream media as FCC licenses. Eyes you know NBC ABC CBS. The big networks were not talking about CNN our MSNBC or cable networks. But those the big broadcast networks. Have to have a license. That is renewed. Every you know it's staggered. Over multiple years but it has to be renewed. And trump now is saying it is time to revoke their broadcast licenses. Why. Because now of the the massive flow view ceaseless incessant flow. Of fake news stories. And in particular. He is extremely angry with NBC. For publishing work umi to obviously bogus stories one. Is the claim that Rex Tillerson. In a meeting referred to president trump as a blank moron. Not only did Rex Tillerson deny it. But the people that were allegedly mentioned in the piece who had the call Rex Tillerson and then. Apparently talk amount of resigning. Whether it be general Kelly Mike pants I general Mattis all of bomb on the record said that never happened. We never called Tillerson we never discussed then resigning we never discussed the moron comment it's. It never happened it was come it's completely made up. And then NBC is now claim that trump listen to this for no reason whatsoever. Wants to increase the nuclear arsenal quote unquote and fall. Just like any such a war monger. Who so wants to blow up the world in some kind of a nuclear holocaust. That he's pressing his national security team on why we can't just increase our massive nuclear arsenal ten times over. And as trumpets put it that story is completely and utterly made up just out of whole cloth made up. Now in both stories. There's nobody on the record. In both stories NBC news. Is citing. Quote unquote anonymous sources. Anonymous sources. Who they attribute certain quotes too but they're not even characterizing their anonymous sources. So. They now appear to be have caught without community there's no question about it. Openly not just slanting the news. Not just twisting distorting the news. But literally. Making. It up. They've now gone from media. To out and out propaganda. And president trump says enough is enough roll it brittney. Yeah. No I never discussed increasing that I wanted to in perfect shape that was just fake news by NBC. Which gives a lot of fake news lately. No I never discuss I think somebody said I want ten times the nuclear weapons that we have right now. Right now we have. So many nuclear weapons I want them in perfect condition perfect shape that's the only thing I've ever discussed. General Mattis put out a statement is putting out a statement saying that that was fake news that it was just mentioned that way. And it's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they wanna write. And people should look into that no I wanna have. Absolutely perfectly maintained which we are in the process of doing. Nuclear force but when they said I want ten times what we have right now. It's totally unnecessary believe me. There are lying. During their lying he wants there waste EU wants to modernize our nuclear forces are nuclear arsenal eyes he puts him make him as technologically up to date. But. It never happened. In fact you have mall everybody give it a modest never happened like Hewitt everybody across the administration you know you'll understand something it never happened. So. Look nobody I'm a journalist. I do this for a living I'm behind a microphone. I I'm going after powers that be all the time you know about you listen to the show. I've got enemies in the city in the Democratic Party like you wouldn't believe okay frankly among the Republicans the rhinos you wouldn't believe. So nobody values freedom of the press more than Jeff corner. Nobody values the First Amendment more than Jeff corner. But it's one thing to be a journalist even a journalist with an agenda. A biased journalist I hack journalist a lot. A journalist who for whatever reason. As substitutes ideology. For objectivity okay. But at least there's a kernel of truth. When you start going. To literally making stuff up. That's not journalism anymore. That's propaganda. That's fantasy. That's creative writing. And to do it because you wanna bring this president down. So you're creating a false narrative of a rift between him and the secretary of state where none exists to try to paint chaos within the White House. When you're talking about him wanting it I had a nuclear weapons are nuclear arsenal ten times that unfold you're just trying to portray him as some kind of a mad man. Who wants to unleashing massive nuclear war. To paint him as unstable. Unhinged so you can have him removed from office. Well now you're no longer acting as media now you're no longer acting as a journalist. Now this is out now propaganda. And so the question is should their broadcast licenses be revoked. And furthermore. We do have libel laws in this country but it is almost impossible. To successfully. Prosecute. Any media outlet no matter how false the story is because you have to prove intent. So the libel laws are almost meaningless in America. But in most other attractive all the other democracies. Canada and New Zealand Australia Brock. Britain Ireland. You and me can run the Western Europe. They have good strong libel laws on the books to rein in the media. Tick check this abuse of power so they can't just make stuff up and get away with. Is it time now for us to have real serious libel laws and check the press. Is it time for their broadcast licenses. To be revoked. 61720666868. Is the number. So Boston. General Mattis put out a statement is putting out a statement. Saying that that was fake news that it was just mentioned that way and it's frankly disgusting the way. Press is able. Write whatever they wanna write. 137 here on the great WORK all okay my friends there is now wait huge showdown. Brewing between trump and a fake news media. In the wake now some scurrilous stories utterly bogus completely made up. There's no question about it. Ash oak before I get to that. My friends guess what. It's time to open the WRKO. Box office beat the six caller right now. 6172666868. To win a pair of tickets to see ranked. Kelly and oh this Saturday at the Wilbur theatre that's the sixth caller right now. Caliendo frank Cali and gold this Saturday. At the Wilbur theatre call now 6172666868. This six caller you'll win a pair of tickets to see him Saturday. At the Wilbur theatre okay. Like I was saying. Trump now obviously disgusted. By the lies being paddled in the mainstream media and they are lots. And so let me ask you this question it's an obvious question. Do journalists have the right ally. I'm not talking. Distort. Bias. Slam. Whatever have their opinions. The kind of interject into their report high ish I'm not talking about that in other words you read in newspapers at the Boston Globe. Or the New York Times OK it's slanted it's very heavily liberal you get it. Or the Wall Street Journal which is very pro Republican okay you get. But I'm talking now Jamaican out. You say you call that Tillerson called him a moron when he didn't call them more. You can't get anybody on the record you can't even get a source to be identified as an anonymous source in other words. This source was in the room. When this was sent okay. Then you can at least nailing down a little bit literally just saying anonymous sources according to anonymous sources. According to our officials. Just officials. You know he called them a moron and everybody that's mentioned in the story literally says that map and didn't happen the map and or take the most egregious of all of on. This one now that trump called for re at and fold. Maximum ten fold increase in our nuclear arsenal. To paint them as a madman as a war monger is that a guy who wants a nuclear war role gonna die under his watch. Which literally. Did not happen and again you're citing bogus anonymous stories. Sorry bogus anonymous sources to push bogus stories. I mean can the media just get away with just making stuff up. And by the way with the intent. It was on an honest mistake. Where whatever you miss reported something the impact is obvious. It's too politically destroy trump. It's or whatever the person is it's there for political motives political goals to two to implement a political agenda. Should the media not be held accountable. And so we're trump is now asking. Is should these broadcast licenses be revoked. From the big networks and BCC BS ABC he can't do anything about cable network like CNN are. MSNBC but he saying maybe for these other networks. Now my position is this. I don't think today. They even have the authority to do about this is part of the Federal Communications Commission. It's going to be very hard you know if they wanna do something like this to do it to be candid number one. Number two look. I'm a libertarian at heart. He don't like something you'd turn the dial. You don't like something on TV he turned the channel. You don't like what's being written in a paper you don't buy it subscribed to it or read on the Internet. And eventually. There reputation will bring them down because people just ignore it revenue will dry up. Viewers or readers or listeners or whatever will turn away and eventually you go bankrupt. So I don't like the government getting involved in terms of I'll give you a license I won't give you a licensed I don't like that. But let me tell you something that I've been advocating for many years and this is somebody who's been a journalist and like I told you the First Amendment that's my currency. That's my bread and butter I live and die off the First Amendment. I'm sorry. But. Freedom of the press. Doesn't mean the freedom poll libel people. Freedom of the press. Doesn't mean you can engage in utter propaganda. And in utter smears. Without any consequences. And we are the only country the only country. In the civilized western world that does not have serious libel laws on the books. And so for example here I'll give you a classic example if this this story would never appear in England. Now why would it not appear in England. Because. Did you make up a story like this. They have a right to sue the newspaper. You then go to court. And eventually. The journalist would have to somehow show. A certain amount of evidence. For what the journalist is trying to whip alleged in this case that trump. Wanted to increase the nuclear arsenal by tenfold. Well where's your evidence. Well I can't reveal my sources fine don't give me the main key media email that was sent to. We don't wanna name just give me a shred of evidence to prove that what you're saying is true. NBC can't do. NBC wouldn't do it. And so to prevent from being sued. And losing millions and millions of dollars or to journalists as Nomar can reveal my sources I wanna go to prison find quarter prism. How much is it worth it for you coli about a story. And so this is demean the best line of attack. I think it's high time I said this before and I'll say it again. That we have real serious libel laws here in the United States. And this would act as the greatest check and balance on our out of control media because I'm telling you right now they're out of control. This is a role media. The only thing think about what they've reported on him they just think of just objectively. That we know to be faults. Forget the nuclear arsenal. Forget being called a moron by his own secretary of state that we've got up able. He went to a hotel. In Russia. Saw prostitutes. And was peed on given golden showers. By prostitutes. In downtown Moscow. And that this was all filmed by the Russians. And that the Russians have this and they are using it to blackmail. And this story. Even though it has been completely debunked it is absolute garbage it never happened there's no evidence of jurors mountain. No prostitute went on the record there's no copy of the Vinnie oh there's no copy of the audio all. There's absolutely nothing it didn't matter. They wanted to get that information out there so they cited the dole CH sorry as Maxine Waters who put it the dossier air. And a little bit and pedaled it and titled it waiter greeted New York Times whether it be the Boston Globe. Whether it be the Washington Post whether it be ABC CBC BS NBC you name the you tell me. Where do I get my respect back. After you smeared me after you libeled me after you lied about me I never saw any prostitutes. Nobody peed on anybody. Digital video footage there's not thing. And you guys are just making this up whole cloth. And there aren't any repercussions whatsoever. Nominal I can't do whatever I want on my job. You can't do whatever you want on your job how come the media is given complete and utter license. Literally say and do anything they want and they high eight press freedom press freedom press freedom. In other words. What NBC has become is a political shop. That's what it is. It's a propaganda political trop. And so we sit so is CBS. So always ABC. So we CNN she'll always MSNBC. So always the New York Times and I can run down the whole list that does make it up. Well if you got some serious libel laws on the books you know what they can't make it up or they do they're gonna pay a price. Agree disagree. 61720666868. Is the number. And let me just throw one more quick log on the fire. They lied about the president NBC. Acoustic NBC now. Lot. Obviously like caught red handed line make it up completely make up. They lie about him being called a moron. They lie about the both share. Daylight about the arsenal. But when they were giving me story. By Ronan Farrow. Which had Harvey Weinstein. On audio. He had a freak and audio. Of him groping a woman. When he had a story of eight separate women. Who each of whom testified. In a video recording. That Harvey Weinstein. Assault and M and three of them said he raped them. When he had that story soul weakened nailed down you couldn't believe it. It's not fake news it's. What what real news is what real journalism is. NBC. Wanted to kill. The New York Times killed it. So when they have real news about real scandals. About powerful Liberal Democrats. They killer. When they have utter garbage smears and libelous. Against the sitting Republican president of the United States. May get up and just keep making out. 6172666868. Let me ask you. Should the broadcast networks is licenses be revoked is strong right. And or should there be liable laws to keep the press in control. The fake news media. What needs to be done what should be done your calls next subcluster. 153 here on the great WRKO. Let's go to John in New Hampshire thanks for holding. Go ahead John. Yeah Jack Tatum Colin I do not yet this week that oh yeah you're right Sam and you. And yes station to get ready every are based on public interest. And I like that there. Are you are addressed. There are also store pre press and according to the fact that brought where they sorely. Regulate yeah yeah yeah Specter. And just basically taking a page right our. Good argument from Second Amendment most of all. Thought I got a little guarantee that I junction. I wanna eat you. John do you you think their licenses should be revoked. Well I don't think I'm an. Error and I bet started about national charity and that there were a charity saw. And like I've ever public interest at all. John thank you for that call look it's even worse than that it to me they're perpetrating a fraud. You know like this is the thing look if you're an accountant right you can't life. You can't like you can't falsify the books. I'd there's many things in your profession you literally if you're lying on the figure out when you're out in some cases you can in the morning jail. So my question is this I'm not talking about a factual inaccuracy in happens mistakes happen. I'm not even talking about wow you know. They're slanting it this way durst but the facts are there or at least there's some facts. I'm talking about what NBC is now doing which is you're just making it up. I mean the only thing they haven't done yet and they may do is strong sleeps with pigs. The deficit. Beast reality we got sick I mean really. Are you visited a farm and according to anonymous sources he went about what the gold area I'm toward relations with the gold. I mean that's the only thing they have in Banja. So you don't since when have journalists quote unquote become what is this like now priesthood. Since when like politicians are they always above the law. Why can they get away with utter impunity. If things that an accountant couldn't get away where I sealed book company couldn't get away where I can run down ball list. You'll make stuff fop. You're gonna either go to jail or you're gonna be fired Yule logs deliberately life for whatever their reason. You either you're out on your rear rent or you could end up in prison or you could be sued. So why not at a minimum for if you wanna get into the broadcast licenses. Get libel laws and Souter around. I mean just sue the pants off. I mean I'm sorry how come they're never held accountable. And sold this is why trump is engaged in this verbal war with the media because if he wasn't calling amount almighty god. Are we. So tell me it's fake news. And fake news is in theory it contradiction in terms. Muse is supposed to be real factual. Not fake. And if they're pushing fake. That means they're not in the news business during the propaganda business so van the First Amendment freedom of the press. Doesn't apply to you. It's for real journalists. Not for propaganda arrests. Dennison Mansfield going head Dennis. Yes great show I don't. Want to make the point isn't that came out I think within eighty. Early ninety's called app now. Is. Outfield and all of whom. And basically. On big destroyed all of Carrick because they won and at the in a murder. That. It's great bear out right. That. In a real feel a bit and try and get in the track glory. Won this horse. You can look at pick the court they app and kept up through then and now. In writing. Malicious intent Dennis called malicious intent record of a legal eagle river bridge and oh. Venice look look I worked in the media for ten years and I'm telling you they can destroy somebody. And they can destroy somebody by just making stuff up. I mean literally making it up and what they do now is at this is the technique they hide behind so called anonymous sources now. Many very candid with you when I broke some big stories aideed use so called anonymous sources they didn't wanna be named they were whistle blowers. They want the information to be out there but. You know the information was credible I had evidence of the information. One I described my anonymous source ID you know why. You knew you almost you would the person was that you couldn't quite. You know expose the person so you give him a little bit of cover ore production. But you identified the source you you you know he said look the source of very close to the president. You know a senior official within the State Department. So okay well that's either secretary of stay there deputy in other words you can limit it to three or four people. And so okay but what you're seeing now this is something radically different. This is just anonymous sources. Those sources say what that what the cleaning lady said at the guy who cleaned the toilets edit. My friends it's fake news and it has to stop the quicker the better. Coming up next. Massachusetts. Does it again all my god you're not gonna believe this story and I couldn't believe it. The voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 2 o'clock. More devastation in California and.