Kuhner - Should Gen. Kelly apologize to Rep. Wilson?

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Monday, October 23rd

Rep. Wilson says Gen. Kelly used a racist term by calling her an “empty barrel.” Should he apologize?


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Incredible. After the Justin credible. So now general John valley. Is our races. And husbands incredible. Are you could make this stuff up. Okay my friends so a lot of talk about today believe meet today. It's almost going to be the comedy show on the corner report I'm not getting there is. Was Elizabeth Warren sexually harass. She says yes I'm on a call shenanigans on that okay 105 believe me we got a lot the cover. But so. The plot just that this is like a soap opera now. So low. This morning on Good Morning America waits. FD Stephanopoulos. Rabid never romper Steffi Stephanopoulos. How song at the widow of slain soldier at the green beret the American hero. Sergeant led David Johnson might Sheila Johnson. And Sheen now recount the conversation that she had with president trump. When he called her in her car she then put the phone call on speaker. Beside her was congresswoman Fred Ricoh will send another rabid never trump birth. As well as other family members and political people. She says yes. The president was insulting. I especially. His quote unquote. Own. Roll it Britain. They're also a lot of questions about the phone call he received. From president trump I know you were in a car. To the airport and tell us what happened next. Mean in my hand me it was in the limo. To receive my husband farm packing now was to improved and we went to Dover Dover. And he was hearing on airport security getting ready to get out and he caught. Master sergeant Neil fun. I had some necessary she needing to put his phone's features so not let uncle could hear its way. Mean he goes on mine's kids. Saying he's state me and us. What he fatally wounded the president yes the president. Stated that he knew what she found out before. They hurt anyway. In now was it made me cry because. I was really angry at the Benetton his voice and how he say he cheek he couldn't remember. My husband me I'm only way he remain on my husband named because he told me he had my husband important for me. And that's when he's actually seeing let me. I heard him stumbling. Points trying to remain LaMont has me. And that one hurt me the most because if my husband is out here fight in front our country. He he raised his life for our country why can't you remember his name. And that one mania saying cry even more. Could my husband was awesome so it's. This is incredible you know what let's play a little bit more. Because then I'll I'll give you might take and I wanna get your reaction 61726. X 6868. So of course there staff feet. With the crocodile tears of his. You know now he's just he's trying to milk this now for all Bennett's work. So listen now to step these Stephanopoulos. Just probe and probe and probe. Roll that Britain. What did you say to the president. Our findings are insane thing. I easiest. But you were upset when you got a phone I'll marry him very upsetting her. There in Maine he crichton works. This is unbelievable. First of all on so many levels look number one. We're now getting into the president's. Home. First of all as any commander in chief will tell you as the president himself as trump himself has said repeatedly. This is one of the most awkward difficult calls you can make. Your nervous you're nervous that called the widow. Why she just lost her husband how do you tell somebody to just lost their husband or condolences on the loss of your husband. So you don't even know what's proper or not proper to say that's point number one so I don't know what she's going on about the home. Because in fact as I played last week. There was an audio recording by a gold star family member a widow who happens to be African American who released it. And trump was improper fit. Compassionate. Gracious. Caring sold this idea that somehow he's this cold hearted monster. Because of that home. Is to me unbelievable. I mean I'm being honest with you I mean like are you bet that you have this which are angry about. That's number one number 20 well yet to look at a piece of paper. To remember the full name of let David Johnson. Guys I mean come on really are we are did this is like Disneyland. So let me get this straight. He deals with hundreds if not thousands of people again Lee. Papers are flying across his best he's the president of the United States. So we hostile look at a piece of paper to remind him of the name. Of this soldier buddies calling the widow about. Yes big deal doesn't wanna mangled the name. Instead of David Johnson its lead Davey Johnson all candidate is obvious in front of me so I don't mess up. Which would back. Like. Anything that is he'll win is being criminalized or politicized. That's what I just honest I'm a Muslim leaders I'm like that's it. That's your big offense that's so. The president of the United States. Goes out of his way to call you two will issue his deepest condolences. And you're offended. By the home. And what he stumbled over the warrantless David. It's not David Johnson its sergeant led David Johnson but that's sit and you get angry over that look first of all. She's a widow. She's got three children to that she has now a third on the way. I don't wanna be too harsh she just lost her husband I understand that your full of emotion your full of intensity. Your knee you're you're got a broken heart I get it I really do. Timmy. That's not my number one priority is whether or the home of the president was appropriate or inappropriate. Whether he mangled my husband's name or not okay worse. My husband is dead. I got to live with that fact and the president of the United States who didn't have to call me. Customary doesn't call usually just gets a letter. I actually went out of his way to call me and I'm gonna stand there and bicker and complain and whine. About the home or ball the mangling of the name were being a stumbling across the name are you freaking kidding me. Oh really dirtier drugging the mission through all of this because of DePaul one of the president. And then I've also got to say this nobody else in the media has the guts to say I'm gonna say is where I mean if reminders of the troop what's the point. Why did you have congresswoman Wilson in the car. I mean it's obvious to me you got in the car with few. A rabid never trump Democrat. Who has been calling for the president's impeachment for months. West called the president a racist white supremacist bigot on to record for months. Somebody who wouldn't even attend trumps inaugural. She's wanted him impeached from day one. So to me when I listened to her I think she's coached. I think that she's been obviously coach. I think that this is a woman who clearly sympathizes with congresswoman Wilson is politics. And so pretty much anything that would have come out of Trump's mouth. Anything she would have taken offense and congresswoman Wilson would have taken offense. But it gets even richer. Okay it gets even richer. So in his remarkable. Press conference last week. We're general Kelly just eat this serrated many Maxine. Just even this serrated that that rodeo clown congresswoman Wilson with a ridiculous cowboy okay. He referred to her as a quote unquote empty barrels. Roll that Britain which already. Stood up. And in the long tradition. Of empty barrels making the most noise stood up there and all of that. And talk to vote. How she was instrumental in getting the funding for that building. Now she took care her constituents because she got the money she just told the President Obama and on that phone call he gave the money to put have been Dole's bill building. She stepped out. We were stunned. Started that you've done it. Even for someone. That does that enter your belt. We were stunned. Now technically Kelly was recalling an event that took place several years ago. It was not money but she bragged about she bragged about the name. But she managed to call Obama and have the building this FBI building named after the victims okay. So it wasn't that she was brought him about the money she was bright and about getting the names for the build. The building remained after these two bit. So on the foxy was actually slightly wrong he was wrong. His point however is who does that. Who stands there and grants pants. And globes and brags. About herself look what I was able to achieve. I picked up the phone I called the dear leader I called Obama and look what I did for all of view and then gore is that what the cowboy hat and sits now. And so his point is she's an empty barrel. It always makes a lot of noise but that's really firing thing another term that I'd just a common military term a common military. Not however according to the mainstream media and congressman Frederico Wilson. Because now they are demanding that general Kelley resign. Why should general Kelley resigned. Because. He's are racists. Why is he a racist. Because that term empty barrel. You guess that is racist. Role that Britain. Well his point was I think bit. It though he do your right he didn't get the facts right on that was a bit. Empty barrels make the. Most noise that's a racist term to have I'm thinking about that when we looked it up and dictionary because I had never heard of an empty battle. And I don't like. Thabeet. Dragged into something like that. If you don't mind dragging the president and that is national discussion saying that he's. Cold hearted as your words he's got a brain disorder he can't empathize he has no sympathy for the fallen. For their family members for their widows but god forbid you get dragged in that you don't like that. Now it's racist. So now Tom Friedman of the New York Times I said general Kelley is a racist. CNN is saying Kelly is a racist. Larry old bottle and wanna play the clip Max from MS left BC says not only is Kelly racist. It's because of his Irish Boston ropes. I swear do you. Have you ever heard of the term all sizzle mostly. All hat no cattle. Empty suit one of my favorites all smoke no fire. That's what he meant by an empty barrel. It's the same thing different saying different phrase all the G same meaning and other words there's no substance. They show off they grandstand. They love the attention in the limelight but inside there's nothing there hall. In other words she's a fraud. It's a common military expression. General Kelley has used it throughout his entire life. Many in the military have used it. It has no connection what so ever to raise. Racism. Never was it ever considered a racist term ever ever. But when they don't have the facts. And they don't have the evidence. And they don't have the truth. You know what the Democrats in the media always play dar re scarred. And so on now even the term empty barrel is now considered racist. General Kelly welcome. To the kkk. 61720666868. Double barreled question and these ones are loaded or not MP double barreled question. What do you make of the widows response might Sheila Johnson. I packing and blaming trump. For his own and having slightly mangled her husband's name. And number two. Used the term MP barrel a racist. Term. And should Kelly now apologizes. Everybody's demanding in the media for having assassinated the character. Meaning Maxine. 6170666868. Is that I can you like to say the president now. Now. I don't how will happen next anticipate. And how much could get offended. I mean if he was so disrespectful on the phone call you about your slain husband. Then you know here's your chance Telemar if he was as bad as you win the congresswoman claim now. Let me just say this. About general Kelley now now there there and pound him out they're gonna try to hound him out of office for using the term MP barrel. You know memo to all the lives out there. Just because something is said to a black person and or person of color whatever doesn't make it racist. It doesn't. There's nothing wrong with the term MP barrel man zero am. You can text us by the way at 68680. This is from 781. Trump would never have called her if he only meant to demean her husband and that's the point bingo 781. Why if he's out to insult you and assault your husband while we even get you call. So obviously his intentions. Were to offer his condolences and sympathies. And to try to help lighten the burden a little bit. He's not out there to insult you. But only if you suffer from trump do arrangements syndrome sheer blind. Hatred for the president. Would you construe it in any other way. Blend Europe next going Atlanta. I captain packed game cousins and so that they. Peace we at all. Indeed. Putting me he'd be an all over the media by the economy. Media and in Democrat. First of all if you he would be complete media that he should he called my many alma the name but he DC good. And e-book reading from people anyway count how she know what that is what ninety way out. They are used in the woman. For the political BC acting paid by expedient at the walk right back in the ball these are good you know all came about what he. They. About. The probably Karl. The congresswoman Wilson many Maxygen. Yet he won't act that that stat that he played that she will lagging them Obama took a back. Not out yet but trust me I mean explain that kind of kind of compounded it will be it will come out she will bracket. Obama keeping money can counteract that you will come out trap you don't gonna get back. These people you can I would look at Cilic. Bailey has been. Saturday one key to winning TV. I don't understand why the Latino count in needs speaking on mommy cook and equities at because I'm not mandatory. Was she in the evening would make a I think he's threatened. She acting Quincy or cool and don't speed of the soldier. Nigeria evil or are they eat and don't act act wrinkled her back backing when he well. These people also England they cannot eat. Linda great call thank you so much for that call look I wanna have to go to I'm literally next week. Actually a week from tomorrow to be exact. I'll be going to a funeral can't announce it yet I will the next couple of days. I don't still know in my own mind what to tell the grieving widow and the time. I don't know. Okay and I am very good friends with the person who passed away I was very good friends and I know this family and I still don't know. How should I properly sink. That's how it is when you call somebody. So here you have the president of the United States. Opening extending his hand. And his heart his condolences to the family you'd just lost your husband. You've got cool kids and a third on the way. And you're doing interviews on good morning M hour. Are you kidding me lady. 6170666868. Let's take. That's a racist term to get out of thinking about that when we looked it up and dictionary because I have never heard of an empty battle. And I don't like. To be a dragged into something like that. Now general Kelley is in the hot seat or I'm referring to. Frederico will send a congresswoman cowboy girl many Maxine. I as an empty barrel. Who just basically makes a lot of noise but really doesn't deliver very much now the media is saying that is a racist term. Kelly is any races. Adding Menem mom Jin general now needs to apologize the congresswoman will some some are even saying he needs to resign. Leading the pack. Is MSNBC. Anchor men start hammering stop hammering. Larry. O'Donnell. Old Donald by the way I was raised in Boston born and raised in Boston. And recently on a show he said Kelly is a racist why is he your races. Because he's an Irish Catholic. Who is brought up in Boston in particular. All square Brighton. Roll it Brittany. When John Kelly was going to school in oak square in Brighton in the Boston Irish neighborhood that he grew up in the schools were segregated by custom and practice John Kelly never sat beside a student like Frederica Wilson in his elementary school it was a neighborhood in which calling someone who looked like Frederica Wilson. And empty barrel. Was the kindest thing that would have been said about her you know what wasn't sacred when he was a kid growing up where he was growing up black women. Or black people. This is really disgusting. Honestly I mean first of all I'm if no one else has the guts to say and I'm gonna say that he's a moron. Larry O'Donnell really is easy genuine and Bissell and more star back hammering stopped at hammering all right but let that goal. So now we're smearing all Irish Catholics in Boston. Have you noticed it would collect so now if you happen to be an Irish Catholic born and raised in Boston itself facto your racist and a big. So he's gonna lecture. A four star general. Forget whether he went to school with them Larry stop back hammering star that MR day. Okay he fought and died with them. They fought on the battlefield together stop back hammering Larry. Okay. He put his life on the line with fellow African American soldiers. Your darling mean now this guy who sided him hackable reputation until now. Never once was there ever any allegation of race or bigotry or discrimination of any kind. In fact it's the exact opposite. He served with them he fought with them they bled together some of them died with him in battle. And now your telling me simply because he's Irish Catholic and from boss them the guy's a bigot and racist. You know what wasn't sacred when he was a kid growing up where he was growing up black women. Or black people. I mean this is unbelievable. So you know use. It no one else academic one also has the guts to save them you know there's no point me I must say it. From hunters speak the truth what's the point. He's a cell fading Irish American. I'll say it right now. He's like many liberal Irish Americans that I know he's a self shading Irish American and he's a self creating Irish cap. That's it appeals to say. They've internalized. Every label liberal big heated stereo type. Of who the Irish shark and the Irish Catholics especially in Boston and by the way the Italians as well. So the Italians in Boston racist the Irish and Boston racist racist. Primitive. Neanderthal. Eight blocks hate minorities. That's that's the prevailing view of the Hollywood culture. That's the prevailing view of academia that's the prevailing view of the liberal elites. And nobody. Represented. That's your brain Larry. Larry that's your brain liberalism is a mental disorder that's your brain Larry. Let's go to our third Chestnut Hill go ahead Arthur. That there is a good ticket might call just. I get some important points. They. Arthur Collins back because your cellphone connection is horrible. Let's go through Jerry on the cake go ahead Jerry. Go ahead. Common and how are you my friend. I've been battered. To death. Larry O'Donnell is a fraud first of all he went to saint Sebastian country day school here in Massachusetts private school. He never sat next to black person into an inning with a that. He's Irish Catholic his mother was a corporate office manager and his father with an attorney so he lived the life of privilege. OK. So he took a lot that the need to speak anymore. You know all you have to do is look at people's background you know when they're lying. You know win in misrepresenting things. You know what. Deny he said liberalism is in mental disorder commercial decision brain on drugs it is his brain on liberalism. Chipped general Eliot the furthest thing from a racist as you said it's far it's Puerto Rico Williams goes. And look and goes you know she whitbeck cowboy action issue we have been on our program this gets 700 album. Her parents came here from the Bahamas and in 1930. I didn't know they would cowboys and behind that he. Odd Touche Gerri machine eight. Sole goal in Boston going adds local. Margaret Barrett thank you that you are called my pleasure Sokol. Prior to make who squeaker. For the first I don't want to play our President Obama and mr. Kelly. They don't need to do any apology or global the decorative art because it is not wrong. And that they compete. And believe. We players that are good Democrat game right now. What turning to debt. Everybody talking about that and what they just created -- cloud of dust and nobody's talking about Hillary anymore nobody is talking about biggest anymore. Nobody's spoken about. Hollywood stories anymore. So that is. I think they got us on the split so that just. Weekly big so we have to cut at all and token that is cracks in the real problem and that's all I want to say. Local thank you very much for that call well I'll tell you this if that was their intention they succeeded. Because the Hillary uranium bribery scheme they bloom got off the radar. Las Vegas. And now it turned out that MGM forced Asus Campos. The security guard who only gave one interview and that was the Ellen DeGeneres show which MGM essentially owns. They blew that story off the radar. I mean you're you know you're talking about scandal after scandal after scandal. And all their talking about now which Frederica Wilson and they're going all Lynn. They are literally now going all win and what I find incredible. Is that now they're willing to have a fight with a four star general and they're gonna lecturing him. On what's proper decorum in calling a widow of a slain soldier. And when you simply use a common term like an empty barrel or look you know I was having dinner with grace last night. She says it's so obvious Jeff. Searchers solo to get him. Any word anything he says literally anything they're gonna twist distort and manipulate and Teresa's. So if he said all smoke and no fire because they want to smoke pot smokers. Why is saying all smoke or fire because smoke is black is the wires saying. In other words any expression any figure of speech they're gonna try to claim somehow it's racist. And honestly it's sickening it really is it's costly second and Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. You know just how low can make though really musical style light a political purpose. It is so that's costing. And I remember one thing in the ignorant fool can become a member of congress. What you have to do is try not ignorant polls to vote for. And really the race at this getting old. They know they can't electric or air and I commend you on it and they ought to do it used to fraudulent race card and it just I've had enough of a job. It really hit it really it's close that and there are some of the people and unfortunately they get sucked into that lot. Russ. And you've mentioned this on the air I don't wanna get personal but. You served in Vietnam correct her Russ I'm just curious now okay as a veteran somebody who fought for this country risked his life. You left obviously a lot of comrades a lot of friends. Are a lot of people you serve with dead in the jungle in Vietnam. If the president ever called up a family member of one of those people that you lost one of your Brothers that you lost. We did we typical one television and say I didn't like his home. He's looking at a piece of paper when he's talking about the person's main. Or would they just be thankful and thank grateful thank you Mr. President for thinking of us and calling us MI wrong routes. Just like old Vietnam veterans we grow up what am pleased that at that you we know what the right thing at the line thing was to kill. You just wouldn't do that because. You were beside you parents if it is something disrespectful like that he just wouldn't. Russ thank you for that call and again my friend thank you for your service. Mark in New York go ahead mark. The jets you know it is people out of print project that typically in the call on. You know there's so much amazing stoked to report about the last biggest massacre that is going. On reported. But instead we're talking about eight general who does or not speeches. By the widow. Other fallen. The president says something that laid them off disrespectful. I mean that the whole situation just seemed to need to be like one date. Distraction. And you know it it is getting worse and worse and works. Now mark look I agree with few and banning native very uninteresting point. He was that a convention of California Republicans. And I really wanna commend him for his courage because he could potentially get a gig. As a commentator or analyst on Fox News but you know he's very honest. And so what he said was referred to CNN. Fox MSNBC the cable news networks he says professional wrestling. He said the immediate today this is exactly his term it's professional wrestling. There are games that they play. They pretend like they're being serious like on professional wrestling but it's all fake. And it's there to distract you. He openly said. Now that probably kiss the way his career potentially is a Fox News analyst and god knows how much money but he's a 1000% right. We got Arthur back. Let's go to our third Chestnut Hill Arthur we lost you about cellphone connection. Did you hear me are. Yes I guess I can hear a lot of clear all my friend as somebody who did serve in the military. And it was a good for an. In Vietnam my best friend when I was in Vietnam uptight is something. How does that trump or races by the way when the first family vivid post or call of the four minutes we being like one being black called the black family. In regular and that was against it quite so the general. Just because you can you know how difficult it probably wise. Now back general but do you know what you don't forget he's a Goldstein he lost this round yes in Afghanistan. He's given more to this country. And there's still serving and I have in my life. I object and actually you can serve. I never ever heard. A more eloquent way to turn around and and show how disgusting these people are and he never really been raised his voice. And they need to be commended on that as flowers have been big person's be yardage the the F soldier's wife Jeff. Achieved they're she never even talked to the president. About the word community called should just part of bright unspeakable. And never served Lomas the president. Thank you were calling I mean even simple. Decency or respect allows you to do that so I don't believe her energy act of the way he's acting. He must of made. The approach that president truck that we are comfortable speaking or a split. Arthur you know you touch on thank you for that call you touch on something I think and I think we're getting to the issue here. I think it was a political hit job. I think she knew could they advise you ahead of time at the president's gonna be calling. She loaded up the car with politicos like the Miami Dade commissioner. The congresswoman Frederica Wilson. Put them on speakerphone. And then no matter what he said. They were determined to smear and humiliate the president. I think this was a set up by them from the get lost in that. When John Kelly was going to school in oak square in Brighton in the the Boston Irish neighborhood that he grew up in the schools were segregated by custom and practice John Kelly never sat beside a student like Frederica Wilson in his elementary school it was a neighborhood in which calling someone who looked like Frederica Wilson. And empty barrel. Was the kindest thing that would have been said about her you know what was is sacred when he was a kid growing up where he was growing up black one. Poor black people. That's mad dog Larry O'Donnell. From Mac and mass left BC stop start hammering out our way. Act and you know just an incredible. High you could smear and slander. The Irish and boss. All of us. General Kelly's Irish he Grubman an Irish neighborhood is there it's it's next. It is it's Timmy incredible how the left. You know they supposedly are always against racism and bigotry. And you on the doctrines of Warner to people never should speak for the whole group. But when it comes to the Irish and increasingly by the way the Italians. As a are all a bunch are racists you'll know it I know it. When are the Irish and Boston gonna say enough is enough speaking of apologies. Spa a hammering Larry. Deserves to apologize and be shamed or is despicable racist comments just my opinion. Paul in Dorchester go ahead Paul. Just before we begin you know I have to take all to which you my friend you're my hero. And the brightest stage in the blackest night no Eagles so all the street might like to my site. That those who worship people who might be aware of my power agreement is like. Just that that's in the future that you got that right. All I was saying I'm wearing a green lantern T shirt where Paul what are you working for the NSA now how do you know I have a little reluctant to shoot. My favorite guy at all you're an unknown they look at you can actually do video of and you know you set everything up for me. But Jeff let me tell you what the customs and practices of these liberal left. These people. They always name call. And you notice how they call a deplorable to be reduced Mobil's super predators. Nicole Nicole is black never do will. That this particular clip it's it's that's presented. All I'm up against it when you're dead on they call us and smear us all kinds of names. And now there lecturing Cali on empty barrel please. Elizabeth Warren and create scandal. Don't touch that dial. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston it's 1 o'clock.