Kuhner- MA bans bump stocks.

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Thursday, October 12th

Do you agree with this decision?


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This is exactly what I'm talking. This is exactly what happened like this is incredible. So I as I'm you know lies were off fair I'm watching this press conference. This time though chief of staff general John Kelly. And literally it's going on and on and on its leaky sink. I'm not quitting. I have no intention according. I'm not frustrated at my job. Like where you guys getting this information you guys are just making this stuff up this is a complete fake news. Like don't you guys have any decency don't there's one report of something accurate. And so look at the tying and he's wasting these achievements stopped and he's got a debunks this BS is bull crap. You know now mock quitting. Knowing never set I was gonna coed now on my frustrated. No all I'm very happy year the top job yes but I'm very happy here. Where'd you guys got this I don't know. I don't know. I sold this is exactly what I'm talking about now I think again he's being too polite and too civil I would look at them and say. They don't want a one assume you'll and I am gonna soon you'll and I'm gonna sue you know. Because what you guys are doing is a disgrace to the country and frankly is bring in the country down. Because nobody believes him anymore. And you don't expect the wolf that you I think days like crying wolf. A one time you're gonna report something going on whatever war whatever it is and it's going to be troll a nobody's gonna believe. And so a you don't believe me your he's wasting everybody's time he's completely right. It was all you're doing is wasting our time UN the media I'd best are just wasting all of our time now speaking of wasting our time. You know it. It happened after Las Vegas you knew it was gonna happen in the moment the more bad started screaming Bob stocks. Bomb stocks bonds stocks bump stocks you knew you when you. That the moon bats and Massachusetts were gonna follow follow through just Hewitt so. Listen now to this only in the people's republic of marks a truce that sold the Massachusetts. House the state house. Has now passed a bill. They in fact voted on it yesterday. On 15123. Almost unanimous. In favor of legislation. You guessed that that would ban bump stocks. Which. Is a device you put on a semiautomatic. You've Yemen are fifteen. Which for awhile is able to. Mimic fully automatic guns in terms of the burst of fire. But this is only for short periods so basically. In Nome with their went boom boom boom boom you'll. There are. And so they ban the bomb stocks. So Charlie Baker I'm gonna head obviously to the senate has not passed overwhelmingly. Charlie Baker Charlie Baker says he supports the ban. He says we need the ban bomb stalks in Massachusetts it's absolutely critical. And so. And a bill in fact was sponsored initially by state representative David Lynn ski. Eight Natick Democrat another moon bat. Who said that in fact file this legislation so listen to this it would outlaw any devices. Which when attached to a rifle a shotgun or a firearm. Increases the rate of discharge of the weapon. And the big one is obviously the bumps stock. Now. Here's the kicker. So let's just say I don't for that all of that I don't your hunt terror. And you'll like the bomb stock as you thinking kill more deer with that or whatever. So you buy a bond stock and you stick it on your time. And they catch. Your broken the law right. What do you think as the French would say the personality it is what do you think the mallet. What effect. 500 dollar 5000. Dollar fine. Jeff Nall ball tell me jailed. Mueller water week in jail (%expletive) Maybe ten days a month in jail normal normal. Here in Massachusetts. If you buy a bomb stock once this passes and becomes official law and baker signs. You violate the measure. You will face between three. And when he years in prison. Let me repeat that. Once this measure takes effect. They are a 180 days after becoming law. So they're gonna give you a 180 days to get rid of your bombs stock. Once it takes a fact now a 180 days once it's passed. Your caught what do Bob stark or using a bomb stock. You're gonna go to prison my friend for three men a mom up to one the years. There are murderers. In this state that don't get one be freaking years. There are rapists in this stake in this state Caldera child molesters in this state. That will get seven years nine years and years twelve years whatever but you'll buy Obama stock won't all. These years. A three point potentially up to twenty years in prison. These people aren't saying. Are you are now marketed this I'm like I Mike ha I'm like boy. They really love being the laughingstock of the country not like I mean I like is it mean. Is everybody up on Beacon Hill like are they auditioning to be comedy writers for I don't know Jimmy Kimmel. In all or or or the comedy sex comedies controller a much kidding I mean. Do they know wanna be comedy writers up there because like and turn Massachusetts and the like a national laughingstock like a pep pep. They know what we're only on a ban from wow I'm. One years imprisoned cannot act act act today in Massachusetts. I've got a guy now. Here is what the Boston global mod tell you here's what channel for channel five channel seven channel and channel 25. WGBH. A rundown bowl list here's what they're not gonna tell. Bumps talks. Have nothing to do with mash who thinks. What happened in Las Vegas would never have been prevented. If you had banned bumps talks banning bomb stalks would not have prevented. Anything in Las Vegas in fact. Because when you put a bomb stock on a rifle with Sammy are fifteen or whatever. It actually significantly. Diminishes the accuracy. Of the gun. You just like spray wild leaders know Jane. This is why professionals. Never you lose bumps talks. If you wanna not that I'm giving people advice but if you wanna shoot people up don't use a bump stock. You actually will kill more people can be serious you'll kill more people with us and they are fifteen or whatever if you don't use a bump stock. Because if you use a bomb stock at an apartment not. You can't control the fighter. It becomes an incredibly inaccurate weapon and furthermore. Most of the gardens art can handle a bursts of automatic fire death metal melts down. So I'm just telling you if you're planning. To elect shall something up don't I'm telling you don't lose a bump stock. It's the worst thing to do is use a bombs talk so what do they do all they've got a bump stock wire they have the banner Bob stalk because they said so on MSNBC. Okay. Yeah. I feel good. Bubba Sparxxx. Bob talks. Big day bump stocks. So. He's got to say one more thing. Here is what I don't get about the moon bats and Massachusetts during the biggest busy bodies in the world. They can't stop not minding their own business. Do you love. To just get involved in your fares my affairs or the fears that everybody else in the country. There are telling you I think all of them deep down. I think they crave to be like it'll be debated the old that the idea the old lady gossip in the village back in the old country that's them. That's them. Always look improbable win bolt through the cracked in the book war. Who she's seen who's he seeing what are they doing what car they driving aka they have so much money. They got more money than I do we got a packs back what are they doing there shouldn't be doing data. I mean that's how they are. So I want you to think about stock. Did the mass occur take place in Boston. I'm maybe I missed a news flash. Did it happen. A man I don't know what one of the casinos. Did it happen that it. I'm just I'm just thinking out loud now Mohegan sun's that it was the massacre at Mohegan. But I miss something so the massacred doesn't take place in Boston. The shorting doesn't take place in Boston or Massachusetts nowhere in fact do we even have mass shootings in Massachusetts. And I'll. Sure you burning bush talks. I I just find it incredible crooner with their logic. How many years ago who they would have bands. But at the what the Boston Marathon bombers used. On to me that the pressure cooker a pressure cooker bombs went a lot Jack that happened Boston why they did loans. Well or actually gore the real member there radicalized mosques report on either weren't through these radicalized mosques chat on to even talk about that. They wouldn't touch that one a ten foot pole but we're a ten foot pole but when it comes to the bumps talks all all all we're gonna show all. It's his Massachusetts. Were batting above stocks. I got artist this is a joke deltic our machine guns to Jeff that's right only doubled the machine guns I mean. So I think and I said this at the pre show meeting I said you know. Say what you want about Boston Massachusetts we have a lot of problems here but let me tell you one problem we don't have and we just don't have it. We don't have these kind of mass shootings. That you haven't other parts of the country now Philadelphia don't have. We don't have this at all this white cops shooting minorities. We just like we just don't have it. So I get the issue if you're in Saint Louis. You're in Chicago goal they are certain I get a hitter. It's why does it we have you know all my caught again today another white police officer shot let's say a minority in Dorchester whenever it doesn't happen. But it doesn't matter there's black lives matter marching down the middle of the street. Blocking boiled them dared they are. They're they are blocking what was it that 93 year than 95 blocking those highways Baird they are. And I'm looking and a mom like. We don't even have many cops involved in shootings number one number two. We don't even have white on a white cops shooting blob or whatever black young black command will even have act. What about banning flights out of Boston Jeff. There ago. What this project I mean I don't know planes no pressure cookers. And those mosques they got to go down but they won't touch those mosques. Now mosques they don't catch all bail out those mosques they want more mosques. That thought Marty walked one to 101000 Muslim refugees from Syria just in Boston alone. But it's the bomb stocks Britain. That's what's gonna keep saying ban the bumps talk. Six once sent to a 666868. Is the number. Father son holy ghost. I just honest I didn't sign of across. Banning bomb stocks. Will bet keep Massachusetts. Safer. I ask you. 61720666868. And I think institutionalized and I don't know. In my in my in a massive institution. And I just called Massachusetts. I don't even know it is this a bad dream. And somebody wake me up from his return might. Just cleaner on the voice of Boston. URKL. He's one man born here on the great WRKO. You can text just by the way 68680. All right my friends they actually get it Massachusetts state house on 151. Through three. Now votes to band all bump stalks. And it's gonna take effect after a 180 days or wants the law signed by Charlie Baker Charlie Baker. And after that if you own a bump start use a bomb stock up what do Bob stark. 321. The years in prison. 617 Jeff according to these moon bats why don't we just ban all criminals. Battle and all crime won't have. A CJ. Is in Boston go ahead CJ. Hey Jeff what is best I'm the plant so liberal. We're. At it from Natick proposed that the submitted this does that. Yeah I approached Dutch remember this guy actually years ago on the at sundown law around putting it at light so on. RB all before sundown. And I. I didn't believe what it's going to also try to follow slide and not quitting at the lights out when you're. Windshield wipers are on it would be. It cheer. Our penalty under I would share it should be able allegation. That well you know opt in instead. That that liberalism is a mental just article would fight. Soldier and I actually found out. Aren't so that I don't like I bought that strip Weinstein central I believe this is comprised by it exports consultant who's that debate. I. Flew blew up. A few words you don't tell you visit those good theory is an agreement now at this point. Tony Hinkle Oscar gold at Tony. Jeff what really neat topic here. Which probably happened I don't think at an apartment injustice and got on the state. If that Second Amendment I don't care that ammunition. At that one spot at the they have had a wood got it out of your. While. And get the ball at Second Amendment you don't have any. Legal rights as such stop it all right from federal government. And you straight into wouldn't. Even allow. At all Tony order. And your rights or what if we start using in the bomb stocks and we convert him to belongs. But what do I what do you and I start buying bonds stocks but we just you know we started doing a little bit of the puffed up. Archive and more important after all why aren't. But you Rebecca Hall owning a let me look at my Blogspot. You don't know what I'm doing which might bombs Spock I love my bumps are. Down in who burned going then. They tell the arm. They are you start enforcing the laws we have on the book is a two year. Minimum mandatory sentence that if they catch gang bangers with. Guns disposal of course and they don't in Portugal a lot of times these kids don't get the two years they should do that Chicago. And then. New York and everywhere else so they haven't the prom with these guns that would make the most sense. What punish the people that are orange juice in the text. And my second point is I wish Tom wood ducks. There have been a lot of golf than you and they're gonna come out to him without for a while we every day I mean if you saw that Eminem did you are now. And then when we know. Tried book form of human being you can get to recall on trump all I just hope trump doesn't need to respond to that maggot. But they're gonna kidnapping and would like in NFL tight handle something like that every gate that distract them look. A mega looked small and petty each of rise above it and just. Even even get rid of him who had just come out would result tweeted statements every game not even answer them what is anymore. Dan you know I mean I don't wanna get off topic here but I gotta tell you I think. I I would advise him if I was in the White House are so I think you should hold an all seriousness and wanna get off topic but. I would hold a televised national address I really would. And I would just cold story after story after story and say this is my immediate. Release is not. And they're out to destroy me because they fear you they don't want the people's agenda to triumph in the White House. And enough is enough and because of this because there's so irresponsible and so reckless. And so malicious. You don't want we're not gonna do a daily press briefing anymore. They ask questions send it will give more response you know via email or whatever but outside of that. Because you guys aren't honest. Now remember look at the dishonesty okay we're Republican Bob stocks. What we know we got we don't even know what happened in Las Vegas now. Now now you've got. The security guard he was shot six minutes before as opposed after now you've got the whole a view one of the Mandalay bay workers and talked about it my first hour coming out and saying I warned the whole Powell. Boe for the shooting began. That these security guard was shot. So why would the police on the scene why weren't they called the bombs talks. Just bad bump stocks then bonds talks. And so what I wanna ash Charlie Baker going to be very serious and all these clowns up on Beacon Hill bacon L. Would it kill you guys to read a newspaper. Because bomb stocks had nothing now to do with what happened in Las Vegas. If anything. So Lowell police response bank. Complete incompetent bungling on the part of the cops may be the real reason why the bad guy unleashed hellfire. 61720666868. Let's kick it there have been high drug cartels the voice till Boston. Through 35 here on the great WRKO. OK only. Only in Massachusetts. Only they've struck again so now the Massachusetts. State House has now voted on Auburn 51 victory. To band. Wait for a bump stocks. Charlie fake Kirk says he's gonna sign it it's kind of cruise just sunny just fly right through the senate. So it's gonna become law any game now but here's the kicker here. If after a 180 gates. There's a 180 day period after the law passes. And then if you still have a Bob stock. You'll go to prison. For three years up to twenty years. So maybe you're gonna ask me it's an obvious question Jeff look I'm a criminal I can't help myself. What's better what should I do should I be dealing crack cocaine. Or should I be dealing bomb stocks. Deal deal crack cocaine. Because jock I get for twenty years for crack cocaine bonds stocks are good get twenty years stick at the crack. This is from 508. Corner. I have tool bombs fox. Why are they not grandfathered. Who gives me my money back and Hulu I'd give them to okay Bible where eight the tiger this. But essentially what they've told you was blank you. Does basically blank you your money to back like Q. I guess you drop them off to the police or whatever or what you could do is sit solemn MS thirteen. I mean they've been electing using some time to those gang although again by shorting since. Up on an island they should up how sort of at a liquor crack house out of it. So I would say solemn MS thirteen and put some money back in your pocket or or her. I like Somerville. I would go to the mayor sanctuary city of Somerville. A whole. Joke heard opponent. He likes these wanna be gangster tough guy. LA here's a couple of bombs stocks. Give me fifty bucks warmer a hundred bucks warm. And you can play would employ your heart's content all corridor at home at all what Lovett oh good it's so it's a little bump stop all of a good external. What a real good. You know what. Dare read legal. Nuts right Derry legal. 06172666868. Jam employment go ahead Jim. Chip I don't believe I'm saying nobody have to disagree. Real. Yeah. I am an owner of guns I have everything from a pistol toward BB gun to shot on to an old German miles. It and I agree with you probably 99.9. Percent of the time. However. I did not see any reason what so out. Anyone to have even an assault rifle whether or not it has a stock on the on not. Even. This country. Though I typically incur if I'm wrong I think the last time source any type of watts yeah. On the soil of the United States where. Automatic weapon it would even be entertained. Were probably the civil war. So I. Is it like I say I don't understand. What purpose does that serve. The general public. They meet to have a bomb stuck. Well I mean let me ask you this though Jim before I answer your question Packers it's a very fair question. Do you would you banning ar fifteens. I think I'd probably award and general public. Okay like for example when I've heard about AR fifteen I don't have won an emotional one I don't Reynard and but what I've heard about a ar fifteens is they're very light. They're very easy to use. If your interest in self defense in particular they're very popular with women. Because they don't have a lot of recoiled they're very easy to use a lot of women buy and own a ar fifteens. So I think the ar fifteen for example is an incredible self defense weapons. From everything that I've heard. Now as for the bomb stalk look. I really outing jam in all honesty I don't own shares in bomb stalks I don't care for bombs start. But it can mean from everything I've heard. Most professionals don't use bombs talks and the reason why is they make a gun incredibly less accurate. So this banning of Obama's talk I best is just pure cheap symbolism. It's gonna do nothing to lower shootings or safe people's lives it literally does not think it does nothing. So in fact as I said most people don't even like to use bombs stocks because your weapon you just can't control it properly anymore. So any advice to the metal over heat's on the gun. So what everybody is telling me is law enforcement everywhere they what Jeff money you'll understand something. If you wanna kill people you don't use a box the one thing you don't wanna do is use a bump stock. So would all the problems that we face in Massachusetts. This demeanor is like number 1547. On the list. Well I I I agree I think it was a complete. Waste of time. In an apt. To pass this legislation. But I did at the same time I don't see. I need. Anyone to help one on their weapon is it like to say anything it is detrimental. The purpose so. But but it's crazy I mean is that these people and I. I join my understanding look Jim look I'm not an expert I don't use a bomb stock from what I understand people dislike the use them at the gun range. There are guys out and about. Until you were shot you know I was until Jim Jim it was a joke I mean that's amnesty and are making a joke of a guy who catch shoot a gun any. Gets a bum stalk him like what are you wanted to do pump producer Rick thirty bullets. You know what I if you got a puppet leader with thirty bullets you're really to me that takes the fun what's the point on the grip that the sport out a month. 6172666868. Is the number no look the reason why don't like it. It's again. It's why I critic. Site Strom when he made that first acknowledgment woman who will look at bombs boxing guerrilla bomb stocks. Eat it capitulate to the media narrative. But what happened in Las Vegas was because of guns. That some kind of gun control is the answer. But it's not. So work we're succumbing to wing narrative that is completely false. If you really wanna have a serious discussion about what happened in Las Vegas there's many things to talk about. The culture Hollywood. Prescription drugs. There's many things why the match shootings have increased in America. Guns have nothing to do with that. So at best it's pure she liberal symbolism. That's it. And I honestly what about the people don't a law abiding people bought from stocks. To just got screwed. And what do they do and hurt anybody. Don in stow and go ahead on. Mr. Arafat although the previous caller you don't need any reason to exercise their right. The only thing you cannot do with that right mr. violate the rights of other people. So it's like so without limit there's they're bigger than the universe says. So if you wanna take them put up some bombs start negotiating with that's fine. But the point I called him and is what the general quarters going just who's on constitutional. Under article one infection and close to. It's so that no state shall without the consent of congress lay any in poster duties on imports or exports. And that includes from overseas or from any other state. If you don't wanna create a monopoly in the state and so therefore states cannot do that. So whatever the channel court is doing just that cannot do it legally. 'cause they're putting hit and and definitive attacks are complete ban on these bombs stalks. And they have no authority to do so they're violating article one section under the constitution. Don art keep in my don't don't drop them just yet I'm Don look. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Bingo bingo bingo but I want to ask you because you always seem very knowledgeable. I do all the federal farm RIA Charles if Charles. It is just to educate me and educate the audience. You know why would somebody legitimately need your right it's her right you'll meet reason to exercise a right. But just why would you want a just very but that's OK I want why would why would gone wanna bump style just for the sake of argument. Just to enjoy shooting rapid fire. Vote on the range just to learn control the fire on to burn off elimination. Just to have fun. Basically that's that an adult not trying to firearm into automatic weapon because you have to pull the trigger with the recycle the fire on. So it's not an automatic weapon we just pull the trigger down and I've shot many automatic weapons so. Big difference here but if you just enjoy it like people Jeff who bike Gatling gun right pick up the rotating handle. But but but but but but but but not so they burn up in the nation why do you need a Gatling gun. No regrets at all but it shouldn't if you get enjoyment out of it. I mean what what does the constitution say life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. On your Q happy showed again when guys talk about stock. Don please your 1000% philosophically correct don't get me wrong no I just so basically you're saying it's just first sporting recreation fine. Almost for the thrill you're saying right. Basically you have to adjusted it showed you if you can tighten control abound stock firearm. You can then taken better control any other types firearms semi automatic picture shooting which could give you better accuracy and day. So Don which are telling me is why you need a mass Iran. You don't. You better training on how to drive these you can drive a lot of variety you can drive a Yugo. Thank you for that called on the air I think that's a Britney was the one by the way you said that in my year I think she's dead on your debt on Britney like you don't you don't need a muzzle Roddy. You know it's expensive it's fast it's a thrill car it's in Hawaii and has already. You know I Zach you know as you said you go formula for Boris will take you from point a to point beat. Well I like a thriller like the feel love it I like being a sports car it's my money. You know it's how I enjoy myself. You're completed by under completely right why did dawn should be our resident gun guy did this guy knows what he's talking about. Eric and things are Borough coed Eric. She Jeff Long time first and welcome the nail on the head on everything. I'm not on the law abiding gun owner. Police Opsound firearms instructor at a bit in the field for twenty at this is just not there. Massachusetts liberal politician doing and knee jerk reaction ilk that legislation. That and do absolutely Sierra where it's gonna end up doing is making. Law abiding gun owners in the commonwealth again. Just like in the stately parent trying to passes you know according court assault weapon. The end like in Connecticut New York making good guys. Potentially bad guys in one of the things and the when the house passed it yet they went pots of when you go to not talking about it. Premium magazines. So when the federal assault weapons and sunset in 2004 Massachusetts kept it ought. So anybody that if who doubt they're listening knows that if you have creepy and military. Very around where around magazines CAR fifteen their. Very round banana magazines Sierra a cage all the time Amex stuff you can legally on his wife does not stamped. Law enforcement September of 1994. Without getting into all the detailed so now they want to pass along with this long I'm gun owners actually to be posting at all daily and I didn't get hits on. Social media. That they want to take away so now you have Indiana has the premium magazine. Read a C 8 o'clock in the Al that was made way back and now an enemy knows talent. We ever get the bad guy goes the street black market they don't hear the politicians in the state don't care. They want to you know they'll be protected by guns they'll be protected by. I capacity into casting magazines they'll be attacked by it are you buy up patents in all that goes back you know. You know king George days or we fought the American revolution. And not just you know they keep encroaching chipping away chipping away you know how wanted to take me like you'll call back about oppression caucus I'm surprised and try to you know I mean it's just. If the state legislature blocked. You know they do when that there aren't in this quick we're all the other stuff that's been sitting you know other building ever noticed like when they anything more gun control like. There and magnetic ball through the well area. Are you nailed it buddy and please don't be a stranger you nailed it notice when it comes just objectively. Notice when it comes to filling our potholes. Fixed on. There's more money in the budget. Scandal does that takes time is committee we got to discuss it okay. About the opiate crisis. It says Jeff Jeff that crazy amount to complex situation jab at that busy OK how about illegal immigrants matador Jeff wolf what. Now noticed the fundamental hypocrisy. Whenever there is a Islamic terrorist attack foolish is that the Boston Marathon terrorist bomb. What do they say right away. Don't car an entire group of people based on the actions of a few right automatic knee jerk liberal response. What do they do when a white guy guns people down in Las Vegas. Park every gun owner in this country Europe potential danger and a felon because you won't above stock. Notice. When it comes to gun owners then right away they are willing to it are you right away and turn you into potential felon. Based on the actions of one man but wonay Muslim terrorist a radical Muslim terrorists. And I told you to your face Orlando hello blah blah. Don't chilled car an entire group of people they hypocrisy from the left is incredible. Now I wanna ask the audience an honest question. Bomb stalks how much they gulf war. Like in other words you've brought them now you've been a law abiding citizen. You are legal you'll bought the W but the bombs thought she got to bomb sparked three bumps sparks whatever it is. How much money are you now gonna be shafted because you got to give him back in the WRKO. So lost yeah. You. Win you. Cologne out. Com how was your hands not cool on out get out of the belt as the that's the poll expands. Jobs. My friends I think god has been put on the terror watch list so we we've been looking to see how much Bob above stocks cause and the allied. I think there. Pulled a Britney to cut the coming in it. British call my lawyer called a lawyer for God's sake think again I didn't I think I get edgy get out of jail free Brad I have. Collier does David W out of jail at so we call a lawyer oil that could barely get current terrorist cell here. So we're kind of worried. Now because we've been there researching bomb stocks to see how much they cost. And god could be on some kind of terror watch list so they Kabeer all of us I feel sorry for Brittany Jared but could be on the corner at terrorists out here. Commit terrorist cell is. I so. By the way. A lot of your texting and what 617 Jeff bomb stocks is who was a 180 dollars. Seven all three G after about a hundred. Another 1617. There about a 140. A lot of people are saying a hundred to 200 dollars depends on what should get. How knew which used whatever so basically once this law goes into effect that poor guy who has to bomb stocks. He's going to be out I assume it's a he could be sheet I hear she will be out two to 400 dollars. Blank EU. Cell lump MS thirteen that's that's my advice solemn a 6172666868. Richard in New Hampshire going head Richard. I chipped or I'm good aren't any good in the sense the QB in Las Vegas. That it's at the overwhelming thought that. It wasn't that long ago back in December and January. When not missed a pomposity are former president. I went on a binge and he was releasing. Prisoners so many prisoners every day. But weeks and and the fact he wants but I think it was well over thousand prisoners. Were released on the streets. What guilty of Oprah committed felonies and you come in the commission about Bellamy. And so he has given them here out of jail where I didn't hit the Democrat to the media. Any human cry from them at that time and I'm so hot that thought occurred to me if you really wanted to do something about gun control. How about say okay no president put the put in an amendment are put in the bill of rights. No president can can can you. Or pardon and prisoner. Who commit a uses a government commission about. Probably a federal felony and you can't promote promote if you use a dot on the commission of a crime that'll send a message loud and clear. Richard thank you for that call you know it's remarkable because you mentioned Obama. It was the Obama administration. That passed the regulations saying I because while bomb stocks go ahead get bumps talks. So hope a better world that you I mean it was the Obama is ATF that said sure we got no problem with Bob sparks. So the only time I've ever seen those moon bats up on Beacon Hill moved so fast. Is bomb stocks when they give themselves a pay race. Member when they gave themselves like these 20304050000. Dollar pay increases bend they mauled like lightning. So gun control and lining their pockets manner they fast. Mike and Pennsylvania have got a minute go ahead. Mike. Yes I'd just wanted to say. I do agree with the band on bombs stalks. I also think that they should make mandatory in every car and alcohol breath tester to. So that you would not be doing you're drinking and driving it cork is we can't trust people. We should also outlaw state guys that are cute sharp only plastic. And I think that is it good Democrat. We have to watch out for people that can't protect themselves. On my quite above multimillionaires who gamble at casinos. I think they've done their gambling they're not hurting anyone and that's fine. We had people. We have to protect people being a good Democrats and I think it's it's only good. I think the laws what they're doing is good I think we should outlaw all guns. I don't think people should have any way to protect themselves. Cars. Knives. Rocks canal does bandit casinos. Eight smokers say you know mall massacre are batting average net. I got a golf hopefully I'll still be around tomorrow if not bail me out of prison. We know we know we know. The guru he's been presented by financial services the voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 3 o'clock. Addressing.