Kuhner takes on Elizabeth Warren.

The Kuhner Report
Friday, September 22nd

Did you watch Kuhner ask Elizabeth Warren why she rails against the one percent when she is the one percent? The video went viral! 


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You rough complete news from liberal lies and insults to the working people we stay. No more. He's the schooner road course. She is now on the war path that's right my friends. Full I don't walk. Elizabeth Warren's supporters are now allowed to bring down the corner man. And the question is. What was my soon. What did I do that was so wrong. What is it now that justifies them trying to. Potentially silence me muzzle me. By going out. Her people who support this show okay my friends here is now the absolute latest. I as you know I confronted Elizabeth Warren that's just what I do like confront the moon bats whether it be in this state or around the entire country. I dots what I did under Obama that's what I did for Hillary. I was one of the few voices that predicted trump was gonna win months and months before the election. And so as you know in Boston in Massachusetts. In New England in many ways for most of the left. I have become public enemy number one. And so Elizabeth Warren whereas here in our studio was doing a pre taped interview with the veterans who to a very good show. I was told that she was here literally a couple of minutes later I showed up but the studio saw her simple oh. She finished her interview I confronted her. And I said this roll it Britney. Question. Instead. And 99% getting shafted by the ones that let me ask you this a lot of people's brushing my listeners would say that you. Which is about twelve million dollar reduction plus your own multi millionaire yourself. How can you really against the 1%. Winning chance we all are and. I'm just warning to us. What might get what job after another he ended up as a champ. My mom work too. Altering my approach and military. That was their ticket to try and hit it. Schools teach there was none. For an application to college much less to be able to hate how long it twisted story I've gotten married early. In dollars. He's not the right. And actually Edwards and I ended up graduated from college that cost fifty dollars us next. Special teams. And when I had maybe started school part time and state law school cost. Fifty dollars a semester. That's how I had an opportunity. To recruit. Two parent could mean those opportunities. I built up what are some opportunities are not yet. But you can't get there. I had. America invested in has let me and that's the reason I. It's 1% it's. Our present I. Hypocrisy there it's hypocrisy you're like this and let this is God's what he's an opportunity. It's what I find me at 350000. Dollars for one course that prevent the office. This now has gone viral. It's now one of the most popular stories up on the daily caller gateway pundit hat tip to them they link to it. Are faux played this morning. It's up on faux news is website and now the Drudge Report. Has now linked to this so it's now it's gone everywhere talk show hosts are talking about it it's everywhere it's literally now everywhere. And so I exposed. I expose their for the phony the fraud and a hypocrite that she its. And now because of this. She is now telling Democrats in the state to go after me and in particular to go after the people who back the show. This is how they roll. Because one voice of dissent in this state is one voice to many. And so what I find incredible lists and I said this to Britain during our pre show meaning I said Britney. Did I assault year yet. Did I insult her yet. Did I as they like to say that I grabbed her by the I asked her is simple question. A 1000%. Factually accurate in fact you may not see it if you just hear the audio we can see the video. She's actually not airhead like just admitted yes. Do you own. 82 million dollar plus mansion. In Cambridge yes. Are you worth north of fifteen million dollars yes. What's the problem while liar while thought. What's the problem chief. So you can't handle a simple cough questioned. You can even handle that. If you can't handle a tough question. A ball pin number one issue namely the 99%. Vs the 1% than on the system is rigged and is rigged in favor of the rich and the wealthy. Then any you're not ready to be a senator and be your certainly not ready to be a presidential candidate. Dot there's no question about it. But instead of saying hey it's obvious someone to be passed on this and I need to be able to better defend myself because she can't. Because I exposure for they hypocrite and a lot you're duchy it's. So now what she's trying to do in the Democrats you know how this is this is a one party state for the most part. It is a mafia state the Democrats run this state the way the Irish mob used to run solve feet. So now what they're trying to do is they can't touch me. Member I always told you this yacht you want to survive in this business you have to be beyond reproach. So what does nothing to audit. There's just literally when it comes to my finances there's nothing to audit. I have very few deductions is basically go home deduction that's at what else can you do. So big goal after the financial supporters of the show. And sold the word is now gone out that she has told the Democrats in this state quote unquote no money no show. And so she is trying to silence and muzzle me but it's not gonna work. I'm telling you right now I'm speaking to huge directly senator Warren. May be these kinds of Communist thuggish tactics may be they worked in the Soviet Union but this is not Castro's Cuba. At least not yet. Here we still have something called freedom of speech and freedom of expression. And so let me get to the heart of the matter of the heart of the matter is this. You as I laid out in my column by the way we re posted it. Because now the dues it's now gone literally national even international. I have now re posted my column it's up on wrko.com. Please I urge all of you read it send it around I completely expose or it's called confronting Elizabeth Warren corners corner. As I lay out in my column. She is not some equal opportunity. Democrat as she tries to claim. Moments take it away commuter colleges. No one's taken away public access the public universities are state schools. In fact there's more funding now for public institutions. Community Colleges state schools then there's ever been and in fact you so that you know. The federal government is now spending more on social programs now then ever in the history of the United States. But glad that goal. She's the one that says being wealthy is evil. She is the one that says the rich are bad. She is the one that consistently says you didn't build backed. She is the one that says soak the rich it's time to redistribute wealth. Take from the producers take from the big 1%. And redistributed. To everybody else well chief. As I Lyoto in my column. Chief wire walk thought. If being wealthy and rich are so bad how come you're wealthy and rich. If being part of a 1% is so evil Huckabee on hand over your millions of dollars to the war. But instead. You live in a two point seven million dollar mansion in Cambridge. You driver rounding either fancy BMW's are high end suvs. Nothing but the best for you. And you now are worth north of fifteen million dollars Euro multimillionaire. Many times over you don't. What their what she's furious about which she is in arranged. About. Is that Hersh pick her image. Is that she was just a law professor. Yes everybody knows about she got paid 350000. Dollars to teach one course and Hobbs. But everybody in the state thinks won't you know she's a 3400000. Dollar a year woman she's are high end academic. Known and and home. None of them on home and she's as wealthy as they come. And so here is what she fears. Is that if this gets soaked. This is gonna cost her election. And I'll tell you why. But she fears the most is that the progressives in the Democratic Party the Bernie supporters. Are gonna finally see her for the full week and the fraud that she is for example that our sister station AAF. I loved those guys like tease him about marijuana use and stuff marquee most of them don't even do pot but I like to joke around there's the rock and roll guys. Many of them believe it or daughter Bernice supporters. When I did my kid on her and then I wrote my column they want I did my interview with her and then I did my column. They walked up to meet these Bernie supporters they said Jeff. I had no why do you. I had no idea about her mansion. I had no idea that she was worth 1015 million dollars I had no idea about how she made her money. You what they said to me to go Jeff. She talks like Bernie. What she acts like Hillary. She talks like a progressive. But it's fall all dumb my mean lying my pockets. And once that gets out. That she's just a big as if adjust the big a phony and hypocrite as Hillary. She talks and anti Wall Street anti big business game but she law of the cash. She talks like Bernie but she acts like Hillary. And so let me just off from my own call on I just wanna lay it out for you. And please go to wrko.com. Downloaded. Pass it on to your friends so. This is how she made her money. This is how hill this is what she doesn't want you. The voters the people of Massachusetts and America to know this is what she's trying to cover up. She used to flip houses OK I've talked about this many times she was a house flipper. She took advantage of the elderly. She took advantage of people who foreclosed. She bought blow and sold high. Furthermore. She lied about her native American ancestry in fact when I did research on this as I point out in my column. Her ancestors are talking about Elizabeth Warren now. Never once claimed on the senses. That they were America that they were native American in fact they always claim that they were white. Warren herself. Was in rolled never did she ever enrolled himself not once was she enrolled as a member of any native American tribe. Yet when she applied for law school. And then later on to teach at law school. She knew she was under tremendous pressure they were under tremendous pressure to mark to market to hire minorities. So in the most were the most cynical things I've ever seen done. She just check off the chi was Cherokee Indian. And boom. That's how she got jobs at the University of Pennsylvania and then eventually half and. And they gauge she got ten year big game she got ten year. She then changed herself from being in native American to be your Caucasian. But let me tell you what else you don't know about Elizabeth Warren. Four years sheep pimp out her position at half to two BA corporate consultants. For example. For example. She was a big consultant for major insurance companies. And the big banks. Travelers insurance company later 2121000. Dollars. Between 2008 and 2000 and then to do consulting on asbestos litigation. She was also a major consultant for the law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering hale and the war. You know what their big clients or you know she was giving advice do and they she may untold sums of money. JPMorgan Chase. Citigroup. Goldman's. Acts. And so as I pointed out in my column. Her anti big business anti Wall Street to rhetoric that may play well with the progressives. But she loves in the corporate cash. She couldn't get enough for event. My friends. She took money from the 1%. She made her money from the 1%. She lives and earns like those in the 1%. She is a complete phony. She is a quote all me capitalist. The very thing she rails against. And you know why she freaked out when I confronted her. Because deep down she knows that. 6172666868. Is the number. Corner country I'm gonna ask you now for personal favor. Tomorrow I'm going to be speaking at the Burlington marry odd because September 23 at 11 AM. I'm gonna bill Kelly will be there he's been a big financial backer of the show to sponsor. There are still some tickets available if you wanna show up call now 88881881. It's free. By you'll come down you have a wonderful brunch. He and his retirement experts will show you how to grow protect and shield your retirement nest that it's great advice for you. And then I will give my annual state of the presidency address. Jeff deal will be challenging Elizabeth Warren will be there as well tomorrow to give a talk. I would love to see all of you there and it would be nice to show some real support for bill. As he stands buying mean eyes Elizabeth Warren's people try to come after me so if you can call. 8888188188881881. You can still get a seat today they're gonna open up a second wrong. If you can't make it tomorrow which is fine it's short notice for many of you. Can you just please call the number. And thank bill for supporting the coroner report. And let him know that you stand with him shoulder to shoulder. If the line is busy please call home just let him know he's got our back and we really appreciate it. 88881881. Is the number again okay. Elizabeth Warren now on the war off 6172666868. If she'll wire is she a fraud and initiate hypocrite. I say yes what do you say all of your calls. How true. He's busted bulldozer had just cleaner on the voice of Boston. You are KL. Twelve point eight here on the great WRKO. OK my friends it's now the corner man vs Ohio walked. Her supporters are trying to muzzle me it's not gonna work. My confrontation with her has now it's on drug cheats on daily caller it's on Fox News sits on the Fox News web site. Corner country she knows it we wounded her and we wounded are good and my question to you now is there's. The more the people find out how Boehner crony capitalism. Per connections to Goldman Sachs JP chase Morgan City group. 2121000. Dollars are doing consulting for travelers insurance. Will this cost her support even among progressives. Jay in Brighton Europe next go ahead Janet. All right yeah. I'll. First I I've got a great job on nob and yeah I saw the video on that RK OOK. I'll. What I liked about it what is said it's it's pretty rabbit. That cheer people like her ever get challenged by anybody. I mean they always get they only meet up with people that wrote that given softball questions. So I I enjoyed it years. Sort of seeing evil unmask. I wish I wish you could see her face the way I did. Her eyes pop out of a literate they popped out oversaw kitchen was red. On her body started jerking. I thought you literally I thought you want to strangle me. And also what I saw or person that you recognize shot I would like Dwayne the rock Johnson. A because the way you look you I don't I bought your I just imagine something different than you. Oh dogs I've been working out I got my wife's got me on a good workout regiments I've been pumping some iron. I can show you actually it is important to cut out. Our. But it I had some criticism well but I do know how to withdraw my criticism or deliberate knows. I'll tell you why Jamison were up against the can you hang on I want you beyond you tell me the criticisms okay. Okay so we're an average day on he's gonna do throws hey this is the last free speech is all left in America. Your reaction next. You margin you know the kind Elvis you know wealth class war. No there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody yeah factory out there aren't you but I'm pretty clear you moved your goods to market all the roads the rest of us hate for bush. You all had to be there and Edwards. Eyes. I had opt. Let me and that's the reason I'm in public office. Percent it's our present I don't see hate hypocrisy there. Hoppers and you're like. You mean they're 350000. Dollars for one course the office. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK Drudge Report is now linked to this. To the video Fox News is now playing in its on the Fox News website. Daily caller. Gateway pundit The Washington Times has now O'Donnell's story on it is well. My question is this. It's now gone national even international. Where's the local media. Where is the local media why are they covering up for Elizabeth Warren. Why are they afraid to know over connections to Goldman Sachs. Of JPMorgan Chase off Citigroup are traveler's insurance that she was our house flipper but she's a complete phony Indian. That she was in bed with the 1%. For most of her career after she got tenure at Harvard. Why do they not want these facts in the truth to get out. And I'm talking about the Boston Harold I'm talking about the Boston Globe channel for channel five channel seven channel ten channel 25. The national media is linking to it and discussing it but the local media is dead silent. Shame on you. There and that tanked for the chief and everybody knows it. 6172666868. Okay Jay from Brighton we held over. JG you like and I confronted her but you had some criticisms goal my friend. Yes my criticism is well when I first looked far actually I don't WR KL. I didn't see it until I looked into the lookup Elizabeth Warren I don't think yeah correct. And I think it needs to get on to YouTube every illegal. To really. Expand its reach and keywords that aren't all right this might be a little technical error keywords. That are connected to the video like a little bit Lauren center Elizabeth Ward boss isn't just recorders sit Elizabeth Warren. And it might not really that criticism is to get spread. All beautiful okay thank you Jay I really thank you very much are Britney let's work on now let's get that baby up on YouTube. My column I've read post stated. Please get it out there I lay out all of her nefarious links. A big banks to corporate America to Wall Street how she lined her pockets with the 1%. To become the 1%. As this phony and fraud rails against the 1%. It's up on wrko.com. Corners corner. Not confronting Elizabeth Warren 6172666868. Gen mean in Seattle thanks for holding and welcome. Change yet greeting them and or an or are you were doing great today howry Eugene. An issue that I did Altman along and I welcome back in the I like it is yet that weren't brutal early it's early but it. Oh. I would like you either re at he light eloped. Well I. I gotta tell huge I mean even you should've seen britney's face britney's face was like priceless. Reviewers looked like a decision that we should do what is should a tomahawk the corner man look it up. You say oh phony and fake it. Me. No I'm I'm with you Janine and thank you for that call and look I think Scott's wife frankly they're trying to desperately lash out against the show. That's why she's now you know she's given me orders to Democrats in the state corners gonna go down and they show us the gold down. And the financial backers of the show have to go down. Because they don't want her to be exposed. Book. I don't wanna say who got Britney showed the video a couple of days ago a couple of friends from his conference. And you know regular people regular folks don't really partisan Democrat Republican whatever they do is hope for the best candidate. When she showed them the video their first reaction was why. She owns why she owns a mansion in what. She's a multimillionaire why. And breathe again you didn't know that she goes well we knew about the 350000. Dollars to teach one course but we thought she was an academic professor. We didn't know that she was in college she if she should she was rich because all she does Israel against the rich. You know oil and she's our house flipper dynamic why she was a house flipper why but she has ties to Goldman Sachs why. Did that she was a corporate consultant why. So. There completely shocked and horrified. And that dome the more this gets soaked. This is what they fear. Don't burn any people will defect. She will be seen as a fraud and a phony. And this may cost or not just election in twenty whining for the presidential nomination but now they see Jeff deal. And they see he's not gonna be afraid to go after her and now they're in full. Panic mode 6172666868. Many in Quincy. Go ahead and up chip let's slow down my man hit Brooke usually try and certain other Andy Walker Cup. Chip this is what women is so concerned opening 5% she didn't check out the little box and state tax return. Do pray that you'll higher rate. Until you get caught and in typical democratic political politician. She checks and are now. And number two on the devious scary what you could use it as over as president. If you sit across the table from Letterman to pull them. And she start shaking importing their anger and also one more bite you get bigger and bigger star response. We'll will be finished. I'm telling honestly we're finished no I'll I'll be honest with you okay. Last 24 to 48 hours. I have to be careful how I say this commitment sources who told me this I have to protect their anonymity. Forget Vladimir Putin. I'm I'm really worried about how she's gonna treat conservatives in this country or frankly anybody who disagrees affair. When I told grace this morning which her supporters are trying to do she's like they can't do that a quote you better believe that they can do it. Because they're a bunch of mafia thugs. So because I asked her one tough question. One of bankrupt everybody around me. You wanna destroy everybody around me. You wanna silence and muzzle me and they show our youth not afraid of the truth. He seek deep down. And I've been saying this now for many years and every time I say people look at me like I'm crazy. When you scratch a liberal deep down there's a totalitarian. Screaming wanting to get out. Deep down there's a Communist Horry fascist want to get out. And I said this to grace this morning I mean white diaper baby. You know the expression a red diaper baby you're basically born as a Communist or is a leftist well the color white is the color of anti communism. The Communist when after my grandfather. The Communists won after my father I was a white diaper baby do you think come allow them to seize power here. No way. So for the first time I'm telling you I know I'm getting the reaction already on my text machine and I'll my cellphone. The Democrats cannot believe they thought they were gonna power meet today. They don't they cannot believe now that I'm standing up to them. And so on putting every single one of these democratic thugs on notice. You're gonna see 101520000. People on the streets of Boston Common if you try to shut this radio show them it's not gonna work. I don't I don't cower to Communists. My grandfather didn't do it my father didn't do it and I'm not gonna do it. Andy in Nebraska go ahead and. I can't help Egypt's. Build a tolerance for any anti 1% move that trying to I don't commandos boast one of the one protester they claim to rail against. And it's it's classic liberal intolerance. Exactly exactly I mean. It there aren't that deep down at them at the most elite system licking their. Andy you're a 1000% correct. Why aren't my thing 200 many Indian court seeking to understand that how we work it could be pretty good couldn't walk. I give Rebecca hall and be well look you know again it's what the Communist next thing is to graced this morning. I said what they would always say is you know we have formed a working class you're on Eastern Europe we have for the people Fargo working class we want to call it. Everybody. Okay. There they weren't their actions. Garrett they are what their fancy cars Mercedes BMWs. There they are what these lavish dinners and meals honestly how that didn't drop dead of a heart attack every night is beyond me. So as they got richer and richer fatter and fatter thicker and thicker that people got pork and pork. When they do real against the 1%. The capitalist dogs. As the all Communists used to column but live like the 1%. They choose to do with the Astros of non. What Chavez did what when indeed what's Allen did what Communists everywhere do. 6172666868. Bruce in Wilbur ram go ahead Bruce. I stare at the corner Brandon Jacobs wrote Alan and supporting Michael and thank you thank you Bruce. Jet powered up but I think you won this morning into my surprise and I'm blossom. Actually I first played the video that you're in pretty good after. A let me ask you one question in the major award points yes when you tell that joke do you Russia opera take a shower. Good fielder yes I felt very dirt there. Outlets in U four I wanted to bring your little list that or this indiscretions yes. Writing a book and attached aired I mean do the book to book tours. Brilliant. Jeff guy who forgot about agree. Thank you buddy. You're completely right I'm front they make that point in the column but not as explicitly as you do here here's what I say okay penultimate paragraph. Jury in her term the chief has done almost nothing for the people of Massachusetts. She's written books. Giving speeches and augment bitter national profile. But in terms of legislative accomplishments. Warren has achieved zero. What she has done is advancers self interest politically. And financially. Not only did she do book tours on your dying. She charges people but for the book. For being able to attend the speech and venue by the book. So she's double billing you not but does guts our buddies at Goldman Sox Goldman Sachs daughter how to do it. One yes chrome yes grow mom good. Paul in Dorchester go ahead Paul. Good morning Jeffrey Archer stick and Michael my pleasure Paul just if you are gonna say that I'm gonna sit you sit 3002030001. I'm going to be in their flight which you party because I have no country to go back to these. People have little holds the island nation where came from so Ronald Reagan said that does that last bastion on earth I'm not gonna let. These liberal moon that was always talk about hammering the middle class is being hammered you know Lawrence O'Donnell Curt Schilling yeah the other. But I want to that was stalking that was in the midst of a lot just keeps us. Middle class would get me hammered again here. You know that he's been hammering a little ha ha ha she loves that word but I'm I have no country to go back to these people have to understand. Mean as a young depth Democrat registered Democrat in this Massachusetts. The commonwealth. I was ordered to return to big dips. They need to get photo ID and technically it was possible. Back in the big news or not gently into the Marshall out the police don't arrest me but. It will confront Israel these people cannot win without without using the young people in the hood. To fraudulently hopeful that we have to dip dip this downed the you know in legislation and have ID BP mandatory. Paul if you don't mind me asking when you say the island that they ruined where you were originally came from is that Haiti. Particular friends you know my father was the first hanging Chad drove the first Al Gore who ran for congress Clinton won twice. In in the Indian that the dictatorship Bono U2 popularly a Catholic kid due to popular we don't have someone else would please someone else. That I wind up in America you know. And that their funding is being small batch. Left and right was creating the kiosks and Libby told the debate the mass migration to all over the world because it used against Franken Doug wrote director Pete because usually. No cost to less. Paul I want you to know your charter member of corner country you're part of our country now. Thank you chip jobless you my friend 6172666868. Morris your calls next. Stone hurling match just Cooder forgive me WRKO. Called the voice of Boston. I certainly don't. I had offers to. That's like me and just so I'm sure you know yeah. It's 1% what I yeah our present I don't see hate hypocrisy there's. What do you mean good 350000. Dollars for one course preventing off student center. It'd champs. Heard you're up next go ahead and I didn't do Ngo how good are you. I'll I'll play out just follow publicist do not participate in the greedy warrant town hall. Folded meeting. I did the other day and sympathy epics softball questions she was get from Europeans were terrible. But I did ask her associates if he was a favor Bernie Sanders. Single Payer plan in the exit yet she wasn't so I think she's she's been turned gonna 450. Million Americans out there employees sponsored health Kia. And they didn't basically you're happy to answer the author ask her that she big game may never took my call and it's pathetic you know. Well Ed it's more than that not only does she support Bernie's Medicare for all basically it's single Payer. I buy dot bill. Literally. Allows health care can be given to anybody in the world. If you actually read the bill I'm not getting. It provides healthcare government paid health care to every illegal immigrant. So if you come to the United States it doesn't matter how you get a year. If you're right in America under Bernice planned you won't get full health coverage full. Paid for by UN me so it'll literally invites the world come to America. And if this thing passes. Then we would have to pay for the health insurance. Of not just everybody. There are every American citizen government sponsored healthcare. But every potential person in the world if they can just come to the United States. It is the most insane. Idea I have ever seen in my life it would bankrupt us overnight. Boston Globe silent. Boston Herald silent. The local media silent. So that's why when I confronted her. That she had a complete meltdown. Because she's not used to getting a tough question. And my friends I'm telling you she's not ready for prime time not even close. And now she wants her thugs in the Democratic Party there shot this show down. Well chief I got a message from me do you. Blank off. Over 47 Boston. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock. Arcadia. Don't we don't fully realize a lot of thought. That's not nice the bully other people okay golf Leo bowling ball don't that's my advice. 6172666868. OK my friends believe me. Full plate today we got a lot of great stories but I just want I'm. Reinforce. What I said the last hour. Which is that as you know my confrontation. Where senator Elizabeth Warren folk aren't this. Has now gone completely viral Fox News has been playing at this morning. It's up on the Fox News website. It's now one of the most popular stories on the daily caller the gateway pundit is now given a big play. The Washington Times is now reporting on this as well. The local media however. Silent ops elude police silent. And so I have re posted my column up on wrko.com. Confronting Elizabeth Warren. Where I expose. How she and ethically and fraudulently. Became a multimillionaire. How she she killed for Goldman Sachs. Citigroup. JPMorgan Chase. Was a major corporate consultant. Got over 200000 dollars from travelers insurance. While she was a professor at Harvard. That she prayed on people who foreclosed on their homes. She prayed on semi senile old ladies. People who have I got divorced or suffered a financial catastrophe. That's how she made her money. That's how she became a multimillionaire. Worth over fifteen million dollars. That's how she can drive around in a BMW five to wait. That's how she can drive 880000. Dollar suvs. That's so she can have a two point seven almost three million dollar mansion in came church. She took money from the 1%. She hobby knob to what the 1%. She lives like the 1%. But she claims they hate and rail against the 1%. And so because I have now exposed her. She has now given the orders. To state Democratic Party officials. To essentially choke they show off. By going after our financial supporters. Quote we're gonna teach that punk a lesson. Okay chief if that's the way you guys wanna play it it's fine with me. Communist thugs like you don't scare me. And so corner country I'm urging all of you please. Let's call up her phone line in Washington DC. And let's let her know better her bullying thuggish tactics are just not gonna work. So do we have a this is the DC. 20220244543. To a 020244543. And just tell them that you don't know why does she give up her millions of dollars to the border. Why does she live like the 1%. While she rails against the 1%. I'm let's see what the chief sets 6172666868. Is the number. Okay. This is from the daily she pole and I wanna give a hot tip to Curt Schilling because he actually read tweeted this. It's a board game but I'm sure Elizabeth Warren must love and players self. This is probably your favorite game. It's called. You may have heard of monopoly well this is a commie pulley. Another that communism monopoly commie pulley and so it's like a board game. And it's got a hammer and sickle in the middle. You've got cards that's safe food rations. Another one the cards that say get out of gulag card. And basically. There's a long lull a large stretches of the board game. It just says no property. There's a small property because they've taken on all there's no property however. On the corners there's a gulag. There is a guy behind bars it just says gulag. However both for the gulag have been between the gulag and the no property. There is a dime and it says you've been purged from the party go back to the beginning. Another one goal to goal lack. Another one is it was Syria free parking. Let me see oh hole of the morgue that's the U the Holocaust of the ukrainians understand one. A hole of the more pick up card to see if you get food rations. At that. Great leap forward is another one pick up card deceived you get food rations. My friends seeing it for you can see it for yourself it's. As absolutely hilarious we just re tweeted it ourselves. On our Twitter account that WRK output double York sailed Twitter and you can actually see the board game yourself. I bet they achieve loves it. I bet oil off the plays this for hours every night Judy Europe next go ahead Jody. I mean yeah if it. On food that leave you would you protect me on your web site created. They're not my understanding is they they're standing behind me shoulder to shoulder. But that's what they're doing everything they can't to go after the sponsors. And that's why I'm asking everybody if you can call 88881881. That's a number of bill Kelly financial services. And just let him know that you stand with the bill. If the line is busy please keep calling just let him know that you stand with bill and you really appreciate his support for the show. Because that's how they roll here. They can't go after means so they try to go after the financial backers of the show because one voice. Of dissent. Against the liberal democratic regime for them as one too many. 6172666868. Jerry on the hate go ahead Jerry. Coleman at call to we had a minor reminds me of the old days my friend. For. We understand it means that it. Was seeking a tap tap tap. I read things or about Elizabeth Warren to corroborate what you're saying. And also appoints Paul when Paul called then. A little bit toward recently bet secret with Jamie Dimon in Washington DC it is backing for the 20/20. Nomination. If she also spent Labor Day weekend with Robert wolf a USB on Martha's Vineyard. If you appoint a it would pull all the talking about the the good people voted brought. Soros is got a group called demo date feedback voting initiatives. Oatmeal award TI keep her daughter is all deck of debt. Problem. I didn't know. In the fighting voting registration in ID lawsuits in in another thing. You know our eyes but it should shield PRD. He's an arrival don't produce. With ties to legitimate GD. Who is the radical Islamic film maker for the mullahs in Iran. So she's got some really nefarious CD corruption our connections. Are as always thank you Jerry. Phenomenal information 6172666868. The number again many of your saying I gave it a little bit too quickly OK Elizabeth Warren's direct office number in Washington DC. 202. 22445432022244543. Of oil off our call. Today I saw the video. Up up up up up odds you're gonna give back all the money you're gonna sell the mansion in Cambridge. Gil in the lol go ahead Gil. Comrade and all of a brother. Bill how are you. All right they. Tripping Islam. I wish who are more active don't create walks to which more people OK and not at all other day. I am I'm much a ball to check duty you'll on the Internet or pupil for that matter why do you support team and what has it done. OK I Gil are for you know just learn for yourself quoted deal for senate. DOE I EHL you'll see his position on many issues essentially why why I support him is this he's honest. He's not corrupt he's not on the take. He really is a genuine populist he's a man of the people. He supports the wall he wants to cut our taxes in fact he's leading an initiative to lower the sales tax for everybody in Massachusetts. He wants to rein in government spending. And he wants to get rid of obamacare. In other words on issue after issue after issue. We're gonna have a real fighter. Our real conservative. Representing us and I think what I like most about them I guilt to be perfectly frank. Is he is willing to take the fight to Elizabeth Warren. I know the people around them I know the campaign they're waging that they want to wage they're not gonna pulling conscious. They will expose her for the fraud and hypocrite touchy it's. So even if she ends up winning by the way I think it's going to be a very close race. But even if she ends up winning. He's gonna sold damage her so bloody horror. Soul giver bill giver such a black guy by exposing the truth about her it'll cripple or for 21. Because believe me there's one woman that can never come into the White House and that's the chief but can we squeeze indeed. All right the in New York City go ahead Cody. I hear the hot on the first aren't cool about the long time live welcome welcome to cheer because you guys or something right now I'm on my lunch break injured child under the passionately. I don't I don't want to say. You have been when they get the real question. And oh my god definitely build one big league structure. I'd that's a thing. You say it when there's nobody dared a proper route look how she crumbles like our house our cards. She's off phony. Remember all those polls the.