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Tuesday, October 17th

Who should President Trump side with? Mitch McConnell or Steve Bannon?


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Our complete news from liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. Is that could erupt for. Brohm Rawlins. Must call on all they life flying home today in an absolutely incredible press conference yesterday. With a Republican civil war now breaking out with Steve band and that the values voters summit over the weekend. Now vowing a quote season of war. In which he says populists conservatives. Nationalists. Trump America first thirds. Are going to be running and challenging. Fifteen of the sixteen senate Republican incumbents. In next year's elections. I the only one is Ted Cruz who will not be challenged because frankly he's one of us. But outside of Ted Cruz. All other fifteen. According to abandon our gonna face a fierce. Primary challenge. Most of them are establishment Ryan all Republicans. And as ban imported the goal is to caught off the oxygen for Mitch McConnell. Take away his support in the senate. Knock out his people and eventually lead to the overthrow. Of McConnell himself. In fact Bannon compared it to getting rid of Julius Caesar. It is now time he says for eight walked and walked to topple then head of the snake that is Mitch McConnell. And so yesterday. Trump and McConnell met amid his brewing civil war in the Republican Party. All eyes were on the president. Would he back McConnell. Or we basically show McConnell the door. We got our answer. Listen now to president trump. Saying after a long lunch. We discussed a lot of issues. Mitch. He's my buddy. Roll it. Brittany my relationship. With this gentleman. Is outstanding. Has been outstanding. We are working very hard to get the tax cuts we will continue to work hard to get the health care completed. I've got to be surprising some people within economic development bill later on but I haven't even told Mitch because a lot of focus on tax cuts and some other things right now. You know I got look I admire the president in some ways. Am you know he wants to get things done. I understand that he doesn't want this war in the Republican Party. He wants to get his agenda through I understand it completely from his point of view however to be perfectly candid like I'm in the confessional. He start to remind me now Charlie brown and Lucy. Charlie Brown keeps trying to kick the football Lucy keeps lifting the football in the air. And Mitch McConnell and his body is partnering and crying. A rock up Paul Ryan Orion they keep playing this this gag on the president. It's for whatever reason they keep. Fooling him deceiving him December Willingham and the thinking not all of this time now. This time we got your back Mr. President not this book but this up. Would health care was complicated moving pieces we got the thread in the hole we needed if he was one element. But not all this time on taxes we're gonna deliver now apparent are telling the president they're gonna return to health care and deliver on health care. I'm like listen. You're gonna see pigs fly before UC Mitch McConnell and called final Ryan do any serious repeal and replace of Obama. And soul dishes like Lucy constantly lifting the football you're not gonna see tax cuts which piece too I'm telling you. You're not gonna see Health Care Reform which piece too I'm telling you you're not gonna see the wall we peace to I'm telling you. It's just it's Khamese so obvious. Either. They're just grossly incompetent and an apt. Or Tim mean what I really think is going on here is there in the pocket of their donors. The chamber of commerce did owner Klaus the global lists who do not want trump to succeed. They don't they would rather have seen Hillary Clinton become president of the United States and they are playing him for a full. That's what they're doing. And they wanna drag this out and dragged this out and dragged this out until the president loses all of his political capital. All of his momentum and his agenda is dead in the water. Now it was Mitch McConnell Sturm. Did then go to the podium. And so want you to think about that it's okay this same man who backed bought pork per. We're in court there was publicly insulting the president. Senator cork are saying that the White House is an adult daycare center. And somebody must be missing their morning shifts for trump to be tweeting. The same guys who backed court occur against the president now. He inch from our Mike Gardner they're practically golfing buddies nobody heard this all my dog dare BF thefts are best friends forever. Roll it Britain's. Angel I much was president. Colors or the president's. That we have the same agenda that we've been friends and acquaintances for a long time they're. We talk of frequently we don't give you read out every time we have a conversation but frequently we talk on the weekend on. About the issues that are before us. Obviously. That's in the budget which enables. Tax reform and tax reduction. Comes back. I love him. He and I we talk on the phone all the packed all of that we have no idea how often we thought we'd like we played golf together. We talk we have barbecues together sic come on down to Kentucky we're gonna have ourselves a good ol' fashioned barbecue. In all my wife Elaine always says hey you know what we do it why don't give the president a call we love him so much were such good friends and buddies. I'm like who trying to. Now all of a sudden no really now all of a sudden Mitch McConnell has now become bottled Tribe's best friend. Now look at them off all of our friends were we talk we talk so often you guys don't know how often we talk. It's like they're always like a romance now between two of foul Mike got up all day listen were really tight off we go back decades. In Rome if I can do it over again he would be the best man at my wedding. I'm Michael who are trying to kid. So. Trump was asked point blank. Steve Bannon. Says he wants McConnell out and the establishment out. And at first before the meeting with Mitch McConnell before the launch listen to what trump said. I understand Steve's frustration. I really do according to the president. Roll it. Brit I know how it feels. Depends what he's talking about there's some Republicans frankly that. Should be ashamed of themselves but most of them I tell you what I know the Republican senators. Most of them are really really great people that wanna work hard as they were doing great things for the American public but you had a few people that really disappointed us. They really really disappointed us so I can understand fully how Steve Bennett feels okay. So basically I'm with them on this hey look. Our gender has been thwarted from day one. We got nothing on Obama care nothing. On the wall nothing. On taxes so far nothing. On issue after ish on trait so far nothing outside of killing the PPP but that was outside this and it's control. So on every major America first item that you ran on. So far. These useless clowns. These these she Republicans. Have delivered zero zilch nothing. In fact they are leaking to the media or in the case of cork or openly mocking the president or in the case of McCain. And I'm gonna get them at 1235 all all you got to see his latest speech are ya ya IE. One it was time to vote on obamacare. Even though he ran repeatedly. On repeal and replace. He didn't just vote no he went to the well of the senate. Roman emperor style. Look at the Democrats. Gave up the farm and went down. Just to humiliate. And stick it to the president. Those are the kinds of people that are running the senate for the Republicans. So you better believe it Manning's upset you better believe it trumps supporters the grassroots are furious. And when you ask him repeatedly. For the failure to enact so far his America first agenda. When you ask him that his supporters the base who do you blame the president or congress. Overwhelmingly. It's almost a 100%. Basic on course. Say what you want about banning you can call him every name in the book on this is a 1000% right. The Reynolds have to go oh. They're obstructing. And the president just as much as the Democrats. Like now after that meeting with trial with sorry with McConnell. Now president trump sang a different to them. Before the meeting I understand Bannon. After a demeaning. And other words after they bamboozled them again little more smoke and me. Errors mr. Perot and where our parks cut. Then had to kind of on a boom but be very successful mr. Number Labarca healthcare and we felt all the player dozens of we're gonna go again on health care. On this timer and got him. I don't know how horrible organism poem. On the on until you're gonna get out wall of the problem. A final supplemental budget fines doubling unmanned got you got money Mr. President. Armour all the world conflict in just a squash. And what in my spine. There is among almost a jolly folks around. So. After he gives them that's song and dance with some good us now the president says he wants to hawk to abandon. To persuade him. I don't want war I want each season of troops. Roll it Britney. Your administration. You can't. Primary Republican candidate. We'll have a very good relationship as you know we see Ben. Steve's been a friend of mine for a long time like Steve a lot. Steve is doing what Steve thinks is the right thing some of the people they he may be looking that I'm gonna see if we talked a matter that because frankly they're great people. Who'll. Jeff flake. So Steve man and by the way he's not gonna be taking Trump's advice he got in fact went down to Arizona to campaign for Kelly Warrick. Against the rabid never trooper Jeff flake by the way ward is gonna clean his clock in the primary so what Jeff flake you don't want him knocked off. OK you don't like that how about Deb Fischer in Nebraska you don't want her knocked off. Okay how about Dean Heller in Nevada because it keeps insulting you in public you'll want him knocked off. How about in Tennessee you want Marsha Blackburn or some clone of Bob Yorker you don't want pat Ryan all knock off. I mean I could run down the hole. Just who. More your friends. So tell me again and again. It says fifty establishment keeps dangling. Dangling. We mean win mean we mean. And here is the mother Cox. So now Mitch McConnell is asked about Steve abandon. And about his insurgency against him and he Republican establishment. Listen now to this cut. Because it is the most telling all ball. Roll it Brit. You can't down for lunch today that that's the comment this event and made this weekend what do you make of that. I want to. Look you know the goal here through is to win elections in November. The bag and torn a cannon 2012. We nominated several candidates Christine O'Donnell Sharon angle. Caught again Richard Murdoch. They're not on the senate. And the reason that laws that they were not. Able to appeal to a broader electorate and a general election. Not my goal is the leader of the Republican Party in the senate just to keep the senate majority. The way you do that is not complicated it you have to nominate people who can actually win because. One respect policy and losers go home. Bingo. Darius. He revealed himself again in as clear as you can possibly expose yourself as a creature of the swamp. Winners to make policy. Losers go home it's all about win mean baby. It's not about the president's agenda. It's not about upholding the constitution. It's not about serving your constituents. Tell it's not about principle. Mount on the on the home. Itself by out quote unquote. Winning. In other words keeping him our senate majority leader that's it. Got soul. My friends. This guy is the mother of all snakes. I am with the band in on this a 1000%. And my warning to the president is this. You're gonna be Charlie Brown one more time. And when they screw you and they're gonna screw you on taxes tax reform and health care again. You're gonna see on this one. Bannon is a profit. 6172666868. Romp embraces Mitch. Who do you support. McConnell. Or ban in in this emerging Republican civil war York calls Max. President having a another pro. Steve's been a friend of mine for a long time like Steve a lot. Steve is doing what Steve thinks is the right thing some of the people they he may be looking that I'm gonna see if we talked about it that because frankly they're great people. All point seven here on the great WRK all okay president trump says he will side with McConnell. In defending not all but maybe some of these Republican incumbents. From the primary insurgencies. That ban and says he wants waged against the rhinos next year. And sold at corner country poll question of the day is sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Who do you fearing president trump should side with. Mitch McConnell. Decks the letter eight to 68680. Steve Bannon pecks a letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Lines are loaded Rick in west in going ahead wreck. I guess I'd Graco and great imitation two. I'd I'd just I hate to see the president abandon his base and embrace the establishment it seemed like he started doing that. Where did after he made the debate promised to. And as point a special prosecutor. And look into Hillary's crimes and many said though I don't wanna hurt her and when I heard what I don't know what that was about but it. As somebody ought to look into that you know. So Rick you you you see you see this as a danger sign that may be the swamp is starting to coop the president. Yeah I think they just don't respect them they don't feel that he's gonna do anything against crime and he's just like he's gonna let them go on with their. Without term limits he's just gonna let them go on doing the same thing they've been doing all along. The establishment does winning this woman we have to do something about it. And I thank you for that call Rick I appreciated Scott in Portsmouth go ahead Scott. Yeah. All that way I think being an inch from where are moving ahead on the same not trained. I think that trumpet is playing in and do as saying. And trump does not look or aren't behind him on the other hand trump has got to play with the hand he's dealt. Even at the end and changes in the end everything that's the senate gets shuffled. Huckabee is not gonna happen until January 19. So he's got to work both angles. Change out the senate will be an end and work when. Dating at least dealt with right now. As Scott so I think what you're saying is basically it's a good cop bad cop routine. The president's playing good cop yeah I wanna work with the mansion let me talk the band about some of these challenges to some of these incumbents wink wink. But in reality. My relationship. With this gentleman is outstanding. Has been outstanding. We are working very hard to get the tax cuts we will continue to work hard to get. To be health care completed. I've got to be surprising some people within economic development bill later on but I haven't even told rich because a lot of focus on tax cuts and some other things right now. OK name. Best friends forever. Question mark. 6172666868. The press conference that everybody was waiting for president trop and Mitch this squish McConnell senate majority leader. And as band and wages an insurgency against McConnell and the establishment GOP. President trump parolees McConnell a lifeline. Good move bad move. The corner question Polk well the corner poll question of the day. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Who do you think trump should ultimately side with. McConnell likes the letter 868680. Ban and next the letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Britney what are the poll results thus far 88%. Steve Bannon 12%. Mitch McConnell. Let's go to Bruce in Springfield. Go ahead Bruce. Jeff hybrid presence and strong as a lot smarter. Than acting and and I hope they learned a lesson in Alabama what's special election. It's not about trop anymore it's about the movement that you need to get I'm bored I support it. He is making all the right motion president trump all the talk you out at least publicly. They strapped. Thank you very much Bruce well it's funny should mention that because you anticipated my next. Train of thought which is look what happened in Alabama. You know Mitch goes on about you know winners who make policy losers go home well Mitch what are you one. I mean really what do you won. First ball on policy. Outside of course church that they give the devil his due he played the judge corsets thing perfectly on the Supreme Court. But outside of course which what is McConnell delivered not think. I mean even before trump maliciously trump out of Dave vowed to defund obamacare. Nothing. They vowed to defund the executive amnesties nothing. They vowed to balance the budget nothing. They gave Obama everything you wanted. Big game a complete blank check. So what victories his McConnell talking about now we want want the politics. He was the one that back Luther strange and he told the president and all warfare is the guy because Roy Moore he's just un electable. You know. He can't win. Well guess what. Roy Moore not only beat Luther strange if I cleaned his clock guess what he's up almost ten points in Mississippi. So. What winning. And so my fear is gonna show us the fear. That again. He is being. Bamboozled. When these guys coming to a rule when they lay out this agenda batted John Noble do beds and this is all about winning at cedar playing to Trump's vanity. Trump likes to win. Mr. President world when bush or Ronald work on one monster on a Friday at work on morality on the second at old as an act. Did you sit Tom Brady in the near England patriots are by point five points but I came back and want. Tom Brady on a bogus. I'm telling you that's what they're telling him in private. And I'm I'm telling you that you gonna see this Jeff flake is a goner. Take Jeff flake is gone. Deb Fischer could go. Morass so in Wyoming could go Dean Heller if I were him I'd be very nervous in Las Vegas these Ryan was or gonna start falling. Now does the president wanna be on the side of the various tablets mean that's screwing him and obstructing him and frankly shopped him. Orders you wanna be what his own people. Because we saw this and Alabama. The movement is bigger even than trump. And so Timmy. I would not of thrown Mitch McConnell lifepoint all beyond I would've stood there I would look at him and said you know Mitch. Were the results match. Mitch won nine months and shall we the results show me the money show me the lead the winds of Mitch I don't see the whims. Let's go to and be in the Brasco go ahead. And don't again comrade. And she. Oh I completely support what Steve Bannon is doing but I I'm underweight and had a late start gentlemen on trial and giving a lifeline to McConnell talk for in nineteen when McConnell and they're kind of leadership and certainly should benefit. Actually be very much or much in danger urgent danger and. Has there pressure on her picture and Nebraska dirt cheap like senator. I mean it doesn't move. It's just a question of can a resilient and anyone out there to challenge her. Around and I think mr. bout it might have a very hard time finding someone to challenge. You're saying in Nebraska do you think you may be a tough time. To topple the rhino Fisher. I hear you Randy well look. I can tell you this there are look. I wanna play a clip you don't want to miss I'm telling you after the break you don't want to miss. This is what trump is up against a player kept. This 14. From John McCain this could be make maniacs lowest of his Lopes. This is what trump is up against. Kelly ward ran a good stuff stiff primary challenge against McCain. Jeff flake is essentially a McCain clone. Agent basically a younger McCain that's all that's it is basically McCain twenty years younger with the air that's it. How could you not backed Kelly war against Jeff flake. I got the guy who literally wrote a book flake he's talking everywhere. Saying that trump is a radical racist and extremist. The whole book is written in defending the Republicans against prop. Does Jeff flake. You don't wanna take amount are you kidding me. And you know who's campaigning for flake you got it. Mitch this squish. Marco Rubio. Very fair in Arizona. Raising money for graduates. Mr. President for God's sakes. He led you down the wrong path with Luther strange and Alabama he's leading you down the wrong path would Jeff flake and Arizona. Do. It's Lucy and Charlie Brown don't kick the football. Kick them. Ronnie in Boston go ahead Ron. AGF thank you very much for taking the call my pleasure running. I am learning so much about the art of the deal. By paying attention to trump. I don't think they trumpet making a decision between McConnell and be and in at all. I think it trumps already made all those decisions along with Steve Bannon and that's why HD bad and his is waging all out war from the outside again. And trumpet waging all out war against these write notes from the inside out. That's why he's lifted up Mitch McConnell we get along great we're gonna do great things together trust already made all his decisions. They yemen's already made all his decisions it's the Ryan a Republican that haven't made their decision jet and trump just lifted the mock. And now they're forced to job. There are they're forced to stand with the people's agenda or chased a rout of beer and this is this just political jazz genius by trumpet my opinion. Now Ronnie when you say he just lifted up my console. How do you mean by badly in an Irish he's embracing camps are we showing look I wanna work. I wanna get stuff done I'm not the obstructionist. And Connolly Mort. Exactly and he's holding a mark for all of America just eight. That look I'm trying to work with these people I'm I'm reaching out in good faith put these people and they still don't wanna pass tax cuts if they still won a tank. Our healthcare reform if they want it still wanna thank the wall they have all been exposed. Trump can wipe its cans of trying to work with them and Buchanan is unleashed and we the people were unleashed this as a win win for trumpets its genius. Interest and Ronnie there has always very good call very interest thing. As I like to say you tolerance. Rule and you've already eucharist and Larry in Belmont go ahead. Larry. Gentler Jim barker left column about my theory Q would that there. I'm you'd think he'd been bamboozled I think this time trump amber calling the rhinos. It not only do you have. An and they're working against a Reiner you also have now to actually go orca. He's made it clear that he's going to have probably wind chill. And and the last nine months who he's getting blink. Turnkey get blamed for all the civil unrest all the all the keeps coming down against them. He gets the blame in the prior to Democrats and Ryan. So he'd played so McConnell. But. He's guarding had a meeting like this southern gentleman said where bolt bandit and gore are should go get up. That way he's like hey I did my best I'd I'd back these guys you can't blame me anymore. So Larry I kind of repeated this earlier but you're saying it's almost like a good cop bad cop routine. And the yen at and then he also claimed both sides against the middle and he'd he'd make and it's so he's English and if any if if they lose. If these I've taken apart and civil war. The gambling trot toward confusion and Ivan back and he remember like he says. There movement stated in from the south and I think he knew that would reward more going to immediate peace McConnell. Knowing that Roy Moore was gonna clean get a guy clock. Needle in the same thing again on a bigger scale so sorry. Nine get along with everybody watch what happens when an off all. Interest in interest thing Larry so what you and Ronnie are saying is essentially this what trumpet saying look okay I wanna get stopped. I wanna get tax reform I want to repeal and replace obamacare I wanna one out my agenda. Her block you mean congress now look here right now I got my arm around Mitch. I like Mitch I trust match ms. say is gonna get a bunt Mitch get it done goal out there and win one for the gipper. Going to whip Mitch. And so if it doesn't. Succeed if the agenda does go down in flames then Mitch is gonna get blamed the rhinos are gonna get blamed. And as this is going on these wink wink telling Batman you burn these guys to the ground. You're you're like a Cossack do you waging an insurgency. Here you're like that the germanic tribes into the Roman empire. You would just pillage and plunder and a pack. So he's putting the pressure and the spotlight. Right on the Republican establishment. Interest and very interest and I hope he's playing chess. You know what the Italians say this could be derivative of the old Italians that sank. WRK okay. Towards the Boston. 1255. Here on the break WRK. Oh okay. If you wanna see what trump is up against if you wanna see the ferocity. All of the swamp. And the Republican establishment goal after him he's America first agenda. And all of you. All of you. Everybody that voted for trump. Listen now to Mick mania. So John McCain who has you know his brain cancer Ares. He says the prognosis does not look good he has been going after trump he buried obamacare. He was the key decisive vote that brought it down the repeal of obamacare. He now says he's against tax reform he wants to bear REIT dot as well well he received the liberty medal. And as he received the liberty medal at a ceremony. Listen to what he says its role it brick. To fear the world we have organized and led the three quarters of the century. To abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe. To refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain the last best hope of earth. For the sake of some half baked spurious nationalism. Cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats. And shop problems. Okay. This is fun. It's as unpatriotic. As an attachment to any other tired dogma. For the past that Americans consigned. To that page she that ash heap of history. This is pathetic. Arenas is honestly pathetic. Soul ways it's obvious. Trump conservatism. Is nothing more than half baked spurious nationalism. Cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats. Then solve problems. Know is how the crowd just lapped it up the day lofted Dave loved. And then he goes on to say is that unpatriotic. As an attachment to any other tired dogma of the costs that Americans consigned to the option of history. So what he's essentially saying is this your stupid. Your ideas are half baked they're ridiculous. And you're not even a patriot. Trumpet is not a patriot that his supporters all of you I guess me as well. Were not patriots were a bunch of right wing nationalistic. Neanderthals. Who somehow won and American preeminence on the world stage. This man is a lunatic. We're all due respect these Olympic and notice. He is calling names about trump and trump supporters. He would never say about Barack Obama or never would say about Hillary Clinton. You know we basically just said he just reiterated Hillary's deplorable comments. That's all basically said. He just said it in his own way. Or just a bunch are racist sexist misogynist. A basket of deplorable to work you redeemable. My friends. They're swamp is in trouble and they're fighting for its very life. Coming up next. Bull Birdsall plead guilty on desertion. Buddy says he's not a traitor. Is saying. Don't touch that dial. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock.