Kuhner – Bowe Bergdahl offended by being called a “traitor”

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, October 17th

Bowe Bergdahl pleads guilty to desertion. As you know, he was traded for five Gitmo prisoners. He could face up to life in prison. In an interview, Bergdahl says he is offended by being called a traitor. 


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This morning I called. And Jenny Burkle and told them that after nearly five years in captivity. The Sun Bowl this coming home. He's fifth grader I know good trader. 106 here on the great WRKO. All day bowl bird stalls. Plead guilty to these search and and misbehavior. In the face of the enemy. But adamantly insists. Not known all along he's not a traitor. But first my friends before I get to that story. I don't want to say I told you so. But the corner man has been proven right once again. Why aren't what you've got to listen in a tool fife I ya yeah I anyway I just wanna say. The corner man again. Has proven to be true. But first. Well. Ball berg ball. So. I as you know. Both berg doll was allegedly captured by the Taliban he was held for five years. He was released in 2014. In exchange for five Taliban prisoners who were being held in Guantanamo Bay. In fact these five Taliban were senior generals within the element. They were one event the cream of the ash along the military Echelon. Of the Taliban. And the reason why they supposedly had to be released from Guantanamo and a swap was because of according to the dear leader. President Barack Hussein Obama. That Democrats and the entire liberal media. Bowl berg ball he was a Prisoner of War. According to them we don't leave no man behind. And sold no matter how many of the Taliban we gave away no matter how senior they weren't terms of their military leadership. No price was too small the today we had to give them away. Free ball berg ball. And what did many of us argue at the time the evidence was overwhelming. Dead bird ball was a traitor. That burden Dolan five and his put to admitted activists. Deserted his post he was not captured. He. Ran off. Leftist people behind. And then ran into the Taliban. Was held in captivity so he says for five years however jury in his captivity he converted to Islam. He mastered Pashtun. The video was released of him playing soccer. With the Taliban fighters and their children. And there were reports that he really didn't wanna leave. And then eventually this deal was cut. In which Obama right there at the Rose Garden. Beside both berg calls father gloated about what is success this wise and that he and others. He did Democrats the media were praising as a hero. The hero. Listen now to Obama and bold bird goals father on that fateful day. When they knew that berg ball had finally been freed roll it Brit this. Intended result and told them that after nearly five years in captivity. The Sun Bowl is coming home. Sandberg well there's missed birthdays. And holidays. In the triple moments with family and friends which all of us take for granted. But let both gone. You're never forgot. The spirits. That about him and prayed for every single day. As did your sister Skye. Pray for a safer term. He wasn't forgotten by this community an idol. Or the military which rallied to support the bird calls through thick compared. And he was put on by this country. Because the United States of America does not ever leave our men and women in uniform behind. I'm less sure and Ben Gaza. You see when you're in when they were in Ben Ghazi. And they were twisting in the wind. And they call after call after call. Were under terrorist attack al-Qaeda is hitting us the compound is info on fire. People are down we need help then the cavalry never Iraq arrived. Then in fact you Mr. President you told them stand now. When the cavalry one of the com stand down dots which you said that's what Hillary Clinton sent. So if you're an American patriot going to take my word Ford ass talk Bhopal on all he was very was in the gunfight. If you're an American patriot. Blanked EU buddy. Buddy if you're a Muslim convert them. The moon. Well the moon. We don't leave anybody behind normal moan all in fact we'll even give you. Five of the most dangerous Taliban since the senior commanders. So when they dearly here finished. Up came the old man bowl berg Dole's father this was really bizarre remembered us. I'd like to sit low right now is having trouble speaking English. This new lover I'm Eric Kim felt AM. And your father go. People of Afghanistan. The same. Felt funny. The complicated nature of this recovery. Was will never really be confident. Comprehend. To each and every single one who affected this. In this country in the service branches at the State Department. Throughout the whole American government and around the world it. International. Governments around the world thank you so much. Oil they moved heaven and earth form. Under the dearly your day literally they moved heaven and earth for this guy I think I'll I'll I'll I'll I mean. My cyanide on our you can forget speaking English but let that go a mile out. And hello Ella Ella. Oh. How is having trouble speaking English this new lover. Why Americans have felt AM. The judges had to add. The diplomatic. Hello. Trying to add a total candidly sometimes and sunny. So. You god so this. I mean honestly sickening spectacle now that we know everything that transpired. So. From rightly rightly on the campaign trail said both berg ball is a trader. Both berg dole deserted his post. And in a different aero both berg ball would be X acuity that traitor I know good trader. So. Bold bird ball. Yes stirred a bled to. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty Gil. He pled guilty to two thinks. The number one. Deserting his post desertion. He then pled guilty number two to misbehavior. In the face of the enemy. Desertion carries a possible penalty of up to fifth five years in prison. This behavior in the face of the enemy carries a penalty of up to life in prison. And soul bore bold bird doll. Was interviewed. By a British filmmaker. And this British filmmaker Sean Lang again. When they finally aired this interview. Which was aired yesterday on ABC's Good Morning America. Now listen to this freaking inning great. This guy this guy. Is claiming that he's the victim. Listen now to ball Bert doll say how dare you call me a traitor and actually takes a swipe. At president trump. Roll it Britain. And is welcome back to kangaroo courts and this lynch mobs back out what they wanted to people who were two point of saying he had just shoot him. You can never convince those people change and it's. It doesn't it did himself. It's very insulting that idea that there. Since Seoul think. OK first of all just for the record okay. What trump said is a 1000% factually accurate. In another era. Desertion and treason you would get the death penalty your shot. You're shocked or the electric chair whatever okay. So number one what he said was 1000%. Factually accurate OK but glad that goal. Let me get this straight. You're insulted. You. Q. Who abandon your post. You who went over to the enemy. You. Who stood there in captivity. And converted to Islam. You and this is the kicker. There was a search and recovery mission that had to take place. Fire fights again in Q with the Taliban. As people are forces were out there looking for him. Had he been kidnapped they weren't sure. How you've been captured by the Taliban in the middle of the night had they come into the post and dried them and taken him away they weren't sure. So they were desperately looking for him. Three American soldiers die he gave their life to look for your ungrateful rear end. And on top of that on top of that this needs to be said. Two others. Are now permanently crippled. One was shot in a Taliban firefight. Badly damaged in both legs he now has to remain in a wheelchair. The other one was literally shot in the head shot in the brain. As they were scouting the area around the command post. He suffered such severe brain damaged he is now in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. And you're insulted. You're insulted. Three dead who won a wheelchair and you're insulted. You're the victim. Now disabled. I'm not a traitor I'm I'm just not a traitor armada trainer all your GI Joseph. All right got it on your GI Joseph I know what the liberals are saying about you your GI Joseph you're you're freaking hero or GI Joseph oh. In all. So here is a guy who desserts is post deserts to the enemy but he's not a traitor. Well in that case according to the liberals the way they define the world and Bober ball. I'll tell you what I'm 21 years old mama be honest with you I'm 21 years old I'm I'm gonna 95 pounds. I've got a beautiful full added there and I am on my motorcycle baby. I'm James Dean. I'm telling you I'm not to six feet balding 48. Not oh I'm I'm James Dean jumped co. Or is James Dean I said this to Jarrett. When we talked about the show and I said Jarrett you know a ball berg though is now doing. It is the equivalent of let's say for the sake of argument you wanna. We goal raid this secret vault. At Entercom the company and I don't let's. I don't know they have a ball just for the sake of argument. They got a huge vault full cash. And gorgeous or in the fashion that a duffel backs we're just stuff from the patent and about pullbacks and then they catch us and we turnarounds. Lopes. Well today yeah we're guilt beyond cat plead guilty that we've put the money we stopped that in that a double bags. Yes I'm guilty of pick in the mining is popping up about four banks. But you don't understand. I didn't mean. I didn't mean any harm. It was an accident I wasn't in the right state of mind I was confused. I'm god bill stump today. You know I got I got kids to put through school says you don't understand my condition the psychological medical condition I was under. What are we have a crock culture. A you'll call me a clerk called call via a criminal don't call me if he gets to salt and torture does say that. That's what this guy trying to tell us. That a trader is not a trick. And if you call him a traitor. It's a Michael abortion it's insulting this consultant psychiatrist and true insulting that idea that there. Think it just it just incredible so. This fight it a foot this incredible. So I mean you couldn't do this so this guy when we noticed got. This guy belongs on college campus all he's perfect to be one of these millennial small flicks I mean you almost like got a central casting. This guy now you'll put him on campus. And then when they burn and plunder and they allege that don't assault people there when you hold them accountable. Dared to victims. You're the bad guy Derrick the good guy. My question to you is this. Bowl Bert doll. Is he a traitor. Number one and number two. He's not gonna get it. But should he get the death penalty. Is trump right and another rage. Should somebody like him be shocked. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. And Obama the liberals and the media. They hailed him as a hero now he pleads guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Should they be ashamed of them yeah arcade. Sergeant Bert doll wasn't as simply a hostage she was an American Prisoner of War. Captured on the battlefield. He served the United States with honor and distinction. And that's another library Susan Rice. Well I gotta say though say what you want about her bad woman can lie well below. The bottom professional liars. So well like Ben Ghazi and Susan man. He's a deserter is a trainer he'd just pled guilty to desertion and misbehavior in the face of the enemy. It didn't serve with honor and distinction but that's OK you guys live for eleven. 6172666868. Bill Europe first go ahead bill. We just lost bill let's go to Jerry on the ankle ahead Jerry. Joseph read how you are my friend. Laying gimme chemical called prussian and Jack Daniels pronto. Jeff. Treatment the deficit by definition is. The penalties hung by the neck until dead but kept by firing squad he admitted that he deserted. He should get like plus five years submit BH BP for the enemy which he admitted to doing he's sought out galloping and white plus five yet we have no evidence that committee trees in the adjust. But my mind he is betrayed our. Because he said he was ashamed to be an American and he he sympathizes with the Taliban and he's got the shaft. Jerry I'm just curious. How could there have been no repercussions. For all bomb on. Susan Rice. The media liberals Democrats. Who lionized this guys celebrated this guy. And gave away by. Of the top Taliban senior commanders many of whom as you nor back in the battlefield. God knows how many people they're killing how come there's been no accountability for any of them. Asserted that (%expletive) I think it's because they're all in cahoots together the media. That the left is the media did that did that at all you know it did in the same circle but kept you know what. The bottom line is that he says he's ashamed to be an American when he ought to be. That's a very good point. He really is he's a disgraceful Americans here in and for him how to play the victim card. After so many people died looking forum and others crippled in Maine. Because there to get into gunfights with the Taliban. I mean you know we talk about what's. I mean you wanna talk about what spot this is sort spot okay my friends so speaking of put spot. Bullet hole. Cole in core rapper nick is now back in the news I swear to you. This time he is showing the NFL. Because he says they're cold morning. And not a higher ham and not only did coal loading the not a higher Hamels and others. He ultimately says Donald Trump is the blame for why nobody wants to pick up his contract and sign them again. He says he's insulted I swear to you so. Should the NFL. Higher calling Capra neck and is trump responsible. For calling cropper Nick's inability.