Kuhner - AG Sessions approves looking into Special Counsel to investigate Clinton Foundation

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, November 14th

AG Jeff Session has finally decided to look at a Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary. According to the Kuhner Man "It's about [blanking] time!"


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It's coroner results on WRT you know. 105. Here on the great WRKO. OK a lot to talk about today you really don't want to miss a minute. Today show. Will it finally. Happened but before I get to this. Very important breaking story. I just wanna read a fact that just came in a couple minutes ago this is from six oneself job. I feel like the only. Calling caps. Place I can get the truth any proper perspective on Roy Moore is the corner report. Every other news slash talk outlet leaves me confused. And causes me a flip flop. I'm sticking with you well thanks 617. Look my position. Is very simple. Let the people of Alabama the site. Just let the people let them have an election. If they believed the allegations against him he's finished if they don't he may Whitney may not win but. I have enough confidence in the people of Alabama I I'm a small. Let the will of the people will be done. Instead Timmy what I find most disgusting. Is that now they are deliberately willing to overturn or nullify or deny the will of the people. And to me that's the biggest story here. You look I don't wanna go on a ball Bob Menendez and Bill Clinton and you know I'm aka you know the whole everybody does it I'm just telling you which is the fact. In fact we do live in a democracy. And the people have a right to vote and the scariest thing of all. Is that you know democracy there are openly talking about subverting. The will of the people. And overturning an election because they don't like the result. Because they have already convicted this man in the court of public opinion. And notice there's no evidence. You may believe the women that's fine but there's no evidence. Every single one has been he said she said no evidence. And not only are you willing to destroy this man is completely convicted but you're willing to overturn an election. Is this the United States of America. We commit this is just such an obvious point. Now. Jeff Sessions today in a remarkable statement the attorney general. Has said well believe it to the states should the state in never Alabama. Should Roy Moore actually win the election on December 12. To see what they will do but we are gonna look in two we should look into. Whether the election results should be nullify. And I am listening to this I'm saying one. So. If final Roy Moore. Here's now what I would do I'm telling us exactly what he should do. Run as an independent. If the state Republican Party now says they're gonna cut off all support. That's what are now threatening to do the national Republican Party has completely disown him. They've even cut off all funding to his campaign if I'm Roy Moore I would say a final one run as an independent. There it. I won the primary he'll tell you what among a run as an independent I'm not gonna be seated as a Republican what are they gonna do. They're gonna expel me coed run again. In other words the bigger point is this. Whatever you think of Roy Moore. We had to see the lips cross the rule book on with Bill Clinton. There's no getting around this fact. It was under Bill Clinton that the liberals changed the rules of the game. Because here you have a man who wish core credibly accuse. Of sexual assault. He would say serial sexual predator and he was or rapists. And yet the liberals and the entire media says it should sucks. It doesn't matter. Happened years ago it doesn't matter. That's you can separate personal from the political. Way he did was personally deplorable but politically it should have no impact. And it was the feminists. Who galvanize and rally to him the most. Because he was pro abortion that was the big issue and they thought he was a progressive on social issues. Well I'm sorry guys you cross federal book on you made a decision you sold your soul to the clintons. 2530 years ago so you liberals have no moral authority that they announced Roy Moore you don't. And it's not chest that he was a rapists. And they serial sexual predator. And you defended him. And you rally to him which you also defended his wife. Because this pop and chief enabler was Hillary rotten Clinton. She tried to silence the women she tried to intimidate the women in fact. Since you're on the better feeling and now all of a sudden now or were more is a profile on my god you're all you could sure there longer backing out of files row. We're. Right. This is shrouded George Orwell's 1984. No. Hillary and bill put the Walid express our that's a fact. Edge bill and Hillary Clinton were on Jeffrey Epstein is right bit jet the Lolita express. To his week called Fantasy Island. Where this self admitted convicted got to follow. I had sex not always say this you know to finally show the politely on the air had sex with underage men and underage Boortz. What are we talking about. You guys didn't care. I've got videos. Of Bob May mandates. So we being which sixteen year old prostitutes in the Dominican Republic you one evidence it's evidence it's not he should she said. The Democrats don't give a damn the Republicans don't give a damn. He beats these charges he's back in the senate no one's expelling him. Soldier want talk about a love affair with Metafiles nobody loves a more than you know. You won't touch Bob Menendez okay Barney Frank about the little Bernie. My paper The Washington Times was the one who broke that story. He was running. A homosexual. Brothel. Out of his own apartment where his gay lover. In which they were servicing. Aren't they were using underage men and teenagers and boys for sex. Monica said Bernie wasn't good enough to serve. He was perfectly fit to serve. So my question to you was this. How come they were allowed the right to contest the election. How come they were allowed the right to have the people decide. How come they're not they weren't expelled from office. But suddenly. When it comes to a good ol' boy from down self. A conservative Christian. A constitutional is a patriot and insurgent. Who wants to oppose Mitch McConnell the establishment Republicans and build a wall all of a sudden. You won't let the voters be the ultimate judge and jury. You guys are a bunch of shameless hypocrites. And you're shameless hypocrite on another key issue and that's Hillary Clinton. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You shoulder your soles to the double. And now you reap what should sell. Because it's all gonna come out about Hillary Clinton. And now Jeff Sessions finally. Finally. There may be some spying and that good old boy. May be in that man there's something there's something to. A little solid in his back. Because he has now ordered senior federal investigators. Senior federal prosecutors. Q now look into whether there should be a special counsel appointed. To investigate. All of Hillary's crimes mr. deeds and abuses of power and in particular. Sessions now through Department of Justice. Is now ordering the senior federal prosecutors. To look at Hillary and her connections to uranium one. And this is the biggest scandal in American political history. It's bigger than Watergate. It's bigger and the teapot dome scandal in the early 1920s. Nothing compares. To what the clintons have done over the last 25 years. But the epicenter was the Clinton foundation. And so now Jeff Sessions is looking. But whether they should be a special counsel and we wants to focus on a particular our three francs. Number one. And most importantly the Clinton foundation. Called the clintons use the Clinton foundation both bill and Hillary to enrich themselves. To overeat quarter billion dollars that to me is the first question he's the best. How do you come in to public service. Quote unquote. Our 175000. Dollar a year salary. What you leave. Worth almost 300 million dollars but doesn't raise any red flags. I mean this is no longer writing and talking stealing. This this year wonder. I mean it's a sheer highway robbery. And so they use the Clinton foundation. As a massive slush fund. To allow foreign governments foreign powers and foreign individuals. Foreign owners. To line the pockets of bill and Hillary Clinton bribery. In exchange for influence peddling. The big one which uranium one I could go on about the saudis. I could go on a body wrong I can go on about China one of the biggest scandal that Clinton years it was a Monica Lewinsky that was a big scandal don't get me wrong. It was trying to get China it was the biggest scandal of the 1990s. It was the same method. The Chinese Government using a middlemen. Were lining the pockets of the clintons. In exchange we sold them our most sensitive nuclear technology and military equipment. Do you know who armed China the clintons. We gave them everything. And now they are arrival of hours. They are now militarily and economically more powerful in the Soviet Union ever once. They were arming our enemies to the teeth. In exchange. From Miami. They did the same thing with the Russians on uranium one. I've said this before to liberals it's an open challenge I set called the show 6172666868. I will walk off the air right now you're obsessed with getting off the air here it is here's your chance. Answer me this one question. You answer me this one question. I'm resigning on the spot. On as my witness or when resign on the spot. Why was it in America's national interest. Who sell Vladimir. All in 20%. Of our uranium reserves. The basic materials you need to build a nuclear bomb nuclear missiles. On what grounds of national interest and national security was this in America self interest. Give me the give me the reason for that you can. If you're honest you can't. And so the only way that that's sale was able to succeed. The only way that's sale was able to be Nate. Was because the Russians final a 145. Million through the Clinton foundation they cut Bill Clinton eight personal check. A 500000. Dollars to deliver a twenty minute speech in the Kremlin you think they think Bubba is so brilliant. But he's worth half a million for twenty minutes or do we either it's not naive or stupid. By buying them. They bought the country. They need to be indicted. They need to go to jail. Hillary Clinton needs to be indicted. Bill Clinton needs to be indicted. And the people who covered up that FBI informants. Who wanted to blow the whistle on the clintons. And was then a silenced. By the Obama Justice Department in particular Eric Holder. And Loretta lynch they also need to be indicted. And so and it's not just the Clinton foundation and uranium one. The use of the private email server. Compromising our sensitive top secret classified information. Her repeated lice. Or destruction of government property. Ben Ghazi. I could run down ball whole list. This woman committed crying after crying after crying. That if you or I did. We would be imprisoned for the rest of our lives. So the real task now. Is are we a nation under law. Where where's one set of laws and rules for everybody. Or are we now a banana republic. Because the definition of a banana republic is there is one set of laws and rules for the political elites. And another set for the peasants. And what you liberals are saying it's. Gary's one set of laws and privileges. For our rulers. They can get away with murder. An embezzlement. And bribery and corruption. And treason. But for the peasants. You go ten miles too fast on 93 or 95. They sloppy way ticket. Enough is enough. It's time to take our republic back it's time to take our country back. And it's time to send the clintons to where they belong. Jail oh I agree disagree. Will sessions appoint a special counsel. Is it about tying him. Or will sleepy sessions continue asleep. And blink once again. Your calls after court NF. And good. Friend abandoned him and friend and but it's. Good news for. In Beverly go ahead friend. I. Yes he's out. We talked about the two time that lock system we have here one for the rich and powerful and one thing that. For the working man in the court it's ridiculous thing to think about Wells Fargo and Big Bang would make deprived people billions of dollars sometimes these trillions of dollars they get. Bailout they get small fine that means nothing to them and get things about people like the clintons who think committing criminal act for the entire Korea's. And they just get away with it and then if you think about what's going on with friends since illegal aliens coming here and they break a lot coming here and make it. All kind of perk and special treatment when they break the law they they've looked the other way and he had just let them. Block and then he we have the working class the people. Who put this country. Outlook carrying this country paying for everything and doing all the work and I want to be getting pissed on and the one thing that really bothers me besides all that which is very obvious. Is when you see these people like these Democrats. Who. Not be brought the one to the top but the one to a voters. Do you know that they know what's going on you know that they can see the double standard and that doesn't bother them that bothers me. That they don't care because it's their side it's getting away with a. Bingo. I've Freddie on his second of said it better myself. They're a bunch of sheep pull in mindless drones. And that's why deep down I honestly for a lot of these dams I feel sorry for. Really don't like the like the walking dead like walking zombies. Jerry on the cake go ahead Jerry. Over at calmer now. You itemize and. The I call it public the way they allowed us. Jeff the whole uranium one thing today she that you wouldn't pressed Jeff Sessions. He said that they would be at best special prosecutor based on evidence. It's got to let the queen Clinton foundation. The Clinton Global Initiative is seen here. Because of all the offshore accounts in that back in the 1990s the technology transfers. And Napster it's been alleged. And I heard these years ago. That the equipment got a big payment from the Chinese amounting to 300 milk and Phillips promised three million a year for life. In 2010 also cheap ports for the Russian Silicon Valley school Kamal. The funded by the State Department in more technology transfers to the Russians including borrowing Kugel. 28. US quote major US corporations who donated to the Clinton foundation in the Clinton Global Initiative. They were involved in that. There loosened their core protests. There are global lists and their Crocs. And they sold us and the country down to river. The only question in.