Kuhner- Kaepernick blames Trump for not being in the NFL anymore

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, October 17th

Colin Kaepernick claims he should be hired by an NFL team and the reason he hasn’t been hired is because of President Trump. Well, Hillary Clinton comes to his rescue and tells him to resist. 


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I think it's a terrible thing. And you know feel. Maybe should find a country that works better for him let him drive it won't happen. 136. Here on the great WRKO. You know my friends. What I think is awfully remarkable. And I think it really just shows how badly divided this country is. Where can mean it's there's one half of the country that's in reality. The conservative have to be candid. And the other the liberal or the left his top which lives on a different planet. Is how the left and the media. By the way led by Hillary Clinton unbelievably in my played the clip you're not gonna believe this very irritable leave it. They're turning coal improper and it. Into into a martyr. The guy who literally is now being turned into a progressive murder. And so I was you know he is the one. That began this trend which is now on the verge of maybe destroying the NFL the numbers are very bad ratings are down. Ticket prices are down 2030%. Stadiums in weeks six I've got the story right in front. I mean right here are you I'm staring at half empty stadiums. In. It's in games. Are cross the entire country you literally now have half empty stadiums. And so here you have a guy who started this tradition away every wanna call it this a sign of protest. By first he wanted to sit on the bench then he began Camille. And the reason why he was reeling. Was as he said he released the statement on this he will not stand any refuses to stand. For a full ride NM and firm. Then he says perpetuates racism and racial inequality. And police brutality in America. So he says I took me to protest the flag. The anthem and the country that it represents. And so now you have players either locking arms there Neil Lane and they've got the black power of a fist salute. Whatever it is it's now spreading like a cancer across the NFL. And this guy like Bober ball. This guy is claiming he's a victim. So. Nobody wants to hire him and I'll tell you walk in and it's really very simple he sucks. He's 34 years of age he was a backup at San Francisco when he played by the way was making a million dollars a game. Sixteen. Million dollars a year to literally sip his rear end on a bench. You know boy may have that's slavery at the somebody put the chains on me baby. If that's racism and oppression can somebody please oppress me I need some more of that kind of oppression beliefs but let that go. The guy Sox. He can't play he's a washed up husband. And on top of that. He becomes now a social justice warrior an all out activist. Although this guy doesn't now. Is disrupts your locker room disrupt your team. Billion nature fan base off course if you're an owner but it's toxic who wants a home. He can't play. And and on top of that he's gonna come in and literally stink up your team stink up walker Rohm and drive away the paying customers. I mean honestly if you're an owner I mean I know some of them are moon bats but even mourn Baskin read the bottom line. If you're an owner you more crazy hire this guy OK you're lunatic if you're higher discount. So now nobody wants you know you wonder why nobody wants. Well he's now gone all time. Instead of saying Gooden. May be it's mean. May be is my radical Muslim girlfriend. Who kept pushing me that they don't pick and Meehan pro as the America's evil and the cops or bore hole and police brutality and racism and racial inequality blah blah blah blah blah blah. Instead of saying maybe he. EU we were wrong maybe you know when you're making fifteen point nine million dollars a year in your basically sitting your rear end on a bench. We're known no other country in the world would allow that. No country would be that good to me but no. He's the aggrieved one he's. The victim. So what is the victim to listen to this he now has hired a hot shot lawyer Mark Geragos who by the way is not cheap. This guy you ought to pay is got a lot of money firm to be your lawyer. And so now he is filing a civil. He's filing a lawsuit. Claiming that the NFL. The owners are colluding against him. And then he's basically telling them they have to hire. You have to somebody's got to pick up my contract. And all of the owners seek claims are involving massive conspiracy they're polluting not hire him. And so he's demanding that somebody on the NFL hire him. And on top of that not only bad that they may must hire him because it is. He says ultimately in a statement released by his lawyer. He blames president trump. Had president trump not singled him out. I president trump not said that what he did was shameful and disgraceful. He says none of this would have happened to him. So in the end. They're real enemy is not him. It's not the in greats who weren't yelling for the National Anthem and disrespecting our flag Momo Momo oh. The ultimate bad guy the enemy is the president of the United States in all the guy who called him out. The guy who held them accountable. And that's all of this is taking place. You wanna see a brand blow up confronting your face the only one that's gonna faster is Harvey once. Okay I've never seen a guy or brand blow up that quickly but outside of Harvey Weinstein number two on the list is the National Football League. Or is all right the column the national felons. Because their their brand their popularity. Their ratings it is now dropping like in stone. Soul who writes the calling cropper next rescue. Who got a Hillary rotten. Listen now pick Hillary. I asked about Colin cropper and a I she's plug in her book by the way she broke her role she fell down some stairs she's in crutches she has a ball. But anyway it doesn't matter which the crouch is wit a bolt. Dare she is. Saying. I stand with colon resist resist resist. Because this is not ultimately about racism non all it's about standing up to the evil trump. Roll it Britain. So you have to resist what are very clear. What we call dog whistles that base. That's what the black athletes kneeling with about that was not. Against stark and them or our flag that was actually kneeling as a reference position. It was too. Demonstrate. In a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal just. I think it would be a grave error for Democrats. To receive. From those fights and so therefore we have to stand up fight back resist. Fight back resist resist resist so what she's basically admitting. Is that the leftist politicizing the NFL. He's openly now admitting. What the left is now doing with liberals wanna do is they wanna bring their ideology and politicize the NFL. Politicize and two words what to a post romp. To a post romped to a post Trump's agenda. Because god forbid you should call out spoiled multimillionaire athletes who disrespect our flag because you see when baked cake and meal. It's reverence. You get. When they take it means not own. Their respecting. When they don't stand. And put the helmet under their left arm as they're told to do when the rule book and put their right hand on their heart when they just stand so when they just meal. That's a very reverential position. Mole they're respecting the flag. They're respecting the National Anthem and what the hell's wrong with you guys it's the c'mon now so you look. When they take a dump on the flag. Mole. When I go to the toilet. That's when I'm most authentic and troll and realtor myself. That's their real need that's coming out of mean. OK so one I'm dumping on the flag. I'm not disrespecting. The flag. I'm respecting the flag. Stock I his former African respect. You people. So upset over. So why Nicole I mean just to show you how ridiculous this is we have Colin crap predicts that. I will not stand why would you not stand. Because I cannot stand for a flat and an anthem and a country. That it represents which engages in racism and oppression of all kinds of minorities and get an excuse is police brutality. So he's telling you to your freaking face. That I will not respect the country the anthem and the flag. And they're trying to tell us no no it's reverential. There's an old Russian saying. Don't pee on my back and call it rained. They don't stand there and appeal way urinate on my Bowker in this case the flag and tell me it's just ring. OK I know you think we deplore bulls are still open but we're not that stupid. 6172666868. So. When trump found out yesterday at a press conference. That Hillary Clinton. Actually endorse is calling crap. And actually supports all of these athletes. Insulting. Degrading and spitting. On our flag and them and those that fought and died for. Listen to what he says it's. Why Colorado Hillary her transition going there and I hope Hillary please run again I had. That's not it plays I thought I would be saying you think bad arguments gonna fly. You know with people who have their heads and mines tethered to reality I don't think so. Us in the normal world. We know what in Neil means. We know what blocking arms means. We know what raising the black power salute fist means. We know what a sitting on the bench means. Seoul. Now as for his first amendment rights OK when we destroy that argument and I'll take your calls. No one says he doesn't have a right to do it. They keep saying this over and over again as if somehow they're making some kind of grand point it's just they don't want us to be offended. You see if you listen to Hillary's. The cut that I played if Hillary what is she sent why anything offended by this. Like you shouldn't be offended. Well hold on he has the right to be offensive. But I don't have the right to be offended. In other words. You want me to believe you and not my ice. So it's very simple. You wanna Neil Neil. You wanna sit sipped. You wanna raise a black power salute you want out of me I'll lock arms held you don't want to show up for the anthem of that's too much for you guys stay in the freak in the locker room. I'm not kidding. Guys you want a more. And the flag from the sidelines that's what you guys wanna do I'm telling you go ahead and doing it. Don't blame us for not born of the games. Don't blame us for turning the dial because we have that right to. I was not a dictatorship at least not yet now furthermore. These guys can't even haul in the end zone when they score a touchdown. They can't dance in the end zone. There are a million and one things they can't Wear decals. They can't Wear stick where is they can't. Vick can't express themselves in a million different ways they're owners say that's very blunt and forbidden. So I only get the strength. These guys can give the middle finger. These got everybody forgot in theory they can't give the middle finger. They can pop they can't dance they can't Wear decals that can't Wear stickers they can't do all sorts of things on the field. But it's okay to kneel against the flood. When you mean don't somehow it's fascism to come to stand up. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. If they can control and regulate their field their behavior in uniform on field. On all sorts of things. Why not healing for the flag. Now final point. I played the clip I don't wanna play the genders and only. When the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers Cam Newton. I recently made a ridiculous stupid sexist joke. A body female reporter asked him questions about the routes. That he was throwing to some of his receivers. And he said oh you're a girl or whatever your woman or rephrase that you're talking in football language and he was giggling and laughing. Everybody condemns him. His coach the owner the league Roger Goodell the entire media everybody condemned him. In fact they forced him to issue a public apology. Whoa whoa whoa. What about a trigger a speech. Guys you're rules my mind. So the players can mule. They can spit and dump on the flag on the anthem on those that fought and died for this country that's okay. But you can't crack a joke. None of them and how come nobody was rushing to defend his free speech rights when it goes up against political correctness. Job. Sometimes when it suits you when it's bashing America when it bashing patriotism. When it's bashing the military. Dan you're OK with that kind of speech. But if it goes against political correctness. Nona and on all there's a word for that it's called hypocrite. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask you this. Hillary Clinton now picks up the cause of colon crap when it. Why is the left turning him into a progressive martyr will be his blow up in their face. And that's cropper and have the right to sue the NFL. For collusion. Do they all this guy I stinking contract. I say known what do you say hell yeah. When you take your name was she well that's why she lost the election. I mean honestly set thinking that is the reason she lost the election. When you go down. And taken me or any other way you're sitting essentially. For our great national let them get disrespecting our flag. And you're disrespecting our country. Trop yesterday at his press conference. A 1000%. Correct. About Hillary now supporting colon crap for next. And now saying believe it or not this is he C. They don't bet they're trying to prevent the country from being offended the media genie is already left the bottle okay the trains left the station. But they're so desperate now to stop an emerging. Mole hole all pitching in meat during the phantom that's not disrespectful. It's respect poll. OK so your element of doing now Obama getting forget it what now and become a liberal. What I wanna go see this a political seat fell medicine to station manager. I was gonna more now what now what now so I felt I won no felt. I'm not disrespecting you know I'm respecting you better get will do it to the PD Michael Camara the media.