Kuhner – Should the Pitbull breed be banned in Massachusetts?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, October 23rd

After a Lowell boy was killed by a Pitbull over the weekend, many are calling for this breed to be banned in Massachusetts. Kuhner says yes. What do you say?


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Three Martin. Sure. Pit bulls beat bands in Massachusetts. This is now the question and I want to ask all of view. It's the corner country poll question the visual war as the French would say. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Should pit bulls beat banned in Massachusetts. If you believe the answer is yes specs the letter date is 68680. If you believe the answer is no some of them may be dangerous but don't target all the bulls. Next the letter beat the 68680. I as always you can vote online at wrko.com. And the reason why this question is being asked. Is in the wake now of two horrific. Pit bull attacks. The first one occurred Saturday night in lol. And I have to say it's truly heartbreaking story. A seven year old boy. Whose name has not been disclosed. Described by the way is a very good boy. Apparently the way neighbors describe dumb they said he was a I just a wonderful boy he would quote I'd see him riding his bike up and down the street he was just a little boy who loved to be free. Always smiling. Always laughing. This is according to Geovany Miranda who has an eight year old daughter and lives on the street. He was not a bad boy. He was not a troublemaker. He wasn't known is that kind of a boy at all I could have been literally my son or your son. Or anybody son. Apparently. This boy he got into the backyard it was a chain link fence. God into the backyard. Of a neighbors if is. Which who had two pit bulls their brother any sister. They weigh over a hundred pounds each they're engaged pit bulls. And that two pit bulls ripped that boy a parked day mauled him to pieces. In fact they've that they've finally dragged the body to a bed of leaves. Near ray gas grill. The boy was shrieking screaming yelling and absolute. In horror. Inch in in pain. And at least fifteen may bursts so far and counting. Admit that they watched the actual brutal attack one in fact even filmed it. On the cellphone. And they say that the dogs were so big and so vicious and so strong. The and by the time they had their bare dirt dirt key. Into the boy and it's sold damaged the boy's body that there was nothing anybody could have done to have saved the boy. The mother apparently is absolutely beside herself. She was seen on this are on the street yelling whaling saying my baby my baby my baby. One of the pit bulls managed to somehow escaped. He was shot kill I think that the ball was called Brighton. The mail he escaped he was shot dead by police the second pit bull I guess the sister is now in the city's custody. Now. According to the neighbors they say that the dogs always barked they just would not stop barking. They barked Embarq Embarq all day all night. The owner. Is it's a man and his girlfriend he is any rock war veteran. According to neighbors they describe both of them as very good people. Very nice very polite. Nothing. Out of the ordinary about them. He says that he has those two pit bulls because he needs them and wants them for emotional support. The girlfriend of his is apparently also a very nice woman. Some boys on the streets would try to tease the pit bulls. And apparently the the owners the Iraq War veteran and the girlfriend. Repeatedly told the kids stay away this according to multiple witnesses stay away they're dangerous dogs. Don't tease them don't bother him leave them alone. So now the question is. Could anything have been done to have prevented the death of this sport seven year old boy. And our pit bulls just sold dangerous a breed that maybe it's time that they were bent. Eyes this also took place there was another incident this time in New Hampshire again involving a purple. It was a man walking his Labrador mix called Molly. For our regular walk. They were confronted by a pit bull let escape act two pit bulls. Who also are one people who had escaped the I guess the the leash of the owner. V they started to run from the pit bull as the pep. Always in affirmed. Growling barking like crazy the pit bull pursued them. Then apparently with his massive jaw. Our bid to onto the knack of small eagle Labrador mix and began to rip away at her neck. How the attack continued to dog would have been killed. Luckily however the owner. Pies has a license to conceal and carry and so he was armed. He said he didn't want to do it but yet to save his dog's life is Labrador mix Malik and shot the pit bull dead. However he openly says had I not been armed without question my dog would have been killed. And maybe I would have been attacked and killed. Now. You have a dog that is lucky to be a life and frankly an owner who's lucky to be a life. You have a boy who's dead. Both of them the victims of people's. Now let me just full disclosure. My children love dogs I mean they love them I'm talking like option they've allowed them especially Ava. They always run up to dogs they have to pad dog after almost restrained them ask the owner first if it's okay it's permitted if it's safe. I can't tell you how many times I attracted do this with my own children. They desperately want a dog on when a week probably for Ava six birthday she's now five. I will probably get her a dog next year as a gift because really he's like a dog fan that they love talks. I have nothing against dogs. I love dogs I'm planning on buying a dog. I'm telling you right now call mere racists MI discriminating against pit bulls or whatever I am not going to buy a pebble. Now I know the arguments. If you're trained to pit bull well if you socialize the pit bull well pit bulls are actually good animals and good dogs. That may be true I'm not disputing that all I'm telling you witness. Every time might hear about a dog killing a child or mauling trial. Or attacking somebody. Not always sometimes his boxers sometimes it's doberman Pincher some but but often often. It's a pit bull. It's not a portal. It's not a Chihuahua. Not by jumping and getting them Labrador but anyway it's not a Labrador. Gates not a husky. It's usually eight football. Now. This is created a big debate here on the corner report I've never seen divisions like this on the corner report. The program director Michael. Is thinking of buying not one but with his partner principle start thinking during the market. He loves the bolts his partner love spit balls he says they're amazing dogs they get a bad rap. He says the problem with pit bulls he's apparently looked into this is that they tend to be anxious talks in other words they have high anxiety. So they have to be properly trained and calm down. And if they're not properly trained this is why you hear them going apps we knots and whatever mauling kids or whatever. Brittany. Says that ultimately. It is the dog owner's responsibility. Don't blame the dog it's ultimately up to the dog owner and in this case. With all due respect to that poor little boy and her parents. It looks like the boy did get rule or over the chain link fence. Seoul. Now the dog you know the dog owner behaved apparently from what I'm reading. Responsibly the dogs were in the backyard there was a chain link fence. And it looks like the trial the boy. For whatever reason explained. Want to play with the dogs did no better whatever. Somehow we either got through the fence or jumping gawk over defense. And that's when the people started to attack double. So it's not even at the dog owner was being that irresponsible. It's ultimately there arguing the boy's fault. Let me say this. A pit bull. Is to mean a potentially dangerous weapon. It's an all people say is like gun control don't blame the guy and blame the person using the guns yes but this guy and walks this gun rule it's this gun has a will of their own. And this guy and he's a freak in dangerous gun. And Tim neat when it comes to pit bulls here's my position. If those dogs are not on a leash. When they are outside. I don't care if it's in the backyard the front yard or in the park. And they attack and kill a child. Or attack another animal or pac people. I believe there should be a law on the books much sing bantam. But that the dog owner. Should be held responsible. Because I think at this point. There is something about this breed. Its size its strength its viciousness. Its volatility. That clearly makes it different from other docs. I you know why you may convince me otherwise I'm open obviously to reason and evidence but I'm just being honest with you. I can't tell you how many stories I've read kids being killed people being mall people being attacked. And is always one common denominator it's African triple. And so I'm sorry but I think if you're going owner pit bull. You're gonna have to take extra precautions and I have extra responsibilities. And one of them is they need to be put on a tight leash. You can blame the child but let's be honest. I have children I'm sorry they just run around we do they run around on a street beat two. Precious life. Most of the time however. It doesn't cost them their life. It just doesn't. These are dangerous animals. And they need to be treated differently. They should be on a leash when their outside at all times backyard I don't care where. And if they are not on a leash and they attack somebody then the owner should be held responsible. That's my position 61720666868. OK Brittany shaking our heads you think like I'm discriminating against. Pit bulls come I don't think you might get a dog and I really don't I don't think the ultimate goal is very good at no art to be a very good owner. But the way you're thinking here and put our man come your cease bees for a moment I mean to sound like a snowflake. The use every dog. Is territorial. Of their order of their lands of their home. And if this kid climbed the fence and came into their territory that's their brave man. That's a damn CS staff idol or spring I mean that's how they're thinking their animals (%expletive) If it comes in to bare yard that's how it that's what they do giraffe. You should have a dog and if you need to train it properly. And over Britney let me ask you this I agree with you got to treat your thought I had been this older said please don't tease my dog stock I don't commons in my yard pass on to assist onto that. They're territorial. They're going to do that that's why dogs bark that's why sometimes you know they attack people because they don't if they are not familiar with that person. They're gonna do that joining me in Britain there are some dogs that are very kind of and there are some dogs that do have at a high anxiety and everything I. Let me ask you this OK leave aside obviously richer while or portal two are very small dogs take a Labrador or elaborate remarks. If I get even national Labrador Max. It's possible and is it possible but realistically. They're not gonna get their face to go home but if I've got a pit bull. I understand I mean you're not gonna be right a pit bull is a more dangerous dog and Labrador mix in my wrong. All I'm. Not saying right or wrong but. A lot of the history of these dogs. Are they older. Where they abuse are there adopted or did this person buy it from a breeder. What are the parents like you need to know these things about dogs when you're buying them you don't also came from like a puppy mill or something. So we need so the history of these dogs. Because they have different temperaments. Depending on where they came from an escape an abuser of David adopted a what might not I think. Analysts it was a bear responsible owner doesn't have known if the stock was attacking muscle look and I think this is her affect. But I know you led do you have pimples and just. C will literally lick your face off they won't bite you or anything like that so I haven't seen a temple act like this before. Are going to be very candid with you. Let's say you get a pit bull in the future and all your dogs are getting a little bit long in the tooth. So eventually on up and I wish ill on Lex see in you know and Bruney and Rudy but you know eventually right and all things compliment. So you get another dog let's say hopefully many many years down the road. And you get a bit. And we're at a picnic or whatever family picnic or whatever and RKO event and you bring let's call it that butch. Butch you bring watch the triple a replica of an image on our right. I'm telling you right now I'm not get Al Hashemi event that the dog because Avastin pets that dog bed her face could be. Fine in the winning easy save at that they're running up to dogs. They could event I'm really gonna buy a dog because that they don't know what cut the these dog bit. After remember their animals. A different kid as a running up Saddam. Sometimes it Harrison scared and they growl or they might nip at them or whatever. You have to train. Your dog properly to not do that but it's only day day all rip rip a kid the piece yet just if they feel. That you know the seven year old boy was threatened and who knows where Rivera do we know what happened. I mean the kid climbed over the fence in app and went into the into the backyard. That's dare. Territory. It's very sad and tragic. I don't think any air where the parents on this one is like you can climb over offense in the once there it would be used dogs have that this owners can't repeatedly tell them. Please don't terrorized my dogs blues on to use my dog. Like. My thoughts are getting older Black Sea she's older she's a Yorkshire Terrier she can't seem very well. She doesn't really like that yet you know my cousin and she doesn't she is little. Cart girl for five years old she doesn't walk Lex he doesn't want little kids around there. Let her although they are going to correct it flat well Ed I know but does Alexi terror part know what he's growls that are Christian wants be left the long final but growling and carrying a child apart are two different things I stand by. T Souter trying to say here there it wouldn't. Doc and like that their animals aren't how many times of tight that on you know. Like we get aggravated with each other my gallon and what I ever played that tell the dogs are they Rowell in the net and everything and that. If it's a pit bull could not true Jack 6172666868. Should we ban pit bulls. I wanna hear from you your calls Max Bill O'Reilly I expect. Under great WR KOK. Guys this is like an all out war now on but Gary is sits but everybody's weighing in on this. OK I think this is the clincher tax but that's just mean my by his season you know Britain says number he buys. So this is from 617 Jeff. If you had to be locked in a room. Which they dog not of your choice he just walked in a room with a dog. And it happens to be a pit bull or ray Golden Retriever. Which one would you pick. I pick a Golden Retriever bingo. Now why I would pick a Golden Retriever to know why. That's. But just open their as vicious a ball hog. Apps as a pit bull but that's just me. This is from. 413 but apparently elaborate doors are also dangerous this one night you got me guessing whether Russian by the kids a lap. Jeff I don't think pit bulls should be banned. The child jumped the fence into the yard. Any dog has that potential. I was bitten in the face. By my own dog a Labrador. One. Only Mac O 50 wait I've been bitten three times with four exclamation points. All three of them laps. This labs Britain that's off my list. The last observed I thought his surgical Bullock's. To pat and it depends I guy goes out what you're doing how you treat them. Okay this is from 603 Jeff pit bulls are not in caps dangerous. People are it's not the dog it's the person raising it. This is from. Well Don this is already here this is from Maria in Boston with a very good text 978 (%expletive) I have how a bit bolts it is not the dog it is they humans slash owners all in caps 781. Jeff that boy I wish trust passing on to their property. Let me ask you know 781 and the audience I'll take your calls I promise after this great. If those were tool Golden Retriever it's. If those were who I don't know ultra Wallace. Do you think that boy would be dead today. In other words is and he ultimately dead because they were not just too many dogs they were to hit Apple's I'm just asking. Your calls next let's take your pick Evan Haydn rich. In the newsroom. I'll start. It's filled it out in the midnight Italy or in the okay. They horrific story in wolf Saturday night for a seven year old boy. Ripped to pieces. By two pit bulls killed. Allegedly because he would ever got through the chain link France or jump the chain link fence. And then the dogs just went wild and they mauled him tore him apart. One of the dogs escaped he was shocked by the police. The other dog is now the other pit ball is in the custody of the city of lol. And so the poll question of the day. Sure Lloyd Pitt bulls be banned in Massachusetts. If you believe the answer is yes. Text the letter they the 68680. If you believe the answer is no thanks the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Britain need to staunch the old defender. What are the results so. Or. 56%. Says with me no we shouldn't band pimples. And Massachusetts. And 45% say yes people should begin to Massachusetts. Are not SF to save you answer yes. Which is a bad. We had people taxi in saying lab adores bent band show I was led them to a rules that semi and a ban them do. Well no. Mean you could just say it starts and stops with that bolts. Right I mean that's. The logical answer to that is that's a very dangerous breed of dog may be the most dangerous out there. Doesn't go beyond pit bulls but it starts and stops with Apple's I'm just sank. Now let me throw something to you into the hole everybody out there five disks from by zeroing. Jeff how many stories do you hear of Labrador hours ripping children apart. All right so people defender Brittany what you say that argument. I'm honestly think that ever since this whole Michael Vick in the dog fighting in everything has happened in the media has been sentenced sensationalizing. Temple attacks ever sends this whole Michael Vick. Abuse scandal happened. So you don't care about any other dogs you know attacking other. Other dogs and other people you just hear about the temple stories. Anytime there's a mash shootings and all of this issue all this shooting at a time is a dog is it a temples and temple when there's a cop shooting someone. Veto they jumped right on its so good that he is it discrimination against pebbles. I don't think as a discrimination against couples Jeff I just think that there is is that the media sensationalize. It is simple attacks. And they ignore other dogs mauling case of course. Dan in Salem where do you stand down. They took great so thank you umps like you're Brittany probably 90%. My assignment at triple in its biggest issue of him. So my dog was attacked street signs and it wasn't. You know I think it all depends on the owner out there were raised. Daryn do you have children. Are not okay I'm just do you have children on your street. I do okay this knock down and maybe I'm I'm the exception honestly you tell me and I don't mind I mean if I'm wrong I'm wrong. Kids often come into my backyard. You know my kids play on the street and they come into my backyard and you know my kids are friendly with directives and you know so that going to people's back they shouldn't they should ask for permission but they do that's how kids are. Do you believe that if pit bulls are in the backyard and you you know that when kids and threw them. Are those pit bulls dangerous because of the breed or because of the owner. That's a good point some criminal declared that. I would say the owner. Do you think if it's a really good owner even though there are pit bulls and let's say kids do wander into backyards because that's what kids do let's be honest. That the pit bull with a good ownership properly raise socialized. Would not terror child apart. I don't and so. I thank you thank you for that call and I appreciate it. So maybe of them is really is the owner I mean judge Janine in north threading go ahead Ginny. And make. I gave him to listen to beat people Britain included CIBER you're usually agree with you. These dogs are bred they were bred to fight in a period. And that particular characteristics there Barry very strong they're very trucks get them not all dogs aren't predictable at three dogs. They all maintain some of the qualities which they were bread or another quality and kill somebody and aren't fool. You couldn't compare this having a gun light and there have analytic on but it. This game with keeping a loaded gun in his backyard. We I'll be up and Vietnam aren't out there wouldn't be big trial went tracked. He. Where I didn't look at the big city it was very densely populated we are kind of kept the hit ball over. I didn't look Larry I'm looking like that's okay here called China milk we are going to be my. Under the code let extra club and at the now minority people and I hope you're parkinson's they don't belong in or should he. You thought are not you all did you eat them all you want a learning in your backyard. And it has not a lot we don't know how the going to be born human father of the behaving better and they might actually back hard. I thought it would be why you even questioning it and I didn't want all expert on the animal. You know have a good people there probably is not a bleeding heart the courtship bulk. Of clinging animal control they're not. In the reality here they don't belong in our true they don't pull on her blog and I would start. I beat I would. Making it illegal for Ellen Simon can't get a gun should not be able to get a pit bull. A minimum acreage of lenient and other kinds of. We learned it all on the Greek and difficulty keeping a brave board in their homes that they can get that if the dark awful. I'm now for another creature another era law that it's killing the reality is that me and couldn't have gotten his dot dot apple. I'm tired I'm Fareed and really appalling when people talk a. Not a Geneen very good call thank you for that call it was a really honestly from the heart and Arafat. What you made a lot of good points. Look britney's going crazy in the Booth she's GI yelling come on come on but don't let me throw open Paul if you are mean you can have a chip I sent alliance can have a jaguar. Can have a tiger. In your backyard. Sounds so aren't you know like every artist I'm just throwing it out there why can you have a ripple I mean just you know besides a cannot what do you say that argument Brittany. What we got posted on the ocean now because there are sharks I mean extra sat. Jeff I don't go to the zoo puzzle of them lie in my get out of the tier Gerri it's well and (%expletive) What X app sold the people that train is dogs and and it's the owners. Here. Told that kids. Don't teased by dogs don't do it. And the kid was. In the backyard. No I know but Britney now look at look logically on that point on that one point your right look tech obviously the kid trust pass. I'm just telling you realistically. As a father. Kids' trust pass I mean they just do know kids that are coming into my backyard Jaffa I mean they're always talk that if there was coming into mine iron and that's how kids are looked. And you do column I've told my gave an Ashton don't go into other people's backyards are told a thousand times dots what they do they just do. You got our our our our street full of kids I'm telling you they're coming to your house you don't want them you want I'm Derek comic. So at a minimum that's why I said if you're gonna have a people which is a dangerous animal. You should be required even in the backyard to have a money very tightly not trying to be crawl. But I mean it's because these things can be prevented. And to meet a pit bull no question about it is a more dangerous animal then a Golden Retriever. Although apparently now according to Brittany every dog is a dangerous bog. Like that that's the other thing like there's no sense but the bulls are slightly more dangerous than other box which is what Democrats accents. Maria in Boston. Always had Marie. Heard I'm I took you awhile ago bottle. Part of my story or you wanna talk to reform I taught you about the plastic cancer some guests in Boston yes. Well. Opulent while it was wrong those dogs were not bred for fighting neat turn them into the it will Britain Europe war. Or god yen and herders. And abroad warned not lighting that's what we turn them into. Britain a 100% right. Technically I might perk people I had my daughter was true. And my son was warned that dog grew up with them. My daughter developed epilepsy at what your goals. And and it if you know anything about that is the most horrible thing you have to go she had nap sure. One minute grandma seizures on the regular big it's. And did not meet her sigh. Q&A now every time that was going to happen he did not meet first or seventy odd palpable. Actually is neglect not luncheon and he operated. There was nothing wrong with act on and when I'm not doing what they care on him up upbeat constituents about BP has done. And we thought you weren't bought YouTube you. You know teenagers coming in not opt out our children and burned coming in the not about how. Iran will not only protected odd. I'll protect you don't want your children one of those kids that we aren't out of honored that called me. And what aren't you wouldn't mind how continually not sent slowed him down and even at one. It was caught on what had a lot column. With truly might well and multiple. Rounds note in the next moment. And that was the only thing that's stopped important. Slowed him down from companies that I am going to Jackie Collins. I'm going to get you. Have to ought. Not to stop. So Maria what you're saying I wanna. Maria I wanna put words in your mouth which are essentially saying is it's not the dogs it's the only. And we only know we turn them won't hear until quieter and we did. Part of their. Maria thank you very much I love Don. I see very good call thank you are really pressure on some very good call. Bill in mutant go ahead bill. Okay Jeff Motley if you will lead to. Well look at them the face of a couple which I have I see evil in looking evil and AM sorry. And so maybe irrational but. I once tried compatible. A pit bull on the and they had illness took place angle Torre he Nittany. And they didn't I don't know why a human being first clinical reasons. Could one at triple they're not attracted dogs and all of their privileges. Now look but when you make eye contact with a Golden Retriever. The first wanna do is leak by you and let Q. No I mean bill look like I gotta be honest with you when I see a pit bull I go the other way. I'm beyond what I mean they look vicious I got the degree they just look look like. Vicious. Nasty dogs like I know you as I've got pit bulls they're great Jaffe it's the owner. I'm gonna conceived you yes many of them are probably very good animals but I'm telling you when I see a pebble. Or just poll think the size of African football. I'm just like I just walker I swear I just walk across the street but to err on the low outside of Israel I go to the right side or on the right's let it go to the left side. And I'll tell you this action they've they've got a lot of dogs I never let him had a triple. Even when the owner I'm sorry I'm not to offend owners aren't just being honest. Even when the owner says no known on all whatever my spike might spike is a good dog at my number one mistake. Would have Red Bull and went up to the my daughter's hand it's gone. Or whatever dashed in Bible it's gone. Forget it I'm just I'm sorry but. Now I'm forget the labs I'm hearing the labs can't rely on labs. You camera mean to so many dogs now I never knew somebody does reduce dangerous I'm picking a Chihuahua at this point. I really honestly I'm they cannot easily which are all logos and Tim both Smith oh Diana what. Want to look at a bunch of different kids that if every I mean what a Golden Retriever. Animation Gammon gold says shaft I think it's a look at us. Look at this other a look at sisters are afraid of dogs Java that is an adult fans look at its. 6172666. Right here when they claim racism that means they cannot defend their position. This is that sooner or on WR KL. Rob you're up next go ahead rob. A long time for god welcome Ron. I'm I'm actually considered. He Greek historian. Okay. Meaning I've read all the books and I have shared my home with these dogs for the past 47 yet so your breed expert. I in probable I don't want call myself an honest can honestly I park. I'll call you got that you sound like one. Rob let me ask you there then there's the million dollar question where pit bulls bred to be. You know for battle or were they essentially herders. OK let me incidents that you just in the minutes so as what I got to say it's. Gonna tell a lot while getting noticed Appalachia. Bull baiting and riddled the Nikkei 200. We were outlawed. Gaps dog fighting actually stopped. In the American get Ontario. Once indeed spread two point underdog. On the loose the caught between a white carry out. Which are now extinct in the bowl bought which made it more sufficient. Why now. The first bought into one went back 1845. That would stop spread by the German Barbara and Charlie Lloyd and that Bachmann was truck. Now from eighteen fortify. Our until 1976. Sport of dog fighting has been going. And these talks have been living with us in this country for all that talk. So what is change. You don't ask a question that I out people that's been brought to battle out there won't mauling people. For over a hundred years. So what's changed in what has changed in the breeding crack. It's right now you've got. Too many people trying to breed dogs now I kept looking and said that the blogs read 112. GAAP small purebred pebble. That ball should not exceed all backing we limit of sixty pop time. Seoul they've been quite a spread. Back as a new fast. Which subject like talk out on that. A council planned at all. Told that all of its U question yes. The marketable Serbia won one inbred too slight Auburn ball dog registry edit data keep it. To GAAP the united cattle August won't just two to one dog. Okay rob I literally have one minute left fight I wanna get this out of you as somebody who knows pit bulls Reza read about pit bulls. Are they more the way they're bred now he sees a specific breeding. Are they more inherently dangerous than other dogs. I'm not gonna say yes to that marbles Satan or breeding practices lead to what we're seeing today palm. I abused dogs for example 47 years Jeff I'd add dozens of them actually able hundred of them roll 47 yet. And I've never once and bit. Now wants. So you would like rob so you would you wouldn't you wouldn't veneman. No not at all so you think OK so basically. So they were bred but they're changing is the breeding practices. But if you have a good dog owner who knows how to responsibly raise some they should be okay. I think that's pretty much what he said right Brittany. Right okay now. Back then then what britney's been saying although Britney now saying which people should alliance I never rest bringing by flowers and what do we want a barracuda what you want elephants gorillas. I mean really at this point seriously. Does that give them my way up against the. You have to say okay bye bye. The brutal report has been presented by killing financial services the voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI it.