Kuhner - Is Adding More Tolls a "Fair question to debate?"

The Kuhner Report
Monday, October 30th

Somerville Rep. Chris Capuano tells Boston Herald Radio that adding more tolls is a "Fair question to debate."  The Kuhner Man doesn't think it's fair.  


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Extend. Through all five here on the great WRKO. OK let me ask you this. Is it now time for everybody in Boston. If you live in Boston. Or doesn't really matter restoring open to you were can be anywhere in this thing in the state of Massachusetts. To pay for ray residential. Parking permit. Well they now want a new way to a fleece everybody. This time so they want. The polling said they want polling to be everywhere they won it on 93 on 95 route one route 128 route 20. Now they're even talking about charging you for parking right next to the sidewalk ice wordy. So listen now to this this is never enough money with these people. So City Council president mission well Lou. I has now said that she's pushing for a a new campaign. Whereby to raise more revenue. Again to fund a role wants to fund via the highways to bridges etc. It's now time she says. To impose. A fee for residential part. So she now wants a program in place in Boston. Whereby you have to get a resident permit parking sticker. Yeah and pay a fee can either be from 25 to forty or fifty dollars. Every year. For you to be able to park on your streak now apparently. Some suburbs of Boston fake Cambridge Brookline Somerville. They already have these parking permit fees ranging from as I said 25 to forty dollars a year. She wants to Boston can now adopt the very same thing. Pay at least 15 maybe forty or fifty dollars a year for the privilege of having a parking term. So. Not only do they wanna you know bang you up with holes. On all the major highways and byways. Now they wanna stick you. With another 253040. Dollars a year for the privilege of parking on your street now. The reason why they say they're doing this is because there's no available parking because Boston is becoming so crowded so overcrowded. That to discourage residents who don't live with thing in that area they want you to have a parking perm that's the reason behind. And soul you don't have the sticker you can't park. If you do park either gonna get ticketed or owed but the the the argument is we need this to avoid. Overcrowding. And free up some available park. Now. What I've said before about this I wanna repeat. I don't know why you can't have residential parking permits. But why you have to charge. Now for example my understanding is in Boston right now. You who have to register your car except Iraq but they don't charge you for that feet. Now they want to charge you for that feet. So when I lived in Washington DC very similar overcrowded over population. People were parking everywhere so they did have residential parking permits however. It came with your domicile. In other words. Your rented an apartment boom we have residential parking permit you buy a house whenever you rent the townhouse boom you've got a residential parking permit. But that comes with your property that come through whatever you're the place you live you don't pay extra for. In Northern Virginia and suburban Maryland so you have your sticker it's free. You park on the street if somebody else who doesn't have that speaker parks on the street let's say during certain hours usually at night or whenever. Then they can be ticketed or they can be told total way. So there stalling or ticketing if yacht in the park in a residential community let's say past 7 o'clock at night whenever from seventh goal. 5 in the morning or whatever. Why you have to bring in defeat is beyond. This fee is a simple money couch. That's all this is is that it's another cash crap. So they keep coming up with ways. Whether it's now more polls. Whether it's feeds. Now it's residential parking permits. Whatever they can do cut. Suck more and more money out of your pocket. Watch. Why. Because they've raided the rolled fund. So the money in the gas tax and everything else that's supposed to go to their role as Gatorade dot. Secondly. When you've got politicians giving themselves twenty to 22 million dollar pay raises it's got to come out of somebody's pocket. And so it's got to come out from the polls or residential parking permit fees. And other words they got to make up that difference somehow now. And what does it mean incredible. Is how shameless these politicians nor. I mean if I stole your money now than ever what but if I steal your money I stole your money. I wouldn't come back and smile might put a smile on my face and say I want you to give me even more money. I would pocket the money and go home not these politicians in Massachusetts. Not these hacks. Not this hack our ram. So listen now to Michael apple want all congressmen. He's on the Boston Herald I think the winner is interviewed by the Boston Herald. Listen now to him say oh it's a fair question. To fair issue. We should have tolls on 93. On 95. On route who on route one on route 128. It's a fair issue we need the money so profit up. Roll it. Britney well that's sort of distinguishing right about that cycle about federal laws. It limit what they can do little roads have been up till dark significantly we have with federal money. Well but at the event the big deal one road at a time I'm just glad that I was a little bit about it I think it too deep into the detail because it is bigger issue and you know. The whistle what you have to do that the concept of equalizing across the board is one right I think that's fair reasonable. I also think that there it's if it's used in order to come to do what congestion in downtown Austin. I don't that you used around the lord in many different places it's a controversial way to do what but it is used. I think one didn't use is it. I don't know you look at today. I almost everything that think it's a reasonable thing to discuss. How to control that pick out a spread it Burton you know people and all's well why should only be people coming in from the west. But as a pet question to look at it presumably it's a but I do think it's. We're different worship at the bit about how we get them honest debate about it is that we have the equalize now the polls the data. So I'm not just gonna take money from new element that money from there. I'm a comic that money from the other guy and the other guy and the other got sick will take all your money. And equalizer. That's all a bit more money. So I'm not just robbing Peter to play ball I'm gonna be robbing Tom meat and Jamie and Janine. And mark thought I'm rob all of you that's equalizing. And don't forget they go to London and Shanghai. So they go to London and Shanghai got to do wood in Boston. A much what since when is Boston a on the level of London and Shanghai forgot six. But one that is why he biggest cities in the world it's city state so Shanghai by the way. And I'm listening to these men Basil Mike are you free and they think that works. You don't fur around some of the hacks over the Boston Herald or whatever the Boston Globe. One been trying hall I. Won in Shanghai. Where are very important like the one finish in March amid a year covering up London and we're not Shanghai. Only talking to me about. That's that's point number one point number two. Noticed with our cropper Koppel wanna okay noticed with this. That's a fair question. More bolts. Hitting you for 1520. Dollars a day to go went to work in Barack that's a fair question. But when you talk about building a wall. That's not fair. That's not a fair question that's been a button when you wanna talk about cracking down on Sanctuary Cities that's not fair that's been a bulletin. When you talk about cutting taxes walled that's not a fair question. Of welfare Richard debate when he cut taxes got cut taxes. Nick crackdown on illegal immigrant. Talking about built the wall. That's extreme as the degree of crazy you can think of that. But when it comes to picking your money. And it's fair. Dog and all's fair it's all fair. Arrogance of these people by the way. This City Council voted demo pay rate Bo voted themselves a pay raise last. Just like the crux up on Beacon Hill now notice crap Brooke apple want all never condemned to stay I'm always a congressman but still. Never condemned the state legislature. For giving themselves a won the million dollar pay increase. RNC Mikey speak out and not all balanced fair city when they vote themselves a pay increase that's a fair question. When they wanna raise your money to pay for the pay increased bets a fair question. That's always a fair money for illegals and amnesty for illegals. That's a fair question. But when it's time to put that taxpayers first that's not a fair question. You know. This date is up sex. With discrimination and bigotry. Everywhere everywhere it's always racism the Boston Red Sox fans are races. Celtics fans are racist Bruins fans are racist patriots fans are racist or is always racist accord these moon bounce. But noticed through the biggest big hits a ball. They constantly discriminate against the taxpayers. The so called deplorable. They are the biggest bigots. And the people who discriminate the most against the working middle class. Taxpaying citizens of the state. Vick contempt that they have for us they can barely even Heidi. They can barely even hiding. So. Let's do crap Burke apple want all our favor. Of my call. He says it's a fair question. So lets you know what maybe it's not a fair question. How about you know what forget the polls and how about you give some money for Trump's wall. Not better yet how do you support a tax cut. For middle working class people in Massachusetts. Hey Mikey but not a fair question so let's give proper apple want all call. I his numbers 6176216208. 6176216208. That's sect apple one know. Yeah you could tell what you think it's fair what you think is not fair. May show Lou the one that wants to charge now for residential parking permits in Boston. 25 to forty bucks a year because that's also fair and a faults are reasonable. 617635. 31156176353115. And their mastermind of the assault. They mr. McCue. Tom McGhee the state senator was also running as a Merrill candidate against Jodie Kennedy he's the guy that wants all these polls all over Massachusetts. And I told both Tommy mogul Ted let's give told both army Moog who. State senator me. Our call 6177221350. Let's give them a call. And let's tell all of them to thinks number one. We don't want another poll nowhere. Nowhere. And number two. Or residential parking permits that's fine but not one dollar. Free. That's a free. You've taken enough money you've stolen enough money. As they saying in Eastern Europe. Hey. But that's home march. 6172666868. Is the number. Let me ask you this. Should there be residential parking permits that you pay a fee for every year 253040. Dollars. And they want polls. They want parking permit fees they want sixteen dollars for you to just drop somebody off that yet Logan Airport. I mean at this point to really. Really why don't we just give him a wall 6172666868. Your calls next. Indictments have been handed down. One through here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. I fear the cost of living in Boston wasn't high enough already. Now they want you to pay. First three part. They want to charge you a fee for residential parking permit. Dirt they can maybe they're gonna start below point five bucks. Kind of nickel and dime you and then start going a forty. Mark my words they're gonna go to 4050 dollars may be a hundred bucks before you know 6170666868. And blank you as my uncle used to say Christine and Boston go ahead Christine. I'd ask about my my aren't my prayers are with you at all. Thank you. You know Jeff it's not about money only about power and control. Over the keep up. And I don't know about you but I I don't even know where the troll Dyer and in that even a huge. The bigger problem is going to be adding at least told everywhere. But it really about more power and control of the people. And I do think a lot of good people have been doing nothing and you know what happens evil prospers when good people do not think shop. I think we all have to really got to fight more and more in law. I agree with you Christina thank you for that call. Look I said this just when we're off break. I think trump believe it or not it's gonna light the fuse for major tax revolt in this state wonder why save. If this tax reform plan passes in any way shape or form. The deductions that we've been getting in high tax states like Massachusetts or New York or New Jersey or California. Those are gonna be gone. Sort of deductions that we get first state income taxes local taxes property taxes. Those are going to be gone which means now V low tax states are gonna stop underwriting or subsidizing the high tax states. And what this means for us arc toxins are gonna go up hate to say that they're gonna go up. The only good thing about it is everybody now in Massachusetts. Is gonna really feel really feel it now. How much they truly paying in state income taxes in our sales taxes and our local taxes in our property taxes. And I think when they now feel the full brunt of it has not gonna be open of the deductions. To caution them from the federal income taxes. They're gonna wake up and they're gonna say all my god. How much are we paying. And what are we getting for. And then you wanna loaded up with polls and your right Christine. It's polls now because it's all electronic polling here driving you don't even. Malthus polar not just driving in zip zip that the just off very easy process that you're not an easy prostate. David photograph your ticket vendors are your license plate and send you something in the mail and don't pay it. And so now they want parking permit fees. You can take blood from a stone. And what's gonna happen remember. The American revolution was born in major tax revolt. I think you're gonna see a second Boston Tea Party. I think you're gonna see the citizens of this state really the peasants are gonna say enough enough. You cannot keep gouging us there's a certain point where you can steal. Which you can't steal that much. And I think they've become so arrogant. So drunk with power to one party state. That they think they can keep taking and taking and taking and the citizens the peasants are gonna take it. After this tax reform if it passes. I think their days are gonna be numbered. And I'm telling you right now I will lead the way. I will having massive march on these are right there on Beacon Hill right in front. For a major talks revolt. Because we are overtaxed. Over regulated. We are shafted if you're a hard working taxpayer in this state. You are being discriminated against you war which is a back. Well we're tired of writing the back of the bus. We now want a ride to the front of the boss. You're gonna start defending. Our interests for once we're gonna put our interests first. Skippy and Sophie go ahead skipped. Did you. I listened to let. So I'm by the couple formal. In the second. It's really say that anybody. Who hole which by the way and it is going to be looking increase in the ever at all. So hey we got eighteen more easily pick people. Noted that there it's global socialist leader let's hope will open there's a lot of eatery. So they want to portray you get greedy money. And the and that they can really nail the deal could find peace you can get. But he's got up and say. If you remember we do this state like this it. A lot against nation at. Salary he got a picture it's a statement we're going to be coming from work but he sure that we get it. Which beat we are also became the Iraq built into the city and whatever cops told weepy because eighteen he statement. Did that doesn't care about. Bingo in fact I mentioned this in last week's show. When they gave themselves a massive pay increase. They also increased their travel expenses. So they already knew that they were gonna be raising our polls and raising our feats they knew this already so he said in even got a pay raise wasn't enough. They go in on all let's load up on the travel expenses. So guess who's gonna be paying the Pope holds up all ya but they won't pay a penny of so not only are you gonna be paying for your right increased tolls and fees you're paying for the politicians. Is increased poll in peace. That's why we have to say enough is enough. OK Michel whose phone number if you want to protest. Charging you now for residential parking permit 25 to forty bucks and Boston. 61763531156176353115. Mike apple want all congressmen it's a fair question let's load up the whole state with polls. Give cropper apple on all call 6176216208. 617621620. Way. And the god father of the whole thing state senator Tom McGhee otherwise known as pool boy hole both army mogul. Give him a call.