Kuhner – Gloucester principal apologizes for Halloween decoration featuring “Don Trump” tombstone

The Kuhner Report
Monday, October 23rd

West Parish School, in Gloucester, hosted at Haunted Happenings events by the Grade 5 Parent Committee. Some parents complained that there was a joke about the death of President Donald J. Trump. There was a game at the event, with tombstones, one with "Don Trump" painted on it. 


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Boston. 136 here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show okay. Still the moon bats congratulations. We've done it again. So local story now gone and national even international. It's either us or California or like we're in a race who can out moon bat each other. Well work or not there were slugging it out now we are really slugging it out with California. So. This is a local story but believe me it's everywhere it's even now become almost international. So this occurred in Gloucester. The west parish school. In which they had a fund raise. So we gonna say (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) one of the Gloucester school holding a fundraiser. For the great five by the great five parent committee. Why is this such a big nevermind matter local news it's such national news. Well the principle is not the issue an apology. Because at this squall Halloween party. It featured eight owns the home with the name quote unquote Don trump. They just couldn't squeeze in Donald Trump's ovation on equal that they shortened it to Don trump so here's exactly what happened. There was a haunted happenings party. At the west parish school it was on Friday night a fund raiser was held. To raise money I guess for the grade five students. And at the event there were several tombstones. And it was for like a bean bag competition. They could destroy that has been bags appease tombstones. Well one of the tombstones. Had the main dawn from paint Denon. A shark parent who was at the event. Posted a picture or a photo of the tombstone. On FaceBook. And artifacts are accepted to Amanda Orlando masters then she's the chairwoman of the Gloucester Republican city committee. Then Amanda testers then put this photo op or the tombstone posted it on FaceBook. And she said this along with a picture quote I find it absolutely despicable. That the PEO. Of one of our local elementary schools. Would bring this political agenda before our children. The parents or teachers responsible for this disgusting display should claimed responsibility publicly and apologized publicly as well. So we have basically a parent teacher organization it's a political event. I'm sorry it's a school event are you should not be injecting politics to me is just common sense and of course they think it's funny. To essentially have the president's name on a tombstone. IE somebody should tell mom or would it be great if he was dead. And of course the morn bats. At west power schooling Gloucester loved or at least the parents did and some of the teachers. After this went viral. Now of course the backlash began to grow the principal. Has now had to issue a formal statement quote. This event was fine and it was successful. Judy the efforts of many families. Unfortunately. However the minutes unfortunately however. One game brought in by a parent and quoted the name of our president. When he did army Goldstone. Principal I Lan access email wrote in a letter. While according to the parent this was designed to be humorous. A number of attendees rightfully felt that it showed disrespect. And intentionally or not it inappropriately brought a political agenda into what was designated to be a fun family affair. And she the letter ends by saying everybody's learned their lesson you shouldn't inject politics to bring a political agenda. In QA school functionaries school activity. And let's just let bygones be by. It's. Now a couple points and wanna open it up to you 61726. X 6868. Is the number. Point number one. Court thinks it's funny. To imply that death of a president like how is this funny. That's number one. Number two. And I said this injuring our pre show meeting I said you know. If we were just saying look as a society wanna poke fun at all the fish ends are wanna poke fun at our political leaders. And it's basically open season on everybody. Well if you're allowed to do this let's say under Obama. And I'd say well there's some OK fine I could see the argument. But you could never put a tombstone with Obama's name on it are off the Secret Service would pay you visit. You could never have a fake be heading. Of any of of Obama as Kathy Griffin did with trump and not be prosecuted by the Secret Service. So it obviously there's something going on with Strom in which you have these liberals that keep fantasizing. About wanting this guy dead. Either one of behead them they wanna assure them or they wanna see him six feet underground. But to me is the obvious point here so how could you even think this is funny or humorous. Especially with all the death threats that he gets. And finally. The only reason why the principle is now even writing a letter. You only reason why the principle is complaining. Is because they were caught. The teachers were caught and some of the parents caught. And so now all of a sudden. Let's not bring politics into school activities. Let's not bring up political agenda into school. Really. Because you didn't mind via pro Obama propaganda for years. You don't mind a pro Hillary propaganda. You don't mind the climate change the global warming big gun control but I can run down the whole list. You don't mind indoctrinated to kids on that. Now all of a sudden. Instead of really going after the teachers who permitted this. You're suddenly well lesson learned let's just never do it again. My friends I am telling you. What you're seeing at that school at west parish in Gloucester. Easy deeper troubling cultural sighing. In our entire culture. Which is that the left is becoming increasingly unhinged. For them it's no longer opposing president. Disagreeing with the president. Challenging a president. Writing editorials are letters against the president. Or whatever it is now it's let's kill him. Now it's open fantasizing. About be heading him shooting him killing him putting in six feet under the great. It's like alcoholic stories like whiskey to an alcoholic. It's like crack cocaine to a crack head. It's bad but it's irresistible. And so you've got this going on in Gloucester. You've got snoop dog I kid you not that rapper he's now come out with a new song I swear. Called not make America great again but make America Europe quit again on the bloods in the crypts like the gang bangers. Where he's also now talking about it's time to remove Donald Trump from power. You know wink wink boom boom somebody should take care of home gangsta style. And then. There's the ball form of the senate. Mad Maxine. Listen Malcolm Maxine Waters over the weekend. Sang somebody needs that they trump out. Roll it Brittany. Loud. Let him moving. Evening doses. I am sitting here. Listening. Watching. Absorbed in. Thinking about Lee even though I've never met them. And with this kind of information. I will go and take drop out to not. I. We've got to look him. I look what I go going to be that they can't control themselves look at. You should base and McKellen. I'm gonna take him out. It looked at the Kamal. You know low low. And though. And. Now pay very. LA prairie no Eric well. And this is now one of the leading Democrats. In congress. This is the trump do arrangements syndrome this fever. That is now sweeping the media sweeping the left and sweeping much of the Democratic Party. And so here we go Gloucester. You've got the west parish school. And my question is are very simple one. Why aren't the teachers that were involved in this how come they're not being held accountable. Who thinks it's funny to set a call or can't for the murder of the president of the United States. And I wanna have an honest conversation if they have the guts. With the liberals that are listening and and I know many of you do listen. Why does he scare you so much. Issue now openly fantasize about murdering him or killing him. No really honestly. What has he done concretely. That's somehow deserves. Even this kind of discussion or this kind of talk because I'm telling you. That this kind gets heated rhetoric. This kind of legitimize nation of killing this man were shooting this man or assassinating this man. I eventually somebody's gonna wanna do it. Somebody's gonna wanna do. And you can say whatever you want about Jeff corner yes I was a staunch critic of Barack Hussein Obama. Yes I was a staunch critic of George Walker Bush. Yes I was a staunch critic of William Jefferson Clinton yes. I'd been three presidents now I have been really dead set against I never once fantasized about killing any of them caught repeated. Call for them to be killed or joke about them being killed or being murdered or whatever I mean that's sick. And again where's the Secret Service. How is it that they can keep doing this again and again he emptying suggesting. Outright calling for the president to be killed and or sorry. Who would've backlash with Brett Roy have all lot of parents of senate bill O. All baked Alderson he's the president and we shouldn't be threatened to kill the president. We're very sorry and quote unquote here's what the principal sent. Our job is to train stole announced that think for themselves. Understand their emotions and show respect. The persuade them of any opinions political or other rights. This is just moments upright and it's a good learning experience. And let's just move on. Why. Neman and Eminem Eminem know. You're the principal. You weren't at that event I wanna know wash was this principle at the event number one did you know that that tombstone was gonna be there. Did the teachers okay this. How come old teacher said anything. How come this was allowed to take place. Don't try to pass this off on one parent it's your school it's your stop. It's time that they be held accountable because I will tell you this. If this happened under Obama. Whereby some conservative parents are conservative teachers are conservative principle. I at a school activity. How to fund raiser. How to big. Tombstone of and with Obama's name on it. Did a media would be going brings jerk. The Secret Service would be all over west parish as I speak. And there will be possible indictments so fast your head would spin. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Should people at this school lost her school staff first teachers and others be held accountable. And all this talk of killing trump. The voice of Boston. 155. Here on the great WRKO. OK another ugly very ugly incident. Trump vitriol all anti trough patriots. This time Nash it's local but it's now gone national. In Gloucester at west parish school. ID school fund raiser Friday night eight tombstone I guess that being bagged tombstone. They thought it would dirt just having fun with eight tombstone with the president's name written on it. Was this just back a good humor gone died. Or should the Secret Service investigate. Victoria in Boston Europe's first coed Victoria. All I thank you for taking my comment to crooner or spoken a few times regarding praying the broad street to help. Cuba ills of our society but I'm calling now today I was so struck. I did you describe the cluster. School incident about the children needing to child beamed back some sort of object like he's gotten this behind us. Okay and Q I would I would actually calling from Bob I want to save. This action this attitude about killing a president or that a president should be dead it actually could be. Trauma type thing or demoralizing. Or bribing children under and it's been more than Perkins may realize. I'd like to preacher turned pro is that when my father. But the pilot in the airports and we moved from Kansas I was eight years old. And we Luke Alabama so that he outside of Montgomery so that he could return to work college. And John F. Kennedy actually had been shot the year before I was seven years old I remember being in hand at. I'm a child and I know that something so horrible I don't know anything about politics I'm a little girl and I know from being so. Let her rip it had happened that our president has been shot and killed and all these years later now that about vacuuming that's come out more. But what I wanted to say then when we moved to Alabama. I would like Halloween celebration part it's a little king and queen contract and that gains for the children just like in the Gloucester school. And they I remembered my and it you were blindfolded and brought you that strikes onto a house and there were bullets and where my fingers are they gonna bulk. And the bullets kind of weak and this person at that boat at that table sets. These are JFK. I never forgot that. And I just responded not to mr. admit candy. Go McLouth and excuse me a canyon and by the ministry lit up looking at the father and he but it was an act of leak before. Need I'll meet up players and a dollar and are taking it to me that so many of them never had bothered. And how it is that they're the disrespect and I just coming out now. Victoria I'm up against it but no look look I hear you and thank you for that call look is sickening. It's immoral it's wrong. Wherever the president is is the president of the United States. And even joke about killing them. Or to how the children he's a great life is great five for talk about. It's traumatic it's sickening. You know and for them to try to whitewash it now the way they are well lesson learned not on non on a nominal. If this was Obama it would not be lesson learned. People would be held accountable some would be fired. I want a floral improper investigation. Or is it just me the land in carver go ahead gland. Hello plan. There lose Glenn okay Nancy and Middleton going head Nancy. I don't think the taking my call for it TimeCrawler well what shall thank you on my husband and I talk about the double standard. Daily on a daily basis and to address discrimination. Against the com. Nervous and so it. In the strong. Yeah and I against. Conservatives net income dipped a protected the nothing in separate interactions that protected by the media. And whatever they do a bit of hell bent on making it okay and directed that they try to shut that out and that's. Not acceptable and I do believe that that school should be held accountable for their actions I think it's a terrible thing and it definitely. Besides that you know a precedent and somebody's gonna go after the end. And I I don't understand the hatred. Nancy I'm up against the very quickly though if you had a child and that's cool what would you do. That. I agree with you Paul boy if that was my out shattering event that's cool eyewear called that principle and given that principle and your fold. Okay. A sickening death of a seven year old boy by eight point bowl leads to the question should they be banned. The voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI.