Kuhner – Kuhner says Sutherland Spring attack was liberal terrorism. Where is the media?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, November 6th

The shooter, Devin Kelley opened fire on the group of church goers Sunday morning, killing 26 and injuring 20. Kuhner believes this is a liberal terrorist attack. 


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Can you run a complete news from the liberal lies and insults to the working people can we say no more. Is that could erupt for. Wing terrorism. Again this is now the question. That I'm asking that the mainstream media doesn't have the guts fast. My friends another massacre and again. They're victims. Were the so called deplorable. This time it was in Sutherland springs Texas. Here is now the absolute latest. A gunman by the name of it there have been telling. Dressed in tactical gear wearing a black mask with a skull on it. And they are fifth. Teen style assault rifle. And purity until the first Baptist Church. Sunday at about 11:30. PM. Sorry AM. It was in the middle of the service. According to witnesses. He began to shoot at the church from the outside. He then walked into the church. His first evict them. Was the person who was gonna deliver the homily to fill in for the past Kirk who is a way that's Sunday along with his wife. He shot this fill in a homeless. In the back. Immediately he was dead. He then began to rain bullets ticking everybody off one by one. It was an absolute. Bloodbath. 26. Confirmed dead. I at least twenty wounded. What is even more heartbreaking. Is the victims ranged from as young as to who years old. To as high as 72 years old. A two year old baby has been killed in five year old child has been killed. The pastor and his wife were both ways that weekend but they have adopted a fourteen year old girl. I've seen pictures of her she's absolutely beautiful. She was one of the victims she was out that ceremony at that mass at that service. And she was shot dead. This is a small rural community. It is overwhelmingly Christian. The killer we now know. Is somebody who was discharged. From the air force. For having beaten his previous spouse and child. According to people that knew him all the way back to high school. His high school classmates described him as creepy. Crazy. Weird. According to investigators. They say that he got remarried. That apparently had a falling out with his second wife. Danielle. They also have a child. And with the in laws. It appears that peaked in law is attended that church. He's his current wife Danielle was also a former teacher at that church. So it appears that one of the motives. West to potentially kill. His exes. The family of his acts. At the very church that they attended. Furthermore. There is a huge picture that he put up on FaceBook. A with this they are fifteen. Saying this is a really bad BE I can't say the word on the year. However when you dig deeper. The left is already trying Elena get to this later in the show. They are already trying to turn this into gun control gun control gun control gun control I kid you not. Dubbed bodies were not even take him out of the church. And Elizabeth Warren when a reader tweets a bit later was already calling for gun control. Blaming the Republicans. Blaming conservatives. Blaming defenders of the Second Amendment. They didn't even know his identity. His name he's a motive Khamenei were dead they knew nothing. All they wanted to say was gun control gun control gun control. However when you look at his FaceBook page and you talked to people who knew him. They say that he became a rabid atheists. That in fact he was a militant atheist who developed a real loathing for Christians. That in fact it bordered really essentially on bigotry. Now maybe it was the bitterness of his breakup with his current wife. Maybe they hatred he had for his in laws. I don't wanna get into this guy's mind but without question. This was a man who is a militant atheist. Who in fact would hound people on FaceBook. Or confront people to such an extent that they found them a nuisance. In fact on FaceBook pick up befriending him. Because they gonna wanna be friends with them anymore. Because all he did was go on about how christianity is evil. People of religious faith are evil religion is the rule of all evil and that everybody should invent embrace atheism. He was also a rabid political liberal. He loved CNN. He was a big supporter of all kinds of left wing liberal political causes. So if. Nobody else has the guts to say it I'm gonna say it. This was an act of left wing terrorism. That's what this was. This was done by a left wing atheist a militant atheist. Who deliberately targeted a Christian church in this case say the first Baptist Church. Because they were Christians. Because it's in Hillary's infamous words. They were the so called deplorable it's. And what I find particularly disgusting. Is that we now have a massive terrorist phenomenon in this country. And yet nobody dare speak its name. And so as I've said on this program many times and I'm gonna say it again. If I am not here. Q who speak the truth and there's no point in me being behind this microphone. There are now. Two kinds of domestic terrorism in the United States of America. Number one is Islamic terrorism there's no question about that but number two. And in terms of a body count. It is now starting to rival that of Islamic terrorism. And that is liberal left wing terrorism. You look at what took place just on Sunday at Sutherland springs. Think and he far. Black lives matter. The shooting of stevens' colleagues and other congressional Republicans. By a deranged Bernie Sanders supporter in Northern Virginia. Look at what happened in Nevada the massacre at Mandalay bay. Yes. Liberals love country music but the overwhelming supporters of country music we all know this it's an open secret. Our tend to be trumped supporters. And to be conservatives. And then to be Republicans. My friends. We deplorable for start to drop like flies. And it doesn't matter anymore. Because now they're coming after us in concerts. They're coming after us in churches. They're coming after us on baseball diamonds. They're coming after us on campuses. It doesn't matter pickup you go to war free speech rally in Boston they will be a hell out of you if you're an old lady. And the media will cover it up. And so what is now happening in this country. Who quote reverend Jeremiah Wright. Had a good dear leaders as spiritual advisor for twenty years. The chickens are coming home to rule post. Because when you keep pumping in to the political bloodstream. What the liberals in the media and the Democrats have been doing now for years. That Christians conservatives. People in middle America. Are nothing more than a bunch of racists. Sex lists big gates. Almost folds is mama folds. Fascists. And your repeated again and again and again and again. What do you think is gonna happen. When you call them. Deep Laura bolts. Kkk white supremacists. Fascists com. Who in Hillary's words are you a rare dean mobile. They're not even according to them Americans. You'd dehumanize. A group of people to such an extent. And through sheer repetition new drum it into the public psyche. You don't think you're gonna get mass killings. You don't think you're gonna start to incite political liberal left wing terrorism. We live in a deeply bigoted age. We do. But is bigoted. Against the so called deplorable it's. It is big it made against Christians. Against conservatives. Against I am people in middle America. That's the real discrimination. That's what exists across our culture in academia. In the media it is embraced by an empire political party the Democrats. And their creatures. There ugly creatures. Are just Stephen products of the world. If he'd deranged Bernie Sanders supporters of the world. The and he foes of the world's. The black lives of matter I hate groups of the world and now they Devin can release of the world. And yet amid the massacre. Amid the horror and the bloodbath. There were heroes. And so these two year old shoulder real spirit of America and the real spirit of Texas. And so as this butcher. This assassin. This left wing terrorists. As he gunned him down in the church defenseless one by one. A plumber. A neighbor heard the shots. His name is Steven will offer 55 years of age. He took out his shotgun. And he confronted. The shooter Devin Kelly. And even though we had a bulletproof vest he found big gap in the vast apparently this guy is a expert shooter Stephen Miller offered. And shot him in the gap would a shotgun. Hitting him in the side badly wounding him. Then another neighbor who witnessed this shooting. Came and gave pursue Wilford went into instruct his name is am. A wanna make strike at an incorrect his name is Johnny Lang didn't door. And together and it pick up truck they gave pursuant to Devin Kelly Kelly went into his suvs he sped off. Miller first went into the passenger seat. He follow van Devin Kelly Lang referred drove his pick up at 95 miles an hour giving chased. On a 911 dispatch. Devin Kelly had a hostage in the car with him. The whole time Stephen Mel referred had his gun trained on him they would not let go to pursue. Telling the police say exactly where he wants. I eventually through loss of blood and consciousness. Devin Kelly the car swerved on the role he lost control of his suvs and it's at basically flipped. He lay on the ground Stephen Miller offered then got out of the truck made sure that the passenger escaped the hostage. And then according to what police say is there some confusion. Devin Kelly apparently committed suicide died of a self inflicted wound. There was thought that maybe he died from the shots. By Miller offered but apparently he killed himself and that was his final lot. Had it not been for these two men. They're could've been many more dead. And so the question now I have to ask is this. I have to ask this question. Is it now time. For people to have conceal carry licenses and bring a gun to church. And in particular. Is it now time for priests. Pastors reverend rabbi I don't care. To say to one person. I want chick carry a gun conceal carry certain about. And provide security. Because had there been somebody in that church who was carrying. Maybe one or two would have been dead but not 16. My friends. Enough is enough. Terrorism is alive and well in America. With your B Islamic terrorism or liberal terrorism. And it's time that we defend ourselves. 6172666868. Is the number your reaction your calls now. Twelve point four here on the great WRK oh okay. Listen now to a witness on the scene. Not so all the shooting take place and saw that two heroes then give chase roll it Brittany did your husband see the shooter go. Into the church and did you hear the gunshots continue after that. Yes. Is this your watch back into the church and you know I was I was part of my husband and I am on the inside the house and I hear the shots get. It further apart but louder. In so I run immediately backed the front of the house where he's in begin forming that a neighbor was. Outside actually in our driveway exchanging gunfire with this year to his across the church. And yeah actually has been wolf. If that's him that you need to get down in. You know various. Some damage our vehicles over house and you know that's by no means an issue but for it to be that close to home. Immediately after that the shooter got this vehicle obviously spent by you know the gunfire friend the neighbor. And he sped off through busy intersection down and the neighbor ran across the intersection. To another vehicle that was hit witnesses I think you're facing mr. Langford kind of like people and they followed them say they gave chase. It's an incredible story. And I got to tell you those two men are absolute heroes. Could there could have been a lot more dead mark in New York City thanks for holding and welcome. Yes thanks to take in the call. Yeah you get two point on Friday act called anti social to warn corner country to be on high alert this weekend. Between November 4 to the six I called in and around 1 PM. And I think Jared answered the call and I was put on hold for like two hours' jet. I wasn't able to get on the phone on on on Friday. But the reason why we judicial it was gonna happen was because innkeeper to got a full page ad in the New York Times. Talking about how they're going to be given the war. Against Mike Pence and trump and conservatives. Beginning November 4. And you got Rand Paul being assaulted and attacked and then on the web site on on November. Four at 12:43. AM. Somebody posted a picture of the bunch of guys wearing Mac holding the antitrust flag dressed in all black. With military weapons and they say on the post watched the new fort Texan tomorrow something biggest come. So there were people who knew in advance that testing the chemical down chat. Mark thank you for that call well look I can just tell you this. He was you know you can hear this from the media he was a militant atheist. He was a rabid liberal just look at his FaceBook look at his social media. There's no question about it he hated Christians. Couldn't stand conservatives. And now there are some packs that are coming out where he was threatening the mother in law or get the -- mother in law. So there could be a family issue was well. But Timmy there's no question about it. This is left wing liberal terrorism. It's obvious. He targeted them because they were Christians. He targeted them because they were conservatives. He targeted them because he was an atheist and you want to take out the so called deplorable it's. And I'm gonna get into Rand Paul later this show. Senator Rand Paul was assault did this weekend in Bowling Green at his home mowing his lawn literally at his home. By his Mormon Bach left wing neighbor. Five broken ribs. I've beaten black and blue he's now winning hospital he may not even be able to go back to work for weeks if not months. So core we kidding. Yes there's Islamic terrorism no question about it. But there's also liberal left wing terrorism and it's getting worse it's not getting better it's getting worse. Russ Europe next go ahead rust. Well jets only ignorant old blame parents. Yes the paper you should blame as the old one yet so adamant and he has the ACLU. Sacked judges. In the demy and Democratic Party. In what do you expect. From a country now that is the end got an out schools being caught and out and Indiana in the town square. In the bloodstream meteor and Hollywood. All they do is promote us sick society. If you believe god the only country that entity or our religious and now in reference to weapons. Remember one thing in portable off okay. Almost any product can be considered a deadly weapon from a stick. Taught to a motor vehicle so they turnaround they say we need to be then I'd gotten. Because. It is it's you know it's a weapon that until many states and ill and the and you can be in output and present. Because you kill someone with a product. It is considered a portal are again. As a dangerous weapon. Russ well said you're dead on look I can use almost any weapon or anything to kill somebody. So for the left to keep obsessing over guns really it's a sickness. And their goal is they just wanted to disarm us we know what their game it's. I got a lot more believe me the latest on the massacre in Texas. Let's go to Jack. There's one overriding. Thing that I took away from the people Sutherland springs as well as the surrounding communities who were there who knew everybody and that very small town. And that is this is an area of the city Texas like so many parts of our state. Where people. Rely upon god more than anything else and believe me they were relying upon god last night. That was Texas governor this. Talking about the massacre. That took place in Sutherland springs Texas. By eight militant left wing atheist by the name of DeVon Patrick Kelly. So let me ask all of you this it's the corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Was Sutherland springs an act of left wing terrorism. If you believe the answer is yes and I'm a big yes on this one text the letter made the 68680. Few believe the answer is no he was not sent the mother in law. Politics had nothing to do it that he was just a deranged guy. Text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Whenever we have these kinds of massacres these sort of mass shootings and this is by the way the deadliest shooting. In a place of worship in American history. One of the deadliest in the history of Texas. It brings out the best. Of us and it brings out the worst of us. Here is an example of the best of us. Jonny Lang indoor Fe resident of that town. Heard and then witnessed the shooting. He got his pickup truck. The plumber who shot and confronted Devin Kelly got into wish truck and then he gave pursuit. Had it not been for him and the and the and the bomber that went with them many more would have died. And they were actually on the road chasing at 95 miles an hour. And Jonny Lang endorsed the whole time was on his dispatched. Calling 911. Telling the police exactly where the shooter once. Roll it Brit. I never got to look at it and I never really saw largest. I solve the gunfire and the gentleman in the rough with a rifle. Came in my track as the shooter Chekhov and hate briefly he briefed me quickly on what it just happened. Instead that we idiot then and so that's what I did I was on the phone would dispense the entire time I gave them directions the direction we're going. I mean honestly I don't know how many lives they say but they save a lot of lives. Both he and Stephen. A com. Will effort Stephen Wilford was the guy who shot him Johnny lying indoor for the guy who drove the truck and gave pursuit now the worst of us. You know I got to tell you just want I think this woman cannot hit another low she always goes a little bit more. Elizabeth Warren is to mean now the most despicable person alive today. In American politics and that's saying something. Within minutes. Of the shooting I'm talking minutes not even hours now that in a way I airports. Minutes. We didn't know all the identity of the shooter no motive but the shooter how many dead. In fact the bodies were still in the freak in church. She goes right owed on Twitter never let a crisis go to waste. And turned the massacre of 26 people including by the way an eighteen month old baby. In to a political football to advance her radical gun control agenda she goes on Twitter. And here's what she writes I'm talking minutes after the shooting. I am heartsick for the victims'. Families and community of Sutherland springs. But I'm more than heartsick. I'm angry. Thoughts and prayers are not enough GOP. So right away blaming the Republicans. We must end this violence. We must stop these tragedies. People are dying. While you wait. How many kids who was on another tweet. How many kids must die of gun violence on playgrounds and streets every day. With no attention at all before we wake up to what's happening. Another one. How many more people must diet churches are concerts or schools. Before we stop letting the out NRA controlled this country's gun policies so there she is. Republicans are to blame for there is the NRA is the blame for this are gun laws are to blame for this. And you know she is so stupid and I'm sorry I don't want to throw insults that you have to Wear. He applied for a gun. Permit and was rejected. Because she had been discharge from the air force. That guy is that he bought had been obtained illegally. So this has nothing to do with the gun laws in this country nothing. In fact governor outbid himself. Made that roll it Brittany. He applied for. A the legal permit to carry a gun in the state of Texas and was denied that permanent. And that it was after that there was able to obtain this gun. But that doesn't stop Elizabeth Warren. Because you see in Chicago which has some of the strictest gun laws not just in the country but in the world. They're dropping like flies so with gun control was the answer Chicago would be the safest city instead of the most deadliest city in America. Know what Elizabeth Warren is after is control and power. And for her and her radical left wingers and that's what this is all about it is to destroy and demolished a Second Amendment. Don't believe me listen to chief spreading bull. This is in 2012. Talking to her supporters. I don't know where it was it was at some event political event you can actually hear I swear crickets in the background look it's in the evening. Or just say Britain 7 o'clock at night. And some months back and someone's backyard a look at some kind of many fund raiser I guess a Barbeque fund raiser. Listen to her spilled the beans. No matter what happens. We have to be opportunistic. And it's always. Goal for the guns. Roll it Brittany. Yeah. Hope pardon me. Things. Yeah. They're asked to answer is. Past debate but not where I can start. At a distinct parts of the strike. I want our strategy for us as we can organize them. The more we can organize the the more we got our war we asked the kinds of laws in Washington. Reflect our mountains and I say our guys I don't know if one were not on the values. Of most. The American people and that's part of what we want to harm us we just have to start we got to get it all started. Several white sec just once they about it. As we also have to be opportunities. Start with something it's easy for me. And most people agree that I thought where he right. There ocean not the only problem it's not. Like it's wind it's easy for people had any idea. We have to be opportunistic. We have to be opportunistic. Now this coming from the woman who endorsed Hillary Clinton I want you think about Paris. This from the woman who is now been caught in lie after lie after lie on everything literally on everything. And she's lecturing us about gun control. This very same woman who has fueled anti fun course fueled black lives matter. Course fueled the rabid. Left wing hatred. For Christians. For conservatives. For people in middle America are you kidding me. This woman who has done more to dehumanize the opposition. And dehumanize strong supporters of almost anybody in this country. You wanna know who's the problem she is the problem. The reason why that guy picked up his gun there are many reasons OK he's unhinged but a big reason. Is that he's so weighted Christians and so weighted conservatives yes he didn't like the mother in law but if he just hated the mother in law he would kill the mother in law. He came in there to kill everybody at that church you know why because there are nothing more than a bunch of Christian deplorable it's. And who is the one that injected this hatred and were bloodstream. It's her. It's CNN. It's Hillary Clinton it's MSNBC. It's the radical left day after day after day. So you can take away the guns chief it doesn't matter UF soul incited hatred in this country. That now you have people dropping like flies because you have unleashed radical left wing terrorism that's which you've done. So don't tell me that gun control is the answer we don't need gun control in all we're really need liberal control. Rule in the South Shore go ahead although. Cage yet. I'm pastor himself sure and you're talking about earlier. Should pastor scary (%expletive) church people here. You know I I just wanna first or just say that when something like this happens in the body of Christ. We all her we all pray we all. C gun out on behalf of those victims and and we Aiken and hurt just as much but I carrier recent morning. And there's others on our part Asian carrier resentment. Just in case something like this happens. And go home. This is this is something that I've done from for a long time attic and you'll carry permit for a long time. But. Really started doing it more. After Las Vegas and start carrying every Sunday. Epilogue Vegas but it's something that you know. Among on the pastor of the sheep and I don't want anybody or hurt you in anyway. Pastor Lou if you don't mind me asking benefits to personal please tell me I don't wanna get sure your church in trouble. Could you give me the name of your church because I really I really wanna commend you. Not on air routers are doing on that. I want to commend you because honestly I think more people should follow your lead and I'll tell you why. If you know I mean I'm I'm a Catholic I'm not a Protestant but god bless you this is America. If I was ever. Privileged enough to have to give a speech or whatever. The one place I would feel more secure and is senior church. Because I know what my back and your congregants have my back. Okay shall ask you off fairly intimate pastor Luke thank you so much for calling I appreciate it. Not I frankly I can't be honest with you I wish my priest that in my local parish. They're true story a true story. This happened three weeks ago I have not been back at that church since three weeks government ward Churchill get me wrong but. I was the got a very unnerving incident. It was out the known masts. It says we like to order the new mass and an afternoon mass at the tickets to a breakfast plate that I have pancakes. Grace and I will have eggs but anyway let that ago at brunch. It was about 1230 cough which similar to this. Halfway through the year the mass. And they clearly disturbed individual. Enters the church is clearly disturbed. He's Paul I would say about 6364. Big broad shouldered kinda Muster being honest. Being the black beard. Huge. Almost like a white. Maybe a little bit all of skin but I would say more white with black bushy bushy bushy hair. He comes into the church but you know when you come in late to church regularly to sit in the back. He heads strong race to the front literally the front pew. And you can tell he's not quite right in the head. Or you can just tell he's twitching he's turning he's looking he's giving everybody very strange scarce. Like there's just something not right with this guy. The first thought that entered my mind wise. Is it terrorist. Is your shooter is he a mass murderer is he carrying. And I could tell everybody in the church on extra Ream really unnerved everybody was uneasy. And he's looking around and he's making crazy faces and he just thought you doesn't look mentally stable. Great says to me right away I'm extremely uncomfortable and taken the kids were getting out. I if you went to the back of the church. We met people that we know what to church in Greece says that he make you nervous and all of them you know the ushers and so forth with a pass the collection plate. They were like oh yes were all giving them a good hard look. And I asked the Michael was anybody carrying people know we're not allowed church can't carry nobody nobody can carry in the church. I took my wife I took my kids I went out that's it. Now thank the lord he was just a direct you know unstable individual not right and wasn't violent nothing happened. But in this day and age you don't know. And that might priest good man god bless them. But if you will not allow somebody or some people in that church to could have a concealing Kerry. He is putting his walked in danger he is. My first duty as a father and husband. Is to protect my wife and my Ashton and my Ava. You can guarantee any my safety in a church I'm gonna go to another church. Call me crazy. WR JAL is. On Tuesday the Harvard University her Maria Jose used break I want just kick it open to the phone lines I wanna ask all of you two questions. Number one was this another shock of liberal terrorism. Violence regarding Rand Paul over the weekend they'll get to that I'm talking what happened in Nevada. And he found block Liza matter the shooting in Northern Virginia of Steve's police and other members of Republican members of congress. Is liberal terrorism now out of control and number two. Is it now time. To start having people arm in church. I wanna hear from you is it time to start having churches synagogues wherever. Where people now can have concealed carry and protect from a possible blood bath or massacre. 6172666868. Your calls after a short usually. You. Six AV WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock. This active. Occurred as the victims and their families. Were in their place of sacred worship. We cannot put into words the pain. I grieve we all feel. And we cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who lost the ones. They showed dearly love to. Our hearts are broken. Foot and dark times and these are dark times. Such as these. Americans do what they do best. We've pulled together. 106 here on the great WRKO. Okay. The deadliest mass shooting in a place of worship in American history. At least 26. Dead over twenty wounded the shooter Devin Kelly. It is now come out apparently Heidi real beef against his current wife I think they're on the verge of divorce singer at least separating. Did refer to as his acts the mother in law the father in law who attended the first Baptist Church. He is estranged wife Danielle was a former teacher at that church. He approached that church at 1130. Dressed in black fatigues with a skull a mask with the white skull on it. Began shooting up the entire church walked into the church and then just rained hellfire. 26 dead including by the way an eighteen month old baby. A five five year old trial. A fourteen year old adopted child of the pastor. And his wife of that church as well as a pregnant woman. It woman lost she died her three children and the baby that she was carrying eight months pregnant was killed as well. It is an absolutely. Horrifying slaughter. And what the media is trying to suppress. Is that this man Devin Kelly was a rabbit militant atheist. Who hated Christians with a passion. Who is obsessed with Christians. Couldn't stop speaking ill of questions. Once said that religion and christianity was the root of all evil in the world. You look on his FaceBook page he was a die hard political liberal. His favorite channel with CNN he embraced almost every liberal left wing cause it's. He targeted that church not just because of the in laws but because it was a place of worship. And because it was a place where Christians gather to worship every every week. In other words it was an act of liberal left wing terrorism. Just like what we saw in Nevada. Just like what we saw in Northern Virginia with the Republicans being shot dead or forgive me shot opt. Almost dead one of them Steve's policed by it arranged Bernie Sanders supporter like we've been seeing on campuses. And at rallies all across the country with and he fought and black lives matter. And so my question to you it's a double barrel question. Is left wing terrorism now as dangerous an ominous as Islamic terrorism here in America. When it comes to places of worship in this now different age that we live in. Is it time for pastors or at least people who attend a church. One or two can be assigned security. Is it time for them to have concealed in carry. And I have weapons on them to prevent future atrocities. 6172666868. Jeff and Chelsea. Thanks for holding and welcome. Thank you gap on this because I have a little bit time this year that that this is very important I have a security background. So I know what I'm talking about. First I want tortured security seminar. And in the sit and that's in the seven hour. Basically they said that their churches are the higher. Off duty police officers to beat the security that they believe regulations in absences this. Governing security. And firearms and so forth that that the best thing to do is to hire doctors without subjecting his ridiculous. But otherwise this year which you do how tough it is still go to train in days made. Pepper spray but on hand covered by the by the Connecticut the train and that would though because Warren police officer. That's number one number two. East Europe if you wanted to know where this is heading towards. If people don't wake up and stuff and at this in the bud Eastern Europe when you helped pull communism as full bloom. They'd take pastors and priests and rabbis and other church installed on the debt arrest them take them away. Shut down. That would be places of worship Elizabeth Warren is it Democrats double double melt sea waiting to come out of them. Now and know now we have to emphasize a church security. And because that is it that is so regulated there's not about what you can go to leave this state what do you think. Well Jeff look at Utah national law but let me get to the heart of the question. What they did in Texas. Those two heroes that I mentioned okay lying Langdon fourth door forgive me and Stephen Miller offered. What they did would have been illegal in Massachusetts frankly would've been illegal in many states to be fair. So let's just say my church just for the sake of argument broke out. The gunman comes and start shooting up to church comes in boom boom boom boom boom boom now. What what they did a guy comes out with a gun to confront them shoots about that would be considering legal. For another got a common is pick up truck and then give chase with the other. The neighbor in the car where his wife well trained on M 95 miles an hour talking to 9/11 dispatch that would have been considered illegal. So you see Texas could mean still the real America because they still genuinely believe in freedom and they don't act like subjects they act like citizens. But that's just the fact. So this is the problem that we have in Massachusetts. Now I don't know what these liberals are bragging about I really don't. Because you go down that you go to Dorchester or you go to West Roxbury or you order some of these areas that night. A U auto parts of land and now increasingly even Salem which traditionally working class. How has come they'll tell you. The drug gangs the police drug gangs the drug units have been disbanded. You now have shootings now on a regular basis. People are dropping like flies. You have MS thirteen muscling in. Chicago we all Mosher cargo Chicago's a war zone Los Angeles is a war zone. Baltimore is a war zone so these liberal strongholds were they have these draconian gun control laws let me tell you what happens. The law abiding citizens don't have the guns. The criminals get the guns. Now if they were genuinely serious. About reducing a gun crime and gun violence and violence in general. There's a lot to discuss. But they're not interest in that they don't care about they don't care about violence. They just wanted to disarm the citizenry. That's always their goal Indian. Now notice that hypocrisy. And that's why I love Rand Paul. Elizabeth Warren as bodyguards. They have she has armed bodyguards. So by the way does Nancy the Paronto Pelosi. So this by the way chuck U Schumer. So despite away Hillary rotten Clinton I can run down ball list. So let me get this straight. You can have guns people with guns protecting you but we can't have guns to protect ourself. Up to and including by the way eight senator Rand Paul. Because he genuinely is a man of the people he doesn't want armed security. Because he's constitutional us like myself and he says all if ordinary citizens can't have bodyguards. Right they don't normally have body guards. Carrying guns then I don't want an armed bodyguards. Well what did that get him. He's a mowing his lawn in Bowling Green, Kentucky obvious helps. A neighbor which that the other media the liberal media centers from. More to Whittle mobile motive no everybody in Bowling Green almost the motive you read the local media they'll tell you what motivates. The man who attacked senator Rand Paul was they were rabid liberal democratic activist. In fact he kept confronting Paul it was his neighbor. So often so angrily. So bitterly so passionately soak in such a menacing fashion. That Rand Paul didn't speak to him now for years. His name is Rand eight Boucher. Obviously a French inherited your French descent. So we kept the French pronunciation. Of his last name. And on particular on nationalized healthcare. On a government run health care he hated Rand Paul for his opposition to obamacare. To the point to be kept yelling at him screaming at him threatening him shouting obscenities sol Rand Paul would just ignore him. Well aren't so are all over the weekend. Minding his own business. Like those poured deplorable also went to church and Sutherland springs because that's what we do we mind your own business. We do. We go to work we pay our taxes we were church on Sunday we moral monster by the way he's not hiring illegals the ball was on months. He doesn't live in a two million dollar mansion almost three million in Cambridge like the chief. Modest home in Bowling Green, Kentucky he Moses only Mon that's what we do. Minding his own business. And this guy out of the blue 'cause he's so can't stand them. Because you want a few voices of real principal left. In the senate by the way the media's been demonizing and destroying this guy because of his opposition to obamacare. He tackles him from behind as he's more wing the lawn. And then starts assaulting and beating him. Rand Paul norm security no armed bodyguards. Five fractured ribs five broken ribs long contusions. Block him blew his face a black and blue. If they're neighbors had not called the police he could have been killed. He's now an all hospital. He's gonna make it he's fine he's gonna come back to the senate even. But they say he could beat you know affected by this for months the com. Again left wing violence. Again left wing terrorism. It's it's it's a fact. Now people can talk to me told her blue in the face. I'm telling you I know from example. Because they threaten me all the time. To the point that my wife tells me don't want a public be careful when you're in public watched these moon bats. And if you want a normal to be even more candid with you want to triple play in the drove. The absolute worst LG BTQ community. They are showing tolerance. They are Scholl rabbit. Through death threats all my college people sang. You polish transgender bathrooms are same sex marriage. It's like medieval times is like blasphemy and wanna bring you what the state. They want your career ruined they want to kick off the fair. They want you find they want chewing prison date David they're threatening to shoot you to kill you to kill your family. I've never had anything like this from conservatives whenever pat profound disagreements with conservatives ever. Never want to Spectra. I mean not listen to the Scholl. They may say I'm done a huge prominent turned a dial I'm on a listen to rush in all whatever it's okay it's a free country. Not to listen to me. But when it comes to the left and especially the radical left are ya ya I yeah I yeah I. I have never seen a more in altering hate filled group of people bent and the islamists. I'm telling you this right now. And yet I got a serious about the islamists might be very candid with you okay. With damn what you see is what you get. They tell you to your face. I. Packed about it they tell you to your face. So you know where you stand with them but peace. Be shy stirs and turn coats. They talk about I. Her city. And. At all currents and compassion. During the least tolerant people in the world. They want no diversity of opinion whatsoever. None. Compassion where's their compassion for Christians. Where's the compassion for the Jews of Israel wears her compassion for working class people where's your compassion for middle Americans that they. They spit on they literally spit on them. They Marcum at the cocktail parties here in Cambridge or Brookline I don't want and to them. You should hear them. Game who look down on you they'd laugh which you. They hate each. Gay hate everything you stand for everything. To the point. To that point. That there is a business owner in western Massachusetts. Front page in the globe and they were for a couple weeks ago. He attended a bill a bill signing in Washington. That would enable small businesses to joined by these kind of bigger co ops so they can negotiate lower prices for their health care policies. So he could give these employees a better deal on health care. His face happened to be caught in the photo op with the president signing it. They are now a boycotting his business. To the point now betting man who built spent 46 years of his life building up his business is now fighting to stave off bankruptcy. Because he agreed with trump on one issue. That would benefit him and his employees. And the liberals in the state wanna drive that man into the ground. Dots liberal tolerance for. So now in Belmont you're up next go ahead itself but. You learn that. Page complete lie dead dead control. Comment and couldn't get it done the one equipment gonna get it done. And I am I doing Yoshi what the recognition but Albright. And actual problem look that. And that Democrat. Well let letting. Because he went people rock bottom on this program lumping them anyway and I'm gonna probably a 100% unmet and the vendor interest because yesterday when I went unmatched. Somebody in England while allowing the people you don't get. Our old people doing person but it could've been a childhood shut you never know sure I agree to a lot of our good extent. What about a police weapons equal to a record close look at the end again. I get tocchet but I agree what what I didn't check. South thank you very much for that call look you're completely right when you have gun control. The criminals and the politicians get the guns we don't. Let's go to canned in right thumb well all the great town of rent from how are you can. I. Kept that this can immunity could. Open this thing you. Many I'd like to target sometime offline. You know I've again you need to know that. I'm one of those constitutional conservatism is certainly one of the deplorable. And listening to your show. It's just aggravates me go lies that people. Kia and I do have some information on that person. That you spoke about earlier. In your parish. And up but it's it's still it's a lie is that. That the people. Listening to it they getting it from. You know for example say that. We can't defend ourselves because. I'm hopeful that. Firearms the less likely to engage in themselves. I've even spoken to a person not long ago and in have to vote. Felt the hand and hit what looked somewhat what would you do if someone breaks into your home. He said I'm gonna die and that's the way it is threatened and the people and not. And the last thing I want to say you know like NN UST to outline of what that person. Is we we we are working on net subject that would getting some information. But. So Kenneth. Oh it wasn't it was a bunch of bunch of people. And I'm a little bit I could differ from the housekeeper in the rectory. So can he do he was obviously looks unhinged right Demi and I'm. That's what I that's where I gather you. And that you had every right to left certainly be concerned. I would have been through. And you and getting to. You know people like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer. What had tell us about the type of people who live in our commonwealth. That would put these people and offered. I just don't get it you know it's I've been I've been born and brought up in this state. And if so pure and you know. It's been comfortable with the Blue States I thought we'd eventually come around in my lifetime somewhere near the middle as we were back in the time it JFK. But I don't think it's gonna happen but. Thank you anyway and listening to me. You're a great deacon and deliver a messiness on the air. You'd delivered the best homilies at the church I think he honestly and what they tell you remember when we spoke about what was it may be a month ago five weeks ago yeah I said I want a year or more can I thank. What are you going to be what is next homily. Might. Do they have you want to schedule on the roster I don't I got to lobby the priest that you want more. Thought oh by the way I also I was really shocked. Believe I'll listen listen to the Saturday morning show with Whitfield Kelli and to listen to you. And I hadn't realized he would ask. And it was a shocker to me. Thank you can. I and he is just like you know he was my secret weapon honestly I was talked to bill hi Tim called the view of the the priest the parish priest and say look. You need a 50000 dollar donation a little church upkeep fine but more can have and a little more homilies. I think monarchy eighteen. That'd be at the four clocked me at the 4 o'clock mass the 18 November I'm gonna be there can I think. I think I integrate your children for the OK god bless you can't keep up the fight by the bush you'd say they can't thank you. Six wants you so I mean it was in my imagination so where everybody was worried 6172666868. You know I think we need to go. I think ominous are dragging Brittany to church grace tonight. That's our security. To show. That deadly shooting at a place of worship in US history. 26. I'd amend a mom dead twenty wounded in fact a couple. One woman lost three children. She was also pregnant with an eight month old baby. Her fourth trial was also there. Apparently shocked and fighting for his very life multiple gunshot wounds. Sylvie death poll may actually even increase. And the corner country poll question do as sure as the French would say of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Was Sutherland springs. An act of liberal terrorism. If you believe the answer is yes on this one I'm a big yes to X the letter eight to 68680. If the answer is no he was mentally ill he was upset at peak in laws. He just happened the target dot church because he was angry his ex wife and the in laws. Had nothing to do with politics Jeff. Ducks the letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 84%. Are with you Jeff yes. And 16% say now this does not left in terrorism. Are you in any herb he Britain to be completely honest I don't think. That it was left wing terrorism. But what I find strange. Is it spent over a month since the last Vegas shooting and we still don't have a motive there. But yet it's been maybe 24 hours and we RD know what the motive is here. But the mother in law. The official line is it was the mother and isolated the mother in law got. Know exactly that we know everything we need to now about Devin Kelly we know nothing about Steven taxed out. And notice how quick they were to call more white male you notice that right. Cool. Right his gender and ethnicity all that was lightning bright white male he ex mother in Locke couldn't stand her that's why he shot and. Up and they were fast with that Stephen product you're right we still don't. 6172666868. Erin in New Hampshire. Go ahead. Good afternoon just like cyclical my pleasure. I would you are a 100%. It's an act against conservative compact when he lived reported shortly my what percent. You know the cocker concert and our our church or the worst part of it trend here. And let me tell you who's really to blame it's not the gun. Mental illness has something to do that and I'll explain it but it's establishment. Is the big government I'd been here's a reason why. They've been using our media. The brand their propaganda into our society for so long now. That they know they keep doing it they're gonna get something melt mental illness the bites they know they're gonna get anti for the fight. If the ball as we saw bought Vegas there had been a bit eat Internet their creditors to panicking covered up any time of war and here's what they're doing it. Because the troubled and represent the people getting the power back. And they don't want to give up their power that's all they care about so they can keep the people divided that they can keep the people ought to cost of. On the civil war all the time they're making keep their control over us. And making keep their power trust me general. In a little bit the warrant a thousand type that do not care about 26 dead and a church they care about power and power well. Aaron. Do you two talk radio. No not have you done talk radio in the past. In our armed unit value should. Because I could've said it better myself brilliant absolutely. Brilliant thank you for that call Aaron Larry in Belmont go ahead when I tell you. Best callers listeners in the business. Larry in Belmont go ahead Larry. Yeah are you doing there aren't last week you and I spoke and it says that I am I watered the screen when I thought Chuck Schumer replied that Donald Trump saying we shouldn't. Politicize tragedy yes I get that hit it there and. There really shouldn't politicize trap trap these little and you at all they want to. You know are better. I don't call out an Islamic Peres when he yells out Al lout who are our eyes he's mowing down pedestrians on a bike path. That's politicizing a tragedy but Larry wood and two seconds somebody shoots up a church gun control on Larry about politicizing anything. I Ed section blockers but now. The NRA and the common man that's a great job of fighting for the Second Amendment Rights but at the establishment GOP. They're pretty weak and they stayed quiet they're scared coward. Speak out. They. Do have a better air date date pushed it scared of all the time they need to be thrown right back in their face. I would implore. Your audience and whoever else is listening to go on the standard and start. Posting on Waring to Twitter page surely Twitter page saying. Bad liberal from gun at all the last several Nash shootings have one common them common denominator speed me they're all Democrats. Or liberal. It completely right and Larry I would just out next to you by the way you're dead on I would just got another point. I'm too what I would do want Twitter is asked her point blank question you know I asked her about her mansion. And I asked her if she was worth north of fifteen million dollars and she's part of the 1% that you went crazy Oscar this very simple question. Did she have armed bodyguards. She's always talking about gun control gun control we gotta get rid the country got a ban the guns we got to get rid of it okay no problem. The problem cheap fuel like guns you wanna play cowboys and Indians I got a chief okay no problem do you have armed security. Do you have people around you carry guns to protect you. We all. She dies I know she doubts I covered in wash I know she doubts. So either she has that again deny it lies like she always does ignore it. Or try to somehow to assemble I ask her point blank. Do you have supporters. Do you have forgive me do you have a body guards are security. That how about a half carry weapons do they carry guns so. Why are you allowed to be protected with guns but we aren't. What are you better and that's why is your life more valuable than say the mind. Or Britain's or laurels who's doing a phenomenal job today by the way phone screen okay but let that go. How come she has the right to be protected by guns but we don't. So if she truly was in favor of a real serious you know ban on guns she would do like Rand Paul. Issue should try to more lawn which she doesn't and beat most security whatsoever. Rand Paul had no security. He almost got killed. We got beaten to a pulp. No security. Chief you want no security because and then it's fair. Hole. All right Dan did. All of the ruling class all you guys get have big guns it's just us presidents all right get it now. Let's go to bill in Newton go ahead bill. George you want and and an example left wing violence in maxed. Tomorrow's the anniversary of the Bolshevik coup d'etat. And in the twentieth century additional war violence. Regime then the Bolsheviks not a factor responsible for more murders and that Hitler regime on a lounging. Bill I got I mean bill that's incredible I mean. What is it with the callers from there on fire I'm talking five year. A hundred million people. Were butchered under communism in the twentieth century let me repeat that 100. Million. Half of them were my family. Half my family were butchered by the Communists. Cough. Now the other opted not seize the camera but. Many of my family members were slaughtered by the Communists. The same Communists. That Elizabeth Warren praises. That Ted Kennedy coddled and race. The same ones that the anti war movement the peace mix in the sixties. With demand getting called for victory in Vietnam. Dot state history of the left. So when UC 25 or black lives matter. Or that deranged Bernie says Sander supporter shooting goes Republican congressman. Up in Northern Virginia wore this guy Devin Kelly. It's part of a long history of violence and mass murder on the left. Which you won't hear that on CNN. Cannot open pronouncing it correctly cat in Maine Europe next go ahead capped. Hi on the common and I on the back check and act out from along. I'll hotline at catcher and that military elite starter. Four or to Vietnam Afghanistan. Iraq and I'm calling because I'm really concerned that they're gonna try to eat that eight. That maybe they can take and that a click on the veterans that they have Egypt the from the war he and I wanna say that I don't think that's right I I don't not athletic and I try to go with that. In part. Because most to our veterans that do you have peaking at the or not gonna go grab a weapon and go to mass murder people you know I hope the people Walt. Speak out against that they try to do that America's veterans. Cat first of all I wanna thank you for your service. From the bottom of my heart your true American hero but secondly I don't think I think they want to I think your instincts are right. But they're not going to be able to want this one and I'll tell you why. He spent time in the air force. But he was convicted of assault of his spouse and then assault a mistrial. And so he was discharge any spend twelve months' confinement he didn't see any action. He was basically on a base I've basically up a paper pusher on a base. Don't. I think they're gonna try to ignore the mental illness final president trump is playing that up he's coming out things is a mental illness issue. And I think that's a component no there it's guns for them it's all about what they care about now or the guns. That's tank while I. I it will kick start separating out GQT from their dormant because I think it. It's not a it's not PT SD is not a mental illness. Are completely it's not I mean and thank you for that no look it's not. What it just is is. To stress disorder and anxiety disorder. There's an imbalance in the brain look. You're in the field for a long time. They're constantly under either fire or the threat of fire. Right from you know being ambushed by the enemy. So your body is constantly under stress constantly under pressure. You come back to civilian life you can't turn it off. That that that's switched that regulates. We caught the hormones in your body the anxiety or stress you can't turn it off. That's why they need some medication. He needs some therapy usually cognitive therapy to control their fox is not a mental illness. And by the way PTA as these what we call it today we used to call it shell shocked in the past this is what veterans from every war. Vietnam Korea World War I World War II our civil war that revolutionary war we've had this since time immemorial. It's not a mental illness.