Kuhner – Two MA State Troopers sue over editing police reports

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, November 14th

Col. Richard McKeon ordered two state troopers to erase embarrassing details of the report of a MA state judge’s daughter. Now, two state troopers have filed lawsuits naming McKeon. They claim he ordered them to delete what a Judge Timothy Bibaud’s daughter said during the arrest. 


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You won't fly here on the great WRKO. OK before I even get into the monologue. I want to ask all of you every single one of. The corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Should mass state judges. Be elected as you know they're currently appointed. They are part of the hack her grandma. Immensely crop I think it's personally it's an incredibly corrupt system. But do you think state judges here in Massachusetts. I know it's not gonna happen. But in theory. Should they be elected do you think they should be elected sure we have a new system. If you believe the answer is yes. Text the letter made the 68680. And candidly I am yes all all the way. Or if you think all judiciary should be independent from the legislative branch. Away from deep passions of the people. And should be more or. Aloof and more objective and impartial. So judges should not be elected they should be appointed as they are for example in the federal system. In other words no tax the letter beat the 68680. I is always you can vote online at wrko.com. The reason is obviously the case involving judge Bebo is daughter. Hourly Bebo. And in particular very quickly here is what happened. I'll leave Bebo. Crashed her car. She is the judges I said of a prominent Worcester County judge a judge Timothy Bebo. Archer moon about complete democratic act but let that go. She in fact was a former poll taker. So she herself the daughter was also much as the daughter of a pack but up hack herself. As she was appalled picker on the Mass Pike that's when she got a job. She was drunk. She was driving under the influence. She smashed her car. Tools state troopers came to the scene. She then they found her not only intoxicated. But they also found a harrowing hit the cyber. She then revealed that she's the daughter of judge Bebo. And in fact they admitted listened to this but she's also auto I say this a prostitute. That she sells her body her you know she's sort of sells or services. Sex. In exchange for money which is how she pays for her heroin addiction. She banned. Offered. To service is one of the to a police officer as saying look you know what I do for my heroine and I can do for you oh. Just you know let's just pretend this didn't happen. Does that tool police officers and I think their real heroes. A man and a woman Ryan CV your hand out we re. Both of whom were so disgusted by her behavior. They wrote down everything into the police report as they showed up and of course they rejected her requests. As they reported they found her behavior not just outrageous but utterly beyond the pale. And so they wrote everything down. They worried then. They were order to not cherished all during the police report. But in fact one of them how he ran eight or stole actually shred. Parts of the court administrative report. So they were told to destroy court documents. As well as deliberately altered the police report. All in order to protect this package much. Now. To their credit. They risked their careers. Because they refused to suppress damaging evidence. That people above them. Were deliberately tampering destroying an altering evidence and state police reports and and court records. In order to protect the reputation. All of the daughter of this powerful package Dutch. The head of the state troopers. Colonel Richard Mateen. Essentially was forced to retire. The day rather than firing which is what they should've done because he's the one that actually gave the orders. They hotter always say this day yet pressured him into retirement. So that hot after 35 years of service gets to keep its pension gets to keep all of his benefits and essentially at least for now. Is leaving with a slap on the wrist. A 188000. Dollars is his pension. That is obscene. That is disgusting. By the way you when I paid for that. All these hacks. These 14050680780000. Dollar a year pensions for the rest of their lives we pay for that. He wanted to know why we're going bankrupt. You wanna know why they have to keep raising our taxes. Or racing up putting up polls or this case harassing us while we're Jay walking with looking at phones. They got to get the money somehow. He was making 251000. Dollars a year or you. Are you kidding me Britney now I'm knocking. For sitting behind a desk. Holy mackerel OK so anyway they forced this guy into retirement basically they're trying to cover this thing up okay. And he gets his 188000. Dollar a year pension however. His supervisor. Was also the one who ordered. And now we're finding out that there are other people at the top of the food chain who deliberately ordered it. But it gets even worse. We're finding out because according to colonel the team. What he has now admitted is that this is routine. That in fact in his words he has altered quote his words not mine quote hundreds. If not thousands. Of police reports. And so the question now is this. So how many other state judges. How many other of their kids or nephews or nieces or friends work erroneous. Did they were able to expunge police reports. Or get charges dropped against Saddam or Alter or destroy evidence. Because they were part of the hot grandma. In other words it's like a rotten onion the more you peel. The more corrupted gets and the more you have to keep peeling away. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Charlie Baker. Has now come out and said there will be an investigation he says it will be for a independent. And comprehensive. Let me go on the record right now I don't believe him he's a liar. Let me repeat that I don't believe him he's a liar. Because immediately. He came out without a proper investigation. And said that colonel team. His decision to Alter the police report was not malicious. That his intent was just an error in judgment. According to chicken Charlie Charlie Baker it was a mistake. Honey you know that. Perry and that a thorough investigation and you're already basically semi exonerating the guy. Claiming you know I think it was an honest mistake honey you know. You're already trying to sweep this under the rog before you even launched an official investigation. And I'll tell you why. Because one of the most corrupt aspects of Massachusetts. Is that pretty much anybody can become a state judge like candid with you okay like I'm in the confession. When I grew up. I used to look up to judges. Because I thought in all honesty these were people of the law. These were people with you know a lot of education and a lot of wisdom a lot of experienced. They were genuinely objective and impartial. They held up the rule of law against the passions of the public. And that these are men of truly outstanding qualifications and character not a Massachusetts. Men and I know I mean there's Clarence Thomas. There is Antonin Scalia. There are some excellent people up on the Supreme Court and in federal judges no question about it. But here it's disgusting. So how voted Bebo. Become a judge. He was a big campaign contributor. To remember him him crash Murray. So you see the way you get a judgeship in Massachusetts's. You essentially by one. So if you're good enough campaign contributor. Or a big time Boehner. Or an ally or a political friend. A crony. Guess what. He won a judgeship if you gotta judgeship. And here's what's most disgusting oval. Because it's your money. Look I've always said this and I'm not gonna run from this. If the people of this great commonwealth. Were one hand not half. One hand. I.'s interest stated what went on in the affairs of the state. As they are about their local sports teams. Worker beat the patriots the Celtics the Bruins the Red Sox there would be no freaking corruption in this state at all. Instead its bread and circuses baby. Handout welfare checks and let them just talks sports all day. Have an obsession with sports. Because one of the biggest racquets in the state artists they judgeships. And so a couple of years ago nowadays are a lot of state judges there's a big bloated state Judy your. Day here in Massachusetts. They stayed judges brought in dirty. Thousand to all or pay rates are not talking about the cork some politicians on Beacon Hill. They're judges got a couple years ago thirty K they raise a year. Last year January 1 6000 dollars after a bit more 6500. July 1 another 6500. Guess what this year what are we now today Britain wouldn't fourteenth whatever it is November 15. Okay fourteenth. January 1 2017. They're getting all of them no matter what. Regardless whether their qualifications their performance. Everyone's getting another 6500. Dollar pay increase and then in July 1. Another 6500. Dollars. By the middle of next summer. A state judge will make. Listen to this are a 185000. Dollars a year. Plus. Gold plated health care plan plus. An incredible pension. Pull us down pole I care. Sick days vacation days and they only work 35. Weeks a year. They don't even work a full week. OK but let that go under the working forty hours it'll work Monday to Friday forty hours but let that go. They're off seventeen. Weeks of the year. I have. They have more free and holidays and I'm often pitchers. 3850. Weeks a year they work. On 185000. Dollars. He won and the biggest mistake that Jeff corner ever made in his life Obama's senate right now while the biggest one I should have been an illegal okay but let that go. Home. When bill cooks he invited me five years ago but come on into a morning show here on WRKO. I should've said no thanks I'm up and then given a big campaign contribution. To a mini me Deval Patrick. I don't know a couple thousand bucks. They would say okay what's your price I wanna stay judgeship. I could be making 985000. Dollars a year putting my feet up. Having working 35 weeks a year the best health care plan the best pension and the world Summers in Cape Cod. And basically do nothing all day. And then if my national ravens crash my car because they're drug as a skunk. Or there heroin addicts order prostitutes. Selling themselves to get stoned or showed up on heroin. I could have the police altered the reports. So I ask you know who's the soccer. 61720666868. It'll never. Happened. But one of the best reforms we could ever make in this state. Knoll more appointments for the state packed judges. They should be elected. Because even if they're curl up. Then a week can hold them accountable at the ballot box. Give power back to the people. I say. Why you're a freak freak in state judge in this commonwealth. And then if they still want their job go out and earn a goal out and campaign for it in other words vote them in. Give power back to the people. I agree disagree. All of your call. It now more of a lie to notice a dusty RKL. I swear to use these judges he stayed acts are more corrupt and the criminals. Okay Lisa who is an attorney from. I got caught yes it's really boring answer. And I had not technically not. When he went yes. Just. And that experience dealing. Traditional while experts. And basically. A large part that. You didn't city indeed. Celibate insanely quick. I don't know what you. That issue. One bright and bought student lot side. I had a full page ad for a plaque that shouldn't lots investigation. Shilling her exploitation of elderly. By. Probate court appointed officials. Who are actually. Private attorney. That. Appointed by the court so that I'd actually attorney. It and he due in court appointments. And well. His incredible. Lisa I wanna ask you this. Is there any way as somebody who knows the legal system in Massachusetts like the back cover hand. Is there any ways that we could eventually have a new system. Whereby judges will have to face the voters. But they're there were there and Serbian election. I. Am needs to be. Entirely. What. And that I'll let me on your bring up the point because. No accountability. Okay. And I. Last summer and back to send that for a black hair. Spiral. Complaint. You Charlie Charlie Baker himself. Two. What lieutenant governor. To his legal counsel. To the ad agency. Will be supreme to dish collect. Nominating. Convention. And they refused to. Even respond to may not even warm weather. To say. We've received your complaint. I think they get cute. Leave it in. The aren't in any you know what celeb. That's incredible. So elderly people are being abused. And the family court system. Is complicit. Of the abuse of elderly people and the governor of this state doesn't give them. I actually filed in federal election in 2006 T a Rico complaint. That. I am still. Fighting and I've been able to show. Cool for a year of documentation. That of money laundering and Barbara match. And aren't. Judge Arnold. In her a motion in her ordered it to want to hurry. They do not what they do not want brought. At the other. Never has been a did not know of anything I have a say in fact the most important thing and it's and at the five years. Where they've actually. Kid and help slow like them. The word that my father also an attorney. Infects one run in a four part series though it. Sounds like what I'm gonna do it thank you for that call look I've been saying this now for awhile that we need a real conservative media outlet in newspaper. Outside of the show that's exclusive to Boston and know how he's he does great were birdies syndicate these regional he's in New England. And to me the Boston Herald has become a rhino rag. The Boston Globe has become elect has been a liberal rag that's why I love the Boston brought site. And that's why I applaud the Boston broadside. Because he's the only true conservative newspaper in this state. So go to Boston broadside dot com and I hope all of you will subscribe it's not very much because Lonnie brown and does a phenomenal job. And these judges. We now have to shed spotlight we have the cast spot a sunlight on them. Put a spotlight on them because sunlight is the best disinfectant. And my question is an obvious one and I wanna ask you. If you agree or disagree. Why don't held his charge Bebo still have a job. How come judged Bebo hasn't been disbarred and fired. And instead. Their in all the air he is collecting his salary. While he you know he's part of this conspiracy. To destroy wrecked cars and all of a police report and cover up for his daughter. Enough is enough. It's time to bring that hack around mile down. 6172666868. Assured judge the ball go. Let's take just that every night rich with bill. 37 year on the great helping your K 06172666868. If you wanna be part of the show. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up the liberal ball. Okay the poll question and of their days. Are answered by bill Kelly financial services. Should we elect its judges here in Massachusetts. Should state judges be elected they're currently appointed almost all of them are hacks. How would electing them improve the system. If you believe the answer is yes that's the letter they the 68680. If you believe the answer is no text the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Britney what are the poll results thus far. No surprise here at 94%. TS. 6%. Snell. I'm not saying it's gonna be a cure all but it can't get worse let's just put it that way you can't get any worse. You know to me what's incredible. Why does judge Timothy B ball still have a job. I've got to meet his insist it's it's it to me it's mind blowing. That this guy has not been forced off the bench disbarred fired whatever you wanna call. The two state troopers who hero likely rest their careers. To not suppress this evidence they refused to take illegal orders. Are now suing. They both fear for their jobs. They both fear retaliation. And so both are now pursuing lawsuits and I say god bless them. Laura Europe next. I had more. Leo I'm good how are you more. I haven't taken out of the extra work and that is show. I really wish at a charity that called earlier I hope. I wish her all the bad and I wish it reach out to me. The area or in which island that are mobile and the judge there oh my god every single one of them. Are in bed with the police with a politician. I have sidled numerous judicial conduct committee complaint. And local bookstore adult or attorney or their former judges to actually look there was no. As a matter. When I asked her at the that the judge to remove an elk. He called me a liar and I'm not once but twice. And he says it will remove my conflicts somebody ought to know. I want a change in district. Well that they only teacher underground in chat he bought extra sale and Robert Brennan and then there. And in my letter I had wrote to Brent along with the judicial conduct committee and he actually made a comment saying. You've been treated annually in the and that on that I had a judge in the five years ago. Throw me in my autistic son out through no fault addiction. Who does that when I ask interred the 88 law I said I'm allowed to have a little bit if time. I had been looking I had side paid search and I also had two app that gave it. From two different on rental agent saying they haven't seen such discrimination. What we got to oppression trying to get in the patent look at a sexually. OK there was enough time when it was a police report in metric. That the officer. Actually. He he and ballots he lied on his report I had an. I had a witness. Ian but there ought to try to say that I we yell and scream and everything else he turned around and the audience might aren't. Which of course that got next. But everything that it happened and then that would have been judged in some local actually told me I had no credibility. I'm wondering if I should just go when they're in light may be available week. I'd you haven't seen anything like it in my life you know. I'm just curious how can these judges in Somerville while look look at mayor Kurt tong. Can look at a low credit army just look at that phony and fraud you know that that political gangster so you can secure they take their lead from. But. Laura I'm just curious. How can these judges behave with such reckless disregard. With such disrespect. With such impunity. And not be held accountable. Because they can't. That's my aunt because they can't I had written everybody telling him that story. That all of I needed was a little bit attract. And aside agent I'd. Of all housing searches this guy didn't believe me and any you know could be called a liar in in you know. Are you blood sweat. And I have the I told him you're an apple wants. Look in my older you know once looked at any of the information I gave Q and I'm the only one India. Judge Kim trying to judge EEE nobody needs. All erupt in the net the only time I have I have luck isn't probate I'll tell you that right now but they in fact I called up what you name. Armed from the count will be at one what why aren't. I'm Michael. Quote you called the people that old receive the judge suspect get appointed to that. And I think now are they judges as well. Know beat the people that are armed and former judges when there is no no beat beat people that we elect to receive the judge that judges. They're not judges they get people on the council I called Bettany and each from Ameren I can't remember his last week but I called him and I said let's say it. Like going on urine check I'd get appointing the judges. And each that while he had he's gonna retire soon anyway. In the mean and he can get our admiral and everybody else you eat you don't want to rubbing. On the road and Merle Black con. And you can pull up any name of the judge. Look out judge. And so we'll all look up judged Lang you can see all the climate notches from. Are illegal like Laura I believe you a 100% I don't want the attorney even the return of the governor's council has called the governor's council thank you guys know Laura look there there. A packet feeds. I'm telling you they're thick as thieves. Because they're not real judges. That's my point there hacks. You're campaign contributor no problems they judgeship. Europe political crony or an ally no problem here's a state judgeship. Whatever your somebody's nephew here's somebody sun news somebody's daughter whatever your politically connected all problem. You wanna judge your 185000. Dollars a year. Vacation days sick days health care pension you'll only work 35 weeks of the year. Not that your work in those weeks but spell. But seventeen weeks off. A problem put Oman and you know all praise for you and me. And so when Jeff corner comes along. And says maybe it's time for attacks rule. Maybe it's time for us to pick our government back maybe we should know what's going on with our mind me. But we work for I'm the extremists. I swear I'm the extremist. This state is corrupt from head to toe. And dots that's my call it's a mafia state. It's one party rule. That's why you need to have real competition. Real transparency. And real accountability. Elect the judges. I'm not saying it's gonna solve all your problems. But at least that people have some kind of a voice now we have no voice. Peter NA pearl go ahead Peter. But I get the heat per cent while welcome thoughts welcome I just wanted to let you know that. You know we're we're held a hand basket in this country. I think that that I should be canned and 888. Probably should be held for. Taking care of a criminal or. Whatever they call it when you have a criminally you know holes in Europe. Hiding them. Yeah harboring criminals or aiding and abetting. Aiding and abetting criminals right that to say go through that. Went against him they should be set aside given a good substantial. Raised in. In this salary and what they're local wireless country and look all this state and look at these judges that are like doing the sorting these things hobbling criminals. It it's just disgusting you know we did this state my father had a good grade education. And he had a good example as to what these people. He called an educated. Ooh and that's what's happening in this country we have to bring these these educated fool that are that it dealing with a. Pete thank you for gonna call. Jimmie and Dorchester Europe next go ahead Jimmy. The football. What to say is that I didn't include course. That a court. Is it torture. We call her that they didn't judges wouldn't give up credit done like. 2530. Is that you wouldn't they say that it is a different food days in rich water. Thirty days to whip one up there what they court trial and didn't get more important basically. 12 cases. You don't have the late but proven record of and so that you have with a certain quick I don't put that it yeah. While our. Fought two wars in Britain that that you wouldn't I would like to walk that political liberals that don't work out you you know. It's gonna collapse. Like I'm just telling you this this is not sustainable. So old they may be living high on the hog for now but it's it's gonna come to win and the party is gonna come to an end because they're gonna run out of money. They're gonna run out of money our money in Enron eventually out of our money. Look I want you to think about what went on here OK. The daughter of a judge. Smashed her car drunk as a skunk. With hair win beside her. Who brags the state troopers. Glad she's a prostitute she's a hooker. And that she sells her body for sex and takes the money and buys drugs. And then propositions. The state trooper saying I will service you right here right now. Part of a car out of service you. Full service. Just don't write up a report just let me walk. And these two cops are hole to destroy records. And altered the police report. And the guy that gave the order. The head of the state troopers he's the head of this what wise colonel Rickey in our routine or pronounce his last name. Is given a golden parachute. And he's not five you're. But in fact think this was natus. Is pushed into quote unquote retirement where he's gonna make 188000. Dollars a year. And the guide it's supposed to be investigating this Charlie Baker the governor. Says I was just an honest mistake I don't keep up the militias there. Are you kidding me. I mean really this is this this is the stuff that happens in Croatia. Does the stuff that happens in Eastern Europe. Are supposed to happen year. So I go back to where rice started. If the people of this state. Spent 110. Of the time. Caring about the actual affairs of the state. As they duel with the patriots Tom Brady bill ballot check the Celtics carry Irving. The Boston Bruins the Boston Red Sox are defense assist our defense operates as. Alex Kerr error the new manager is it good ladies elect theme all but he doesn't. In all is it time to have a minority as but don't talk about Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack. All day if they spent 110. Upped their attention on what really goes on which their money. On things that affect their very lives. It would be a a scintilla of corruption and state. Instead. Damn hot car ram up leaves. On and on and on like got news for you. Corner country is here. And we're not taking no for an answer Charlie Baker were coming for you. 61720666868. Because the party is over now there's another way elicited doubly.