Kuhner - Lawrence gets letter from DOJ threatening to withdraw federal funding

The Kuhner Report
Friday, November 17th

Lawrence was one of the 28 other Sanctuary Cities receiving a letter threatening to deny these cities federal funding. Should sanctuary cities lose their federal funding and grants?


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So I've talked about the tax bill. I've talked about the big banks. I've talked about the big corporations. But now let's talk Sanctuary Cities because that's another way they're gonna start sucking money out your pocket. So listen now to this the Department of Justice. Jeff Sessions. How has now sent out letters to one denying Sanctuary Cities all across the country. One of them was the great sanctuary city of Lawrence. And in those letters. The Department of Justice has now warned the warrants as well as all of these other mayors and these other Sanctuary Cities. That if they continue to defy federal law. If they continue to thumb their nose at immigration law. If they continue to harbor illegals. I especially. Violent criminal illegals. Like say MS thirteen. That's Dave will now lose federal grant money. And in particular. In Lawrence let me tell you what that means but it's gonna hit a lot of cities in Massachusetts. Money for police cruisers. Gone. Money for tactical vests for the police. Gone. Money for radio always are upgrades to cruisers gone. Money for surveillance camera it's gone. And their reasoning is obvious. If you're gonna actively disobeyed federal law. If you're gonna be in violation of federal law. If you're gonna deliberately ignore federal law. And help law breakers breaks the law by giving them a haven or a sanctuary. Then I'm sorry but then you're not gonna get federal benefits or in this case federal funding of federal grants. And what is absolutely incredible. Is that these shy Sturm mayor of warrants. Or were moon about. God and every around. Came out with a statement saying go ahead make my day. This is to you it's incredible. So Ben Rivera did America Warren says we're gonna fight this in the courts we're gonna sue. And because Lawrence is a quote. Great city for immigrants unquote that's what he said really it's a great city for illegal immigrants illegals okay. And and MS thirteen and gang bangers and drug traffickers and but look at gulf. But that's if fearing legal especially a criminal illegal believe me. Bowl leave me you hit the mother lode with warrants a tech don't go anywhere dot your dream destination. So here's the manner of warrants. Done you know every Mara. When finished with a possible loss of grant the money that warrants desperately needs. Especially for law enforcement. Or the ball fly a kite. Will soon you'll want court. But were not changing our policies. We're not gonna end our Sanctuary City status. And we're just we're not gonna comply with federal law. And now because they're anticipating a letter could just gonna be a second wave Boston is gonna be next. In fact this is not Jeff corner guests are speculation. It's now been highly reported that in a second wave of more letters will be coming out. Boston is going to get hit with a major letter. From the Department of Justice saying the exact same thing you're going to lose your federal grants. March oh Marty Walsh. Macho Marty. Mohammed Marty. Has already sent his lawyers on it he has his lawyers looking out at and they're now telling the Department of Justice. We're gonna sue you if you try to withdraw our federal grants or federal funding. And under most circumstances. Is Boston going to revoke its Sanctuary City status. No matter what. So what the mayor of Boston. What their marriage warrants. And it's coming by the way their whole joke heard at home the mayor of Somerville oh he's gonna follow. Salem is gonna follow. Lim is gonna fall all fall river's gonna follow Cambridge is gonna follow they're all following. They are now gonna openly defy the Department of Justice. Even if it means losing millions and millions and millions of dollars in federal grants or federal funding. So claiming that vacuum sound if you don't mind Brittany one more time. Because you're gonna get hit again. Not only are your taxes gonna go up eventually. But listen to this point do you think pays for the Sanctuary Cities. Went big long ball that federal grant money. Wednesday loans the federal funding. What do you think they're gonna do when Lawrence who think they're gonna cut spending and Lawrence. Or in Boston. You think they're gonna start cutting I don't know I don't know welfare to illegals or whatever minimum home they're gonna raise your taxes. Oh we need to have these new police cruisers okay feds won't give us the money let's raise more taxes on the peasants and the yachts. Well no money for surveillance cameras tactical vests radios whatever the Topps meat. No problem all will just raise it on the Porsche mocks that go to work every day. They're gonna keep raising your taxes. Because Indian penal pays for Sanctuary Cities are you. Are you. And so you wanna see the future of America I'm not kidding look at warrants. Increasingly. Third World. Rampant with the illegals. Drug crime. Drugs. MS thirteen. English. May be the fifth or sixth language spoken you're lucky if you hear English and warrants lucky. Okay that's what the fifth or sixth six six language that's spoken. Rolled scrambling. Our crime out of control. Middle working class people fleeing. Property owners fleeing the tax base shrinking. Businesses leaving. Businesses boarded up I'm just telling you that's the future. Because taxpayers are saying enough is enough I can't sustain this. I can't keep pulling the cart for all of these illegal I can't do it. And so what's gonna happen is you're gonna drive all of the productive members of your community. The may cursed the workers that taxpayers. Right out here right out your jurisdiction. Right out of your city right out of your town right out of your state. And eventually read your country. And to show you how fanatical they are or. How. Up assessed with power they are it's a you really need to comments. You meet the Elizabeth Warren's and the more if you lease of the world in this state that are truly liberal fanatics. I mean their open borders amnesty the multi cultural. Left wing fanatics it's like a religion to them. It's like telling them the earth is round when they're convinced it's one. So for them. You have to have Sanctuary Cities got double open borders and you have to the illegals to just pour in from all over the world. Or you have the Kendra schools of the world Tamara Salem or march or Marty Welch. Who basically. Are people utterly obsessed with power. And they realize that the base of their support our illegal immigrants and people on welfare. So you get enough peep. All hooked on welfare you bring in enough for illegals who also picky beat heat. Or call oh yes oh yes and I got to mention that before we go Britain all yes all yes. Or college students all get to that in a second. See so you've got to get the money BP you've got to get a month section eight you've got to get him into schools free of charge you're gonna get among mass self. You've got to get them on food stamps that's all paid for by UN meet. That's all paid for Esquire taxes are going up and up. And now they're gonna get rid of those deductions. Just to bring it full circle state local property taxes now they're gonna phasing those out if this tax reform bill passes. And the taxes will go down your ritual go down. But after ten years has exposed the last hour the rates the sunset provision they're gonna go back up. But your deductions they gone. That's permanent. So you see how it goes so now your taxes are horrible through the roof in ten years OK but let that go lead that goal. Now in the case of Kim Driscoll I have to point this out. And I wanna give a hat tip to Britney because she was researching this and she's the one that really like like a Bulldog investigating the issue she broke the story. Along with the Salem news. Kim Driscoll relying on illegals to win. We know that but I'll tell you who well she relied on. She relied on Salem state university. And remember Salem state is a public university it's funded by public taxpayer dollars your money. Guess what. People within the Salem administration at the university. Were caught sending emails stopped all students at Salem state. Telling them gas swat. Vote for Kim Driscoll. Even if you don't live in Salem. Vote for cam Driscoll. Vote for Sanctuary City status. They were caught red handed. In other words Kim Driscoll was coal loading. With their heads and the president of Salem state university. To ensure that they were compelled to students to go out invoked. Now. That's illegal. It's not just unethical Betsy legal why. Because a public university is supposed to be utterly objective and nonpartisan why because it's taken taxpayer dollars. So it can't encourage. Publicly stewardess in an email to go and vote for one particular candidate. You think Kim Driscoll is gonna call for an investigation of Salem state. Me at. You think Maurice Healy is gonna call for an investigation of Salem state yet. You think any of the administrators involved in this part voter fraud and voter meddling. And voter interference. You think any of them are gonna lose their jobs or be held accountable. Yet. In fact guess what. The president is in line for promotion and our race. Wink wink. Because he delivered. On Sanctuary City and ensuring that that clock Kim Driscoll. Well won reelection or stole reelection one more time. So. Nobody else has the guts to say it I'm gonna say it. The future of America is right here in Massachusetts I'm telling you. It's also in California and in Chicago and other places but right here we are ground zero. In this experiment in globalism. Socialism. Cronyism. And liberalism. That's what we are. And if you want to see the future. Court warrants. Go to Boston. Gordon Cambridge. Go to Salem Golda limb I can go according to a two buried I can just like you many communities. And I want you to think about Paris. Even if it means less police officers on the street. Even if it mean national police cruisers you knew if it means. The less surveillance cameras you know you get murdered you get raped there's a burglary whatever you can captured on camera. They don't care. They are willing to risk your public safety. Your very lives and security. To ensure that they remained Sanctuary City now sanctuary CB forever. My friends. We have seen the future. And it does not work. Sure Lawrence's. Federal grant money be cut off. Should Sanctuary Cities in Massachusetts. All bomb Somerville Cambridge Boston right on the list. Salem. Should they lose their federal funding. Who do you side with. The moon bat Maris. Or attorney general Jeff. WRKO. Lot. John from goodwill. I'll war rents go ahead John. Good job. Well in America aren't here. About stuff police in every week any gets frequent Augusta it always they have they've security got to go and what I interpret everywhere you turn upwards to City Hall. Are sick joke. Also critical to launch a mission of become Bob straightened up a month ago now we just say police recruitment. Every weekend and abroad and rightfully so that I always insert it. So mayor Rivera essentially has a permanent police escort with him all weekend. What would damage opened probably. No assurance that one. John let me ask you this as somebody who lives in Lawrence. Do you feel safe with the city being a Sanctuary City. The host frustrated before and where does it present any normal police match city. I don't know equipment. So if they cut out. John if they cut off federal grant money to police are gonna have even less resources and less money. Yes and other Arab what they don't let it go jumpers think they're artistic to come up and make him a dollar gap on or don't get pretty safely to the terms that. They request the command. The senate would curing the action in gold and that and going to bed this the other birdies on an. Operate the other reimburse state that. So pretty soon John Ward of the state police say look we've got no money we've got problems elsewhere around. Friday Saturday you guys are on your wrong what happens then. Well and Margaret my real trouble whatever it wrote I'll try and I think maybe we're gonna have to do it for free then maybe you know means you Brittany Jared that in our country want to come in there instead of police warrants has his moment. Do it like that just because of our look at him and all the people serious member of the tropical now. John Paul is also a sidelight represented coming up this crap we need all they care are complacent we give the others we got to give her own personal. John have you how long can army asking if I'm getting too personal please tell me how have you been a resident of Lawrence. Ardor. How have you seen the city declined over the last 25 years or was it always likeness. All in all it Parker declined probably analogic RB eight opinions that really proud of the car. I hate to say it but the biggest climates and employment with the mayor stopped and he's well he's a clock. Just drawn out from the general. Our director of the police is what parents and and an academic problems arguably the street to get these people my car out there to promote from the waist. He would tell the cops believe or read what oak RB Eudora not to talk. Jog when you speak English as anybody understand a bit in Lawrence. Or work would you or. I did that called John error in New Hampshire go ahead am. Thought that sprouted up like neglect of pleasure pleasure. The quick question I'm wondering. I don't think it's very complete opposite. The federal grant money is taken away from the need to do their job and I think they need to stay say. A mortar and let this or weekend. Or they can hit the politicians. And let their salaries and maybe prevent them from giving themselves their pay rates are going to be hit their pocketbook that's when they're gonna open our eyes. It would be realistic about it you know the police are big obstacle. In the way from not having their little utopian Sanctuary Cities so if they lowered the police presence and help their Sanctuary City. Cause then and I don't know I don't think it's fair and they couldn't take it away from the police because they worked so hard to keep keep those streets say. Aaron you know what Oxley brilliant. I do I that never even heard him on your best audience husband asked that question to you know some. Police departments like their laptops and a work in their cruisers or they don't have. Enough police Vassar and they got enough guys on the streets and everything. Sold the people are police saying those you know the cities are the ones that are getting hurt from last. Such I don't understand that must be another way for the funding to get. Take it out of somewhere else rather the and your police that are the ones that you know they. They don't want their cities be Sanctuary Cities they wanna get it the criminals off the streets they're the ones that their hands tied giraffe. Are you completely right and both you and Darren I think are really spot on about this. Because the police want to enforce the law so if you starve the police. If you you know you roller are battered the police reduce the police that makes it even easier for you have a Sanctuary City. It just it strengthens your ability to have a sanctuary state. I agree and you know this as police aren't tardy they don't have enough funding to begin with like we've reported here that. You know to gain units in cities where you know gangs are rampant and they had their guy and those gang units are gone you know that the drug units. They're gone as well enough and cities where there's a lot of heroin. So we need to bring that back we need to bring back the war on drugs need to break the back you know the gang unit's. And we need to clean the cities up and I don't know why these mayors sit there and think that it's okay that there are a bunch of it drug dealers on their streets Barbera legal immigrants. You EU can't do that as a mayor you shouldn't have that job if you're gonna uphold the law and the old that you talk you shouldn't be Nair. Bingo and just to reinforce which are sank so as the DOJ was issuing these letters to all the mayors of these Sanctuary Cities. They also conducted a massive crackdown. On MS thirteen the infamous street gang from Mexico all. All of them by the way all 198. That were arrested. In cities across America. All of them were illegal aliens all of them all of them. So it shows you. The power of MS thirteen. And how many illegal aliens are infiltrating the country and drug trafficking and I heroin and cocaine these criminal syndicates with the illegal immigration traffic and OK so but in this. In the Greater Boston area. Two MS thirteen gang bangers were arrested as part of this massive crackdown on MS thirteen. One was zinni's boss then. And the other one was in Chelsea and by the way Chelsea is I mean their net and on your heels warrants all. Listen I they may surprise you a couple years there boy they're going Third World awfully fast. So the local suspects arrested were one man in ads and Christian and I know man says had a man beds. One was in East Boston listen to this. Martinez was charged with being an illegal alien surprise Warren truck. In possession of a firearm. After being found with a loaded gun by police responding to a report of an armed robbery inbox and he's Boston. The other one. Hernandez. Was arrest. It in Chelsea. Both of whom are considered incredibly dangerous. And say that they pose a threat. To public safety but listen to this not only to the citizens of Chelsea and he's Boston. But even to the immigrant communities. In Chelsea and he's boss. This system you what's incredible. So by enabling Sanctuary Cities you enable MS thirteen to flourish and they go around terrorizing. Not just the law abiding citizens of these Sanctuary Cities but even of the immigrant and illegal immigrant populations. I mean it's incredible. 6172666868. I'm with Brittany. Crack down on all Sanctuary Cities and every single mirror should be fired. On the spot. Let's just get there have been he's got the latest in news and take it away.