Kuhner - Should Gronk have been suspended? And why aren't the Anthem protesters suspended?

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, December 5th

Jeff hates the Gronkowski suspension because it signals "Wussification" of the NFL, and it sets a bad precedent suspending him over the Anthem protesters.


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Just want. To live your life and I'm not in the business and left. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. OK so. Let me ask all of view is the corner country poll question and this more as the French we say of the day. Sponsored by fill Kelly financial services. Should Rob Gronkowski. Dictated wrong have been suspended should have been suspended. For that's oppose it dirty hit. Then he applied to the Buffalo Bills player. If you believe the answer is yes. Tax the letter today the six day 8680. If you believe the answer is no Jeff this is football. Faxed a letter beat the six or 8680. Has always you can vote online at wrko.com. So let me just say this right out of about. I am boycotting the NFL I don't watch the NFL I have not watched a game in a long time. Months and months and months. Ever since they started kneeling for the National Anthem and disrespecting the flag and our vets I'm done. So I did not watch the patriots Buffalo Bills game on Sunday which the pats won 23 to three but let that go. However. I do a lot of Reading as I'm reading I'm reading a lot of local media as well as the national media. And everybody locally and nationally. Is talking about is supposed to dirty hit. Dead wrong leveled. On this buffalo bills' defensive back. Everybody's saying oh it was so dirty it was solved. Shares it was so I mean just so one called for rent anyway so. Okay so gronkowski apologized. But no that wasn't enough and he got a one game suspension. But across the country they wanted to games three games four games. In full local media. Especially easy Boston mourn about globe. Some were even saying listen to this dead wrong patty Dunn this on the streak against somebody. Wood in there words Dan Shaughnessy that was his column so act and came out and said he would go to jail. He would look he would go to prison if we did this to somebody on the street. And I'm reading all of this and I'm like this football. Think they do each other on the field if you did it on the street and call you would land in jail. If I'm running full steam and I put my shoulder right into your chest that might tackle and ram you went to the ground. I'm gonna go to jail in football. It's again it's a contact a very physical violent contact sport it's like boxing or manic. Philippine UFC there was a knockout by the way cool. Pool. There was a knock out that the USC over the weekend. Are young yeah I. It was like something out of Mortal Kombat I ya ya I. You'd do if I'm on the street and I do what they're doing the boxing ring or in the UFC are mixed martial arts. I would go to jail I know that's the point genius. That's why you have these compact sports where it's illegal outside. Is legal inside whether it be the rain or in this case the football he. But it doesn't matter. What to grow walk bid was unacceptable. Wrong go apologized he apologized amount patriots fans don't defend them you can't defend them how dare you to defend them. And I gotta say it's okay. So I watched it on YouTube I didn't see the game I don't watch the game a shot I got to see that's. And so I watched the YouTube video. Britain says to me. Jeff did you see that hit on the YouTube because everybody's talking about it oh yeah she goes does that mean or was it really much ado about nothing. I said you know Brittany I gotta tell you I completely agree with you so we saw the video again together yesterday. And then we sought again. And then we sought a third time. And then Jared who's the Albion with ESPN he's been with. EI I should Jerryd I mean did you see the little guy solving it so we took a look at the hit again. So I don't know what fits the angle that I'm looking at maybe I'm missing something I don't mole. But I've seen it on YouTube now at least half a dozen times. Was it a cheap shot yes. What they're refereed should've done throw up the flag fifteen yards and eject him from the game today that's that he basically. There was a pass. He was clearly being held. Constant interference holly wasn't called for pass interference is beyond me but let that go. The ball is intercepted. Brock is upset because they're always holding him there's always constant pass interference has been going on for years everybody in the NFL knows it. He loses his school and says I've had it. And so as the guys on the ground after his intercepted the ball. We buy that we have the link up on wrko.com. So you can see the actual hit yourself and judge for yourself okay. So go wrong kinda like picks a couple of baby steps and then launches himself. So army pullout but it was just the way it was done he launches himself. On to the player who's on the ground on his back and as he's flying in him kinda gives them like an elbow. More in the back of the back in the back of their head. So yeah you know all Caracas to 65 I think this guy I was what 19200. Whatever it was. So yeah it was a cheap shot yes. You throw the flag. In all it's a foul and unnecessary roughness whenever. Fifteen yards. He's ejected from the game and distort. Instead. He's got to apologize. To peanuts to polish arts he gets a one game suspension. Everybody's going to choose seething hit it's a chilling hit. It's a frightening. It's unacceptable. All my car Q would you quoted Cherry Hill if you did this out on the street and I Mike has everybody lost their minds. This. Use. V would certification. Of the NFL. To me it's part of the would suffocation of America if you want me to be perfectly honest with you. And what the hell ever happened to the New England Patriots fans. You guys used to be like you know real partisans and real defenders of the patriots. And these fans are just taking this lying bound. As there is there roasting this guy Corso find this guy in the media because I'll tell you what they hypocrisy here it's. I was reading Drudge this morning. There was the Monday night game you wanna talk about violence I didn't see the game I just read stories about it. The Steelers and the Bengals I think there were gonna kill each other last night from what I read. But that wasn't a football game that was almost like two gang ex. Meeting on an up and up black in and a dark Alley and just saying we got helmets and shoulder pads and that's about it and let's go let's just go out. I mean from what I've read we're lucky somebody didn't get killed last night. It's football. It's grown men. Who pump weights who play a very aggressive contact sport I played football in high school teach you shot each other all the pine. I'm not excusing cheap shot OK there's penalties if its really egregious you reject them whatever. But throwing an elbow. To the doctor of some guys are his doctor whatever. And everybody's acting like this is somehow the crime of the century are you freaking kidding me. Ray writes. Knocks his girlfriend out not only helmet no protection all padding in an elevator. You've got these players were beating the hell out of their wives and girlfriend's. Some of them like Ray Lewis were involved in a gun fight in which somebody died at a nightclub after additional probable. My all problem. Some guy takes a hit except a cheap shot at a ball a Buffalo Bills player. And all of a sudden. Everybody's apologizing and its mayor coal mine crop is just not that kind of economy. He just doesn't give cheap shots I feel so bad for him his image has been tarnished. Guys are we playing foot. All where we play flag football what is his ballet or is this football OK you lost the school. What you expect these are 25300. Pound warriors titans who go at it for sixty minutes. And sometimes they lose their cool. How well how low. But comedic deeper point is this okay this thing he's the deeper point. Gronkowski. For throwing himself. One shooting himself. And giving NL ball. Two supposedly defenseless player on the ground. House to goal out and apologize. And he's reached over the colts. By the national liberal sports media and by the local liberal sports we. And yet Colin cropper nick. Can meal. Jeering the National Anthem. And disrespect our flag disrespect our anthem spit on our veterans and those who fought and died for our country. Not only is he not given a team suspension are all the other players that have joined. They have made him the GQ citizen of the year. GQ which made him the citizen of the year. Yes yen has made him the athlete or whatever the citizen of the year. To the Boston Globe he's a hero. To the local media he's a hero. To the national sports media he's a hero. So there you are. Spitting on the greats of all of those who fought and died. For his freedom frankly for him to make so much money. By the we've got another book deal coming out but let that go all. For these players to make 10151. B 25 million dollars a year. To give the middle finger. To the country to the flag to the anthem to war vets. War history to our tradition. Kick to the country to America. Jeff. No problem I'll baby. No problem oh you're a citizen of the year. But a grown man giving a cheap shot. In a football game. Played by other grown man poor pay tens of millions of dollars to whack each other left right and center and yet each other and tackle each other. Suddenly this guy's got to go up to apologize. And there tar and feather in disguise their publicly crucified. I'm looking at this and I'm like whoa whoa whoa whoa. Something is very seriously wrong here. By the way have you guys ever seen. And an NHL hockey game. You haven't seen all the cheap shots that go one anarchy or allows forty to fifty years. I mean what garage did that that player is like peanuts. Peanuts like a choir boy a burka what these NHL players to one another. Let me just make one final point and then I wanna throw open Q and I know many of you say your boycotting. But I don't believe. I think many of yours still watching secretly need be feel a bit guilty about it but it doesn't matter. I believe that many of you are still watching the games just my opinion. 617206. X 6868. Let me just say this. The big argument they're making is he could've been seriously injured the bills player rock and white. Whites could have been seriously injured. He could've had a major concussion. He could have broken his neck he could have broken his spine he could have broken his back. Why he didn't. Now George what do quarter showed up yeah didn't. You know. So Tom Brady goes back to pass. You got a linebacker. 265. Pounds. Goldstone a blitz is let's say is not guarded. Except got a clean shot at Brady he hit some full force trauma bay beat. He could break him he could give him a concussion he could break his spine he could break his back doubts the risk of the game. That's why they put on their helmets the shoulder pads it's a contact physical game. What's his spine broken net was his back broken met so what's the problem. Well it's a cheap shot amounts and you should have cheap shots. Fifteen yard penalty flag reject him from the game if you have to do it's football let's move on CN next week. Instead. What you're seeing now is the feminization of the NFL. Do we suffocation I believe of the New England Patriots. And I hate to say this but the all the New England Patriots fans. I'm disappointed. I thought you were a little tougher than this. 61720666868. Brittany I agree disagree. I know your big Pat's plan. You claim you don't watch the games I was a big pats fan you were big parts thank you claim that you don't watch the job. Only adult I have a much in all season. But you know like I said to you yesterday we watched the the YouTube video and I thought it was kind of ridiculous. I it took accuses belly flopping on top of the pack and it is a little ridiculous. And I agree with you Jaffa. As a double standard here these guys across suspended for a kneeling for the National Anthem they get but he supposedly doesn't cheap shot he suspended for our game he's got to apologize be up all shot is immediately pull out after the game so. I don't understand why in the players that yields during the National Anthem haven't apologized to the stand seeing that that their viewership is down and ticket sales are down now. So I used to those double standard hair and the I believe it's I think it's ridiculous Jeff. There are you with me or think I know what you're talk this is there was suffocation absolutely. I'm kind of the patriots absolutely. What about the friends who are not the wrong seem to be rallying around gras ball I hit the argument all people are excited that Ron got suspended because he'll be able to Rasmussen. So unlike our Emmy for the big game against that's exactly and so there's that argument alleged you know it gets guys if you want the patriots still end but. Tom yet and I think that this is absurd the classification of America and it was an occasion of football's on every sport I mean. During and the Bruins games are now if you watched the bees but. It no they stop the fights right joints have to. Second I grow the that I yanks have been friends and each other bring back fighting to the NHL yeah the game was much better. When they allowed the Islamic goal or let him fight I'm pic about ninety MMA and boxing when he got the easiest slap dislike hate each other like and I aided then I got here. Not like. Grew up watching the NHL in 1970s in the 1980s. And let me tell you it was a much better product and those things. Are they were a member Terry O'Reilly remember Terry O'Reilly. All he was a monster for the Bruins he'd take a mall on. Mets but I mean bring back fighting and physical play to the NHL. I'm telling you how much yeah 6172666868. Okay is this the way certification of football. And I hate to say it is there was suffocation of the New England Patriots. 6172666868. And why. MI almost alone almost alone. In the entire Boston media defending Rob Gronkowski. What the hell happened to the patriots France 617 to a six X 6868. More of your calls next. The B it's Wednesday. Life could onerous on. WR KEL. Hey you know that breaking news here short Dale's gonna ask you have that. I just came in this Robin costume suspended one game by the NFL. For his hit on your debut as white. Any comment what he does not come up with just wanted to touch you know most sir announcement. Lot of times as good appealed the weather doesn't doesn't I don't know what her point it's finalists on. It's a little bit. Why wouldn't want you to go out there on a limb there to defend your player. Bill but an area that's still valid Jack. On with dale and wholly on W Eli yesterday. CJ thank you for holding in rent some goal ahead siege. We have no idea how good our usage and berated. Them they'd be dead but no big deal of desire CJ on the board by about Egypt. As you know so where is barred got caught napping and expect the get a belt. And somebody would not a football player is a private citizen does what they give Sony more he can do whatever he wants of course we welcome. They'll agree with a as for gore county. The other guys always. He's the next generation later aired. It. It definitely allowed other players against temple. And it called crap against him that said. This shouldn't be called as that this specific way. The whistle was blown the guys wearing their defense but he didn't just it was a stutter step to get momentum going or eighty steps. And he rolled his war on and the patriots pull. Stated and agree. And all the abandoned you know raise the lake is all right. It was just dirty and allowing what let them let the media always are heartfelt Ehrlich said. Pick the one is spent is gonna phase. It is part voted gonna give everybody our bodies on loving nice guy while playing football. And now all of a sudden he's done something today. Could define emit its elected he'd got off would not think about all vinyl whatever. It would haunt him for the rest of his career people across the country who Joseph took the hatred to get all thirty player. But with this one game suspension he apologized done everything right he's going to be able to save face. And people are gonna forget about this one incident he's never done anything like that or being in the NFL. And he's never done anything like he's always handled it in between. The start of the play and the whistle when he played Pittsburgh steeler was set up where that eat Beck who did write a ballgame we need to grow. Right into camera apple it wouldn't pay. But it was legal. This would just thirty. It was a cheap shot all of BJ there's just no question about that might point to show us this I'm not talking about cap predict now talking about Capra nick. You know when he was playing in the league I'm talking about everybody else who's been following in his footsteps. They're never have to be made to apologize. For kneeling during the National Anthem which has cost the game tremendously. I'm talking revenue TV ratings stadium attendance never mind how utterly offensive it is to the vets. The most people yeah when I look at it got a leg wrong and I agree with you. I like football for twenty years and a better like it did you always need don't watch the peak. Oil and Arnold BJ look. I hear you and the way we thank you for your service BJ god bless you my friend no look look I agree with you. If you see the play look I don't want attorneys and insight football. How many times was wipe holding room. And by the way I noticed that with wrong all the kind. They keep holding its pass interference. Portion nom holding on target nom so I think what happened to be on and social egregious on that play. Not sure they have been throwing the ball with less than five minutes the goal would a twenty point lead that's another story but let that all. All I'm just saying is this you watched the play. And it's like he's being held he's being interfered he's been Todd he's been shot he's being pushed. And they do it to warm again and again and again and again. And I think the guy just walked to school. I think he just said this is like and you look around to the ref wears the flag or small flight does Cecil B gets the perception you know what bank. Bank. I'm not defending what he did my singing she thought everybody what I'm saying is this okay lot of cheap shots in the NFL. Did you watch the game. I don't watch the NFL anymore which is I think a year ago two years ago don't quote me on its. Two years ago okay Jared got two years ago the playoff game between the Steelers and the Bengals. What was the linebackers named Jared the guy that that the Bengals. Perfect. Okay Burr fact. Doug wasn't a football game duck bush war. With men Wear helmets and pats. Personally I think it's one of the best games I ever saw in my life. He worked killing each other on the field and you wanna talk about cheap shots the whole game was won long cheap shot. Kicking punching. There was one play near the end rot Oca celebrity Roethlisberger throws the ball to their receiver. Burr effect with their shoulder right to the head to their helmet knocks him I'll hold almost gonna kill them without it. Personal flag I think he's injected they moved the ball up anyway Pittsburgh ends up on because of that huge mistake they end up winning the game. What I'm saying is this. This is football. Perfect wasn't trotted out all you've got to won't Paula charge on district or kill somebody we. Dishes the end of the gun out foul and a lot of fellows in Croatia sent. What I'm trying to say is there is a blatant double standard. And commute starts to shoulder with suffocation of the NFL sports has had cheap shots and dirty plays for decades. You don't have to make the players apologize. You reject them and their story see you next week. If you can Neill for the National Anthem and be called a hero then you shouldn't apologize. For giving somebody a cheap shot. Just my opinion. Let's take it now pick. Evan tigris. The president is raising that tax bills Kevin right now rich as the latest in the W. We'll announce Larry. I fear us. Forget about his brows today. Six were high eEye guys. 6172666. BF 68 is the number I didn't say anything I just there was Larry king of solace. Okay you get that says that six cities 680. This is from six sold three jets within ten years they'll be wearing couture is in play in flag football. There's anger slowly but surely. 617. And Jeff death penalty could go wrong wouldn't be good enough for the moon back. 781. Just look at NHL hockey now there's no more fights. Big get called for everything. The whole sport sucks now. It's all beast should be penalties mound they don't let the players play eight. I thought it was a better game honestly in the seventy's an eighty's just my opinion you may disagree. 617. Jeff gras is a man child playing among boys. And because of that the refs are less likely to call files on them. The same way they never call fouls on LeBron James or Michael Jordan I stroke. And the guy just said enough sum up. And so we gave them an Al ball. All right so Brittany. The poll question of the day is should go wrong have been suspended for one game. For that dirty shot that cheap shot. They took against the bills defensive player if the answer is yes. Tax the letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no text the latter beat the 68680. As always the poll question is powered by bill Kelly financial services you can vote online at wrko.com. What are the results thus far Britain. These results are shocking Jack hook. 78%. Say yes and Gracia the expenses that I didn't view and bad sweaty Q percent say no who should know that the Sudbury. And how we might already got them but I hope our audio I know what's gotten. I really ought to. Sleet and the other thing is there was one about all the patriots fans like fanatics. Rather such partisans and they defend their team no matter what the public out well I don't know. I don't know us garage because he's not feeling the love. All in Dorchester go ahead Paul. Gave turf from which you're in this what should have been moved beyond should've never been suspended. I can see why you feel that way because. They've been after the patriots for years from spy gate deftly keeps you in ineligible receiver Roy eligible receivers coach is the smartest of the teams. Though the team can't keep up with the swat coaches of Bill Belichick and the players so they've been asked do we had a App Store so we have a target on our backs. So plus blue blue blue of the Bob Kraft gave up so easily wrote a million dollar check would like it. All the fans look what you do not fighting for Brady and need to we just took the full game suspensions and we still went. That's why I think we're the postal employees of for them to keep attacking us. This is what I like you I was watching football back in the days just Ronnie Lott from the 49ers own views ahead. Rodney Rodney Harrison those guys were brutal to have a little bit cause so much CPU leading with their heads they were beheading people. On the field this is why I think yes there's room for food safety to change the game. And at the same time to indicated put like football and these guys the big game this scored fifty points where I used to what student dirt into ten games that they belong to. The score that because no one's going after the quarterback because at a lot of different suspended. And that's their living they make their living and it'll get paid as much as what Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady you just barely touched these guards. You know you just suspended and you didn't find. You know the game has been changed to protect the players you know coming across the middle as a safety issue but this certain things that you gotta let them play you got. You you do you do you can't even trust the guy after five yards you know insists it is getting to softens. I'm Paul I'm with you and thank you for that call it to react I think the game is being what safari I think the game is being feminized. And in the long term is gonna kill the NFL just my opinion Anthony in New Hampshire go ahead Anthony. (%expletive) I don't only one thing nick just more chills and watch in a great ol' ballgame and that's our patriotic pride this country. And I think you're wrong I think that it bought up a portion of the band that weren't that strong. And support that would. This friend and told a lie dying that Flatts Brad. I don't want that out that friend and our country right now and our flag in I'm watching it and I didn't. I won't watched a game. And I won't be a part of Asia told they changed the rules and should tomorrow. It shall don't stand up by Dan. Debt. And you just don't deserve. To be an American in my and you get bitten on our lack I would bet that game I've never been distraught sort distrust in my entire life. Owed this particular rule book 06 is. A Bender saw many yeah and I think it's terrible our. But it at the end of the day you couldn't say anything against aren't patriots that day I'm Don. Anthony really well sad really well said from the heart I thank you for that call Anthony that's exactly how I felt. My fondest memories or some of my fondest memories growing up as a child. Watching football with my dad. And not just I don't mean CFO I mean NFL football went it was a big NFL football fan. And Sundays we go to church my mom would make a beautiful lunchroom we come back and then my dad and I would spend the afternoons watching football together. So I loved football guy loved it. After they started kneeling. And disrespecting the flag and the anthem and our vets. I say you guys think you're bigger than America no way I'm Don so I have not Washington. So I will continue to not watch a game so I guess what sticks in my craw. Is that they don't have to be made to apologize. For speeding on our flag spitting aren't some spitting on those who fought and died for this country for our freedoms and our liberties. But this guy takes a cheap shot. OK my thing you should do it but still he takes a cheap shot in no it's a physical contact game. You're talking about 25300. Pound guys don't rushing at each other's throats for sixty minutes. And they like a kangaroo court they dried them out there are his guys got to apologizing grovel to the media and dirt throwing stones at him. While they're praising all of these NFL players that are kneeling and sang. And look at talk look at these guys exercising their constitutional rights to protest. Are these guys are such heroes our modern day Martin Luther King's. Are you are you kidding me are you kidding me. Doesn't fly we're Jeff corner OK let me tell you what else doesn't fly we're Jeff corner. Congressman Conyers. So as you know multiple. Women have been coming out. Saying that he was walking around in his underwear in his office he was flashing himself. He was assaulting women grabbing women groping women. It got sold by that it was an open secret up on Capitol Hill I I was waiting for the shooter dropped when I was there everybody knew about the list. If you're a female reporter or female staffer. Do not be alone with this guy because he's gonna groping ground view he's going. I'm not talking Billy bush taped talking I'm talking he's graphic and you doesn't stop. Well the latest one I think was the one that finally broke the camel's back. A woman who worked for Conyers for many years. Says that they would go to church occasionally. And what hope they were in church army sellout but it says either you allow for your cry. That he would stroke and rub her thighs and her rear rent. Jury and the during the the jury to service. So they're sitting are supposed to be praying. And Gary is grabbing their rear end Gary is grabbing those guys going in deep into that general crouch area. And so the latest accuser. Was the one that finally broke the calm through via the proverbial camel's back. She came out and said when representative Conyers would inappropriately touch me like this. My eyes would pop out and I would be stunned in disbelief. She wrote in an affidavit posted on Twitter. And so this one finally they just said look. There's just too many women too many witnesses. And many corroborating stories he also settled with another woman. Are using our money by the way taxpayer dollars sold the end finally came. But here is the kicker. You wanna see what a corrupt swamp Washington is listen now activists. So instead of resigning. What does congressman Conyers do he re high yours. But he doesn't retire Zain you know I'm serving out my arm and I just won't seek reelection. Moan moan moan home. Well we have a cut. I knew it was less reserve of good putting their retirement plan together. I am retiring. Today. Low record and he kept good. Compromise. Or diminish in anyway I was buyer. What we're going to and a bit too shall pass. I. It's about his legacy. There are buds so many great things aren't such as Nancy both these words. I'm such an icon on such an icon. I'm gonna retire today. I know what this cloud hanging on a hole for me you just I'm gonna retire or not resigned. I'm retiring pin today so what's the difference between resigning or retiring I'll buy you what it is is mentioned. And that's the difference. But here is the ticker. So as these retiring DNA IE effective immediately. He now says he wants the name Marie anoint his successor. Do you know who is success or you want who you who wants a successor to being. His oldest boy. John Conyers the third. Who we said in a local. The radio interview in Michigan. What do we have about what okay boy Brittany your front frost on the gun today. Okay here's what he says about junior his oldest son ruler Britain. Iron. Have a great. Every morning here. And and especially. But I owed his lawyer John Conyers. The third. Who in Sudan malaria and Doris. Two we put me in my seat in congress. I. What does as a family business. You call me crazy I thought we lived in a democracy. You know I thought like this wasn't an all out I mean this wasn't a club talk receive this was a nepotism. In a hole like we have something called elections. And is not yours seat it's the people's seat they owned deceit you work for them. You know your kid a job with the transit authority like a good politician. No Kirkuk where they're. I mean even here they don't do that is likely Eric you know the quota whatever. The mass transit authority. Who are there. No BS poll pay occur whatever the Probation Department. There are a government job there. But what is this like up so what's next in that's for the grandson so disarm all of that though the grandson and immigrants and all the the the great grandson. So OK and on while Brittany I'm gonna announce that now. I was gonna wait but I'm gonna announce that now. So in the wake of all these alleged sexual allegations against the corner man. Then all the grad being the groping that I walk around naked all the time that I'm in my underwear all the crying. That we've been settling with your money. I know I'm not resigning. I'm retiring. I'm retiring effective immediately. And Ashton is going to be taking my place. So starting tomorrow. I'm no longer going to be on the air but that's OK because I'm passing the baton optimize on. And has been it's gonna keep up the family legacy. 617266.