Kuhner - Lawmakers consider bill to increase jaywalking fines

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Tuesday, November 14th

Another money grab! Do you agree with this?


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136. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friend who is. I mean you know oil lockup her to cry so I don't wanna cry so let me lap. OK listen to this now are right. As one of the previous caller said it very well. You know where the working middle class where the backbone of this country were the ones that you know basically foot the bill without us there's no country. Well it's like trying to take blood from a stone they just keep eighteen and eighteen and eighteen. So I've talked about the polls I've talked about other one a load up the state with the polls they were all kinds of taxes. Well Mal de wanna use the police. As essentially. An extension. The Texas and they wanna turn them essentially into tax collectors. And the way they're gonna do it now is they wanna start fining people. (%expletive) (%expletive) chat with what do you mean fining people. Listen out Davis now before a record to distort. Do you Jay walk. In all honesty do you Jay walk. Out of all your on boils the street I don't know wherever Boston Common wherever it is came bridge you you know when it's cold. In all your freezing your rear Randolph. You know he'll look around and you say for data I mean I don't care if it's red or not I I'm running across the street. Okay let me be full and number perfectly and with all of you full candor like I'm in the confessional. I Jay walk. I'm sorry it's really cold outside I don't want a free I don't wanna catch a cold. I look around original cars I agent now. Generally. The police do not give tickets are fines for Jay walking. This however may start to change. Because they need revenue der starving for revenue because somebody asked to pay for all the illegals. On welfare need BP say. So. There is now a Porsche. There's a bill filed on Beacon Hill. Actually this week. That now is urging police to go after Jay walkers but in particular. They wanna Wear especially go after Jay walkers. Who happened the next wild they're jail walking. I swear to you. So if you're on the phone. You're walking down the street you know whatever your text being our you have headphones on or earbuds. They want to go after about and they wanna go after it hard. And so if you are caught. Jay walking. Where if a phone with the you're looking down at the phone texting on the foam or you have a headphone on. Or earbuds you're wearing your bonds your ear buds forgive me. They want. To go after you and doubled the finds. So. For example. You learn whatever on boil the street. Like today it's freezing coal. He her. You know looking around for red light. Says stop don't go all in all bowl walk is that the hell would it and you start crossing. And then you're texting somebody or you're listening to some pain or whatever. They're gonna hit shoot a first offense listen that is first defense. It's gonna be fifty dollars. Second defense. On drew dollars. Third and all subsequent offenses. Who hundred dollars. 200 smack her roots. What's your crying. You're looking at yourself home. Or texting on your cellphone. Or listening to music or distracted. Or listening to dish role. As your Jay walking. Now. Their so the reason the purported reason they're doing that us. Is based say again it's for your safety. And sold the person that's really pushing this bill is very popular right away on Beacon Hill but the one that's first introduce their. Is state representative. Colleen Garry. Of Drake at. And the reason why they say is that there is a lot of accidents. Whereby cars trucks a taxi drivers whatever. I've been hitting people at these cross walks. Because they say paid their Jay walking and either not paying attention. Because they're looking at their phones or their taxpaying or they're listening to music or whatever. So in the name of public safety. They're going courage to police to crack down on AJ walkers and beat people text while Jay walking. And they saved by doing this to gonna discourage people from Jay walking. And most importantly not being distracted while Jay walked. And so they figure a couple of fifty dollar a fifty dollar fine be a hundred dollar fine you lose a couple hundred bucks. You're not gonna. Because if you're caught even looking at the cellphone that's considered being distracted and they want the cops the crack down on. Now. Let me just say a couple of points and then I wanna throw it open TU 6172666868. Do you think the police should go after Jay walkers. And in particular. Should they go after Jay walkers or texting while jaywalking. Fifty dollars. A hundred dollar second offense. 200 dollars third and subsequent offenses. To meet the first point business. We don't have enough crime in the Greater Boston area. Like I mean these pork police. Are really. Like now they have to be distracted item all from. Going after drug gangs drug traffic being murderers rapists burglars. Or whatever. So these guys don't have enough these guys and gals. And they don't have enough on their plate already as it is. So now your gonna force them. To start accessing. Over who is Jay walking who's not who's looking at their phone or not. So I don't know what if I get a good grip a little actually looked out all until well. Well police says hey I saw you look at the cellphone. Premier body fifty dollar fine or is this your second time under a dollar fine. So you're turning the police. In two an agent. All of the tax collection office. You're basically now turning cops and the tax collectors. It's bad for morale. The police are gonna resented. It's gonna distract them from their real criminals but here's the bigger point. There's no common sense. We live in a big crowded congested city. We're all on the call we live in that we live in New England six months of the year it's freaking freezing outside. That's why that's why I Jay walk. Because I don't want to freeze outside. And I'm sorry. But the phone and texting. It's just become part of life I mean I don't like to do it. I almost feel like an arrogant jerk among one of my so important I apple cup but that's just the nature of the world Brittany text me fifty times a day. As an example as my executive producer. And in all yours Jared there's people here at WRK all there's my family leaders I got sources everywhere reporters I'm not kidding is just. Next expects expects expects all day. That's that's why make a living. So this is just the reality of life you know witnesses. It's another blatant cash ground. It's bad for the police. It's bad for us are people who walk on the streets and it's bad for you and me. They wanna suck money sorry blood from a stone. They want your money. At all costs. 6172666868. Scott in Winfield go ahead Scott. But I do. I'm load driving instructor are gonna driving instructor in class and in the conference seventeen years. Do you know what the fine is the Jay walking and become more open masters is now isn't it 25 dollars no. There was one dollar. Hit a one dollar. And that's why the jaywalking Lar is never enforce. Now I'm not really concerned with suburbs. It over you Winfield horror Salem or Beverly your Manchester. By the seat. I'm unconcerned. With. Cities like Boston where people come off of the curb like a herd of cattle whether or not traffic is coming or not. And that there have been times and he didn't Salem during this is October area of time I have to travel from bill. I have watched maybe two congress get through a green light. Because people just cross the street on green light. Like our herd of cattle. And I think the one dollar fine is absolutely. Ridiculous. Now getting to the telephone part of it. I don't quite agree with that kind of apart I mean if you're watching the walk like you're not watching the walk lights. If you walk on the don't walk polite then you're subject to Jay walking and the only have a way you can Jay walk. Is if you cross a road and the as a crosswalk within thirty feet and you don't use it. Then you're jaywalking but the law is never enforced it's one dollar. Fee qualifying. Grab britney's telling me in my headphones. That it's you do it three times it's a taller the fourth time it's two dollars is that true. I don't know about a four time all all I know nodding your head up and down like yes OK fine it one dollar. I know that our stock register if I could make huge like Idaho governor or mayor for a day they came for a day. What do you think DJ walking fine should be would be a good respectable. You'll find it would act as a deterrent. I think I think the first defense should be. Want to buy books. And I and I think your QB and more I mean not not the whole state in general because. You know I mean you take up do you take an area like when can do no royals to Massachusetts that's way up in the center of the state. The amount of traffic in the Ralston is almost nil it's a one horse town I know because I almost summer camp that's out there. And I don't think Jay walking is an issue here it's more been the issue in Cambridge in all staying in boss. And mob boss and it's huge error it's got so you would go 25 there was second offense we would do 35. Well maybe baby second offense 35 and then that getting more serious. 75. Scott and thank you very much for that call of Gaza thank you for that call I appreciate it so Britney you're nodding your head up and down their first second and third. Is a dollar is a dollar bets that the fourth shutout 65 bucks to bucks. Toolbox yes now you tell me you find these. To the point that you fantasize about me be like. My auto wanna say running them over that's a bit strong. But like may be what the car lot like. I'll little like electors though just the management the car there just a little quick nudge now often aren't just he's no you do find D. J. White original. And I I don't like people. You know you're at a green light dividends crossing in front of Yale or when you're trying to cross I was at a crosswalk and people just flyby you like to where we work. Amazon's really got picked off before because people don't stop for people on the crosswalk I think that. I don't really agree with you know the hundred dollar fine Stewart and all signs and so what people have their cellphones out but I think people need to be. Cautious when they're crossing the street. And I also think that the drivers need to be careful as wild because people just. Dodge out and around the street are right so what you're saying is this you want the fines for jaywalking to be increased. What you wanted doubled because they're texting. The texting part is almost irrelevant. I just don't think that is going to be enforced it's never bad enforced so it's not going to be enforced now well if you put up to 25 or fifty dollars c'mon Jeff if the US. DuPont cops and every one hour sitting and every crosswalk sitting Malaga detailing kidding me that I don't have a more waste my what money ways I agree with Cuba hold undone but that's the thing about with these facts than I mean. They gonna have police now saying OK well what register said they raised the point five bucks. They go Jay walking 25 dollars will Brittany. Each was not a fault that you put Carter fall a mouse finally point five it's going to be fifty dollars. So I mean like. To meet you start having police in force whether you're texting or looking that your phone it's gonna be it's going to be a mess going to be amassed. I don't think that it's going to be enforced I don't think the cops really are our guy go for another thing I'd do it and I don't think is gonna be enforced I mean how have you been pulled over for texting while driving. I mean does that that enforce I don't actually drive. But beyond saying that there's a light can't text while driving really talk and you should really talk telephone when you're driving while Mike is that you know I do Bluetooth yeah I fine tooth. But did they enforce that. The texting and driving yeah I'm on a map that's the police I mean today I mean do they enforce texting while driving. There's it's illegal in Massachusetts the tax the dry. Now I don't text and drive I do talk on Bluetooth. Proud you can't even hold a cell phone to your ear right correct is and I really think yeah. So army I don't know how strictly the police are enforcing it. But what I find incredible is they just keep passing one law. After another after another after another how well we just enforce the existing laws on the books. Sank look. Treat me like any illegal. That's all I schooner forgive me. WRKO. Voice of Boston okay corner country as is our cost them. Because we don't we believe in accountable transparent government. State representative. Colleen Garry. She's the one that's pushing doubling the fine it's. For Jay walking while texting she wants fifty dollars. First offense a hundred dollars second offense 200 dollars third and subsequent offenses. A big time moan about it just can't get enough money out of you know she's from Drake hit. She wants to impose it on bull old state. Never call 61777223. AD letter and are you feel. Our she wants to keep racking up fines for you know just because you're texting and Jen walking. 6177722380. How I always say this if you take a look at a picture of a state rep Gary. She could use some Jay walking. Or frankly any kind of walked just won't. I'm just saying I think Doug could be one of the reasons why she has a lot of resentment against Jay walkers are just saying Britain. Donald in Boston go up. I I guess. I'm also the block the police really don't enforce traffic at all they don't enforce that unless there's. Assigned to go out right tickets for certain stops side streets except. The guys are so tired from working like a hundred hours a week. They don't want to get out there crude. So you're you're saying that we should really worry Arnold dividend date possibly as. The cops one enforcement now I've got to say I'm getting a lot of extra police officers. Saying that no Jeff we do in sports texting and driving good patient. Is Brittany. I don't know you do a lot of texting on the road no I don't what you said its voice activate. All right if you thought and caused major voice activation but only one and stop but I knows it's not right. But I always call people if some context now just call them and I always tell them like I'm driving and can't talk a Motorola rode (%expletive) alleys like call people. This anger pump and a lot of pecks my way to use it is storage as it is jab. Jeffords out and I want all around the office when you're still drive and because. Yes you slow getting here. Mickey in Weymouth I've got about a minute go ahead Mick. A Japanese. You know if they. Life is serious about the Clinton foundation. Go to Huffington Post of all places 2015. With eight indicated it's six isn't actually filing was going to be done by the Clinton foundation. For areas with reporting on foreign donations among other things but can't. There eventual tax litigation was hit by DLA piping which employs one Peter called me names sound familiar diplomats but rather that bomb. And what happened was they were allowed to refile six isn't taxes. To keep my prisons let me know or else that happened with huge gap or meet. I no I know where if you're Jay walking and you're looking at your phone wanna budget has suffered fifty bucks isn't how it works. Okay huge local scandals. Next don't touch that time. Voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD to lower.