Kuhner – Beverly Young-Nelson accuses Roy Moore of sexual assault

The Kuhner Report
Tuesday, November 14th

Do you believe Beverly Young-Nelson? Should Roy Moore step aside? 


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He's unfit for office. You have Republicans saying quote unquote he's unfit for office. They now will not even see him should he win they will expel him. In fact won't even take my word for it listen now to laid down and love me Lindsey Graham. Our big mic maniac pack and you loves Mitch to squish McConnell. Telling Roy Moore. If you lose you'll always but even if you win against Doug Jones you still lose cause we're not gonna see chew. Roll Lindsey Graham Brittany. As suggested this for him to stay the same week Biggio as he steps. There's no good outcome from this morning and if you win you lose because it kind of go body repeat Florida calling for her expulsion. In other words you're not gonna win. We're gonna steal this from you in fact. This is now the absolute latest development listen to this now when askew do we live in a democracy. I'm asking this question before play this clip. Because now this is the latest bombshell. The Alabama secretary of state. John Merrill member he's the secretary of state for Alabama says now the Alabama State Republican Party. Will now seek to formally withdraw. Their support from Roy Moore. And by formally withdrawing their support from Roy Moore. You're gonna hear it equip yourself but I want you don't understand exactly what he's saying by formally withdrawing our support. Even if Roy Moore ends up getting the most votes. We will declare the election. Know all and boy eat. And then demand that the Alabama governor governor I AV. Call a new special election. To make sure that we get somebody. Other than Roy Moore. Rolled the first cut Britain. Likewise Shannon there's also a move that could take place by the state Republican Party. Where they could disassociate themselves from judge Moore and his candidacy and indicate that he is no longer their nominee. That has to be done in a formal way. It would also indicate to us at that point in time. That he would no longer be their representative even though his name would still be on the ballot. He would no longer be our representative. Even though he still on the male there's some otherwise. So Shannon Bream by the way she did a very good job so we'll hold on what if Roy Moore. Despite everything. Still gets the most votes and he wins the election on December 12. So what's gonna happen bam so you guys pulled her support what happens. Listen to the answer roll it Brittany. Well if he receives the most votes in that situation. Considering that he either withdraws himself or that. He is no longer backed by the Republican Party in a formal way. At that point if he's still receives the most votes are election would be declared Null and void. And governor outing would have to calling another special election and we start the process all over again. In other words heads I win tails you lose. The fix is in. Timmy you wanna know what's really scary. That they are now openly telling the voters of Alabama. Your vote doesn't count. We are willing to overturn. An election. To make sure that Roy Moore never sits down as your senator from Alabama this is a dictatorship. We're all due respect. Tim mean my position is very simple let the voters of Alabama the solid. They all the issues in fact the Alabama media is not classifying disguise. They know all the allegations. Let them decide whether they think he's fit enough caused the character. That values the experience and wisdom that judgment. To be their representative. But they don't wanna leave it in the hands of the people of Alabama. Because they're afraid even that they won't be able to manipulate or control. So now they are going to deny this man on the victory. Even. Even if you wins the election fair and square. This is a direct assault on our democracy. And I know I'm up against it but I have to say this this needs to be sent. Senator Bob Menendez. New Jersey Democrat. Is now on trial for corruption. The jury is now apparently deadlocked but let me tell you what's not indisputable. He had sex with under age Demi prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. We don't have to take anybody's word it's on freaking video hole. And he didn't have sex with sixteen year old Dominican prostitutes underage prostitutes. Forty years ago it was four years or goal. So. If having sex with underage with minors is such a crime. Bob Menendez is gonna be welcome back if he skates on these charges with open arms. Bob Menendez. Is fit to serve. Bill Clinton was fit to serve. Ted Kennedy was fit to serve. Chris dog wars in the Aureus sexual predator he was fit to serve. But Roy Moore. Ma'am I'm on a hole. You're not fit to serve you see they won't overturn the election results in New Jersey for Bob Menendez. They wouldn't overturn the results of an election for Bubba Bill Clinton. But when it comes star Roy Moore. Even if you win we're gonna mollify at my friends. Let me tell you the big story. They are now trying to impose a dictatorship. Upon the people of Alabama. Let the people of Alabama this side. We are a constitutional republic. At least for now. I agree disagree. 6172666868. York calls. One country's one nation donor country on the voice of plus WR KL. Only make it perfectly clear that people of Alabama know me they know my character they know what if the poor in the political world for over forty years. I can kill you without hesitation this is absolutely false. Twelve point six here on the great WORK. Oh wow I really may not matter because now the fixes and the Republican establishment. Along with the Democrats are now colluding to say even if judge Roy Moore wins. On December 12. They are either not gonna see them they're gonna expel him from the senate. Or they will just declared the election results Null envoy. Because according to them he's not fit for office. Bill Clinton he was that. Bob Menendez he was fit Barney Frank who with his boyfriend I swear to you ran a prostitution. Ring. Out of the boyfriend's house most out of his apartment. With underage. Teenage boys but that was okay Barney Frank was spit. Roy Moore an outfit have bet. Is it John to show up. Yes we've got the shaft fared okay John the chef how are you. Sure what the cork Mitch McConnell and car world because as their fingerprints although it. Remember that Lorie lawyers opposed. Lies Mitch McConnell or an 81230 billion dollars in Tibet campaign. True in order to. Do you radio more. Primary and he got. So. This is as layer it guys thank you that might. Oh I think you're right and as always keep on cooking chef obviously great job 6172666868. They spent 32 million on Luther strange. And so they couldn't beat Roy Moore in the primary. So now they either want to do it through or write him or force Roy Moore to basically step I want to step aside. They wanted to get their candidate back in by hook or by crook and the voters. Began. Eddie in Quincy go ahead and. I think you know fixes if you like where I gotta top I think the only chance he does and that the best thing to write an expert like it's fine. And it vacant who the that you book's signature was not it is this whole thing blows open interface. But if so is it that the expect beat him and he can't that are mostly given that. You know Eddie I all I'm addicted to be thirty I mean. It was forty years ago I mean I'm you know maybe he did sign it or whatever but core members people from forty years ago. I don't know post spiritual side some strange if you book. In the a much in I would remember but I think that mice. Anyway but any look thank you for that call look if I were him here's what I would do I wouldn't go anywhere. I would just say I wanna run my campaign. I'm here to represent the people of Alabama. Let them be the judge injury let them be the ultimate decider the ultimate arbiter. On whether they believe these allegations are not. And if the Republicans nullify the election. Or they won't seat him in the senate. Then I'll tell you this they can do special election after special election Roy Moore will just keep winning. And it will expose the swamp and the entire establishment. Further venal. Corrupt. Charlatans. That they are. Sure do Roy Moore hang in there or is it time for him to step aside 6172066. 6868. More your calls but first. What's the latest it and. 1237 here on the great WRKO. OK now pressure builds on judge Roy Moore to step aside. Mitch McConnell Paul Ryan and the entire head crew stead cruises now pulled his support for Roy Moore. They are now all telling him you must goal. And if you don't go we will mollify the election results they'll vote will not count. The media is in a Tizzy over judge Roy Moore they said nothing about Barney Frank he was at. Bill clamp. Then he was that. Bob Menendez senator from New Jersey. On video for years ago is up on corruption charges looks like he may get away with the on video repeatedly had sex with sixteen year old underage prostitutes. And the Dominican Republic. But they're gonna welcome him back. With open arms. McConnell wants him back. Chuck Schumer wants him back. The immediate nobody's saying that election has to be overturned men and does because he's a Democrat he's good enough is part of the swamp. No problem you wanna banks sixteen year old prostitutes from the Dominican Republic and rich not forty years ago. Four years ago no problem come on back. Well now. Listen to this there are also not talking about bush 41. George H. W. Bush yeah ex president daddy bush. Six women have now come out and said dad daddy. Bush 41 mr. new world order grope them. Listen now. This is a the latest accuser she was underage at the time. She was then sixteen years of H this was in November of 2003. At an event in the woodlands Texas. She said that she's now on her early thirties but then she was obviously underage. She said that she took a picture along with her mother with the bush 41 bush was then 79 years old. Here's what happened her name by the way is Rosalyn Corrigan. So at sixteen she's there with their mother with bush 41. Quote. As soon as the picture was being snapped. On the 123. He dropped his hands from my waist down to my buttocks. And gave it a nice right squeeze. Which would account for the fact that in the photograph. My mouth is hanging wide open. What Kerrigan told time magazine. She continues. I was like oh my goodness. What just happened. These spokesmen. For bush Jim McGrath. Says that yes the problem is that. George Bush simply does not have been in his heart. To knowingly cause anyone Harmer distress. And he again apologizes to anyone he may have offended jury a photo op and other awards they're admitting it. They're not denying it. In fact when I came to other women he says well by that time he was in a wheelchair. So his minutes McGrath said well at age 93. President Bush has been confined to a tour Wii wheel chair sodomy polar opposites are ridiculous to a wheelchair for roughly five years nobody was in a wheelchair in 2003. But anyway let that go so always arm falls. On the lower waste of people with whom he takes pictures you see the guys in a wheelchair. It just seems that like fall and but he regains his power in his hands just enough to squeeze Grabow way there. Nothing. Not thing on George H. W. Bush. Why. Who gave us free trade. HW bush 41. Who began all the illegal immigration into America bush 41. Who called for a new world order bush 41 who is an arch global list and establishment Republican bush 41. As a scrabble way baby. Is fit for office. Jammed the rest tool for English bush they did Jeb bit tall. Went on CNBC. And said Roy Moore has got to go roll it Britain. I you probably saw the comments from senator Mitch McConnell about Roy Moore I say he needs to step aside would you agree with that I would I would because this is not a question of innocence or guilt like in a criminal proceeding this is a question of what's right and what's wrong for him. Acknowledging that your dating teenagers when you're 32 years old businesses and state attorney's wrong. That's just plain wrong in keeping with 27 or so days left that the GOP war if mr. Moore were to step aside if they would have the time to be competitive. In that senate race I think so I think so but more importantly we need to stand for basic principles indecency test be one of those. They jedi Jeb if at all let's forget Roy Moore talked a daddy. Russ in Boston go ahead Russ. You don't just order really aggravates me about this okay. There is no question without a shadow of adult but this is politically motivated the other question I ask so that. Where were these women when he was nominated or elected become a jet. Where Levy's apartment where it would value it ERC. Pushing Christian value. We're aware of these women when he announced that he was gonna run the United States and there were silent. If you were silent and I'll let that you should remain silent. But he did. I'm sorry the statue of limitations. And ran out and you picked an opportune time. To be nothing about it shell from the rotten Democratic Party and the rhinos. Russ let me ask you and I want everybody that's. I've cited all the hypocrisy Bill Clinton Bob Menendez Barney Frank George H. W. Bush I could go one and on. Some worse some modest about. Do you think it's because Roy Moore is a Christian. Is it because he's a conservative. Is it because he's a genuine insurgent and trump populist. That this is being done against them. What do you think the reason is for these blatant double standard. Jeff all the about everything that you said all of the about. Because just like arm that truck threatened by MOK. Well Trace center and our country between the media filthy rotten entrenched politicians. Values are out the window okay. And even that what you make me sick. And assault on the love this country of some and it's a practice in question and I'm sickened I had ever had. And I'm so sick and tired of more on that either don't broke. Obama vote and vote for these sick bastards over and over and over again. Thank you very much rests very Wilson by mark in New York Europe next go ahead mark. RT just cut on the yep I'm a Republican and I am a conservative and I think that we should Euro Roy Moore under the bus as soon as possible and forcibly if necessary. I understand that the liberals have no moral compass if they don't believe in god they have no conscience. But we are talk about cheese. And christianity. And Bible and church I bet the conservative position. And so when something like this happens. We have to take high moral ground we just got killed in the last election and it would do the right thing now. It could mean doing a intimate. Mark let me ask you. Obviously very coherent very well argued yeah but let me ask you this two points number one. We we got killed in last will be won the last election. Like I mean creek if I'm wrong trump one and we were. We got. And we all lost our other recent recent OK you're right yes you're right let me ask you this what if he's innocent. I'm in other words what if America disgust you as a Christian man would you want a seat because where's he gonna get his reputation back. There's Timmy that issue what is he is innocent and this is nothing more than a vicious smear campaign against a good decent godly men. And the second point and this is even the heart of the issue okay right where they now one and nullify the election. They are openly saying mark even if he wins even if the people of Alabama. Who look into the they've known for forty years they look into all this they go in on mark I gotta tell you I don't believe the women I believe Roy Moore. And how much of old form. And the government the establishment. Both parties are telling the people of Alabama the Christians of Alabama. Your vote doesn't count. We're gonna nullify it and overturn the election. I mean to me is that not a dictatorship. I guess I I agree with you I know that look that load people accuse Herman Cain a lot of things. During the election and he denied it cannot beat Italy yet to submitted data that for the good of the party. Well in a doorway behind Romney at least have some. Candidate Beckett have a sense of decency. And Leonid taken a lot of state and and and that election look. Bill O'Reilly. We we denied we try to protect the little rally until those scandals came out they and he ended up blaming god. And I think that all of those factors with the trump Hollywood accept it it stirred people up and that's why a lot of them chain multiple. And I think that because it was perceived. That the quote unquote Republicans and conservatives. They're not concerned about high moral ground. And a lot of people responded against that. And I think that's why in only really got it a couple weeks ago on the last election and I don't want anything to happen in the mid terms could we lose both feet. You know any hope of building the wall gone. All right your right and market we lose the mid term next year I think Trump's going to be impeached. I'm you can forget the walls. I he's going to be playing defense if he's lucky for the rest of his presidency. So that's a good point look. You mean I'm sick of the double standards I guess this is work let the people decide. Just can you just very simple let the people of Alabama the site. He won the primary fair and square it's now him vs Doug Jones these women are all coming out with their allegations. The people of Alabama nor Roy Moore. So if they believe he's gonna lose they believe the allegations if they believe him he's gonna win. What is everybody so afraid of I mean I believe in democracy. Why don't believe it's. And to me the ultimate point is this. Roy Moore cannot be seated. But Bob Menendez they will bring back with who kisses on each cheek. I want you think about the fetal eggs bought forty years ago. 44. Off him sleeping and I'd be very careful. With sixteen year old under age prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. McConnell take on. Schumer will take on the mainstream media won't even discuss it. I don't wanna get in pick Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton or Barney Frank so my question is very simple. How come Roy Moore is not fit for office. But Menendez wants Clinton wants Barney Frank was Chris dog wise I could run double list. So I think there's a certain point where we have to say I'm sorry. But this is blatant hypocrisy. These are blatant double standards. Either you have one standard for everybody. Or shut up and let the people decide pick your pick. Pour one or door to. Party in lol go ahead art. Yet jet. In what or remorse until. Is it out of major press conference. And everybody in our league is terrific in that unit charge is not up oh but instead. You know in the thick polygraphed. He says he'll pick a polygraph test to achieve Douglas. Now what do you think Allred an accurate do. I don't think always gonna however take a polygraph test. That's right why wouldn't you at all. I think she would argue are noticed I know she spins she's got a civil polygraphs are on reliable. Well I mean this is the way that put them back east right now takes its only dropped him he couldn't get aid to take this polygraph for the troops. He'd talk about putting his reputation on the line. Why wouldn't she do the same sheet so source told the truth why would she decline and back off now all they spin the other way. I agree RD I think it's a brilliant proposal look let me tell you why else I find this thing a bit fishy. Gloria Allred. Poured out Beverly. But with the big caviar listen to this that she will not talk to the media or give any interviews. None. So she delivers her statement and then that's it drops the bombshell and then leaps. Now. Paula Jones. Would talk to any reporter that would come anybody. Kathleen Willey I knowing interview Kathleen Willey she was like reporters don't want I wanna talk to reporters they don't wanna talk to me Juanita Broderick I wanna tell my story. And then golf Gloria Allred said but I want a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Cool weeks before the election. So Beverly error an old young whatever Nelson young the woman could then make her claims she says undergrowth. In other words she wants a big political circus. To keep driving the story. With the political goal of defeating Roy Moore. If he assaulted her the way they say she did so warm. So womb. But what I would do. Shall want for everything that he's worked. But instead. They want a ticket to win political hearing up on Capitol Hill. I don't believe it 61720666868. More with your calls next. WR JAL in the blue. It is an Asian doubles. That was damaged the squish McConnell now saying he wants so writing campaign. For. His former candidate the way his body is ally Luther strange to judge Roy Moore defeated in the primary. Saying he wants to ride in Luther strange and have Roy Moore. Step aside. What Bob Bob Menendez. And part of swamp. Like I like Bob. I communities we've put all those 16 am not herald underage prostitutes. The American republic. Wanna Zia now. Here's part of swamp part of system has got a guy run Maher don't trust them back control. Just can't control rather lose the seat. I mean loses seat and a you have a minority as I can control them and aren't. These guys I can't control is nice. And at that that's that's that's much to squish but international. So basically he'd rather be Senate Minority Leader. And still control every gun control is party and control all the money and the power. Then have the likes of a Roy Moore come in and basically overturned the entire system. Larry in Belmont go ahead Larry. At this point seven immediately after the election your right to chances and am not getting elected is getting worse. So he needs to do it in noble saying buckled down kept right our life for. Because if he does win and they try to act crap they're threatening to prize that create a constitutional crisis and visitor wrote that the court system. It could very well. Open up how bad the swamp at T have to fight to the end. Larry I'm with you that's the advice I would give them. Never give up never surrender. And you're right this could blow up in the swamp space. And I'm I make a prediction here. Don't count Roy Moore I'll. The people of Alabama. They just make thumbed their nose at the entire establishment. Okay. Jeff Sessions now says he's ready to appoint a special counsel. That's bombshell story next. Voice of lost its. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Laura.