Kuhner – Boston Free Speech rally organizer sues Marty Walsh for slander

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Thursday, October 26th

Did Marty Walsh slander the Boston Free Speech organizers? 


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Oh boy Zubov got. We reject racism we reject white supremacy. We reject anti semitism. We reject the kkk. We reject neo Nazis. Reject the magic terrorism and we reject patriot. It's about. Time our low lowly OK. US I'm in a good move today I don't know why. They gag orders now being lifted on that FBI informant paving the way for him to be able to give testimony to congress to the American people. About what the clintons did during the uranium one deal. It's not gonna expose one of the greatest scandals potentially hopefully. All of our time. And now the organizers are at least one of the organizers of the Boston free speech rally this summer. Is finally going after Martin while Marty Walsh macho Marty. So here is now the absolute latest. If you remember. There was they are free speech rally it was been done periodically. Had been done before. However it was this speech free speech rally was organized. One week after. The Charlottesville incident had been planned before hand but it. Took place a week after. Marty Walsh. Who now looks like he's gonna coast to reelection. Deliberately chose to politicize that event. And either he knowingly lied about it. Or. Got his information from the Southern Poverty Law Center. And was just so reckless and stupid. Either way. He went out there on a massive fear campaign. Jamming up hysteria in the city of Boston. Claiming that the kkk. Was now descending onto the Boston Common. That white supremacists. Racists. Bigots haters neo Nazis like in Charlottesville. We're going to be holding a rally at the Boston Common. And because of his utterly false. Inflammatory. Repeated statements he went everywhere. He held press conference after press conference. He told channel four neutral count five we told channel seven he told channel and he told channel 25 WGBH. NPR the globe Beryl. Everybody. Vick did this day was coming to Boston. Black life as a matter guard involved. And they descended upon the city 40000. Strong. Traffic was shut down streets were shut down. Violence occurred. The police had to be brought in in huge numbers. Our police officers then had rocks bottles. Urine bottles even thrown at them. An old lady I broke this story on my show was in fact physically assaulted and beaten up by one of these black lives matter thugs. People who wanted to attend a free speech rally were salted they were prevented from going to. And eventually either free speech rally where shut down there are basically forced out after about an hour. Finally. One of the organizers. Is suing Marty watch. Brandon native arm he was one of the rally's organizers. Has filed a lawsuit that was filed on Monday in Burke sheer superior court. And in is a lawsuit which she now wants fifty million dollars in damages. Plus fifty million dollars in punitive damages. Plus the pay for his lawyer's fees. Is saying that Walsh in his personal capacity. Either. Made knowing the lives. Or reckless false statements. By repeatedly characterizing. The rally and its organizers. As quarter and quote white supremacists. Are eight groups. And what happened to Brandon may bomb. Is that because he was one of the organizers. And they put out the list of who the speakers were. And movie organizers were there was obviously a huge pay off. Inflamed by Marty Welch. They targeted his work. He was a software consultant he's based in lol. And they targeted his work. And eventually he was fired from his job because they hate the mob kept emailing and calling the boss. Saying this guy is kkk. This guy is a white supremacist. This guy is a neo Nazi. Not only did he lose his job. This sport guy was it's bullied on the Internet massive cyber bullying received numerous death threats. His reputation has been destroyed. He's lost his job. He now is permanently stain and marked as an alleged white supremacist. That's why he's suing for all these punitive damages. Because it's going to be almost impossible for him to find work because one it's out there on the Internet. People do a background check when you apply. They think it's true. And so because of this Brandon neighbor whose reputation. He is high your ability. His career. In many ways his life has been utterly and completely destroyed. And all of it was a life. That's the key point. All of that was a lie. In fact if you were to define them politically many of these organizers and speakers. Who spoke at the Boston free speech rally. There are libertarians. Summit speakers were in fact Bernie supporters but probably say it is anti war or pro civil liberties Bernie supporters. So people that were fair to speak were speaking about the crucial importance of the First Amendment in a free society. And a crucial importance of freedom of speech. Not one of them not one. Had any ties whatsoever. To the Ku Klux Klan. To Wear white supremacy group to a white nationalist group. To a neo Nazi grow to a fascist group none whatsoever. This was a gathering essentially of supporters of Ron Paul. And Rand Paul. And people who read recent magazine. And some who believe and back burning guts it Dassault. So let me get this straight. In Walsh's mind. In moon bat Massachusetts. I just wanna be crystal clear on this if you believe in the bill of rights. And if you believe in freedom of speech and if you believe in limited government. And if you believe in January and tolerance. And if you believe in the rule of law that suddenly now makes you the kkk. Because that's what libertarian ism is all about. It is about maximizing. The freedom and liberty of the individual. If you wanna break it down a break it down for you even more. Most of them support the free market minimal government intervention by the way the opposite of fascism let that go. Number two they all support equal rights and equality under the law. Again the very opposite of white supremacy fascism or the kkk. Many of them are genuinely anti war. They decry what is called the welfare warfare state. Again I'm like fascism or the white supremacists or the kkk the very opposite. And if you wanna get into social issues many of them are generally socially liberal not all of them. Summer into State's rights on issues like abortion or same sex marriage but to many of them they wanna decriminalize or legalize marijuana. They basically believe in abortion rights on all of them but some of them do in other words. I'm on social issues there libertarian. On foreign policy their libertarian. On economics there libertarian and on politics their libertarian. And that's why they sometime formal alliances say with people who support Bernie. Because on issues of war on issues of civil liberties on issues of civil rights on issues of freedom of speech. They will form alliances at a hawk alliances with some members of the progressive left. That's why some Bernie Sanders supporters were there to speak. Now. You may disagree with them. You may say I disagree with them on economics I disagree with them on foreign policy I I disagree with them on social issues that's fine it's a free country. But they're not hate groups. Did fact dirty diametrically opposite of hate groups. Very did diametrically opposite of nazism or fascism or white supremacy or kkk and anybody with not a half a brain. But with 1100 of a brain. Either should know it or should have been cold to know. And instead. What march oh Marty Walsh did. Was he he screamed fire in a crowded feeder. He went on television he went on radio he went to the press. And smeared and libel and slander all of these people. To convince and whip up hysteria especially in the minority communities. That Charlottesville is gonna take place in Boston. We also have a message of hate groups especially any that a plane to come to a city this weekend. Boston is not welcome you here Boston does not want you here Boston rejects your message. We reject racism we reject white supremacy. We reject anti semitism. We reject the kkk. We reject neo Nazis. Reject a master terrorism and we reject patriot. And we will do every single thing in our power to keep hay out of our city. It was lie lie lie smear smear smear. And he did it publicly and he did it repeatedly and he did it willfully and he did it knowingly. And I said this at the time. And I don't forget you can find the tape I senate I said these guys should should should should sue the pants off and it's. They should sue him they should sue the mayor's office I would sure everybody. And afterwards. They dog all were they digging. The Boston Globe and The Herald and channel four and five and seven and WGBH. And all of them channel that all of them. Dave couldn't find one white supremacist among them not one. Not one member of the so called all right not nothing. You know what they found tool neo Nazis. In the big crowd. Cool neo Nazis apparently unaware they came from but they came in the thousands of people congregated on the comments they found pool neo Nazis. 20. This was not just a travesty for the city of Boston. This was not just an exercise in mob rule this was not just a frightening experience. Of how the powers that be the political and media elites. Could literally fabricate and manufacture a story and whip up hate mob. But it was the deliberate targeting of constitutional lists. Of libertarians. And if people who believe genuinely in freedom of speech. And turning them into white supremacists and the kkk. Their lives. Their careers. Their reputations. Have been almost Europe terribly destroyed. I believe that Brandon may come is a hero. I believe those that organized the free speech rally our heroes and those that had the guts to attend our heroes. Whatever you think about him personally the fact that they showed up they were risking their lives. And they did it to defend freedom of speech. And it's about time that we teach these politicians. You can't yell fire in a crowded fear. You can't just make stuff up and smear and slander and destroy people. And if you're gonna do it especially you radical leftists there should be a price to pay. And for Marty Walsh to me a hundred million is not enough I'm being honest with you it's not enough. And so do Y think Brandon made them has a case you better believe it. Do I think Marty Walsh owes him a public apology you better believe it do I think he owes a massive compensation. You better believe it. And so. The corner country poll question in usual war as the French would say of the day. Sponsored by bill Kelly financial services is this. Should the organizers of the Boston free speech rally sue the mayor of Boston. If like mean you believe the answer is yes and noxious storm it's who he is and soft. Tax the letter eight to 68680. If you believe (%expletive) freedom of speech. He's a public finger no all we can say whatever he wants to say in other words that's just how it is. Next the letter beat the 68680. There's no case here. You can vote online at wrko.com. We're gonna have poll results. 118 core here on the great WRKO. OK one of the organizers of the Boston free speech rally. Lol lol yeah. Is suing Marty Walsh for slander. Should he stool march oh Marty for slander. Do you think he has a case. Our rights so. I apparently Walsh was asked about this. Following his televised debate with Tito Jackson a WGBH. And according to Machado Marty really I don't think the elevator goes from the top with discount. Like I really he's not the sharpest tool in the shed as they say okay it's not the brightest lightbulb. He doesn't know much about it. He said he just read about it in today's paper and he goes I'm not sure what it's all about. I'm also going on here I know nothing I see nothing I don't think. Roll it Brittany. Yeah I don't know much about it. Just like any and the particulars. He admits his lawyers even column about it because he was going into a debate with Tito to tax. I I swear but really I don't know peace so stupid. That whatever they put in front of a mile southern probably Washington which is it to K Marty c'mon much so much romantic fun now go to war and the city of Boston. So I don't know if he's just so stupid. They was just like reckless. Or if he's a -- year. But either way Jimmy Choo Choo Choo. Al feet go ahead Alfie. Hello Jeff. It's Japanese for barbaric couple of these other hate slopes. The other a white collar hate who did this Southern Poverty Law Center says the NAACP. And some of the most violent ones the new black Panthers. Black Iron Man. And you know I just not in all fairness to the you know if I in this business you'll love it and he. The only thing worse than anybody losses his opponent he's even more ballots sent like that reverse racist. Not a Mel I know what the Boston mayor's race comes down parents. You go one crazy moan about. Verses are really crazy crazy moan about that's the race and amateur I'll skip me and self we going to skip. He. Democrats may go to emigrant train. The earliest that actual school but I do not think because they're male actor and are different about it chanting with Obama would take a little paper as well. And that. Wouldn't Hillary. But just like that but looked at if they allow Libya. Immediately went to a litany of groups which kicked it. I don't think I say Atlantic terrorists like we dealt with that. And and it you Hillary Jarrett well as well loyalists that we reject all the groups. But I think we're also reject we reject hindering opportunist and spreadsheet whose. They'll ask you feel like you're completely right I mean black lives matter is it domestic hate I mean that there's there's not even any. Argument anymore. And key file which showed up as well that's a domestic aid group. Could run down the whole list. You know and Marty Walsh the Southern Poverty Law Center home Mike caught what about far left wing hate Murray's got the problem with them. On Mardy likes them money encourages them Marty was taking pictures with them. Before the the Boston free speech rally when the crowds were gathering on the common Marty likes them a lot. Home. It's libertarians are constitutionally. Same conservatives. Marty. Those are the ones who doesn't like dole is are there real enemies for much Marty John in New Hampshire going head John. My these are you deliberately candidate. But I was the people that one recommend yet immigration. More look more people more crime list people ascribe that to O come down to. And I would certainly do communicate to wind low income children and pretty soon. In China where have you been wonderful to see you on the show with John Kennedy. Oh thank you John well hopefully we will now we're remember amateurs some stuff going on behind the scenes but. I'm not I'm not at liberty to talk about it no notice macho Marty was willing to take in 101000 Syrian Muslim refugees. This city for a Dem come on down even though we knew ices had infiltrated their ranks doesn't matter come on down. But you would defend the freedom of I've the First Amendment you defend freedom of speech and watch it. You're not welcome in our city. Mike in Newton go ahead Mike. Yeah I'd ship or you and you might let me give you might sit this mighty wall. You remember. Wahlberg. And the incident he had that we have read amnesia Eugene partial rotten luck as I vote yes. And he. Reconcile who really. Apologize and he didn't do my body won't console led NATO wished he talks Cingular and let. Where it's already got a the F one scene in the eighth hole.