Kuhner - Frederica Wilson says Niger will be "Trump's Benghazi"

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, October 19th

Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who has been at the eye of the storm surrounding President Trump's "Insensitive" phone call to La David Wilson's widow, goes full Trump Derangement Syndrome in a phone interview with "The View," where she say Niger is "Trump's Benghazi." This is where Jeff starts calling her "Mini-Maxine."


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A coroner report. Presented by Kelly financial services you. Zero complete news from the liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. Is that could erupt course. Our goal liberal media off the blaze. Go race cars you knew it was coming my friends. Just when you thought the mainstream media literally could not go any lower. They just gave. And soul led by CNN. MS Graf BC they are all now claiming. That the reason why. I allegedly. President trump was insensitive. Was disrespectful. To be widow all of the slain soldier. Sergeant led David Johnson. Was because you'll guess that. They're African American they're black. And so CNN in a new low for them I swear to you that you couldn't make this stuff up. All day yesterday into this morning key lol mean and lol mean and law opening. The pictures of a man she had Johnson the win all of sergeant Johnson. Crying. Over draped coffin I gotta say really is heartbreaking when you see it. Are crying over a draped coffin. And they keep looping it and looping it and hoping it. I Ziff president trump is the blame. As if somehow president trump is responsible. For the death. A sergeant Johnson and three other green berets who were ambushed by ice is on patrol. In the African country of nice share. And not only are they playing the race card on that front what is even more despicable. It's now they're interviewing. White widows of slain soldiers. Who said all we got phone calls from president trumping he was warm and gracious and courteous and so of course the implication is split screen. There is the widow crying and of sergeant Johnson. What happens to be black and of course the white widows were given great respectful treatment by the president and other words. White soldiers wipe widows trump loves them if they happened to be minority or people of color trump this respects them. You know I've got to say this my friends. I knew the media was evil I really did. And I know that when trump came out and said the mainstream media is the enemy of the American people. It was at fur shocking and there are some good journalists. I cited him yesterday John Solomon on the hill Sara Carter and others. Who are doing really good work. But I gotta tell you. Those that are now exploiting. The death. A sergeant Johnson. To simply score political points to try to demonize Strom really are now earning that epithet. They really are showing. That they are nothing more then sick. Twisted the brave partisans. Who are willing to pervert anything. In order now to destroy and bring down trop. Even to exploit the death of a hero. Like sergeant Johnson. And the grief. And and and heartbreak. Of the widow and of the family. And so I want to Walter just think about this for second okay. Here is a president. Who has done something that no other president has done not Obama not bush not Clinton not George H. W. Bush. He has tried to go out of his way to call every gold star family. Every single one of them every single one album. Obama didn't. I'm not blaming him dished young people died in Afghanistan you physically you cannot call. Every person who died or was killed in combat you just can't. Bush didn't again I don't blame me just can't. Soul most often they wrote letters. Again which is fine we'll get me wrong I'm not criticizing. I'm just stating a fact. But here he is going out of his way to try to call every member of a gold star family. To express his condolences. It's condolences. To thank them for their service their sacrifice and their bravery. And now this is being used against him. And the only way the only way. That you can possibly try to turn. In five minute call. In which the president of the United States. Says it's too late widow. This. Is what he signed up for and I know it hurts anyway. It doesn't matter that he signed up for it it's still hurts anyway. The only way you can twist and distort and pervert thought. In this somehow meaning as the media now and the Democrats are trying to claim. That while he built we bear sole responsibility. Sergeant Johnson bears sole responsibility for one out today is signed up for it like off. It got what he deserved. You have to really be blinded by your hatred for trump. You have to really knock it seriously you wanna you have to really try to sell to the American people. That this man in the White House is a socio profit. Evil monster. An absolute monster. And if that's the case. How come no one else has complained. How come they're all coming out. It doesn't matter what their background is white Hispanic black saying. President trump called us he was very respectful on the phone you could feel how much it meant to him. How much how sorry he was he was courteous he was warm he was gracious he was and they are sympathetic. So how come now all of a sudden. You're trying to turn one phone call and listen to this. It's not even the call. The congresswoman who was in the car with the widow what she was doing there is beyond me but let that go OK she's basically meaning Maxine. It congresswoman. Frederica Wilson she's basically a mini Maxine. It's she's Maxine Waters what do cowboy hat that's it that's Ritchie it's. A rabid never trump. Who has been calling for Trump's impeachment since March. Always called him a racist a big get to call them every name in the book. She uses a one man who refused to even go to his inaugural. So she has a political agenda to bring this president down she's not objective and all of us. She's in the car and she even admits. That she didn't hear the whole five minute conversation. But she just heard the one part one part. Where he says allegedly which he disputes and is this is stopped disputes because they overheard the conversation but let that go for the sake of argument. Where he says you know it's what he signed up for but it's still hearts and it doesn't change the fact that it hurts. And she says she claimed she heard that part of the conversation but she didn't hear much else that was on speakerphone. And from fact. She's the one she's the one that runs the CNN. Runs that MSNBC. Rise to the New York Times and says he does this respected the widow. He's disrespecting what David Sargent let David Johnson. He's the one that he's cold hearted he's an animal he's got no feelings. He's insensitive. This guy is a complete socio pop she smearing him and calling them every name in the book. You're the one that ran out to the media. Hewitt could even hear the whole conversation. You're having heard a whole context. So if you don't even know all the contacts and you can even listen to the full five minutes lady what are you doing flopping are now. But now it's getting even worse. It's getting even worse. You wanna talk about the fever swamps and mark my words my friends let me tell you what's gonna happen Oca. Today 1214. You can hold me to you oldest you'll meet two. Trump will win reelection. My sane again. Donald. 20/20. Because trumpeted the arrangements syndrome is going to bring down the Democratic Party and bring down the left. Because they are now behaving in such an irrational. Frankly insane unhinged fashion. That the country's gonna say whatever we think about trump those guys on the other side they're really nuts. Now it is taking off. Led by Frederica. Wilson congresswoman Wilson. That the death of led David Johnson sergeant Johnson. Each trumps. Ben Ghazi. I swear to you. She saying it. The Democrats are saying it CNN is now repeating it it's like an echo chamber. Here. Is congresswoman Wilson. On the view. And the whole audience listened to them just you dropped word she says this. Is trumps. Ben Ghazi. Role I. I want to know implemented trump. I completely Dana good. India once and a lamp 100 found what they tell me it's a damn good and got him out once. And a half I thought I didn't want. I have weapon. Good then that's okay and what happened after what. Interruption well. And kill them. It's convenient to try and then god he can't because. Thanks and yeah. It ended it I think I'm home yeah. It. A. I told you she's Maxine Waters when it well boy that. And it's look you know there are building clones of Maxine Waters. This is one of the first cloned but just didn't work partner in hand and I've kind of malfunctioning. And they said it's a cowboy hat and wrap. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson. He you'll get crazier and its. Okay Iceland where to begin. What cover up. You're alone you and the. Rented the media I'd say he is respected as sergeant Johnson's family and the widow and everybody. The only person that made a big story out of this was no. So what distraction from Niger air what happened I'm 0101. That ran to the media trump all. OK so that's point number one point number two. I don't know how to say this. Lady but this is not pretty obvious fact. They were on patrol. With military forces from the government of my chair. Hunt being. Ice is terrorists. Soldiers die in war. I'm so I don't know what to tell you. I just I don't know what else the U. I mean they were there at the invitation of the Nigerian government they needed help they're fighting an Islamist insurgency. And so they were there. And they were ambushed. Now why did they have the heart you know the armored vehicles etc. Well because they were kind of in the mountains and in other words that armored vehicles couldn't fit that's number one. But you don't since your mentioning about finding and everything. Who do you think he guided the military. Congresswoman Wilson mini Maxine. The dear leader stupidly. Bid earlier. When it gets even richer. It gets even richer. Do you know who has consistently voted against veterans' benefits. And increased military spending for the last six years in congress. You guessed it may mean Maxine. Congresswoman. Wilson. She's the one was trying to claim to be a champion of veterans. She's voted against military benefits and veterans' benefits. For six free ten years in fact listen to this. When they had the government shut down member got a couple years ago. Both parties said look. We don't want we want to make sure that veterans and especially their families after they've died that they get proper burial benefits. And all kinds of other benefits so let's exempt the VA. From a government shut down. At the time. For American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan. They couldn't get money because of the government shutdown. They had to be buried their families were all each a 100000 dollars. Do you know who voted against it goes for families. Getting the money to bury their dead and get their veterans benefits. She voted against them. Many. Maxine. She wouldn't even vote for them to get any freaking funeral and burial. And she's lecturing us and Tron. About how to treat military families and widows of the slain soldiers with respect. A lady. Blanco off. He's a one man wrecking crew how true. Sir. On the voice of Boston W mark can go. It's convenient and try and then. I am because I. It's. I'm sixty. The great golfer you are there own so. That's congresswoman. And Fred are wreak Fred germ freak out. Wilson IE mini Maxine are basically Maxine Waters when a cowboy at. It just unloading on the view claiming now that the reason why trump called the win no. And disrespect at her allegedly. Was part of a massive cover up to prevent that to the proper but the truth from being found out. About what happened in my G error whipped up for green berets being killed by ice is terrorists. That's that's that's the state of the democratic laughter right now you can see the full audio. And even the video right Jared. Yeah the video is up by nine WRK a dot com and the FaceBook page it's up on our FaceBook page wrko.com. You want a good laugh for lunch take a look at it and then pass it along to your friends. Let's go to skip the itself Boston go ahead skippy. I. Currently there are slippery. Notre. Here rushed into the story and HE ration so little. And fabricate the ball there and let alone in the language shopped around actually water. And apple also won't know which does not yet. Sit a little then we'll open. To sit a little model so that truck and called aunt story. And act on the freak. If you give the trio and the other night and I got a the rate cut is group very. Well as skippy look you know that that's that's what she's like Maxine Waters she lives and dies by that race card. She loves that race car all she does is play that race card she's played it against trump fur. I really the last nine months she would even attend his inauguration. And look I go back to the point that I I exposed in the my monologue. She claims to be for the veterans she claims to be for the windows she claims to be for the military. Yet her voting record all she did was vote against the veteran benefits. To the point dove I'm not kidding US force soldiers killed in Afghanistan withdrew in the government shot now. And they said look because the government's been shut down that it's you know 151000 dollars deferred for burial and funeral costs. They can't bear read the port slang that the dead the slain soldiers. Nevermind a 100000 dollars to the families a big gap as part of their benefits package. Her vote me yet. She wouldn't even pay for them to be buried. And now she's telling us. About what sensitive. And what's respectful behavior oh please. Chuck in Denver's go ahead chuck. I hate Jeff I know we're up against that but I love you but he had great thank you him. I real quick question him and I just remember the old days on premise say pledge prime mister B equals conclusion. Well they've lost all that. What would motivate president. To go out of his way to credit default cultural sore pain and soldier lies GS storm cell phone. You know. I mean you know. I just think about it why would he do that. Politically what does he gain from nothing. Now if you're trying to claim that's with a left trying to claim. That he Scholl unhinged you shall evil he sold monstrous he sold whole piece so insensitive. That this is just how we just doesn't care about people right he almost calls and haunts the wheels you know hey your husband deserved it. Pair your husband bare shoulder responsibility. How come here as and then Matt any other goal families a family member. They're all coming out all of signal he called me very respectful very gracious very. So in other words they're trying to paint a picture in narrative. That is literally a 180 degrees from the truth. CNN. Fake news you'd just hit a new low. Our tail and voice over Austin. And I'm convenient to try and been. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. 617266. 6868. Is the number of okay. I don't normally do this. But I read this piece on the daily caller you know I don't normally just read from columns I used to paraphrase a myself in my own words. But I thought this was so moving and so powerful and frankly so pertinent. To the debate that we're having right now ball whether trump was insensitive. To the remarks of that the widow of that slain soldier sergeant led David Johnson. And the way the media is trying to exploit his death and the widow's grief. To try to sue me Aaron and demonize Strom. And I just want to read parts of it TU. Because I think it is it just honestly just so spot on. The piece is written by Jana green. And here's just the title my dad was killed in action in Iraq. Here's why we shouldn't bicker over phone calls. And so are she. She's she's basically comes out saying look. That Fred. And whatever you think about Trump's comments or were they taken out of context or not. And she says what's really sickening. Is quote. Warping the tragedy of a fallen soldier. In two week PR stunt is lower than low. It's a dismal. And she says that she can certify this firsthand because when she was ten years old. Her father was a Marine Corps helicopter pilot. And he was killed by hostile fire in 2004. Indie rock. So she says I lost my father any rock. When I was ten. And she says when he died because at the time you want the highest ranking soldiers to die in Iraq. Quote a depressed surrounded our house for dates. Hoping to get a glimpse of the newly bereaved family. Flowers cards and casserole support him. Now here is the part that I think is really. Pertinent to the debate that's going on I think really changed the entire mainstream media quote. We received exactly. One letter. Written and signed by President Bush and the First Lady. We dating get a phone call from the president and we didn't expect to. It was not pro call for the commander in chief to personally phoned a gold star family. She goes on to say. I know dozens of families who have lost loved ones in the war since 2004. None of them have received phone calls from bush or Obama. It wasn't protocol and still isn't. Took call families after the death of their soldier. Unless it is in caps very high profile. And in that case you'll probably meet the president in person. I've Dover. To receive the remains together. Now this is the part that Timmy is frankly very moving. Almost I mean tears last line is redness. And I can personally guarantee you. That a phone call is the last thing on a family's mind. After they learned or soldier won't be returning. Do you know what I was thinking about when I was and and just learned about the death of my father. My safety. My family safety. How we were going to pay for college with out him there. Who is going to walk me down the RIO when I got married some day. I wasn't sitting by the phone waiting for the president to drop a line. The fact that trump is even attempting. To call every new gold star family is itself honorable. It's one of the toughest things a president can do to turn the ultimate sacrifice. Into a war of words is nothing more than salt in the wouldn't. DC east soldiers deserve our utmost respect. And bickering over this kind of protocol. Rarely ends well I'm gonna go even further than her. I want actually commend Jenna green. For writing this piece and sharing her thoughts at that it was beautifully written very eloquent I would go frankly even further. I think it's discussing. I think with congresswoman Wilson is doing is disgusting. I think now she's trying to deliberately inflame fabricate and manipulate. The phone call. To turn this into an opportunity to punch a trump in the face is to me utterly deplorable. It is despicable. For CNN can now turn this into a race issue. Trying to imply that the reason why he was allegedly. Disrespectful. Ways because that sergeant wood David Johnson was black and other widows are white. I think with the media is now doing is to me literally. The lowest of the low. Sergeant led David Johnson was an American hero. He knew the risks when he signed up and that's what makes a sacrifice even grander. Because he chose his courage and his bravery and is patriotism. That he was willing to lay down his life if need be. To protect our freedoms yours mine and even many Maxine with the cowboys. And for the media to do what they are now doing. Honestly. They are the enemy of the people they really are they really are. And let me just say something else. Because you're gonna hear about this on the show probably the next couple of days I've been told by the family not to say anything a wanna respect their wishes. But as I mentioned on yesterday's show somebody very very close. To the corner report. How has recently passed away a giant. It's not Bill Cox C viewers thing is bill it's not built proxy. It's somebody who has been an incredible friend and ally since the beginning. This person passed away on Sunday because of a heart attack. I don't know how life powered through this week I'll be very honest with you I have been in morning myself. Why has been very tough for me to do these shows. We're gonna hopefully have a funeral and a beautiful one for him next week. But he's going to be leaving behind two children. One of them is eleven years of age. Let me tell you what everybody is thinking right now when I spoke to his grieving wife. What are we gonna do about the eleven your world. The other one is twenty. It's about to lose a father when he grace lost hers at 21. But 121 is not ten or eleven. To lose your father. At such a young age. It's gonna leave a scar for the rest of your life. The time together. This seminal pivotal role that he father plays in the child's life. As she points out who's gonna provide for us who's gonna protect us who's gonna be here for us. Daddy's not coming home. Daddy's never gonna come home. What about college. What about on the happy his day of my life when I get married. Who's gonna walk me down the dial who's gonna beat their god willing when we have children. My father will never be there with me for all of the key seminal moments of my life. And instead of thinking about this. This poor widow has school children and she's pregnant with a third. Instead of thinking about her. And her little kids. And what they're gonna have to do now the one in her womb the one won't even remember his father. Because you never are here she never got a chance to see with David Johnson sergeant Johnson. And you wanna turn this. Into one more and. A bashing festival on it on TV. Even this you have to exploit and politicize. Even this. Even now phone calls to widows of slain soldiers. You have to voice and distort and manipulate and pick out of context. And then played the race card. To inflame. African markets. To somehow claim this man is a racist when he clearly isn't. It honestly there's no words to describe how pour into this behavior is. And that's why I think president trump is a 1000% correct. To not let this smear and libel stand to fight back with everything that he hides and I got to say something else really. I'm appealing now to the liberals or progressives and the Democrats. Have you no decency. Have you really honest I have to ask you this have you really no decency. You wanna oppose them oppose them. Post them on the wall oppose them on tax cuts oppose among Obama care oppose a month whatever you want to oppose him. Or talking about kids who lost their father. Have you no decency. Really honestly. Have you no shame. 6172666868. Frank in mutant go ahead frank. 10. I'm good how are you frank tired a lot of model is so. The locker Charlotte and every term or even English. Senate and congress they're Berkshire director right now I think you have been Howdy Doody. It's not the spark to remember her. I remembered his side that was nonetheless. Buffalo bar. So let's say the masculinity out of that collar. Buffalo move. Speaker Sheila accurately. You know we leave that. Country would get this job sure that would lead hi there. People in congress that they have an IQ. At the pre requisite before anything is done before you serve a day before you get eight. You must have a night you anything less than that is criminal. And then woman it's absolutely. Hormonal I cannot let the light of day. Understand. Why they'd rather awarded them Democrats. And has stood fast what are. If that was Republican I can remember little rap I've been able Ali out of Clark. Who lots to destroy our guys are ready and toward. Homered and it. Life and that they're Republicans came down bottom and forced him out of luck as yet you have an Ing great like this. And nothing is said. Apolo easy keeps quiet. Obama. Keeps quiet our chart bearish mark. Sure Obama keeps quiet on the new lover kind of with that kind of robot really they keep quiet they say not saying. They award and should not bring in world war Cho. That's our real story where bad rule book pay. Thank you Drew Peck called front mother Iditarod. They love it. And that she shows up but all these media interviews umpires by a clown would the ridiculous over the top almost rodeo cowboy out. Well well well with these amounts since I'm glad I since. And I negotiate said. I heard some I have heard from there was disrespectful. And there was this sets and about our job is easy but god. Husband doesn't. And all I'm thinking that it's. Got me bullpen have been Simone really it's time for a basic IQ test. And I've been there what Jared 7065. You've got to have an IQ of 65%. Let's say seven you don't get over seventy. You're out. Well well well. Well. Did don't make a dent he's draining the swamp in Massachusetts. Ma duke Carolina match just schooner forgive me. WRK oh the boys of Boston. And and move burn your up next go ahead Dan. Gap is almost complete mental illness what the left these days I mean they're creating. People that a completely hypersensitive. And then there almost in an alternative fuel programs we had no matter what you say. It deeply offended by it it's maddening for my logic via. Well not this is trumps Ben Ghazi then. And I don't understand why the guy which rival whether he was back in the home and I guess some of them America is not the only racist place. Wanna talk about racism to make it. He should have been welcomed without would open arms over it. Then thank you for at call MacCulloch is they never talk about their races. All over the world it's only us all in America that races are isn't it it's unbelievable. But note to me it's the audience Jerry just play the audience clapping and cheering. A distant moon OPEC compares what happened denied Jarrett those four special forces. Like literally Ben Ghazi and going nuts. It's convenient and comfortable and god he can't because. I got yup he even what the heck not former suitor and the bad. And he was like 00 and let's just if affordable no Jarrett I agree with you you've been a mover lefty Whoopi Goldberg make. When local. Wall. Not easy now. Leuer and Rhode Island go ahead blue. They do and depth of about it should be good for a Democrat to finally admit that think god he was a big score and we got that up. Took forever. But anyway you look at a couple of points or make noise and then the last one is is like they're going now widely got to remember James Foley what Obama did there ever accused the rules of engagement. Under Obama and let them many many military deaths in Afghanistan there were no unnecessary and finally here's the big one the point is. Does force soldier. The David Johnson. You know the arrest them would die they died for America American people. The constitution. The flag and the National Anthem and then all of these all these it's ridiculous not it's not all NFL owners. Our new healing. Honoring this Forman the soldiers brave soldier and all the other ones who have died not only in this war but now the worst throughout. Our history. To preserve our freedom this couple's freedom. The freedom of the American people in the constitution. And and to protect America and that's the ones they are disgracing. That she cheers for the viewers. You're completely right now and I were brilliant point. I mean what the hell I want to take any at the airport. Or c'mon guys. You know the body comes Bakken a draped coffin now show the courage of your convictions taken mean. Because that's what you guys is seat when you do that on Sundays. You're insulting the likes of led Davey Johnson that's what you're doing. So wind should just do it at the airport. You phony who brought you.