Kuhner - Ambassador Bolton says that President Trump is getting deceptive advice on Iran Nuclear deal

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, October 12th

Ambassador Bolton tells Jeff he believes that H.R. McMaster and others are giving the President Deceptive advice on de-certifying the Iran Nuclear Deal.  He also says we're not that close to a War with North Korea.


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105 here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show okay joining us now. He normally does on Friday however. He has other obligations he's been kind enough but to join us today. Is none other than former UN ambassador Fox News analyst. And really in some ways informal advisor to president trump. John Bolton ambassador thank you so much for coming on the corner. Well glad to be with his lecture and make it work on Thursday and start got ROB on an airplane all the. Ron oh I've. Are you want you're not on your way to like Pyongyang gore or solar or anything are you. No department at our web the united they consider buying back tomorrow. Okay ambassador I don't show wanna ask you about North Korea but I want to ask you up up up for our question before hand and I'm really being serious. Amendment say it tongue in cheek but I'm really serious. I saw Sean Hannity I don't know if you saw last night his interview with trump. Or you're mentioned when you were mentioned crowd went crazy. When they talked about North Korea. Trump again referenced how much he respects the advice and know what people like you were saying. And I've just got to ask you this. Why. Have you not. Didn't give in or will you be taking a position. A senior position within the trumpet administration whether it be at the State Department or the National Security Council. Because it seems to mean now with him on the verge of these certifying the Iran deal possible Warren North Korea. He could really use a guy like you talking in his ear day after day MI wrong. Your bladder which is always a good way to be as opposed. Look I haven't been offered anything. You're an act that's. Or if it's an honor any time you're asked to serve our country. And whatever I can do as a private citizen I'm gonna keep on doing behind your show is a big part of that because of the vote the voters and citizens that you reached at. You know I don't I've got to the point where I don't sit around waiting for the phone to ring I just keep banging away on that on the issues we'll we'll see what happens. Nobody should misunderstand however. That the United States faces a lot of threats around the world. And the bureaucracy in Washington whether it's State Department her. The military intelligence community in many respects its profile and Obama administration policy. Not the president. But the bureaucracies and getting control those bureaucracies is key for any president. It's especially true for Republican president and even more true for president trump. Ambassador. North Korea. The president yesterday nine maybe you interpreted their freely differently than I did but. When Hannity specifically asked them are we heading towards war with North Korea. I thought resigns or is very interest things I'm not saying we are I'm not saying we're not amok gonna say anything. In other words he didn't Nixon he didn't shoot the idea down. You now have general Mattis telling the US army to get ready for all possible contingencies. UF Kim Jong on. Coming are these Pyongyang. Coming out and saying that trump has lit the week of war. Are we slowly now sliding towards a possible military conflict either a strike. A preemptive strike or some kind of a confrontation with North Korea. Yeah well I wouldn't they were sliding toward anything in other words not to misinterpret your question that. I think the president decisions here and the court to try and bury the Webber and nobody wants to see military action on the peninsula. But equally what the president. They're in his speech to the UN general assembly couple three weeks ago. It was very clear when he said respecting North Korea that denuclearization. Is the only way forward leaning. You cannot leave North Korea in possession of the nuclear weapons program in the region that is. I not only did they constitute a threat to the United States bizarre strange routine that we would be held. Hostage to as far as the eye concede but the north Koreans sing it desperately poor country. I think are also prepared to sell nuclear weapons nuclear materials nuclear technology ballistic missile. Components and technology. To anybody with hard currency. Other rogue states terrorist groups. So this is that there they are threat beyond north East Asia obviously they're threatening the capability of hitting targets all across continental United States. That there global threat to its in fact they were to go ahead as I think they are cooperating with the odd for example on its nuclear weapons program. So the the after 25 years of failed diplomacy there are. A lot of diplomatic. Alternatives left. And so any American president who agrees with what I think is the overwhelming view the American public which is we don't want these people in North Korea or Iran I'd say. Have a nuclear weapons capability. You've got to look seriously military options now that said I still think we're. A long way away from it that we haven't seen any. Withdrawal of civilian depended American personnel from South Korea we have to travel warnings we haven't seen. Significant deployment of American forces for what might the necessarily an extended effort not just to take out nuclear site. But the prevent North Korea from retaliating against the innocent civilians in an Arab allies South Korea. So I don't think anybody should think this is gonna happen tomorrow. You know we will see it coming and it's one of the problems with even the military options there's no strategic surprise left. The best we can hope for his tactic. Schools surprise and protect our own people Japan South Korea. We're even will we see ourselves limited and in our end what we can do there. Ambassador to BBC brokers story earlier this week. Citing officials within South Korea and the defense ministry. That North Korea had allegedly hacked the war plans to South Korean US war plans. Do you believe this story a and B how big of a deal is it. I believe they may have gotten some of it I know our Defense Department denied it but you know North Korea has one of the world's most active cyber warfare. Campaign is going to remember the Sony Pictures back. From North Korea I'm sure many others that that we just don't know about publicly app that. You know. The the situation on the Korean Peninsula is a very. Narrowly defined geographical area. We've been in this position first seven years. The plan that people talked about and much which has been discussed public. Involved what would happen if either North Korea invaded South Korea which perfectly appropriate with planned for the defense South Korean against that agency. War against the contingency of regime collapse in North Korea and what we would need to do along with South Korea get hold North Korea's nukes chemical and biological weapons before they got out terrorist groups. In fact I think most military experts would tell you that the strategy on both sides. Is limited by geographical reality that we face on the peninsula. So I'm not sure there are a lot of surprises it's it's it's sad fact that North Korea has an extensive intelligence. Operation inside South Korea could well be and they got somebody and the South Korean. Highest levels of their military commanders something like that. So there's a lot of espionage going on whether or not this. Kind of act dead is Israel and I don't I think fortunately even if it's true it probably won't make that much difference that's the best estimate like. That's interest in so ambassador what you're saying is. Because as you point out to where in North Korea is located is geographic situation that we've been there for so long. We know all of them they know loss. That they if we were to attack they pretty much know what we would do. And we would pretty much know what their response would be correct. Right and and vice Versa if they were to attack there just certain geographical hoddle paramilitary call because of the biography. Where the roads are where the valleys are what the entry points in South Korea are. That there are people have fought for years that town North Korea would come in and I honestly trust in South Korean yet the Pyongyang. Although we have greater capabilities and let's not forget Douglas macarthur's famous. Behind the lines landing it in jobs that saved this during the Korean War we have more variations we've still got to get some of the clear there. Objectives for example take in Pyongyang the North Korean capital we went in. So hopefully were always more creative than they are but much of much of this the the the basic question really is decided by the geography. Ambassador were up against time and I do wanna get one more question in which is you Raun. The president now is expected according to what everybody's reporting. Sometime the next few days whenever two decertified. The wrong deal. And I think it's don't get me wrong I think it's a horrible deal I think it's a disaster is deal but. By. And they're gonna have a press side whether to reimpose sanctions. Are we staring now at a possible Obama care redux in this sense that they vowed to get rid of the Iran deal on the campaign trail. But now when actually offered the opportunity to impose sanctions. They're gonna blink like they blinked on obamacare. The you know I hear the same thing about what the president will announce probably tomorrow morning I'm very worried about it at frankly I think he's been given bad advice I would say deceptive device side. The people around him. I think if you believe this deal is dead heat as the president clearly does last I don't have a Hannity called horrible. He called an embarrassment the worst deal we've ever negotiated. How can you. Explain even to yourself that you say that about the deal and stay in at least certifying simply a reaction to the cork or cardinal legislation. But what the president would basically say is this deal about America's interest now you can deal not America's interest if you think it's horrible that the clean. Break that should be made get out of the and and try and go from there I'm very worried that it. This is that's cause split within conservatives in the Republican Party. I just wish going back your first question I wish I could talk that the president Baptist about the fact that changed my. But it would have been different kind of voice that he's been hearing the past three months. Ambassador I know were really really up against it but. Are you Ron has now vowed that even if the deal is simply decertified as you point out just basically you know congress while the deliberate or whether to impose our reimpose or not reimpose sanctions. For them that's already crossing the line. And they say that there will be a quote off tough response. Are you worried about what he wrong will do in the region indie rock. Across the Middle East in response. To read these certification. Look I I don't want to sound callous about are people in the region about Israel better allies but it's hard to believe that line can beat any worse than they already are and it. And it they tried it it would reveal the character of the regime. And it would real really why we should have gotten out of the nuclear deal. Once and for all in the president's speech to mark so they tried them at a retaliation. I'm gonna be right back on the same old stand anyway arguing for withdrawal from the deal this would just upped the argument considerably in my view. I don't trust the regime of the Ayatollah. I think there's still pursuing nuclear weapons I think they're still the world's central banker of international terrorism. I would leave them with a spare electron as far as the nuclear side goes. And I do everything I could do it to overthrow that regime and give it back the Iraqi People their interest it's dangerous to Israel dangerous to our Arab friends. And temper rising. By simply decertify him not withdrawing from the nuclear deal I'm sad to say with the big mistake for the president based I think on this. Very very biased in correct. Deceptive Dicey again. Ambassador I don't wanna put you on the spot but when you say he's been getting bad advice. Are you referring to I don't know he HR McMaster are you referring to his national security team. I think the whole team has been giving him bad advice we've heard testimony from some of them they think the deal and America's national respect and this is stunningly. And correct. It and what I'm afraid we're gonna have after the speech tomorrow he certification or not is we're gonna have a continuation of the Obama policy which is. Think gravely wrong for our country. We have been talking with former UN ambassador Fox News analyst. John Bolton ambassador have a safe trip back have a great weekend and we'll talk to you next week. We'll be it will be there next guest jobless you 6172666868. Okay. From now takes on their fake news media he says their broadcast licenses. Should be revoked. Is he right or is this an infringement an assault on the First Amendment and the freedom of the press dot story.