Kuhner confronts Elizabeth Warren in the WRKO studio

The Kuhner Report
Monday, September 18th

Kuhner ask Elizabeth Warren why she rails against the one percent when she has a two million dollar mansion in Cambridge! Listen to her response.


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Kind fronts this sheet. And she squirm it's all good my friends. It's up on WOR KO dot com I think it's gonna go viral if it's not already going viral immediately. It's on our FaceBook page as well. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show so here is exactly what took place. That she'd keep spreading bull Elizabeth. Warren. Didn't inner view for the veterans they do a very good prepaid show here on WRKO. And just as luck would have it. Dare I am and so they mention giving away the chiefs and that in in in the studio in your studio corner men are well you're getting so. Barack am I go to the bulls guess who's there the chief. So they wrapped up the interviewer about what was or Britain 23 minutes anyway to three minutes later. V interview is over. She then shakes everybody's hand takes pictures with their bats and then walks out of the studio into the hall well I'm right there. So I confront. Elizabeth Warren a confront the chief and first by saying hey can I take a picture with you. I. I want to take a picture are. Quick the first female president. Of the United States. So America's Brittany. Did did the picture. I'm the chief for nine and then I turn around and I look better straight in the eyes. And I've since thought you know what we've got an unpaid. All right we got it on tape well I look at her straight in EI it's. And well you can hear the tape roll it Britain. A question. You often sit. Percent getting shafted by the ones that let me ask you this a lot of people's trust my listeners from safe. Rich yeah twelve million dollar reduction plus year old multimillionaire. Yourself. How can you rail against the 1%. Winning chance at all our. It's not urge every day. I just wanna set it up for you. When I asked her that question. Her I he's almost popped right out of her skull. Her face starts determine ripped. And as Britney can testify. She starts like getting really nervous but she's twitching all over. Her hand her finger starts pointing and wagging she's like jerking back and forth. She's now like she's clearly squirming. Because no one's ever called or wrote on her hypocrisy. And you can tell she. How does not cool how to address this so listen listen minutes. We always me this is basically her response will always me roll it Britain. You Cambridge. I was torn itself. What job after another he ended up some chant. My mom worked. Altering my products and military. That was their ticket to try to hit and. A public school teacher there was. For application. Much less to be able to pace car. Long twisted story I've got married early. And I any dollars. I think. And actually Edwards and I ended up graduated from college that costs fifty dollars us next. And special teams. And when I had maybe started school part time and state law school cost. Fifty dollars a semester. That's all I have an opportunity. To. To meet those opportunities. I built up what are some opportunities are not yet. But if you look at what had to be there and enriched your eyes are. You know if I had out. Let me and that's the reason I. It's 1% thought there. Pursue their stump. Hypocrisy here when you can let this guy. It's what you mean it 350000. Dollars for one course to prevent the off student center. I said that she did she ran out she was just literally running out the guy that keeps interrupting by the way who is this guy. He looks like a grizzly Adams junior or something like that the guy would he's got this huge mega bearded I've met. It's just that would witness told the that they care I mean you look like. Who was the lead singer Jerry Garcia was it Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead. He looks like Jerry Garcia's long musket and OK but let adult he keeps interrupting the whole time regardless senator. We got to go senator does he sees that she's squirming. What about but not like she's you know she's just she can't answer the question so that we got to go senator we've got to go senator. I swear or one point they want to turn on saint Joseph the woman talked. But what will show us off let her answer one top portion. Is it's so hard for her to answer one tough question instead of softball after softball after softball. Now. She's our house flipper. Not a lot of opportunity he's fifty dollar by the commuter college of the commuter ultimate mean community college but anyway commuter college wedding the finger jerking left and right. And I am looking matter. And Mike talked to me about your three Brothers serving in the military would let them do what you're having a mansion in Cambridge. I want it to be a special needs speed chair and I went to state law school and there's some bad. And war always Meehan we get mapping and we came from poverty and on and on and on. You live in a mansion. It's worth north of two million some say as much as three million in fact you've instructed the local media. That they're not even allowed to described the mansion when she does interviews there. Chris you're trying to hide it from the public you're worth about at least fifteen million dollars so you're definitely part of the 1%. So quarter Heller you you phony you fraud you. The claim you're the champion in 99%. Wearing new live like the 1%. You earn like the 1%. And you are in the social economic class of the 1%. I'm not one that's living and I and I don't have millions of dollars in my bank account. I'm not the one who's all coughed up like she wants I'm not the one with the same blazer all the time as you. I'm not the one who. Has our gorgeous mansion in in in downtown Cambridge that's yo. Now how do you major money you flip moments. We don't talk to me about state law school commuter college whatever my Brothers in the military. You all were around house flipper. And that's how you made your money that's a fact. And then you lied about your native American Heritage you made it up completely. Got so you log in to law school to teach. That's how you major way through with affirmative action and you lied saying you were 164. Cherokee that's you'll chief. And you were getting paid 350000. Dollars to teach one course. And then the moment you got tenure. You we all know this it's all fact you change from becoming a native American to becoming quote unquote location. Paragraph error or fraud you're com. I don't talk to me about you go on about crony capitalism. Here the very embodiment of crony capitalism. And say you can tell. This is why I'm telling you she can be defeated in next year's reelection. She's all horrible politician. I'm telling you she's horrible. She this was a question. She did you know how to answer she was defensive. She was incredibly nervous she wished witching. She was angry. She starts communal. She thinks by judge it's sticking her finger rowdy you as if that's somehow being bold and authoritative. Honestly sure looks like a little wonder. And you can tell. She's not ready for tough questions. She crumbles under pressure. She can't handle on the line of fire. And so if somebody runs a good too hard hitting tough campaign against her it's gonna be here. And that's why I've been saying I think Jeff deal can give were real run for her money. I think the Republicans next year can give her real good run for her money because she's a horrible. Politician. Never mind that she can answer the most basic questions. So not only is she a phone means 99%. Earned. She's also a phony Indian. She's a funny progressive. And she's a phony senator. And then next question I was gonna ask her but then she ran away she literally running down ball. Which what is it that grizzly Adams junior following her. The reason why she's running down balls because the second question would have been. Elizabeth Warren senator. People are saying you're only using this state as a launching pad as a springboard. To run for the presidency in 20/20. Will you sign a pledge. That you will serve out your full six year term. That's the next question because she wants she can't sign it because she wants to run a 21. Doesn't care about you when I mean she's done nothing for the state. So yeah hitter again and again here's another one you supported Hillary Clinton. She like you is the very embodiment of crony capitalism and the 1%. She used the Clinton foundation as our own personal slush fund to the tune of over 250 million dollars it was all pay to play. So how can you who claims to rail against the 1%. Who says that the 1% are destroying America. Yet what you did was shoot endorsed and supported the very candidate. Who embodies. The 1%. Who embodies corruption. Who embodies crony capitalism. And was bought and paid for by Wall Street. You phony you fraud you. There doors three issues alone she's finished. She's finished. She cellphone mean in every single way. And Jeff deal if you're listening. To the Republicans. If you're listening. You go on this line of attack. She's gone Iran from you doorway she ran from me. 6172666868. Britney do me a favor play that exchange one more time. Question. Often sick. And the united percent to getting shafted by the ones that let me ask you this a lot of people's brushing my listeners would say that you. Which is good twelve million dollar reduction plus your own multi millionaire yourself. How can you railing against the 1%. Winning chance at all. I'm just warning to my day. Afternoon. She could not half I'm. Wage. Except. Altering my. Military. That was there to try and apparently when it popped school teach and there was not enough money for an application. Speechless people hate you couldn't watch it twisted story I've gotten married early. Eight dollars on Mike yeah I think. Actually Edwards and I ended up graduated from. College that cost fifty dollars a semester and came special. Sure. And when I had maybe started school and state law school 150. Dollars a semester. That's. An opportunity. To recruit. Two parent could mean those opportunities. I thought. Saw myself. The better third now she loves America. Notice all the sudden all the sudden out words she's caught they may hypocrite well what about I don't forget where you came from I'm talking about where you live chief. You live in Cambridge. Seat that fact alone that she lives in a mansion is one of the most closely guarded secrets in all of Massachusetts. So the fact that I just revealed that that I spill back. Who. She was red light that come they don't you got to see the video on my word fort and that's finger Brittany. I thought she was gonna stick it through my throat. When she was just portion that finger out there jogging meat but now she wrapped herself from the flight now all now what she's. Sheila she's a great patriot my. But up mellow she loves America keep rolling Britain. That's how I had an opportunity. To recruit them to Paris to meet those opportunities posture. Operating or are some opportunities are not but it. What you wanna call had to be there and it urged your eyes. I had out. Let me and that's the reason I'd. It's all I can make sure nobody else kidney and part of 1%. Against our percent. Hypocrisy there it's hypocrisy here when you let these jobs he's an opportunity. It's what I find me at 350000. Dollars for one course without the office. I. Remained a house weapons. There may Melbourne if you claimed to be an Indian. Hindus claim that you're just claim it up. All hog be opportunities. They just flow when you get into politics. You can rarely lie in your pockets. God bless America. Okay the corner country poll question. Visual or as the French would say sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. It's very simple. Is Elizabeth Warren AKA chiefs spreading ball. Is she a hypocrite. If you believe the answer is yes and I am yes. All the way. Nextel letter a the 68680. If you believe the answer is no she wasn't born in Cambridge. Banner daddy was a janitor. Expo letter beat this X 8680. You can vote online at wrko.com. More of your calls. Do the chief 'cause I know she's listening change. You do it and build bad VP chief present country and the voice of WRK well. What you're going all had to be there night and I can't hurt you always. I had opt. Americans invested and let me and that's the reason I mean public. It's so I can make sure nobody else can it. It's 1%. Yes or percent. Hypocrisy there. Hypocrisy you're like yeah yeah. And it's I mean 350000. Dollars for one course without the off student center. Twelve to what his seven year on the great WRK. Oh so this is from 50 page have. So I looked it up since we can as the University of Houston. And Rutgers law school quote on quote commuter colleges. 617. Job. Al Capone started off port do. This is from 703. Jeff I Bel Air are mentioning Cambridge is an all white neighborhood as well. Bingo hall. Jeanne in West Roxbury go ahead Gina. I kept my you pointed it out but I heard her say that she and make this specific point she wasn't born in Cambridge. So what she's carving out the specials that the number 1%. It's okay to confiscate money from the elderly look at girls and their homes then inherited that we're. To be a lot. But a couple of side effects on her to. In her home. When she interviewed cheap film in one particular room that's very modestly appointed. The end is. Also we don't see the chandeliers and be the grand staircase and out. Is very low key very humble. I don't understand that she got an interest free loan from higher bid to buy that played well all I'm not sure that's tour not. The call end the other thing she practiced law. Without a license out of her university often. So I. I'm so I wasn't just 350 K for one course Gina. Patton now it looks like she got a lot more freebies and benefits. Right that she's violating the law practice for practicing well about like this since you violating university policy making money on her office. America was very good at her Gina it. Marianne New Hampshire gold said they gave her a whole lot of opportunities it got this deal. Marianne New Hampshire go ahead married. I. Want experience. Because well listening to your interview with our our it was our. Just about it's a credit capitalism and the 1%. OK when she was into politics. Which is the end and so little in windfall because they are there and they get all. Everything that the rest of us so opportunities. Most certainly exploded and look at any politician. That's just suck you know. The Redskins are. As far as opportunities dealt with once they get him. All you nailed it you obviously know she's a croc. She's a cork nobody else wholesale I'm gonna say that the woman is a quark is an out loud rock. Now I wanna say all of this I want tell you this. Look it's not partisanship believe me I've covered a lot of liberals a lot of Democrats. Looks. I said this to Brittany if that was Ted Kennedy. Even Barack Hussein Obama says whatever you want about the of the dear leader. If I confronted him outside of doing an interview with the vets and I nailed him with a fact that was deeply embarrass. They wouldn't have just melted down on the spot and started it all shorting their finger out and getting red in the face he went they would have said they would have said something like. They Jeff. Today it's about the vets I don't wanna deal with this sort of stuff we'll get minutes about celebrating the veterans I just keep moving. In other words you slip the punch. She took it right on the chin. I meant just get it yet and it didn't it and taking it to the point Decker. Her PR guy like c'mon senator c'mon senator we animal senator come on senator she's all horrible politician. Jeff deal will eat her for launch. 6172666868. Is Elizabeth Warren a big phony and hypocrite. And what's your reaction to Mike confrontation with her your calls next. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK the corner man confronts. The Vinci. What's your reaction 6172666868. All right so why take a picture what error. And Democrats are the obvious question but she's not able to answer it. Or at least she tries to answer it but rarely used as. Flailing and flailing she's getting more upset rhetoric deface the guys are gonna pop out of the skull her body starts literally twitching. And then beat the finger to finger she starts wagging the finger at me rolled that just roll a little bit of a pair Brittany got. Question. You off instead. And you know percentage shafted by the ones that let me ask you this a lot of people's crushed my listeners would say. Rich from about twelve million dollar reduction plus your own multi millionaire yourself. How can you really against the 1%. When insurance we all are and. I was fortunate to have him. My job after boot into. Changed my daddy won't work. Altering my approach and military. That was their ticket price it. Politics I think if there was not enough money for application. Much less to you hate cops. Long twisted story I've got married early. These dollars per. I hope. Actually Edwards and I ended up graduated from college. Cost fifty dollars us. And special teams. And we. Maybe. School part time and state law school current 150 dollars and semester and that's how I'll have an opportunity. To. To meet those opportunities. I built up more. Opportunities are not yet. What you wanna call had to be there and enriched your eyes are. I had opted to. Let me and that's the reason I. It's just so I can make sure nobody else can get it you're part of 1%. Hypocrisy there stunned hypocrisy pure what do you. Yeah. It's what you mean 350000. Dollars for one course and if nothing else to. Senator. If she does ran off temporarily just ran off. And it you know al-Qaeda this Al player if she was just maybe tool it's a twenty years younger I could hear winning the gold. Hundred meter dash. She's fast. Let me tell you she's fast. 25 maybe thirty years younger and I could see her winning debt hundred meter sprint that woman to move. 6172666868. Okay lines are blazing Mike in mutant go ahead Mike. Hey Jeff OK I'm good on how are you my job only you could all add up it's all right. You're dishonest they are and really you can courage and you got them up enemies Jia and get back to that straight. In our to use a slight apportioning. Europe shot but why well liked. You can hurt you which way but most. Yeah just the truly as a disgrace really your school or so. And now every Alipay edit all the news agencies and are probably as well ordered him where apple has asked a question you get. I don't inkjet buy your product that chip deal that this is a real good guy. That started to work out he says it intimately Lotta arts. The action you actually yes you put out so well maybe work at night I admit that Gary that Jack it wouldn't eat eat blood. Don't know and I don't like L adult club. Where he was rich in the lion of the senate Ted Kennedy at the age you know. You can backed off at. I know he's salt of the earth I know I mean I've met him I know him and I gotta tell you he's a very. Decent hard working man who understands the real needs. Of taxpayers and families in Massachusetts. And I'll tell your right now he's aggressive he stopped he's gonna go out there. If he goes on this line of attack. He's daughter. Because most people in Massachusetts. They don't know that she's worth north of fifteen million. They don't know old which she has a massive mansion in downtown Cambridge seek they don't know her lavish lifestyle. And so once you start exposing that I mean she's a hypocrite and a phony throw and throw. That's the line of attack I would keep hammering and hammering and hammering it but that's just me. Dan in won't burn go ahead then. Hello Dan. If we lose then OK let's go to that he and Quinn Z go ahead and. But yet I wish it could have been a flyable wall. You know good to tip we describe that gripped the stature Jake in. That's pointing in Machida right Ramallah a couple of gold shiny blonde. Eight. You don't. Few other because she put her name in the book minority lawyers. Allege that Joba passionate teachers so small Texas call. She's the only one tackle that it doesn't have a night I think we agree on the law school. So she guard because she put a name of the book and actually chip it got to get a implement what the children or I don't know what that page will lower my goal. And I particular debate it would come up and just hope that agent just Porter helped. Eddie look at thank you for that call the reason look what she did was this okay and this is well documented. She got a job at the University of Pennsylvania but they wouldn't hire her on the merits. They hired her because she claimed she was in native American as a quote minority affirmative action. Harvard then they needed to get more minorities and especially. Like OK we got a few bucks a few whoopee alls excel or. But like there's there's no Indians there's no native Americans. So literally they go to war an eight AE. What did you say something about your great great great great grandmother get. Okay so what would you like 164 yeah you what 64 jerky what did brown. An Indian for God's sakes what a ground. And that's how she got the job. She's a complete con. And then this is the kicker. Once she got the job and became a tenured professor basically you can't fire her okay. Then Bob boom she goes from being a minority. Right back to being a Caucasian. I'm not even talking about all the house flip saying America just that alone tells you everything you need to know barter. 61720666868. This is from 603 Jeff. She wasn't born in Cambridge she was born here in new wig lamb where her tribe was from out integrated what teens are. This is from 617 Jeff. Warren is a fraud she had a college scholarship. And decided to leave after two years to marry your high school boyfriend. Her then husband. Worked for IBM on NASA projects. Hardly the ragged edge of the working class well nor is summit budget you're saying that. Then my dad. A pleasure from the wall means you know my data. My data bit. Where it had nothing growing up my data my data. Buzz 978 Jeff quote to disturb a conservative. Tell him along. To disturb a liberal tell them the truth. I Carter to the quick. Because you can tell your raw nerve. Because deep down she knows she's a hypocrite. And I expose that. Nine Ers are 617 Jeff she has used that for me lying many times. Pathetic. I agree. But that it. Mike in king's Borough go ahead Mike. Beijing you know you just got a little bit by. Remember a week or so goal and thought well what church and Olga flack because she said that he parked every first and him as daddy yes. Every what was put that spin on it that it restraint and even. Or Schobel for you we're hitting our earlier in the morning and now here ratio Elizabeth Warren a grown woman referred to our father and caddie. I mean no doubt. Out of my dad and my dad and more each. Other. Well yeah. Us vote yes the first one yes yes what I. Thought I'd better yeah. Begged for argue for their golf game and some of that data. I'm just warning to Fallon where my dad my job after another he ended up Suu Kyi under my mom worked. Altering my approach and military camp that was their ticket to try to hit it. It from the Atlanta public school teacher. So much good to our district why weren't sure public schoolteacher. That's another thing. You know noticed a special needs Rasheed threw a special needs up I want to be not just at public schoolteacher in the molded a special needs all she should've said was. Dish severely special meaning dump it like to shoppers or personal Oprah specialty it's you know I thought it might wind up more you know. Mute the blind deaf fact had walked out I just completely super special meets. What look at what's stopping you. They're not teaching special needs kids a lot of public school teacher out there in Oklahoma. If you flip homes. And then you'll light at Harvard and then you'll find your pockets and continue to line your pockets and you're a long way now from being a special needs teacher chief. Now at the end Falmouth go ahead Kathy. I gap between non compensation. Act you know right out I've hurry up on the her. All claim that court to be an Indian and she's not. And Lou crackle out of what college is actually in getting the Ritchie is. And I you know and at the end of a light let me why nobody has questioned any good and got her out of our jet big darker arguing. Statement. You know. In general as to why she didn't she lied at school and everything our. And not why I'm I think he had about one and it is senator and aren't you want to meet the president. I mean how people. Don't even collecting part is being with black sheep that claimed and she sold a lot to Scott. It really is Kathy look you nailed it now let's see what happens. I've just caught her red handed this is incredibly embarrassing for the senator. Where we've got it up on wrko.com. I hope all of you can go you can see it for yourself. Download it email it put it on FaceBook tweet it out send this many people as you can. I will bitch who bowler stood donuts. OK don't forget that. I'll bet choose the best Rican steak at the Hanover street chop outs but in Manchester, New Hampshire. The globe won't touch it. There Harold won't touch a channel for channel five channel seven channel and may be fox two when he fox. Maybe fox when he fought. WGBH. I can run down bowl on NPR. Big won't touch this thing would a ten foot pole you know why. Because their job. Is stick cover up for. Very and that tank for the chief. Bob in Salem go ahead ball. Are you doing Jeff I'm good how are you good thank you. I don't know if you were called Baldwin non a little flaw or grand shouted out. Surely being interviewed and Deval Patrick was right beside her. Can someone master her questions. She got the deer in headlights and she said to big interview up on all of the forum that the governor. So that got Obama answered the question for Europe and Asia and so wise. When killer. Audio like I want. I remember that Bob I were distinctly remember that and I remember saying even to the audience then thank you for that call Bob. I said is it me or these are the same feminists who rail against patriarchy. And sexism. Men misogyny. And yet here's a female senate candidate. On a very key issue deferring to a man who. Thank you joy answer this for me. WR KL. Okay my friends are gonna have a lot more coming up in the next hour I promise but let me just put a bow on this so. Just that quickly. Reiterate what happened it's already going I mean viral in a big way. You can I see it for yourself up on wrko.com. Sold a quarter and actually had a confrontation with the chief chief spreading balls leader's lap and she was in our studio stewing a pre taped interview with the veterans. And it to a very good show by the way and so people say hey. Elizabeth Warren's here agreed Kevin guerrilla Elizabeth were answer my. So like come down into the Booth and guess what. Really they were kidding there is the chief. So she finishes during his army to three minutes she finishes. Impolite Lagos say she was my she shook hands and everybody took some pictures. She then walks out. There ramp. So I go ahead. So we're lucky a picture of us and I'm kind of like I'm holding her by the shoulders. And I consider a on a point to the camera she's gonna be the first female president of the United States. I helical watch it now what should now. And men I turned around. And confront her witness. Rose question. Often sit. Percent getting shafted by the ones that let me ask you this a lot of people's trust my listeners who say that you. Average of about twelve million dollar reduction plus your own multi millionaire yourself. How can you really against the 1%. Winning chance we all are and. I was torn itself. My dad what job after another he ended up some Chandler. My mom worked. Altria microbes and military. That was their ticket to try to hit it. Atlanta public school teacher there was. For an application to college much less to be able to hate how. Long twisted story I've gotten married early on. In dollars. He's not the right. And actually Edwards and I ended up graduated from college that costs fifty dollars us next. And special teams. And when I had maybe started school part time and state law school costs. Fifty dollars. That's how I had an opportunity and I think they really preach. Two Americans meet those opportunities cause I felt the operation or part of what opportunities are not being able. America today. Chief. Who's your data now the boys of Boston it's. You six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEG.