Kuhner - Rand Paul says Clintons are Extortionists

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, October 19th

Senator Rand Paul joined Jeff to discuss the upcoming Tax Reform vote and the future of Healthcare.  He also go into the Clinton-Uranium scandal, calling the Clintons "Extortionists."  He also said that Republican voters need to take a look at the people they've elected, and if they haven't executed what they want, then it might be time to vote them out.


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We are now joined by. Tea Party favorite Kentucky senator Rand Paul. Senator thank you so much for coming on the corner report I really appreciated I know how busy you are. Thanks for having me Jeff yes there's a big day we're talking about the budget and I'm trying to say that Republicans ought to still remain conservative and stay within our spending limits and unfortunately and the lonely voice today. I gotta say senator you are often a lonely voice and it's frankly why I love you and why the audience loves you but let me ask you very quickly. It looks like they're gonna try to around this budget through what is your objection to this budget. That the spending exceeds the budget caps even with the budget caps in place we're still adding 700 billion dollars and add a year. But they're gonna exceeds the cap stock 43 billion. In the last fifteen years we've spent one point seven trillion dollars. On line now this account it's called the overseas contingency fund. And we spent and it's not accounted for it's not appropriate for is basically just an enormous slush fund. It was intended originally for the war in Afghanistan. But Dallas for war everywhere all the time in fact we think some ordinary expenses are coming out of it. And they want that money for the military they should appropriately appropriated to the Pentagon budget but. We we fear and there are many fiscal conservative fear that the biggest threat to our country is actually implosion from national debt. And that were actually more likely to have a trouble with our currency or run because of our debt. That we are actually to be invaded the traits and there has to be somebody left in Washington who believes. There were spending too much and some to take a lonely stand today. But I'm gonna make them vote on a couple of interesting things the first vote will be to strike 43 billion from this slush fund the second vote will be to repeal Obama care. To have budget reconciliation instructions once again repeal obamacare. I hear there there are fretting over that one because they're afraid of the implications of standing up there in front of the nation and voting against. Repealing obamacare. And then I also have instructions to cut spending because they say they're gonna cut like 96 billion dollars in mandatory spending. In their budget is what they say this is what they purport to be true and I'm gonna make them vote on budget reconciliations instructions to cut spending. And they've they they're proud cutting taxes and sell mine. So bigger the better as far as I'm miserable we should also cut spending bill wanna do half of the equation and I think that makes them fiscally. Not conservative. Senator. They say they wanna pass the budget as quickly as possible to get the tax reform. And I'm just curious what is your view of the outline the framework of the tax reform proposal. On the surface do you like or do you not like. I'm all in for tax cuts. Spent several hours in the present this weekend we talked about tax cuts. He and I are both. You have. Significantly for lower corporate income tax to try to keep American businesses here in this country. He's slow in the corporate taxes for low income taxes teacher making sure the middle class gets a tax cut. The only hang up I have had and I think they're fixing it. Is that it looked like it was in the middle class tax increase if you get rid of the income tax deduction. And the personal exemption deduction. And keep the rate the same to you that have to lower the rates move the brackets. Or you may have to compromise on this income tax deduction that some people deducted. In order not to have a big tax increase for the middle class the president gets it though. I talked to the budget director in my prediction is it'll be fixed but as far as supporting the president on the tax cut a mall in. Senator I'm very happy said that because as you know we don't show is in Boston Massachusetts were big blue state. And taxpayers here because we do benefit from these local state property tax deductions. And in theory under this plan we would get holds. Yeah I would be awful for people making between 375000. Half or more in Massachusetts might get a tax increase. That's not acceptable. And these are the people who are working hard that are in small businesses and and doing doing wish us to do in America that's trying to get enter family. And it's not right to raise are taxes. It has always been conservative mantra has always been our policy that the first goal of any tax plan is to cut people's taxes. You can say secondarily well we don't like the idea that Massachusetts big government. Is deducting their income tax and that allows them to grow bigger all right I can accept that argument. Yet to lower the rate announced that you don't punish everybody in Massachusetts new York New Jersey. And it's not just you know the northeast I'm in I'm in Kentucky and I pay 7% income tax. And so it's going to punish a lot of people in Kentucky. It can be fixed and they're talking about doing a couple ways it. May be only those in the very top bracket don't get to deducted so maybe up to 400000 people would get to deduct their state income tax. That price fixes most of the middle class problem. Palm and my upper middle class problem but that's while meditating on this is not because I'm opposed to tax cut. I'm actually probably the closest to the president on the need for a tax cut I wanna make sure we do it right the budget goes to separate vote. And I told the president I would vote yes for it if they didn't spend about a above the spending caps that they tell me John McCain and Lindsey Graham are insisting on unlimited military spending. And that's where our problem is and it's also you know two trillion dollars of debt Greek you know we can say that John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been the chief. Cheerleaders for two trillion dollar in debt that they've done all budget for the last fifteen years. Senator is it time for Senator McCain to go. I think it's time for Republicans everywhere every state. To look at the representative and say he did they vote to repeal obamacare. Did they vote for lower taxes today vote for less spending. Are they conservative running fake conservatives to. I'm not gonna get into specific names but what I would say is that I think voters in every state particularly the red states need to look at their congressman look at this senator. And say. Are they really conservative are the only conservative in the come home to Rotary Club and then they go back up to Washington they become part of the swamp there is a swamp of your make no mistake trump is exactly right there is a swamp appear. And it's people who have forgotten where they came from. In a really insufficiently conservative they're really not voting to cut spending. And so we're gonna have a police votes in the next couple of hours. They say in their budget and willing to cut mandatory spending this is the big entitlement programs and 96 billion next year that's who they say in their budget document. But I think it's a charade in an illusion summit put in budget instructions that say okay you say you gonna do it. Let's put it in the budget reconciliation. Reconciliation instructions how he will do that and I'll vote for it. And I think you'll find this so much scared Republicans are gonna run for the hills this afternoon and they are gonna vote. Heck no we're not cut any spending borrowing and cut taxes but he is also sends the wrong message to conservatives while I'm all in for tax cuts. I'm also all interest spending cuts because if you only cut taxes and you just keep voting for. You do Big Brother to grow and grow we wind up was enormous deficits that's what we've got. God bless you senator I know were really up against them but I want to ask you one final question. This story breaking now on the Hillary rush hour corruption it's scheme to bribery scheme. Do you think congress needs to investigate. And do you think now maybe Hillary. Was she involved. In selling the country out and do you think now she may need to be prosecuted. Well here's the thing I remember Peter Schweitzer coming in with his book in this information know probably two years ago and I had a private discussion with him. And then I went ahead and start talking about I talked about it for a year pick out over a hundred million dollars the clintons were. They are extortionist error and they basically. People who are expert at extracting money from foreign countries. They got all this money from from foreigners in order to allow Russia basically Dubai and I own 20% of our uranium. It was a really crooked deal from the very beginning. Whether or not he could prove bribery is something I'm not an expert at so does it look like it doesn't look like quid pro quo does that look like they exchanged. They got hundreds of millions so they can fly around on their private foundation jets. Yet they got all that money and Hillary Clinton was in charge. Other committee that approved allowing Russia to buy uranium. You've ever there was a controversy years ago about our ports and also mr. Dubai it was going to be in charge of security our guests like really. We'll let him in the Middle East peace in charge of our ports and that there was an outrage. I think if there'd been a discussion of Hillary Clinton's saying oh by the way the Russians you know they're going to be in charge of up our uranium now work at work could there be a problem with that. A calm but yet there was an investigation trail the FBI knew all these things. Meanwhile companies out there you know exonerating Hillary over something that was so much less significance in this this really is something. Where were talking about Hillary Clinton did she take money in exchange for letting the Russians buy uranium. I mean all of us of craziness of the accusations against trump which of all proven false. Payroll in comparison to Hillary Clinton actually accepting hundreds of millions of dollars in the approving the Russians buyer uranium. Senator Rand Paul I couldn't have said it better myself keep up the good fight senator I would love to have you back on again go get them. Thank you asked god bless you.