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Friday, October 20th

What do you make of Gen. Kelly’s comments yesterday? 


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Congress while men Federico will send off apologize. For politicizing. The death. Of the slaying sergeant led David Johnson. My friends this story just continues to grow and grow and grow. And now general Jim Kelly himself general Kelley has now weighed in Trump's chief of staff. And so in a remarkable. Absolutely remarkable press conference yesterday. He was asked about it. Frederico Wilson's claim the congress woman's claim that trump was supposedly in sensitive. And showed no empathy. In remarks that he made to the widow. Of Sargent Johnson. Who was killed ambushed by ices terrorists. In major air. And so trump called all four of the gold star families for green berets were killed. In the call to the U widow a mesh yet Johnson. In that car. For whatever reason were her and her mother. The commissioner of Miami Dade. And congresswoman. Frederica. Johnson. She then he immediately. Started calling up CNN. MSNBC. ABC CBS. NBC. You name it everybody. Saying that trump had this respected the widow. This respected sergeant Johnson. Disrespected. The family that in fact you sold cold hearted she says she questions whether he has a brain disorder. And she has been making them media rounds ever cents. General Kelley who lost a son himself. In Afghanistan. In 2000 and then. Set the record straight. Listen. To Louise un believable press conference. Where I mean he just. He guided. Congresswoman Wilson like a fish. Role at Brittany. So he called for people live there and express his condolences to the best way that he could. He said to me. Would always say. I sit to ensure there's nothing you can do lighten the burden. On the shelves. We'll hear what I kill. Mort let me tell you my best friend. Jordan who told me. She's my casualty officer. You should kill. He was doing. Exactly. What he wanted to do. When he was killed. He knew views get into. Quite join in America that 1%. You know what the possibilities for because we're at war. And when he died. And before cases were talking more and I assure my son's case in Afghanistan. When he died you're surrounded by the best men. On this earth his friends. That's what the president. Tried to say too fat to force families the other day. I was stunned. When I came to work yesterday morning and broken hearted. At what eyesore a member of congress doing. Member of congress who. Listened in on a phone call from the press United States to a young wife. And in his way try to express. That opinion. There's a brave men. Fallen hero. He knew he was getting himself into because he enlisted there's no reason list view what's. News where he wanted to be. Exactly where he wanted to be was exactly the people he wanted to be worth when his wife was taken that was the message. That was a message that was transmitted. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on a conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was safer. No it's not. The hack by the way my mistake I said Jim Kelly obviously it's general John Kelly might my back. The general John Kelly is ease a 1000% correct. In fact I played that one I rarely play clips over and over again that when I played maybe five or six times last night. It was so from the heart. It was from not just a military man and a general. I'm not obviously just an and the chief of staff who was there in the room with the president when he made the call. Who in fact says look you know president trump asked me. What do you say he goes by a prelude to what you know what I was told. That's we signed up for. And there were other witnesses there we said I don't know what this woman is talking about that somehow he meant that in a malicious way or an insensitive way Europe. Cold hearted way or he's some kind of a monster who was just want to stick it to the widow work somehow blame I sergeant Johnson as the liberal media now is claiming. Think he's somehow bore sole responsibility. For his death. That's not at all which dropped meant and that's not at all what he said and that's not all what he delivered. And so when he says you know how we don't. How could somebody even dubious. Even try to politicize this. Welcome to little welcome to trumped arrangements central that's how the liberals role. And he makes the meal brilliant point I mean general Kelley I thought was spot on. He makes an absolutely brilliant point. What the hell was she doing listening in on the phone call anyway. I mean I want you think oh I'm sorry OK but I want you to think about this forget that he served this country. Effect forget but he served with honor and bravery and distinction OK leave all of that alone. Led bad goal as I would say. You do Foster spokes. You just lost your spouse. You've got two children and a third one on the way. The president gives you a call. To offer his condolences. On the death of your husband in this case. What I was a purse are a member of congress doing listening on a phone call. It's none of her business. It's the most. Intimate. Call you can possibly make. And so. My reaction. Honestly when I when I heard this was. Boom. Dropped the Mike. If it's over just nothing left to say. Now. But Frederica Johnson isn't done. Because this is now how the liberals are role. Now everything and anything including the death of soldiers must be exploited and politicized. To try to smeared Donald Trump. So listen now to her. After Kelly. Completely and utterly humiliate and eviscerate sir. Listen now to her response. Roll it Brittany yeah. That is absolutely the moment it's my kids that I'm a rock star now. It's a sick woman. If nobody else has the guts to say it I'm gonna say this is a mentally ill woman. Are this woman know really how this woman is a member of congress is aptly be on. So there she is what are ridiculous cowboy hat Porter ridiculous glasses on as usual for that I'll likable formed like a clown. She's the one making the rounds doing interview after interview after interview. Trying to politicize this turning innocent of that one of the greatest scandals of the trump administration. And then when she's obsolete called out on it like why they pick a nominee. Welcome to pick on me because you're the one that's making a big thing out of this story. Little wonder is one around got to CNN MSNBC. To the entire mainstream media. I shall not listened in on that phone call I completely misconstrued it I think deliberately but let that go. Then I had you not run your mouth off to the media. None of this what happened. How does this help the widow. How does this help her two children and the third one on the way. This woman all she cares about is getting her face and that ridiculous cowboy hat Mimi Maxine. Out in front of the cameras. And so. In response now to the savage. Ops so locally savage barbaric attack on trumped by the media. A gold star firmly widow a gold star widow. By the name of Natasha. Alan Carr Obama pronouncing that correctly. 'cause decided to release the audio of a phone conversation. That she had with president trump just in April. About the death of her husband who was killed in Afghanistan. The audio it's a little bit too rough and a little bit raw. But she wanted to release it so the American public could understand. That ball monster. That the media are trying to perch ray of trump. That this congresswoman. Meaning Maxine is trying to portray of trump is the exact opposite of the truth. Listen now to the audio released by a gold star widow net cash. Alan Carr roll it Brittany. He birdied. Horrible. I thank you I'm president tackles let the very kind. Man. Yeah he's a husband and measles. I couldn't eat more out I'm. I am right now surge has been view. What does it look it. Yeah beautiful. And yes he's as well how bad and I am. I'm glad she got it in a little bit about the end of violence there. My husband is to me when he wrote to us that you get eighteen years actually. I went out and it's funny that 1815. Well and for my friends at Allen and optimism. But also an all out. Well yes and now like the world if he I also think you really appreciate. It. Cute. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Does this sound to you who are you just heard this. You know I don't want to really I wanna thank her for releasing. Because you combined that would general Kelley and I'm not only does it destroy the entire narrative again but you know what it really shows. How desperate how twist it how perverted the media have become. That they are now willing to show twist and distort what happened. And this conversation. In there upsets. A mad. Are almost hate driven demonic obsession really it's almost demonic it's almost diabolical. To bring the president down it's really sick it's pathological. When you listen to him speaking to that woman I don't hero monster. I don't here's some cold hearted guy. Who. It would can't stand to win oh and is you know. Mocking dam or completely and utterly in different or has no empathy or sympathy. I hear the exact opposite. He's awkward. You don't know what to say he's trying to be consoling. He's trying to let her know that her husband was a hero that we appreciated that we're thankful. You talk about the kids you want them to think about moving forward playing football getting on with their lives knowing that their dad was a hero. I'll tell you this. I'll tell you this. I'll betcha dollars to donuts Obama was nowhere near as compassionate or sensitive or in profit as president trump. And I'll tell you something else. President trump you can say whatever you want about him. Is the only president the only one. Who actually so far has attempted to call the gold star families. Of everybody who is the height. Every gold star widow or widow work he has attempted to call. And he's the one who lacks compassion. I enough. Is that enough. 6172666868. What's your reaction to be general. John Kelly press conference. And the audio now being released by the gold star win O does this put this scandal to an end. 617266. It's. It's. Stuns me but remember congress. Listened in that position. Absolutely storms and I thought. At least that would suit. And that. That is absolutely good moment at the to have my kids that I won't start now. This woman sick. Congresswoman Wilson I'm telling you this woman is a second woman she's absolutely shameless mean and this is now would go left is now lionized thing. CNN is now saying she's are ending up. Being the public enemy number one they now say to president Donald Trump this this. Is where your putting up against the president. I guy guy. 61706. X 6868. Lines are loaded let's go to CJ in Boston going head seizure. And that they can my culture my pleasure it is former combat veteran just let me tell you. And that any better listen to their compensation. Would not be sent by their compensation. I just wanna just look back what they might look at look at Shalit deal. The the left has nothing better to do that couldn't get picked. On every thing Donald Trump said as president from. And object to get an Art Shell like the mainstream media and the liberal left eight history and so much. One reason. Donald Trump can not eat while. I think you're right CJ look at they can't control. They can't stand his agenda. He's against the new world order he's against globalism. He wants to drain the swamp. He wants to overturn the establishment that's of them he threatens their power he threatens their control he threatens their wealth. And so now they're out to literally destroy this guy. And if it means now per averting twisting manipulating. Even what is being said. To the widows of slain soldiers of heroes that's what they're gonna do. And by the way siege I wanna thank you for your service. I love all you guys you know that I love you vets you know and I just wanna say one more quick thing. You know. Look please don't get me wrong the events are the best of the best and I agree with Kelly when he characterized them as the 1%. During the real 1%. The ones who volunteer. To fight and die potentially for our country. But you know the president and everybody knows this is kind of an unbelievably. Busy schedule. I mean when you just objectively he's got to deal with taxes he's got health care he's got the budget reportedly what's his days like. He's got North Korea is body Ron he's got China he's not acting he's got Russia Scott. A trade with Canada trade with Mexico we got illegal immigration he's got I think. He's got education he's got I mean literally every five minutes of his day. Is parceled out. That's how busy year it's. For this guy. To be working 20/20 two hour dates. And saying no I'm when I called these vets a forgive me the that these gold star families I'm gonna call the people who. You'll sacrifice made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation common called the widows or the widow worse I don't care how make it happen. And so now we're gonna get in too well. He said he signed up for he knew what he signed up for it still hurts and it's the way he delivered it and I don't like the way he set a time. The way I interpreted as it was it's all paying and are you kidding me. Oh really are you kidding me. Pony in Marlboro go ahead don't. Yup and I want to thank you are fighting back at. Refreshing that everything can stand. Even more disappointed and then the committee anyway and what this. The congresswoman said. Is the fact that. Add me if you can be reelected now and she. If people I get what she said believe and that and there late. It's growth that Americans with reporter in and that. In that position as a congresswoman to begin work she got it is incredibly. Unqualified. It and it's it's sickening that she. Got into that that Americans. Voted her in there in the first. Tony I'm amber thank you for that call I'm serious now has a heart attack. I think we need to have an IQ test for members of congress and I think we also need the public a mental stability test. I know I really do. I think you have to be sane and I think you have to have a bare minimum I Q if you wanna be a member of congress. And so my recommendation the congresswoman Wilson. Is one or two take a walk in Arlington national cemetery. Really why don't you see what the sacrifices others have made for you know gold there which you're ridiculous cowboy out and flop your mouth off. And instead of going around calling myself for rock star. Especially coming from a woman who has voted against veterans and veterans' benefits repeatedly for years. And the media is a why am I using her. Trump was right. 1238 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends this scandal. Just grows and grows and grows so now Don lemon at CNN. Now claims listened and as that trump had the send out general John Kelly. Two weeks huge quote unquote trumps bad behavior. In other words really at this point it doesn't matter what you say. Trumpet is evil trump is a monster. Trumpet is a cold hearted trump is insensitive. I want trump calls up the widows of slain soldiers. Especially if they happened to be minorities. Then it's racism and there he just doesn't care. As so what the facts are it doesn't matter it's just burn him down. Listen now. To John Kelly again. Tim mean in one of the most. Riveting. From the heart visceral press conferences. I've ever heard listened to him say really. I enough. Is enough. Roll it Britney. So he called for people the other day and express. His condolences to the best way that he could. He said to me. What Royce today. I sit to ensure there's nothing you can do lighten the burden. On the shelves. We'll hear what I tell. Mort let me tell you my best friend. Jordan who told me. She was my casualty officer. You should show. He was doing. Exactly. What he wanted to do. When he was killed. He knew views get into. Quite join in the mirror that 1%. You know what the possibilities for because we're at war. And when he died. And before cases were talking more and I assure my son's case in Afghanistan. Where he died you're surrounded by the best men. On this earth his friends. That's what the president. Tried to say too fat to force families the other day. I was stunned. When I came to work yesterday morning in broken hearted. At what eyesore a member of congress doing. Member of congress who. Listened in on a phone call from the press United States were young point. And in his way try to express. That opinion. It's a brave men. Fallen hero. He knew he was getting himself into because she enlisted there's no reason list view what's. News where he wanted to be. Exactly where he wanted to be was exactly the people he wanted to be worth when his wife was taken that was the message. That was a message that was transmitted. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on a conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was safer. Boone. Drop a Mike I just I just took my microphone. That's to me that's just doesn't drop a Mike. That's it there's not there's nothing else to say. And Timmy it's the last slide played the last line again. It's the last line. Dots the one I have to tell you the truth that's the one I think cuts the deepest level. It's stuns me that a member of congress who listened in on a conversation. Absolutely stuns me. And I thought. At least that was safer. No. Nothing is sacred anymore for the left. And the liberals. In their attempt to destroy trump at all costs. Nothing. Nothing. Like I'm not kidding every day you say just when you think the media and the left could not go any lower Bigelow our. They go lower. To meet here's what I'm thinking. This young man is dead. He was killed by ice is terrorists ambushed along with three of his other fellow Brothers green berets in my share. I'm thinking this poor young wife as got two children a third one on the way she's pregnant how she's gonna take care for children. They don't have a father. Personal role model in the Alps. Who's gonna be there to provide for them to protect for them to be there for them in all of their crucial moments in life. And this congresswoman Hayworth a three RT what else she doing in the car to begin with is BR but let that go. You're listening in on one of the most private intimate calls you can out. And then you're shorting your mouth off trying to politicize it and every turn. I said this yesterday I'm gonna say it again because the left has not been able to refute this charge. Have you no decency left really. I'm Donald decency. Let me tell you this. The worst thing. I can ever befall a child. Is to lose their mother or their father. When they're young. When they're young when they're older precious the way it is striking if you're lucky if you're lucky. Your parents pass away before you. When Derek you know older and you're older and it's it's almost part of being an adult you have to eventually say goodbye to your parents. But when you're talking about kids that are 24. In one case where Charlie has been born yet. And never gonna see your father again. And all the media can do. All CNN and the New York Times and MSNBC. And all old rotten bunch. Anderson Cooper and Don Black hole lemon and he'd just run down at Humpty Dumpty Brian stealth third bad guy. Every single one of them Rachel madcow. Softball lobbed softball Chris Matthews all of them all of all they can do is put this dom meaning Maxine disputed this rodeo clown what a cowboy GAAP. Going my English French. Back in its. But apparently. Yelling and screaming and Alec are you serious. So even a dead soldier I hero. And a widow in her most vulnerable moment even now is not sacred. If that's not sacred I'm telling you right now nothingness. 6172666868. Mike in Newton Europe next thanks for holding go ahead Mike. NHL I might. You know that sort saw this woman on TV cowboy at a graduate or bust up with happy trails field. Feel like you elements. The general. Amendment and the first agree. He spoke and I. I would add people told me webpart outcry to always or anything. That you talked about where they'll be so great. He he worked. It would store already worked a total. Man. I know exactly what you mean like a minute he would join what you want it to two it was sure to check out well. To pick up option. Endorsement of our country. With the home all that you may not come back they would come back at different person. Was what he wanted to dole. An American hero that was mr. Joseph. Thank you Mike and again thank you for your service 6172666868. Let's pardon me Britney. OK let me just one quick point I wanna continue obviously with the with your calls. Leave aside the keys a hero. Just for for the sake of argument. Leave aside that he's a soldier. Leave aside he was ambushed by ice is just if you can just let that go put that off the table. A firefighter. A police officer. Whatever. You go to the funeral. Died in action. Shocked killed let's say by a gang banger or a firefighter going into a burning building and dying OK it happens. You meet the widow. You put your arms around her and you say. At least he died doing what he loved to do at least he died doing what he wanted to do. Now for you to look at that. And take that as an insult you're sick person. Because the implication is longer school. Am aren't very very he died while doing what he wanted to do. Thought his head bears responsibility. For it does I'm like months I'll leave. Oh it's speaks literally it's one of the most comforting things to me you can tell somebody. Look I know you're grieving and we are hard shattered I know your think. It was gonna take care of the kids who can't take Jeremy what's gonna happen to west almighty god the love of my life is gone everything's racing through your head. But the comfort you to stay do you. In your darkest hour. At least know it was in pointless or senseless. He want it to be a firefighter. It's the kind that guy he wants. When everybody runs out of a burning building he was going Ian. When everybody's running from the gang bangers he's running in. He wanted to serve and protect. That's the kind that guy he wants that's the man or in many cases now the woman that you marry. In other words it's a tribute. It's to say almost help you say hey you know what. I can lighten the burden is lighter now. I can carry this cross a little easier now. Because she was that kind of a man. And you or woman and he was that special. And you know what I can tell my kids that daddy was a firefighter. Daddy was a police officer. Daddy died trying to serve and protect others. That's the kind of man you or father once that's been named that you carry. Now for you to stand there and saying all. Insurance shooting and how could you show he's not you have a brain disorder you're cold hearted or even worse. To be honest with you. I've man lost the sun as well general Kelley. Lost his boy in Afghanistan. You can hear his voice that's I want the most moving product without tears I I've I rarely watch I read or watch a clip. I go okay where do that story tomorrow move on. I watched it again and again and again. Because it was right from the depths of his soul. What he's saying is I lost my boy. President gives you call. The most intimate moment you can hats the commander in chief. Why because he sent to my boy into action. By the way or Obama never called Kelly. Never called Val gold star family the dear leader would make that call now I'm not blaming him. Get a thousand people dead under his watch and Afghanistan he can't possibly call everybody but my point is this president did. He went that extra from mild. Out of respect. For those that serve our country and those that die. He's the bad. Liberalism. Is a mental disorder mana. Or this now needs to be said. You Frederico Wilson. You'll Don lemon. You'll Rachel madcow. Really from the bottom of my heart. In Belmont go ahead Larry. Yeah. I can't speak from my two Brothers but all three of us are better and we all made it home. I've seen them post for a Brothers on the subject and marriages are limited by. But I wanted to hit a couple points first before you won your first break. You ask the question now that general Kelley is come out what that it well. We have concrete proof. It Russia colluded with the clintons and not trump but they won't let it die they can. They looked at. I want to remain vigilant he can come of the connection. Cindy Sheehan and mr. Conn. That would that widow trying to make her demeanor and user pop. To replace at least two for bashing bush back in the day and then trump during the DNC convention up to the election they can't at a. You're saying because they're selling ST in bringing trump now they're selling best and bring him down I carry her. The reverend. Martin Luther canker right up from the dead show up at the press conference and say that trump is an honorable. Not a racist. Very good man. They would call him uncle Tom the next day just like they don't in general Kelley now caught in Malaysia. I cannot. Larry who invested in the deranged and Larry if you don't mind me asking wordage user. I Serbs from 8892. I get a score and the first gulf war in dot Iran Turkey much snow as well Allah support out of mechanic on an aircraft. And it after the war had ended can we just pound individual quality. I don't mind not there at all but I did my air force time by two Brothers served there were electric in the Air Force's mouth. Between the pre let at 65 years the Cirque. Larry can you do me a big favor. Any time the next time you call my show just please don't call me sir call me Jeff. I called sir you don't call me Jack creation or you'll call me sir I called him. Larry chip thank you for your service and thank your Brothers for media cycle wonderful family god bless you want to do. Just just all call me center. You didn't all windows like Brothers for we thank them for their service as well. God bless you Larry good care. But by. Number yeah I look at these guys they put their lives on the line and they're calling me server not all I call you sir. Don't call me sir I never risk my life for this country isn't it true heroes I'm just the guy behind a microphone. Nolan in the can be squeezed Nolan Nolan 45 seconds. All that Jeff real quick on my request he knew it would bring the congresswoman in. In confront with what she oh taken aback by in that conversation. And then present her with you what the art of audio clip that future. And then ask her again if she come up with this same excuse that it's appalling. An actor to resign. On the year and yet millions of listeners. And get your chance to. Essentially. At acute self from her responsibility. But I think you need to do. The Nolan I ask and you shall receive Brittany let's give her office a call. And let's get better rodeo clown on the air next week. For let's get it done OK both thin and Laura Ingram next gold touched that's idol the voice of Boston. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 W.