Kuhner – More than 1K MA sex offenders don’t have listed addresses

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, October 25th

The Sex Offender Registry Board has lost track of 1,769 sex offenders. They don’t know where they are or where they live.


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206 here on the great WRK. All okay. I the last two hours someone to do it one more time as you know. I always like to just comment do my monologue and then obviously start taking calls. Before I get to this monologue however. Please call her country eight called cut action to all of you. I have a fresh call mop. It exposes. Elizabeth Warren. In particular. The fact that she openly lied and made up a story. About being sexually harass slash assaulted. When she was a young faculty member when she went on chuck huge Chuck Todd meet the mess. It's a story that the local media is desperately trying to suppress. Please I urge all of you. Go to wrko.com. It's corners corner right there. Elizabeth Warren lied about being sexually harassed let's get the truth out there. So download it read it email let's send it off to your friends call leaks family members. Because she needs to be held accountable and she needs to be exposed. Pretty incorrigible. Pathological liar that she is okay. This is a local story. But I'm telling you it's gonna go national or it's it's already starting to go viral it may go national. It's an unbelievable story and I wanna give my hat tip to Boston 25 news for having broken the story. There are. Over 1700. Sex offenders. In fact if you want to be specific 1769. Sex offenders. Dog gone. They're gone. And the state of Massachusetts. 1769. Sex offenders are now living in the shadows. The this state auditor. Came out with an audit of the sex offender registry board and two were utter shock and horror. She found out that the sex offender registry board has lost track they've lost. Don't. Of over 1700. Sex offenders they don't know where they AR. They don't know where they live they don't know what their addresses are they have they have no idea where they've gone. But they're gone. They're just they're missing. So in theory in theory I mean obviously it's highly unlikely but you know in theory. I don't know my neighbor could be a sex offender. Your neighbor could be a sex offender britney's neighbor could be a sex offender. How do you luge track. Of allegedly registered sex offenders. We're talking about rapists. We're talking about people who have sexually assaulted women. Some of them had a files child molesters child abusers and you'd just just lose track. But just at while there on the registry under supposed to be registered but I. I don't. We just we lost track of but how did you lose track and well we just one updating our records and you know sometimes when they move they don't actually tell us where they've moved tool and you know and so literally I'm not kidding. You now have people coming out the team he secretary in charge of this saying well we don't have an investigative arm. IP sex offender registry board so we can't investigate when some some sex offender let's just say I don't know. A child molest her molested little Johnny. And he decides to move say from I don't know. He decides to move from. Let's say hey. Mansfield. And he wants the movie and say to Brookline. And weld you know he didn't even register on us so because he didn't register when us. We can't try to mount. And five is so pathetic. That this state auditor herself. And I that the giver her credit she was genuinely horrified. Susan bump. Actually said that some of them relocated to another state. And this sex offender registry board decisions to show you how backwards they are over there. Couldn't even do a basic cross referenced sing with other computers from other state agencies purse stopped at the Google. No they went on goal Russia say general Joseph six pack. The child molester Joseph six blah blah blah blah let's go goal what do white man. Leeson. Compact. OK so removed from Massachusetts to impact the okay at least we know where he isn't impact you. So let's contact the people in Kentucky. And let them know you know George sits back on Matt green lane yeah green lane in Louisville. There's a child washed. Convicted child molest their I don't know you may wanna tell the people who live on the street and his neighbors that there's a child molester living next door. Just wanna tell. This is what I won't. I mean really this is pathetic. And I've got to say this I've got to say this. 'cause a prime money here speak the truth what's the point that me being behind the microphone. I don't know what eBay is about the state. In particular. But when it comes to sex offenders. When it comes to had a finals. When it comes to child molesters. I don't know fits the water I'm not I don't know what it is I don't know if it's the air I don't know what's going on. But hey there seems to be a particular magnate for them to come to this state. And I'm not just talking about the Catholic Church. It's in the department of children and families. It's on many schools. It's across social levels. Varies for whatever reason this inclination. To either cover it up. War to turn a blind guy or two just not take it seriously. I do not understand what the reasoning is but I'm telling you in no other states. Are they this slacks and this permissive. When it comes to take your pick. Child molesting priests. When it comes to social workers. Who are holed about children being abused or about women being sexually assaulted it's the only other places Hollywood market. Where they just they do still care about sexual abuse or sexual assault. A lesser Elizabeth Warren and yours make it bowl thing up OK but let that goal. 1700. Sex offenders convicted. I'd alleged convicted sex offenders. You just lose track pack. Like you don't know. And what to me is even more remarkable. Is this is the state where there always are patting myself on the shoulder now pay for it don't root for a fact so there they are. Patting themselves on the shoulder. Where for women's rights. They all have their little. What about the victims of sexual assault. What about the families whose children have been molested her abuse. What about the children themselves. But we should care. To meet. It's the corruption in this state that I just find absolutely stunning. It's the one thing again and again and again when people ask me Jeff what's life like living in Massachusetts or Boston. I will believe it or not the people are themselves very nice they have article. Where we live in this southern Massachusetts right there are near Gillette Stadium. Beautiful foliage. Beautiful nice place honestly a lot of green. There's a lot to recommend the state of Massachusetts the beach is the museum's. There's a lot here. But it's the corruption. And it's not just the corruption. It's the whole Lawrence and the indifference towards the corruption. And so. We now have another scandal. Again. Where's the Boston Globe. Where's the Boston Herald. Where's channel four worst channel five where channel seven where's channel and I wanna give a big hat tip to. Boston 25 news 'cause at least they have the guts to break this story. But again for the most part this silence from the media this silence from the political class is absolutely deafening. And so here is what I think now if you're really look when you have this many sex offenders as we do. I think now it's time that we start to really crack down. And if you're a sex offender. And they've lost track of UK. You're convicted sex offender. And you move. And for whatever reason we don't know where you moved to I think our asset should be immediately frozen. I don't care you've major debt to society I paid my debt I'm back out on the streets I don't care you're a sex offender. And generally the recidivism rate among rapists. Or child molesters or had a files is incredibly high. And so if you're registered in your living say whatever in Chelsea Euro lol or so August or take your pet okay. And suddenly you move. And we don't know where you've gone too and we've lost track to view your assets should be frozen. Immediately. On the spot. To me. Heads need parole. Heads need parole. How do you loose track of 1700. Sex offenders. I swear. Only in the people's republic of mark sutures it's. Let's go to and in Waltham go ahead and. Yes yes I think one of the reasons that the sex offenders can't be found is that. They're the ones who are in charge of registering themselves after the sentence. And about the judges nobody in the court does that there are supposed to do that and sell. Out like crazy ideas that. So basically it's all volunteer. Yes yes they have to do that the other nobody does that for them. Credible. And it yeah everybody's talking about I'm glad they have all these people let fly accurate sex offender would you register yourself I don't think. Well and and not only that and if I knew these laws were on the books I'll tell you which they I would come down to a come down a Massachusetts. I mean if I'm gonna molest kids or whatever eight. Yeah David judges are easy on you. Number one you gonna get a light sentence a number 21 I'm really sparkled in a public. You that's like trusting the fox to guard them. And thank you for that call all of you I guess I'm now that's a big reason why. The whole tiger right now follows a pervert the phone the got a file. So low Massachusetts. So not only do I get a light sentence basically a slap on the wrist then want to let me out or Obama got. You have a joke he gonna registered you better believe it. Just I haven't found the place yet but when I got a permanent place an eight the first thing I'm gonna do is register. By Q I start scouting a school. And that's how they roll Ross in Boston going head routes. For some Altria which record of one of the most stirring things that are on the agenda. When Bauer Massachusetts State Senate. Ray Albert. Bro. Ruskin you please call back your cell phone connection is is horrible. And even Chelsea go ahead and. Or I'll and yeah I have in the ninth then okay. What's on your mocking Danny. He math. I have quality you know how many and an aunt I was eight plan. Yeah and can't get married Hillary Clinton. Crowd let me. Act you know that. World like that name Mac yeah. Laura yeah. Now you can yeah. OK yeah. Anybody know that he had been hit. Apps apps apps apps apps apps. I bet you're riveted up all I know the votes on that want that brought. Dutch trader Dutch criminal Doug Beck does embezzle our that I that that Doug Benedict Arnold and hold on. You're calling us the blue marbles all all the most deplorable person on the planet but let that go 617. 0666868. Okay Britney and all you want away in so you think. That may be a lot of these sex offenders some of them could potentially just be homeless. And that's why they're not registering. I disaster caught in arms like hey what if they're homeless is that can that be the reason for it. That their living on the streets that you know may be there in two drugs or alcohol and they don't end you know they're homeless and living in a shelter we don't know about it. Maybe that's why. Well I mean they could register at the shelter. Tickets if you need to reach me at a pretty much. Again as I rang out again but if it's voluntary. They going to a fair living on the streets are still living in your nearby park or something. Well that's the problem we see it shouldn't be voluntary and Zach I think you nailed it it's it's should be mandatory absolutely and that's that's the problem. You see the problem with Massachusetts in a nutshell. Is that they put the rights of criminals over the victims. Dotson the fundamental sickness I think in Massachusetts society just my opinion John Europe next go ahead John. (%expletive) I love the show are true patriot a huge. That bottom line is the reason that this is like if we're firing at bill that position as a few years ago the supreme judicial court about low at least eight. Came out with a rolling and said that if your homework. That you don't have to register the same way that people who have an accurate accurate though I love it required as almost yet the voluntary. Direct it there every year went that your record report to local police in retrospect. But because there are homeless and don't have an address. The supreme hit record that well well or we won't worry about you then we'll just you know you do what you have to do. It. John let me ask you Chris are obviously very it says on the board your police officer is that true. OK anyway a thank you John for calling I appreciate it so I as a member of law enforcement and let me ask is 64000 dollar question. Hey Jeff corner just for the sake of argument OK Jeff cooler now let's let's make something we can believe. Bill Clinton. Is convicted. Of molesting a child. He's convicted in Massachusetts he molested a kid. Bill Clinton is released let's say two years later. Bill Clinton now allegedly is homeless OK but all the Clinton foundation money Hillary's off to jail they've confiscated all the money so he's now homeless. Even though Bill Clinton molested a child. This Bill Clinton required to. In anyways he mandated to let us know where he is or he claims homelessness we don't have to know where areas. If they claimed almost as depth no because yesterday that that would be out of burden on people that are homeless. Wow. Even though he could potentially be your rescind of us and prey on another child. Correct while. I ya ya right John thank you for that call. And it darn well sure god bless you Joseph I ya ya I look at these moving back judges on. Well. I asked the question what's in the water it's not in the water it's what's on the bench that's why most. June 28 here on the great WRK. RO OK huge story I wanna credit fox Boston. 25 used for having the guts to break it. The sex offender registry board now I see huge public safety failure. This state auditor reveals. Over 1700. Sex offenders. There I count the four. The that we are where they are they're just they're missing. You can text us 68680. This is from 603 (%expletive) Liberals wanted to take 300 million guns off the streets. And have Sanctuary Cities with thousands it's millions of illegal immigrants who maybe criminals. But they can't even keep track of 1700. Sex offenders. How much sense does that make. Liberalism is a mental disorder. 781 (%expletive) whereas Mora who go horror Healy after all of this unreal well she still focused on bathrooms. This is from 617 job. I think they've all moved to grow rotten since all are welcome. At. Don't show a 617. Suzanne in Brookline go ahead Susan. Hi definitely Iran all day all thank you Susan. And a little bit and let's not forget the communities. Like wild please go by her you know ducks. Barry. In your rent in the rays have a count really quick and they were deterred by that point let. You know there are everywhere. And what they're real they need and they are everywhere they are everywhere. And they are unaccounted for in their own personal responsibility. To register. To stay on top of their registration within the data quality Peta is there any chance Italy below.