Kuhner - Is Elizabeth Warren making up her #Me too Story?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, October 23rd

Elizabeth Warren told "Meet the Press" about her #Me too harassment story.  She was very vague on the details, and given her history of exaggeration and lying, The Kuhner Man calls shenanigans.


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You know. Yes I have a need to story to. Pat pat pat pat pat ugliness that's incredible. All right so lets you know in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandals. There is a campaign called crash had me to which all over social media. Where women everywhere are claiming your own meat pool I was also sexually harassed and sexually assaulted. Wow. You know it was coming. They achieve Elizabeth Warren folk on there's been a prerecorded. Segment on NBC's. Meet the mess with chuck. He checked few thought he said yes she was also sexually Barack's. Our according terror. In the late 1970s. Early 1980s. When she was a quote baby professor eyesore that was her term a big deal law professor is the baby. She says that there was a man there. A senior faculty member recording error. That would often make crude droll sexual jokes made her feel on top to ball and one day he invited her into his office. And according to her. According terror. Base. Is what happened. I was eight they'd be law professor. And so excited to have my first real teaching job and there was a senior faculty member who. And we tell dirty jokes and make comments about my parents and when they ask me if I would stop by his office which I had that much about it and I did. And he slammed the door and lunged at me so they had cartoon on. He's explosive and I'll win. What was flickering through my brain is. If he gets hold of me. I'm puncher in the. And. I swear to god I heard the jokes and mild. Other birds of Syria's bowl you don't put their. Shenanigans. Are college fanatic and it's a BS and violent. But this one's got to pick the date though it's sort of it's legit claims. I'd an unnamed university because she taught at several universities in the late seventies and early eighties so I had an unnamed university. Wear them unnamed senior faculty member. Like this is almost like out of a Khartoum. Betty he's chasing her around the desk he's just chasing. Underdog at our big and while if he's chasing you one Judas like run out the door. Little but but but let that go so he's just chasing and chasing. And he's she's running and he's chasing. And you know I guess he's still also thanked. Wait till I get my paws on new took a I had cartoon. Is chasing me around and turn it hasn't canceled me the person admiral who wanted to didn't. I have little children. But. I she's calmly telling them does as he's chasing her around he's just chasing and chasing and chasing. She's a lot of good touches me I'm well my charm right neck cancer. This is a woman. Who number one says that the under terms of the worst swear words she ever uses his quote. OI. She expects us to believe heroes are screwed up watch from right neck cancer this is a woman. Who literally had the Boston Globe right their lead editorial attacking me I swear for bullying her. When I just confronted her when a question outside the studio here Adobe York jail all it it was just one question. You're worth a big puncher and thinks. You're worth fifteen million chief. Your part of a 1% topping your rail against the 1% I chills got a heart attack. I'm not kidding she's shaking and jerking and turning red in the face and the globe as saying I was bullying her how dare ask that question. And she's trying to tell me you're unsure right now face you can handle one court shouldn't. I won and all the name of the faculty member I'm gonna caller out right now I'm gonna and I'm advising Jeff deal. And I am I tough I'm advising the Republican Party you wanna win this election I hear it is on a silver platter believe it or not. This skit of hers this farce of hers could actually become her Waterloo. This could be a huge scandal. Mimi the university. Give me the name of the university. And the name of that so called senior faculty member. I will bet chewed their best steak dinner at the Hanover street chop house she won't give the name. Either of the university or the so called the guy who was chasing around the best that imaginary fager. She will not give the name. Because she's a liar. She completely made this story up I'm telling you take this to the bank. She's now trying to ride da Harvey Wayne State the Harvey Weinstein gravy train. What she's trying to do I want you to think about the spoke at a I swear only the chief could do this no hate. Britney just hit me. They're playing cowboys and Indians. That's what they were doing James were just playing cowboys and Indiana. So there the woman that is here's a woman. Who her entire career her entire career. Has been based upon gaming the system. Rigging the system claiming to be an Indian when she isn't claiming to be at Cherokee when she isn't. Then. Then. She. To air what makes fifteen million dollars. Shilling for the big banks Wall Street and the insurance companies. And she plays there that come. It is sold bat. That Mitch McConnell. House to treat her like she's a child occurring kindergarten. Telling her you don't even know how to behave in the senate. Going sit in the corner. And that's what a spoiled brat she it's. 350000. Dollars a year to teach one course and now she's trying to claim that somehow she's a bit. I supported not only only in March to choose it's only here or can you even try to pull something like this off. So she's trying to ride dot Harvey Weinstein gravy train. And for truckers health says no I want multiple sexually harassed I don't believe you. I don't believe you. And let me even Porter on the spot okay not only my calling you out not a Mike calling shenanigans on this I am urging Jeff deal. And I am urging the Republicans if you really wanna win. Caller out. Me neither school and Mimi the faculty member. You must've filed a report chief. Sort of bad cartoon. He's chasing me around the desk trying to get his hands on me Boris of course he just the you're so irresistible it couldn't control himself. I mean I ya you guys I ya ya yeah. She will not be able now she says that she only hold her best friend and no nobody else. So you never reported chief. We deserve to know and here's the way I would a packet if I was Jeff deal you know why we deserve to know. Because had she not complained. How many more women have been potentially assault hitting groped by this guy the desk chaser the guy who runs around the best. How many other women could have been assaulted or abused or act. By this guy come on chief you say you're a champion of women's rights did you file a complaint. Give us the name the university. And the man at the faculty member. Call her out I am telling you she's gone I'm not she will not be able to answer. It's another fraud made up story. Like dot sovereign native American ancestry. Okay. This is from 978 you can text. It's at 68680. Hey Jeff. Did Elizabeth Warren work for Ted Kennedy. 603. Was she going up by champ car was good I'm hawk dropped went back and so let me ask you this. Do you think Elizabeth Warren is making this story up do you think she just made this up about all caught. Did she have some guy chased around the desk some unnamed guy at an unnamed university. Or Iran where she's Balkan peace pipe that. 6172666868. I don't know maybe she didn't discovered the strength of the Cherokee evil. Maybe if she had really don't think in the strength of the chair of the spirit of the Cherokee goal then maybe she could have you know. She she she could at tomahawk in my SI have a need to storing ten. Marion and you can sure go ahead Aaron. An immigrant but it might call. It has. And it out there isn't going to be a bit. Well so reported chronic back around. And you know love letter went up to smoke a cigarette and I thought they looked. Where the topic is look in the delegate count but it was fake or no it lies. It might be a little more believable and Apolo became our current or not much more. I have to say the the the views of the people. You have to meet client who were eight or edited. Were victims. Let ride that gravy train them like that aren't being whatever the political flavor and it could ignore and getting hammered by a deal she got hammered by you empathize or every training or you know. You know. Hurt my cookbook thing what happened. When it wouldn't have warmed to the election you cannot write a book saying I have to write the book because I'm up election on the longer amateur and I need the money. Apps. That. I Britney I got does do is you know you've got a great into a share and you're the daughter of a police officer the granddaughter of a police officer. I almost call you like I Sherlock Brittany did you just got a great six cents. When you heard this story of Parker being supposedly. Chased around the desk. By this unnamed faculty member at is unnamed university. What did you believer her did you think this was. I heard this last week and she did the whole hash tag need to do and I just laughed and DeLeon steadily at a no way. A if I mean honestly should is it me or should just deal does caller out. I had I finally did just honestly it's to get the women vote this is what it's all about the sympathy vote of course. It's you know. She just does things and says things that's. SE it's like. Too trendy but she goes with the what if what Don I would everyone else is saying and doing she just hop in on it and get involved and then everything like that like it's not a joked. Lie about being sexually abuse that's out or harassed. So if that this isn't true she is gonna look. Like a real loser. I mean that's why caller out that's what I'm saying he'll go all in on this one yeah I saw I don't believe it I'm calling you out. Yeah no I think its offer volatile texture of she should cry don't. So I think she made a mistake in their prerecorded segment she should have you know. Seizures and know what to do she wants to act tough like I was gonna punch him in the mouth no way that web nothing when I heard that a Mike now okay miss sound. I won't even say view of not a bad word IC hoops for about where it yeah okay and I punched him on the face of. No sober juiced but I think she should on the ball. The bell and that's the oldies you I'm just thinking. Why is she had learned how and it looked into that brought out of the Rahm pick a body your big chased around the best and an Arab man man. And so I think has played the brother and clean. She says that eventually I guess the pork guy you know over the running a marathon Mary does eventually does he got tired got tired out buyers who. And as she just left just left very ago. Limbo are New Hampshire go ahead limbo. I got an island who aren't good how are you. Will I don't have to weigh in a little bit on it Nietzsche. Now what about why aren't telling the truth and not there are many about a story by especially. Coming of age in the early seventies and early eighty. And then I think they do say whatever they want to achieve and currently pat a similar situation. And he went ahead of them app engine's great adding mission. And I'm not cry about it didn't tell anybody about it note about what grade I quit and I'm would probably beat the crap out of them. And I would proper job. I had met M and a very good friend of mine who was a recount dentist at the time we went in or opt in part it was great. Marketing crap are in the and anybody open the door jammed and and the call me. I would are I didn't punch him in the face. I just told them in and get away from me right now Egypt's. And I went on my way either to say I didn't get the job. I tell anybody but I'm no I did not. But it happens and I know Camelot I can remember it. Didn't stay in the 67 hit ball chuck. And it happens in many other aren't that many have a child. And I Pat Quinn then I think it just do and say that. Are all Linda on the back your thousand and and pleased on dropper Linda your 1000%. Correct. My wife was also sexually harassed. I know I know that experience I know that a lot of women have in Jordan there's no question about it let me tell you what the difference between you and Elizabeth Warren's. Number one you don't have a history of lying if she does number two I can tell when your voice you're telling the truth. I can tell in her voice is completely fake. Your very specific you're very detailed. You can cite names you can psych degree you can cite everything. Hurley I don't such I mean I follow all the minimum I'm gonna caller I'll minimum. I I wish you would name him and that he did and then being a mom and near the university and family. And I'll tell you I'll take another reason why don't believer Linda. Because when Scott Brown during the 2012 election if you remember he wrote a book and he talked about how he was sexually abused as a child. She never she never said anything. She ever came out and said you know why you know it's not just child abuse is also sexual harassment. I I was sexually harassed she never set it up until now she never sent it. Now another thing that I know that she's lying she's taken the money from Ben Affleck. She's taken the money from Harvey Weinstein. So let me ask you Linda animosities and a confrontational way. If you're a politician and descent and I know what happened to you would you be taking money. From people who had assaulted women or groped women as of now come out about Ben Affleck are Harvey Weinstein or would you say get that thing away from me as quickly. Possible date no court has been chipped it. All of her actions seem women told anybody about any of these current bit kernel that's true I'm just telling you I don't believer. I believe it'll be interesting I just can't imagine. That in all honesty she would make a statement like that if they didn't pout I'm on my god Linda she's lied about everything. Well I mean what it much lied about and how and I'm just about the specific mood going home and I'm just telling you that's why aren't look I'm I'm and yeah. I'm China's making fun of workers it's if there is thank you for that call by the way and then god bless you. I'm trying to make fun of it a little bit because it's under a bigger ridiculous story on her part. But no listen look I'm I am willing here's this. I am willing to stake my reputation on the line. And I hope they Jeff deal comes out and says the election right here right here right now I'm calling you out. And I am telling you you'll never get a. Yes I have these two story tent. I was a baby law professor. And so excited to have my first real teaching job and there was a senior faculty member who. We'll tell dirty jokes and make comments about my parents and when they ask me if I would stop by his office which I had that matchup well and I did. And peace plan to do her and lunged at me. Liar liar pants on fire okay. 617. You can Texas by the way 68680. This is from 617 Jeff. Warren is like a minor league Hillary she's an opera humanness. Bingo. 617 another one Jeff she's just the baby senator. Kay Katie C. Okay are her people by the way are going berserk. I mean they have a running war with mean now they can't stand me. For how I unmasked there by asking your that's supposedly tough question so now they've got their surrogates out. This is from Jeff but spelled GE OFF on the FaceBook page obviously one of Hillary sorry one of Warren's. Little it.