Kuhner - FBI informant blows whistle on Hillary/Russia bribery scheme.

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Wednesday, October 18th

Where is the mainstream media? 


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Itself fish all my friends. All roads now from rush job lead true Hillary. I'm absolutely. Baum. Mom. Bombshell. Revelation. That is now shaking literally shaking Washington. To its very core before I get to that my friends. I have they call them up. Wrko.com. I urge everybody please corner country read it costs and onto as many of your friends as possible. Corners corner the fall of liberal Hollywood. I get and choose the massive impact of the Harvey Weinstein scandal how it's not go effect just Hollywood. But the American left the Democratic Party the media. How this is a neutron bomb in one of the key centers of liberal democratic power. It's a must read please go to wrko.com. And you can click on my column and read it and pass it on. Okay my friends the mainstream media. Is in absolute now panicked I'm talking massive. Damage control mode. They are desperately trying to suppress this stunning revelation. They can't. I'm telling you they can't. And this is going not only to destroy. There Russia meddling narrative. It is going to now I think start lending people or definitely should start landing people in jail. So they hill newspaper. Broke a story yesterday now they feel I used to read it when I was at Washington times. For a decade it is immensely credible. Frankly want the most credible publications in the country. The story is. Extremely well sourced apps we nailed down. So the facts here are now pretty much indisputable. Here is now what they're hill reports. And now is being picked up by other. Conservative media outlets. It now not appears it now seems. Overwhelmingly. That Hillary Clinton. Was in the middle of a massive bribery scheme involving the Russians. Now you're gonna say (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) we already knew that and believe me not to this extent. And you're gonna be stunned shocked at the players that are now involved. So here is the story. The Russian nuclear industry wanted America's uranium. They wanted to purchase a company called uranium one. Dot was the company that house 20%. Of America's uranium reserves. What the FBI hide. Is an informant. In confidential witness. That had penetrated. The Russian nuclear industry in other words they've got an inside men. This inside man for over six years. Beginning in 2009. To 2015. Extensively. Documented. Through secret recordings. Email intercepts. Documents that he was able to get ahold of or copy. That there was massive bribery. Extortion and racketeering. Kick backs involved. With the Russian nuclear industry. Uranium one and here comes Hillary and Bill Clinton. In particular here is what happened. Using yellow envelopes stuffed with cash. Literally suitcases. Laundered with the money stuffed with cash. Wire transfers. In that about talking millions of dollars in fact tens of millions of dollars. From places like Latvia secret bank accounts I Cyprus Switzerland. They were able to buy off the entire board of uranium one. And then shy as I am. Just unexpectedly. Out of the blue. Several months before Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Was supposed to make a decision whether to certify. That the Russians now could control. 1% of our uranium supply. Guess swat. Nine members of uranium one. So I sent. Donated over a 145. Million dollars to the Clinton foundation. Not only got direct payments were made tool Bill Clinton. Not into the foundation literally directly. Cool Bill Clinton they just sent from the African money. Now. As all of this is going on. This is now the mind Bender. We now find out. That the person who is overseeing this FBI sting operation. Wise rod rose in steam. Yes the very same rod Rosen steamy was then an assistant. I'm official in the FBI the same man who is now the deputy attorney general the number two man at justice. Under Jeff Sessions who guess what. Author rise this special counsel and special prosecute the special prosecutor. To go after trump. And you know who else knew about it in fact oversaw the FBI investigation. You got it. Then FBI director. Robert. Mueller. But it gets even worse. It's now come out that pop Obama administration. Officials. All sold new. Including Eric Holder. And so even though they knew. That Hillary Clinton was in the middle of a massive bribery scheme. Involving bribes influence peddling extortion racketeering. You you name it across the board. Where the Russians now had bought her bod Bill Clinton bought off key members of the American government. To enable them to purchase 20%. Of our uranium reserves. They signed off on it all the of them did. And here is how. There is a committee. Called the CF IUS cypriots. It's an interagency. Committee that is responsible. For all paying the sale. Of let's say our strategic American resource like uranium which is important to nuclear weapons and the development of nuclear weapons. Sec they have to sign off on any major sailed to we foreign entity in this case the Russians. Who owned uranium one. Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. Presided over that board. Eric Holder. Sat on the board. You know wealth sat on the board. Bingo. Robert Mueller. And rod Rosen steam. They also. Approved the sale of our uranium. To the Russians and two uranium one. Now. They were in on DA approved it they turned a blind guy. When Hillary Clinton did make no mistake about it. Is it clear. Violation. Of the law in fact it is so frankly criminal and legal it is disgusting. It is a violation of the foreign corruption practices act. Rolled since team knew it. Mueller new weights Eric Holder muy. They had a legal obligation not a moral one a legal obligation. To inform congress that Hillary was involved any mass and her husband. In a massive bribery scheme where they were pimping out and selling out. Our uranium and national interest to the Russians. They said nothing. They've got to be fired. They are completely compromised in all of this they need to be absolutely fired. Rod Rosen steam needs to be fired immediately. Robert Mueller needs to be fired immediately. Hillary Clinton now must be charged. For bribery extortion racketeering. God knows how much she needs now to go to prison Bill Clinton needs to go to prison and here's the kicker. This very same FBI informant has now admitted through his lawyer Victoria ponson. And I want a player and a couple minutes. That he was explicitly. Threatened by the Obama administration. If he sought to speak out. That he fears for his life not only from the Russians Ramada irrational. But that literally he says I was directly threatened by senior members of the Obama administration. Telling me shut your mouth. You'll blow the whistle on this jury dead men. And Mueller. And Rosen Steen. Are investigating. Shall rock. For collusion with Russia. When all rolled from Russia leads to Hillary Clinton. When the only one that was colluding with the Russians. The only one that was taking money from the Russians. The only one that was lining her pockets and selling out this country to eruptions. Work Hillary and Bill Clinton are you freaking kidding me. Which the open knowledge. And tacit support. Of holder Mueller. And rod Rosen steamed. By the way Andrew McCabe as well comb he's number two also knew about it and approved the sale of uranium one. Took the Russians and did nothing. So called me I believe is gonna be dragged into this as well it's now only a matter of time. I want you to listen now. To Fox News contributor lawyer. Gregg Jarrett on Sean Hannity last night. Saying we are now looking. Act dumb mother. Of all scandals. Roll it Britain. Well I accuser of potential racketeering which he's using a business. As a cropped criminal enterprise. In this case her business was a charity but it was a dual purpose it appears. Because these FBI documents gathered beginning in 2009. Seem to show that. The Russians were funneling. Tens of millions of dollars. To that charity you know what I suspect illegal monies which makes it a criminal enterprise so we had Russian operatives in this country. Our department Eric Holder knew about it right they knew about bribery. Kickbacks extortion money laundering of money ordering tells me that and here's some that on the I wonder. If all the money that was donated. Was washed through Latvia as they had and one of the reports today. And sent to the Clinton foundation I wonder if the money came from Russia. Could it and it couldn't about right it apparently came from more than half a dozen sources of what it did benefit the bill and Hillary Clinton foundation and that and out tonight Clinton personally was receiving money from the Russian nuclear industry connected to. This uranium one deal and what. You better believe at the money came from Russia of course it came from Russia and Russian shell companies. So we're finding out that the shell companies use banks in Lafayette in Switzerland. In Cyprus. In other some of these offshore islands to wire in money. They also had operatives literally handing bags of cash envelopes of cash suitcases of cash. Two people uranium one and two people at the Clinton foundation. Now this is no longer Peter Schweitzer the author of the book Clinton cash has been now completely a 1000% indicated. But this is eight. This this story is now a different level for this obvious reason. We now have an FBI informant. We now have the secret audio recordings. We now have the emails we now have all the documents it's all there in black and white. It's all there. So listen now to Gregg Jarrett say. Now that we know Rosen Steen deliberately did nothing. Mueller did nothing in fact they sanctioned. This sale of uranium one on that says sit fears bored with Hillary Clinton. They all got a goal every single one of them should be fired or be forced to resign. On the spot. Roll it Brit. What really I think he's. Making congress angry. Is it Eric Holder who sits on the committee that approved this deal with Hillary all Hillary or presides over they voting unanimously. He knew about this when the vote took place and guess who else knew about who supervising all of this. Robert Mueller was FBI director. And rod Rosen Stein it was then US attorney there were supervisors. On this investigation. Item in it and he's sat on how. So they knew that real Russian influence global vision is happening right and they did nothing how can they now sit in judgment the way they are in this case. It seems to me they've all got to be clear. They've all got to be fired or they have to resign immediately and mean it totally compromises their integrity I don't see any other way now. Turn out that neither do why. Mr. President look aren't talk a lot about trumped by the way today he's under fire on many fronts but Mr. President. It's time pole walker crop. And this time now we've got the FBI informant to we've got the documents we've got the audio recordings we've got the emails we've got everything. Hillary was colluding with the Russians. She was on the take from the Russians. She's a traitor and a criminal. She belongs in jail. Her husband belongs in jail Eric Holder belongs in jail. And Mueller and Rosen sign they got a lot to answer for. 6172666868. Is the number let me ask you this. It is now the biggest bribery scheme in American history. Hillary Clinton is now at the center of it. Should trump move to prosecute and send dirty jail. And should he now five year Mueller and Rosen sign I say yes. There at WR KE olds old boy he's a Boston. In this case her business was a charity that it was a dual purpose it appears. Because these FBI documents gathered beginning in 2009. Seemed to show that. The Russians were funneling. Tens of millions of dollars. To that charity you know what the answer back illegal monies which makes it a criminal enterprise. 1227. Here on the great WRJ oh okay. Bomb bomb bomb shell investigative reporting. A story first published on the. In the field newspaper the mainstream media desperate to suppress that they won't be able to do it trust me and so notice. This is the classic tactic of the left I remember my grandfather would Communists about the Communist spike in the old country. Everything. They accused their enemies off is what they do themselves. So here they are going on about Russian meddling Russian collusion. I Russia coordination with a rush up all important ball game and guess what now we find out Hillary and bill. We're in the middle of a massive huge bribery scheme. Worth over at least a 145. Million dollars. And the FBI had a secret informant. Who knew about all of this. And Obama did nothing. Moehler did nothing. Rosen Stein did nothing. My friends. She needs to go to jail the sooner the better. George in Boston going ahead George. Are you doing I'm good how are you George. And there that there's a little problem with your timeline. So in 2008. At what she got a 140. By. Million from those members and she was running for president and and now. How would you know junior the secretary's stayed at that aren't you the uranium one deal. We're again I mean let me ask you this. Thought you can and Mo went okay exists like news source word is she your 145 million reported that. Put it back in an all know old people at the bottom okay snow hopes that they right now smoltz is a garbage website. Cannot get a Mohawk but. Although not hold on up look I'll psyche of the New York Times. Check out the New York types. In 2009. Is when they got the 145. Million dollars. Not in 2008. She was then secretary of state. In fact the money that she bought according to the New York Times. I must citing Peter Schweitzer is book I'm citing the New York Times was a literally hold on hold on what's cool months. Before. Uranium one was approved to be sold two months. So a little fact is wrong she no hopes is wrong. They gave a 145. Million number one number two let me ask you this what do you think the Russians are getting for their 145 million. They were they weren't rocket it would it would members on that boy behind and we don't now which. Hold on end here. Where I get right. Right and it rog all right yeah. Yup it always a AM on Oklahoma and all your outlook in all the hold on hold on the New York Times wrong. Well well hold onto his. Although on such hot but the news story that in yet that that I you know what. It is on the bad news story I agree that investigate OK you old or I. John and I want to buy are right Eric John Solomon Hill newspaper look it up. New York Times look it up the times of London look it up the LA times look it up. C'mon you guys are desperate and you know. Okay my friends is now regains. The end of the Russia narrative for the mainstream media. And now all the evidence that the president wants if he so chooses to send Hillary and Bill Clinton to where they belong. Prison okay bombshell story have got both of them in front of me. John Solomon I was the one that first broke it in bay hill newspaper. Like I said you can go up on the hill dot com. Read it for yourself. It's one of the most credible newspapers literally in the country. The Senate Judiciary Committee is now launching a probe into the killer we rush our bribery nuclear case. Now they're looking into this another one that's now a broken the story is so are harder. Here is what's Eric harder now reveals. From her multiple FBI sources I'm not talked pension oops and I am not talk in political fact. So I'm not talking about far left web sites. Will be shilling for Hillary for years. And have been shown repeatedly to lie I'm talking about serious credible reporters. Who work for serious credible news organizations look at. So here is now what's Eric Carter is now. Reporting. She says that he in 2010. The FBI. In court documents. Had gathered enough evidence to prove rows upon which is the Russian company that bought uranium one. That they were engaged in a global bribery scheme. This bribery including kickbacks. Money laundering extortion. And racketeering. That they openly sought to coop Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation. The deal required approval by by something called Cynthia's CF five US. An interagency. Committee. As I said that reviews transactions. Regarding eight control a change of control. Of the US business to a foreign person or entity that may have an impact on US national security. Uranium is key because it's which we need for nuclear weapons and nuclear arsenal. At that time of the uranium one deal. Hillary Clinton oversaw sift BS as secretary of state. Furthermore. Treasury Secretary then Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was on sift he has. Then attorney general Eric Holder was on Cynthia's. Robert Mueller was on cif fierce and Robbie Rosen Steen was on cypriots. The FBI had gathered substantial. Evidence. That there was a massive bribery and kickbacks being involved. In particular. Russian agents one of them is by beam me get him. Who was then a top official with rows upon he was living in Maryland suburban Maryland which is just outside of DC. He was the one and a along with others that were distributing yellow envelopes stuffed with cash. Us or briefcases stuffed with cash furthermore. The FBI then found that Russia had multiple shell companies. In Cyprus Latvia and Switzerland. Who were wiring tens of millions of dollars. Much of it poured into the coffers of the Clinton foundation. Is that I'm meet Cameron was mailed. And for violating the foreign corrupt practices act. And that now the FBI informants are saying. That Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton by the way god direct cash wasn't gonna go to foundation. They sent money straight to bail. Then he also was violating they were both violating the foreign corrupt practices act. The informant. This FBI informant. Is it the one that. Is a whistle blower in all this he a listen now to I got the audio buddies wanna read this. But it's a straight from Serra Carter's report Koch again I'm not relying on slopes. Or pull it a fact or die Huffington Post. I'm talking serious reporters serious publications. Using series standards of journalism. Victoria on Singh who is a lawyer for the FBI informant the whistle blower. Who had been telling the American government all of this for years. Said quote her client. Is not only afraid of the Russian people. But he is afraid of the US government. Because of the threats the Obama administration. Made against him. Listen now. To Victoria sponsoring. In an interview with Sarah Carter. Explain. Why did the FBI informant decided to break his silence. And blow the whistle. On this massive influence peddling bribery corruption scheme. Roll it. Britain is there anything that you like. To get across to the American public baseline. What your knowledge is what you learned. What's his reason. For doing this now well it's the same as his reason that he started it he's that I did this is a patriot I wanted to I didn't like what I was being asked to do as a Patriot Act which is US government. I that they were going to be. Good to me and do follow through and do what they were supposed to do and so he's sense of justice. Is now. Skip it because he looks at this they're all these bribes were going on in this this uranium one purchased a curt. And he doesn't understand it so who's saying that motivated him to come to the Justice Department is something that's motivating him now to say let's get this. She then I want you listen to the second cut because this is also very telling go Britney. There was a an issue before. An agency called Cynthia south of exit but that is the agency that decides whether foreign. Governments made by US companies are product. That Russian and that he wanted to buy a company that 20%. The American. Uranium. It's called uranium one's was the name of the company and attitudes before it says is they were supposed to decide whether that was. An okay deal. And whether there was any corruption. Problems in action security issues regarding. This purchase and this was at the same time name correct or during the same time. That your client was already providing information. Via via. My client had been providing information fair a couple of years beef before this. Really got voted on by stiffness and here's the rock. High ranking. Law enforcement officials in the Obama administration. Knew that there was corruption in this company and so that. Bingo. Bingo. I'm telling you this look this is no longer Peter Schweitzer. This is no longer than New York Times the LA times. The the times of London which had all reported on this story. We're now talking FBI informant. We're talking now about real documents. Smoking gun documents. Audio tapes email intercepts. Now look what Trump's gonna do it this way Jeff Sessions is gonna do it this I don't know. Hey that's up to them but what I can tell you now option will lead definitively there's no getting around it's there's no getting around it's. Obama lied. When he went on about how we had a scandal free presidency that is such bull crap that is such BS it's not even funny. The question now is what did Obama know. And when did he know. The second question is. Now that they all knew that there was a massive bribery and extortion and racketeering going on. Why did Robert Mueller deliberately turn a blind guy. Why did wrought Rosen steam deliberately turn a blind guy why did Eric Holder deliberately turned a blind guy. And why is Robert Mueller allegedly not investigating. Hillary. For her obvious now there's no denying it collusion. With the Russian government remember remember this. Remember through all the smokescreen and the lying ended disseminated. Who pushed further reset with Russia Hillary. Court turned a blind eye to the invasion of Crimea and eastern Ukraine Hillary. Who will allow Syria to mosques are the Russians forgive me to muscle into Syria Hillary. Who allowed the Russians that help new cup the Iranians Hillary. She was bought and paid for. Like a ten dollar street walker in this case a 145 million dollars street walker they bought her walk stalk and barrel. Or when they said jump she and Bubba said how high. Him in New Hampshire going attempt. Give a long time listener just wants thanks for having me on welcome. So misses on on twenty years old. Is so I've seen my voting. I'd spent three years in the military based on what I've seen. In my voting experience. In the past elections. In the past presidents does present these. Do you really think. That. Over in will be prosecuted. I did I just I just don't believe she will be. Seized upon all is mainly actually with last year's. I just don't think congress is gonna do their job. I don't think it once doubtful through I believe in the constitution. Down. All the actual little pocket constitution. I just don't bury my heart just don't think anything is gonna come about as to the old going to up through the swamp. Just. It's just frustrating I guess. In what you think you think do you think it's. Look thank you for that question and thank you for that call let me give you my genuine honest answer like I'm in the confessional no. Should it yes. If we any kind of a serious constitutional republic she would have been imprisoned so longer goalie. Her head would respond. But look she's a criminal. Additional she is an app she's a trader she's a criminal and forgive me she's a war that's what she is she's a Benedict Arnold. She and her husband and that entire. Gangsters. Those gangsters. Those criminals that were in the Obama administration there's no getting around it. So which are now seen let's be very clear about Paris. Is that for the powerful and the rich the politically connected they are above the law. What is to me stunning is the hypocrisy. How big could stand there we've got a special counsel. We've got the house the House Intelligence Committee investigating the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating the entire mainstream media. Up in arms Russia cool and collusion here sessions is being grilled again he's in the senate. Al Franken bad bad before him is asking him. Did you speak to the Russian ambassador what did you say to the Russian ambassador in November of last year. And I might. And you've got this going on. Hundreds of millions of dollars be wired in yellow envelopes money and sort Gates's. Everybody's turning a blind guy everybody's lining their pockets a 145. Freak a million dollars uranium being sold to the Russians. And trump is the guy you're investigating. Look my only hope immense. Is that trump is such a straight shooter. And he's got Mueller breathing down his neck if you wants the fire Mueller if he wants the fire Rosen steam he's now caught. They've all got to be fired or they have to resign immediately and he made totally compromises their integrity I don't see any other way out. 1257. Here on the great WORK. Though this is from 774. You can text us at 68680. Jeff. They'll never be made to account for their criminal conduct. The swamp encompasses just about everyone in Washington. And trumpets finding out that the swamp is much deeper. And more corrupt than any of us thought. It's hopeless Jeff. 774. Never give in to despair. Because that's exactly. What these gangsters want to so demoralizing disillusion you that you just give up all hope. Remember that's sunlight is the best disinfectant. Let's continue to shed a light on them. And believe me I eventually the American people will wake up god willing. Gary since August galway. Don't. Age gap it's Gary again and I just wanted a caller we want to give everybody a reality check about Hillary Clinton. You ready go Gary. Hillary is not going anywhere edgy out we are always talking about Hillary we spent two years talking about Hillary on the radio. About how we will got to put Hillary encouraging we had all the goods on derby ma'am we had everything on Hillary ready to go all waiting to go. We have Cha. Stall everyone's idea about what they were in jail and everything and he ran on putting her jailed and then on one of the debate usage should be imprisoned. And we all told every one once again you have that he wasn't gonna do anything that he said because you want to Wear wedding and he was our friend and no one believed us and no one wanted to believe that's but it was true. And then when we gave him the nomination. Trump let every trump supported down immediately. Set up not gonna prosecute. Not going to be nasty like that. And not one trot support it would disappoint did. Not want trot supported got aggravated. And Dolan said a day thing because whatever talk those are that they don't like they can't. And detonate stay silent yeah. This is a lot of talking about woody ain't. Gary do you think if Cruz said one that he would have put Hillary in jail or just period. Yeah yeah of course screwed would've put her in jail he's a prosecutor renowned bought he bought. Our roster all that time he's still fighting for us now gas. And he quietly out of a 588. Ought against the pre bought it yet items sell. Gary I gotta go over thank you for that call him up against the heart I thank you Gary. Okay. Trump goes to war. With the media now ovary widow of a fallen soldier next. The voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 W.