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Monday, October 16th

Steve Bannon declares war on GOP establishment


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Is there now a little mean Republican. Civil war. And will this help that Democrats sweep back in the power in next year's mid term elections. That's the question right now 617266. 6868. But refer before I get about. The poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Do you think we will ever truly know what happened in Las Vegas. Few believe the answer is yes tax the letter 868680. If like mean no way. It's that there is no way. They kept we're never gonna know what really happened. Next the letter B is 68680. I as always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results bus. Our 91%. Now we will not know the motive and 9% yes we eventually we'll find out of. Yeah I think I'm with the audience on this I don't think gratified that the motive at all were never that they're gonna bury this it's closer Carrie its so deep liquid Jimmy hoffa's body. That's how about some but that's a beat they're gonna bury. Oh Jamie I'm really surprised that the victims of this haven't come out and said why don't we now what happened here why was I shot or why it was my loved one killed I'm just very surprised that a lot of the victims about hush trashed. The solid and one person to file a lawsuit trying to. Strange I think that's gonna change Britain next couple weeks. I think the longer this thing drags out and there were competencies so obviously got on display. I think you're gonna start to see a lot more victims complaining and we will say okay. Steve Bannon is now on the warpath. And right now as I speak to use there is a huge brewing populist nationalist. Conservative insurgency. And now banned and is amassing the grassroots of the trump army and he's gonna turn them against the establishment. And in particular are discussed this before. But he really unveiled his plan this week and at the values voters summit in Washington DC. And in particular. He is gonna go after. Bob court curse senate seat in Tennessee he's the powerful chairman. Of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee court chorus now said he's gonna retire. He wants the fully back his challenger. Marsha Blackburn a solid conservative. He's gonna go after establishment Republican Dean Heller in Nevada. He's gonna go after establishment Ryan know Deb Fischer in Nebraska. He's gonna go after another establishment Republican this one from Wyoming senator Barrasso. And so there are sixteen Republicans up for reelection he is gonna target fifteen of them. Jeff flake is another one by backing Kelly war against. He never trump Ryan Albania's late. And he predicts that they're gonna flip these fifteen. Knock out he Ryan all Republicans. These are all Mitch McConnell is oh loyalists they're all loyal to Mitch to squish. Deprive McConnell of oxygen. The goal is to force McConnell out as a majority leader. And have trumps people trump conservatives trump insurgents trump populists. Implement exit Q a hall style takeover of the Republican Party. As Bannon put it this is now a season. Of war. Role that Britney. There's a time and season for everything. And right now it's a seasonal war against a GOP establishment. As Bob worker. Has trashed the commander in chief of our armed forces. While we have young men and women in harm's way right. When he said he's lead them on a pan of the world or three that he is not stable that people have to keep him moderated. That it's an adult. It's what it adults that are and they took the morning shift off by some. US senator. In a position of that authority. For the first time in the history of our republic. Has mocked and ridiculed. A commander in chief we have kids in the field. Have I seen Barrasso come to a stick it to them that have IC Deb Fischer come to a sticking condemn that. Have I seen Heller come to a sticking it down that. You have not. Let me give wanted to know like running hot on this one. These folks are common for you. The day of taking a few nice conservative votes and Haydn is. Over. That's meaning it that that to mean that's the war call. That's the clarion call now to political arms and I've got to say banning is a man after my heart. This is something we should at gunpoint when he five years ago but let that go better late than never because on this he's a 1000% correct. So here you have senator Bob court. And I talked about this before. Openly mocking the president of the United States saying he's unhinged he's unstable. The White House has turned into an adult daycare center he's gonna leaders to world war three. Here you have the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Openly mocking. Openly defying. Openly ridiculing the president of the United States. And of course the mainstream media is just lapping it up they love it they love it. Were there Republicans. In fact as I pointed out McConnell defended court heard our that was the point in my my most recent column. McConnell went and sided with court clerk in dispute with trump. So. These are people who have stabbed us every step of the way. They stab vests on obamacare. They stabbed us on open borders. They stopped us on amnesty. They f.s and you name the issue and they have shopped at their base. And let me tell you in essence now what is gonna bring about the civil war and may be potentially the downfall of the Republican establishment. It's that when they were confronted with the choice. Between supporting their constituents that their base their voters the American people or their starts. They sided with their donors. They sided with the chamber of commerce like Judas. They took the money. They talk their thirty pieces of silver. Well now my friends comes the reckoning. And listen now to Steve Bannon. Saying on issues of trade. On issues of the wall. Immigration. Amnesty. War. All of these key bread and butter issues. That the heartland wants an America first populist agenda. If we can flip and defeat these establishment rhinos. And turned the tide in Washington. Trump will win. Within historic. Landslide. Roll it Brittany. Populist. Nationalist. Conservative revolt. That's going on that drove Donald Trump to victory. That drove judge Moore to victory that will drive fifty candidates to victory. At 2008 team. And well. I hate to break the news to great and Carter and the folks that folks have been fair yes president trumps on and finish. This term he's a win with 400 electoral votes in 22 wanna. In other words he's saying you thought his 300 plus whatever 307. Electoral College victory was a stunner in 2016. You ain't seen nothing yet. And so what's going on here make no mistake about it my friends. We're now in a state of political ideological and cultural war within the Republican Party. It's on whether you want the war happened or you don't want the war to happen it's now on. The battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party is taking place. And let me tell you what I see happening. I think Kelly ward is gonna smash Jeff flake. I think Dean Heller is in big trouble I think Deb Fischer is in trouble I think brass always in trouble and the bigger trouble that there Rand. The more Mitch McConnell is grip on power is gonna get more and more tenuous and if you Mitch McConnell goals. Paul Ryan O Ryan will go. And so immediately now. Don't rhinos. Are panic and the Ryan always are now saying Brandon is the enemy not the Democrats. Not the mainstream media. Not the liberals not to dear leader not Hillary Clinton normal homo and it's banned in and that trump wing of the Republican Party. So listen to that fraud. Susan Collins. Who by the way decided not to run for governor because she couldn't even win a primary among your fellow Republicans. She would have gotten her clock cleaned. By Republicans if she ran for governor so she decided not to know she's gonna stay a senator good luck in 22 Ronnie because she's another one we're gonna take down. Okay but listen now to this fraud. Whine and complain about Bannon and this insurgency. Roll it Brittany. Obviously mr. Bannon has the right to support whomever he wants to support. But I faith kids rhetoric is exactly what the American people. Arts hired. They don't want this hyper partisanship. They want us to work together and they've won has to get things done. They want to work across the album they want us to work with the president. And mr. Bannon over the top rhetoric it's not that helpful. Mitch McConnell what is the senate majority leader the president needs him I'm glad that there are working together. I'm tax reform and a lot about their riches and I'm glad that they're meeting this week. Mr. abandons comments are not helpful and every kind. You mean the way you work with the president on obamacare. You mean the way you work with the president on tax cuts. You mean the way you work with the president on the wall. Do you phony you fraud you. His comments to. Not Al all. Is kind of rhetoric is. Over the over the knob. I mean I ya I did she is the I mean seriously I said to me how to held to the good self respecting people of Maine put this moron December's soul as their senator. I mean what is she done for the people of Maine nothing zilch nada. And you look at her on policy you look at her on her positions. Whether it be on amnesty whether it be on borders. What are beyond the wall. Weathered beyond climate change weathered beyond tax cuts whether it be on obamacare whether it be you name it abortion. Same sex marriage Second Amendment I can run down ball list. Why isn't she a Democrat. Which she is is she's a Democrat with an. IE a Republican. In name only. My friends. Which are now seeing. Is the beginning of the end of the Republican establishment. And my question to you is this. As now every single one of these establishment rhinos are going to be primary. All of them. This civil war. Willie believed and divide the Republican Party to such an extent. That the Democrats will come right up the middle. And sweep the Republicans out of power whether it be in the house or in the senate. And may be paved the way for impeachment. Is banned in potentially committing political suicide. For the Republican Party or is this just exactly. That kind of take over that we've been asking for and that the party desperately needs. 6172666868. Is this the rebirth of the Republican Party. Or is this now the beginning. Of the Democrat takeover. And maybe the impeachment of Tron. 6172666868. York. 040 boy so far better WRK well there's a time and season for everything. And right now it's a seasonal war against the GOP establishment. And it. Green down the Thunder Bay B 6172666868. Okay. It is now a season of war on the Republican establishment. A huge civil war it's. Now brewing in the Republican Party. My question do you is which side are you on 6172666868. Former house speaker Newt Gingrich. Has come out against Bannon. Saying about his attacks on worker. And on other rhinos are quote stupid this are Gingrich's words not mine. Saying this is gonna needlessly split the Republican Party. Demoralize the Republican Party and allow the Democrats to come back and win either house or the senate in 2018. And thereby pave the way for Trump's impeachment. Myra bottle is a very simple one. All you have to do now is look across the Atlantic Ocean look across the pond. Austria has now turned to the nationalist right. They've now elected a nationalist in Austria. The Czech Republic is now poised to go nationalist. Croatia Serbia Slovakia. Poland Hungary. England obviously with breaks it. All across the European continent. The right is now on the march. Populist parties nationalist party's conservative party's. That one a regained control of their borders and regain control of her national sovereignty. Are now slowly discrediting the political financial and media elites. What is happening in America. Is nothing more than an extension. Of what is already taking place eight prairie fire. All across Europe. And so the establishment. Are part of the old stay Ole corrupt political class. That to me is now destined to be swept into the dust bin of history. Mutiny rail all he wants. It's like putting your hand up against a wave. It's coming. And it's gonna take all of you out 6172666868. Dan in Medford. Going it carry. Jeff I met your opponent chill from my drive to work its color and he fought. I feel good now after hearing mr. Buchanan I've watched his speech on television I was depressed I'm a Republican and I watched my potty. Follow my president. It's all little raft is to try and manipulate the ball to regain a whole Powell was something that would not going to yield would go to visit. Mike tight control the White House. Out in the senate. In my credit they can't get his agenda passed that is absolutely ridiculous. McCain Murkowski columns they need to go all. B and then it's absolutely right. Daryn great call and thank you for that call there and look the question really is this. Who runs America. That's the question now who governs America you have the American people. Through your representatives. Or the political and media class is very simple. Is it the establishment. Or is it the people who rules. And would ban and is now saying is the peasants are done. And we're not gonna take your word Ford anymore you can't tell us one thing injuring elections. And then tell us and do the exact opposite when you're in power. Those days are over. And that's why you're right you sputnik maniac on notice Murkowski on notice columns on notice Jeff flake on notice. Or Roger Wicker a Mississippi. I think he's gonna go down. You're looking at Dean Heller in Nevada Deb Fischer in Nebraska. Barrasso of Wyoming I mean they're gonna gold down like dom and house. And before you know it. It's no longer gonna be just the Republican Party it's gonna be trumps party. We're taking not just our country back but our party back and I tell the rhinos. Don't let the door hit chew on the way out. Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. Should check out my that's in the glory of the coming up Donald Trump. Let it stretch jar and let's go out once and well in this country they intimate look at. Com will be much. Meat that once we get rid of the right now. People want to apply because they will lie and that of a true Republican Party. Russ what do you say doting mutes argument than others. That what you're doing is you're just splitting the Republican Party. The weakening the Republican Party with these bloody primaries. And ultimately it's the Democrats that will benefit what do you say to that argument. I don't I grew up what I agree with most what do also attacked it would orient Grossman but he sure why that's one. I don't like to are we know our outlook element. In the Republican Party just that but that Democrats. And they do nothing about it. That I ousted. We don't gender wrong how. All of our there's no way that we can become a bit lighter keep Iraq goes in the Democratic Party. And into a sign of Republican body in the Democrat alike challenged because these people have no back bone. How does the market and got some strong at a country. Amen. Russ amen. Look at best the rhinos are nothing more then affect coal weak links. Who cannot stand up to the left our best if not outright collaborators. They're they're useless feckless weak links. And so it's time to break the duopoly it's time to crush the republic rats and the drama on its. It's time to put America. First. Okay my friends. Coming up next. Hillary Clinton. Actually takes a fall. I'm not kidding. I'll have an update on about and she has publicly challenged in Britain. I asked the court.