Kuhner- Laura Ingraham joins Kuhner to disucss her new book "Billionaire at the Barricades"

The Kuhner Report
Friday, October 20th

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Welcome back. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up though liberal bull. And joining us now is Laura Ingle rom she's got a really rocking new book out I read it in two settings. Billionaire. At the barricades. The populist revolution. From Reagan to trump. Do we have Loring remind. Did he do Laura how are you and welcome to the corner report. Great to the end of shouting in my whole family separate science from bar and well. It's always great to come on man BM WR Eric legendary station and great to be out. Wonderful and by the way congratulations on your new show at Fox News. Our audience is behind you all the way Laura I'm gonna ask you obviously about your book. But just before I get to that I do one askew one question and I just wanna preface it by saying that I actually am a big fan of Bannon. And I agree with his strategy to primary. All of these rhino Republicans. But I want to ask you a question that I get a lot from some of my listeners. You can join forces with abandon at least regards Kelly ward. And what do you say to the argument. This if we start primary in all of these rhinos like Jeff flake and others. It's gonna lead to weight bloodletting in the Republican Party. And that ultimately the Democrats will benefit they will come up the middle. They will maybe win back the house win back the senate and that may lead to impeachment what do you say that element. Well I'm I'm not. And I've never had a challenger or incumbent that's not a not where I am. On the cape Jeff flake he's an entirely different matter I mean he's someone who did not even vote for Donald Trump. IT obviously it diametrically opposed to trump on the seminal issues of the day effect in New York economy. Which is on the immigration issue entree this year so. I'm 02 issues veterans are now they've county election outcome. Is that diametrically and it is diametrically opposed the hand and in Beaufort. So it's very well Harry are acceptable. Conservative populist presidency. If team members your own party. Are resisting. They keep our severe agenda rant about a block and number two I would say that the Republican Party really suffered the model. In the second bush term. Which is dissected and and and granular personal experience. Up in a second bush term and we locked house. We lost the senate and ultimately of course we lost the presidency here Barack Obama cell stack and pretty much we. A part you know everybody on the same side and the GOP's most are. And then George Bush come on and pushes the immigration amnesty idea which I helped defeat he pushed Harriet Miers on the Supreme Court which. Thankfully if you look helped defeat. And he kept turning out the trade deals like the Korean pre trade deal. Have celebrated mass the World Trade Organization. And we saw America well parity. Gradually. Charlie Rangel and the party nearly collapsed. And took our intent at all which has a key part in the attic they delivered their Republicans. Majority back out. And thank good hectic Coakley. Or able. Is that I'm not the Obama jam on all of that but I'm. So I think that the big party that big problem for the Republican team because the the establishment global GOP or what by the bush. Drag and attached doubling in the debt spending four trillion dollars in Iraq back into giving you life early trade deal would end up. Hurting middle America. Industrialized midwest. And thank thank goodness we have like trapped along and say that have to be this way anymore we should we should be pushing out help the average people. And we got to do things differently and now it's it's it's tumultuous and sometimes. A little brash and maybe tweets too much occasionally but. We now have a president who's remaking politics and am much more I think pragmatic fashion. And we needed. Laura do you support than his war on TV Republican establishment. I I think I would want to help lead the effort to unseat. Eric Cantor were at the opening in my book so I I've been asked that old on top. And I don't know what he's doing on some of these. Eight and I I have Dick curled up on the shot clock right by supporting Alley or street it. Mike fox show you know it's a quarter when you ran for John McCain aide that on I'm coming out I don't I don't believe I'm going to be. Part of now on C establishment. Deal I just have a different role now at the host a prime time shots are. We were taught we're talking with Laura Ingraham the author of billionaire at the barricades the populist revolution from Reagan to trump. Laura there is a fascinating story. I'll buy oats I am the wall and when members of congress especially Republicans here about Trump's wall. They start laughing out allow could Judas retell that story for the audience but I've. It was a numbers. The house freedom cockpit at council. Told me urgent that the story and and I decide shares at the basically. Behind closed doors on Capitol Hill. See our that they they'll run the party. Openly. Laughed both that the president. And is. We are gonna double ball up Brett whether or not let it port that the idea of building the wall and they laugh out loud. And say equivalent of so. Appliance sign App Store and all the other written in the book. That people think established law in November and they're just gonna go and did they get ticket in the marbles and go all of that out and work its. This battle for the future. Of the Republican Party has been going on in one form or another since 1970 sex. And Ronald Reagan was the first real instructor who took the country club Republicans. Rockefeller Republican Party. And chipped it up almost winning the nomination coming back in 1980 winning the presidency. Slapping tariffs on Japanese motorcycle import. Temporary tariffs on steel. And bringing hobbling the Republican Party together because of the Soviet threat everyone together back and that helped when he wrote gone. We get the bush is. HW. He loses a cannon bought Perot come along at Atlanta segued back at the party only upper rail. We gotta get back to represented a little. Not big corporations. Big business big big lobbyists big consultancy. But the people. And they've both. I really profound impact on American pop. And and and until trump we can really we didn't really have a conservative populist. Mindset which is that in my mind that Dominic. Strain of thinking in the Republican electorate we didn't have that well represented and certainly not by a Manila call out. Both parties which was fresh and only sixteen. Laura if there is a major theme. In your book. What do you think what's the major theme of the book. Political. Philosophy. It's time and debating. That nice cities says. Political flock that he is what. People spend a lot of time doing and think tanks and Washington. And it's about. Making life better for the average American when and if you're going to be governing the country. Your goal should not be how to leave. Export democracy to a country in the Natalie you're goal should be. How to lie. Deliver more power. To the people pop out of the people get empowered and how utterly utterly dis empower. The bureaucracy. In order for the average man to have more control over his his life. And if if you're not doing that again not really serve in the interest of the people you are you might be serving the interest that big pharma or. Or Goldman Sachs or the World Trade Organization but you're not really serving interest that the people. America will thrive and be prosperous. If our politicians. Are hold are held accountable. For how their policies actually a fact that national. Understanding may be at our historical understanding. It patriotism. Civic pride. Our ability to make a decent living even if we didn't you know get perfect scores aren't they cute and then go to and tickle Maine who we need to be held it. And have an economy that works for the average purse. So that that that is the dominant site and the in the in the country right now how. What is America today what does what does America mean to you today it just. It is just another country and a global order or is bill that that shining city on the hill that that deserves to. Be protected in conserve which has conservatism. Conserve America. So it's it's the fight is still between Italy. And the average person I think makes America text. And the book houses the narrative of this going all the way back Serb you know really next. And the silent majority all the way up to trump America first. And a populism as a wave of the future conservative let them in the winning a lot. Properly articulated implement it. Laura I know we're up against there on time but I just wanna ask you one final question what was the most surprising thing. That you discovered. When you researched and wrote his book what kind of stood out what's the what's sort of stood out at you when you were writing this book that just kind of surprised to Sharpton. Well I guess and looking back on hand and I'm on trial for thirteen years south. How fascinating or that aunt died from Manhattan grew up as if on a privilege. Could have a better handle on the hopes and dreams of the average American and then the professional politician in Washington. Who hadn't had been these so called expert and how to win election. And how one would when he didn't when he refused to apologize. Time and again I have to apologize orders and said and it wouldn't do any wouldn't do it because she knew that once it started apologizing. They would never let them stop apologize. So a billionaire. Is able to connect with the average working person. Better than. The bushes. Clinton. Aide Marco Rubio to kick cruises. That's pretty interest. We have been talking with Laura Ingram she's got her own show now on Fox News. She's got a book out I'm telling you it'll knock your socks off I rented in twos settings really well written full of fascinating information. And I think her thesis is spot on billionaire at the barricades the populist revolution from Reagan to trump. Laura I know people can get it on Amazon is there any other website that can get it from. Well it's it's great to support your local bookstores. We really need that gathering place for people to buy a book. Consume information. I've done a big supporter bookstores so bookstores in the best place to get it but of course Amazon or Barnes & Noble dot com. That at Wal-Mart Costco all the major retailers but it's it's an important historical. And personal take on the rise to the populist movement that also it's also gaining traction course across Europe but. Other than that that the big debate today you have to understand where it came I can come out of back. It'd been a long in the making. Laura if you don't mind me asking when does your show start officially. I'm October 30 at 10 PM eastern we're gonna have a lot out of going to be a little bit unpredictable. Of politics at the core but life is about more than politics so we're going to be exploring the challenges of parenting and and and technology. And the culture and Hollywood did all the rest though it's gonna it's gonna be a lot of fun we're going to be a lot of voices. Sitting issues at all. All interesting angle I think it's a kind of enjoy it and I hope lack. Now get out there you know laughed at the. I largest jury's gonna have my good friend Michael Savage John. Hello of course I. Gotta get you onto. A Laura I'd love to do illicit congratulations. By the way really. I I've read your books all of your books I've loved them but I think this one could be your crown jewel honestly congratulations. Phenomenal job. Laura Ingraham Fox News host a bestselling author. The book again billionaire at the barricades the populist revolution from Reagan to trumpet Laura. Keep up the good fight god bless you about what it might take care. 617. 2666868. Is the number. My friends. Itself it's an incredible book I'm telling you I loved it I I didn't read it I inhaled that. I urge all of you go out and buy it 6172666868. Barbara Walters. Is it time for her to apologize. Wonder why I mean by that. More of your calls that's though.