Kuhner – Amb. Bolton says Hillary may face criminal prosecution over Uranium deal

The Kuhner Report
Friday, October 20th

Bolton urges Sessions to launch criminal probe. Do you agree with Amb. Bolton?


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106. Here on the break WRKO. OK jam packed and our free you. Trust me you don't want to miss the next hour joining us now as he usually does at this time on Friday. He's former UN ambassador and Fox News analyst. John Bolton now he is at a train station. So old he that the cell phone connection may be a little rough ambassador how are you. I hope you can hear may start but it Norah is not Conosoga while it sounds almost like cloak and dagger now in all like without you like a are you in a trench coat something that's missing is a nice trench coat. Exactly and attitude are hiding in plain view. Ambassador. I won askew obviously owe a lot about this North Korea there is he wrong that these certification. But the big story now that is just growing and growing almost by the day. Our first broken by the hill. And now obviously Sean Hannity and others myself I've picked it up. I'll let the Hillary Russia bribery scheme. Whereby it now appears that there was an FBI informant. Who wanted to blow the whistle on how the Russians have penetrated or nuclear industry. Bribery extortion racketeering. Kickbacks money laundering. All of it involved and the Obama administration. Tried to cover it up. My question to you is this. Should congress launch an all out investigation. And could this result in Hillary going to jail. Well I think the first thing the different committees in congress should do is talk behind the scenes where the attorney general gets session. You know he is the attorney general I I I have a lot of faith in him I'd darted from many years. And if he were to say look I'm gonna direct the FBI. And the criminal division of the department of justice and national security division. Conducted absolutely Euro and Berry crop investigate this whole thing. And I don't want congress to try to get that allowed it. I'd be inclined to give jet sessions the leeway there now I hope that's what he's doing he ducked a question by senator Grassley couple days ago on appoint your raise. And I think the new FBI director artists have a lot more hope that he'll do the right thing or rather late James column eight handled his responsibilities. But it looks like justice in the at the iron at gonna pursue it but I'd say. It's all out for congress here we've got to get the the bottom of this this is obstruction of justice. Potentially. It bribery. Use of our money in American. Political campaigns. Possibly. The linkages between Obama and Hillary to make sure she cattle didn't quite sixteen her clear for every agency. And the notion that currently our that the FBI. Not to proceed with this investigation. As he did really the emails case. Is entirely possible so look there's much we don't know we don't want to jump to conclusions. Prematurely but is there enough here for a massive investigation. Absolutely. Ambassador my understanding from what's been reported. Is that the Obama administration imposed a gag order on this FBI informant. Preventing him from actually going to congress and revealing all of the incriminating information he hide. This was under the Obama administration and the Obama DOJ. Trump is now in power you have sessions as AG. Should attorney general sessions at a minimum. Lift the gag order so this FBI informant can tell congress or whoever's conducting the investigation. The truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well look I'm a strong believer in protecting whistle blowers but the but I do I'm also old fashioned in my view of how you conduct criminal investigation and the way you should do it is you do it quietly. And you don't you don't do a lot in public you don't do it Jane's company did several times in Hillary email investigation telling the world. What investigation was doing or not doing. So I think we need begins session a little bit latitude here. And if to try and get to the bottom of this for let's face it what could be if you indicated righted the car and this a possible criminal indictment. Led in rock out with this FBI agent knows. And then decide how to proceed because that would be very worried that it that's got out in the public you could blow all the investigation and the possibility of criminal prosecutions and I think they help restore people's fate in the FBI and it's. Integrity and integrity of the Department of Justice. We we really need to get this when done right now lucky if it if it appears that for whatever reason that isn't going anywhere. That I think congress as I said before should really ugly subpoenas and find out but in the near term. It looked to me like sessions they understand what needs to be done and and that is the regular order so I'd I'd I'd like to give him a chance. Not at a definite chance but it here in the near term it wrapped. Ambassador. Trump obviously announced at the big news that he will be. You are in fact they've been a critic of that decision. For the audience why. Felt the need to eat certification. Is the right thing to do. But it doesn't go far enough immediately ease the deal in place in game. That all of the European companies that want to do business with Iran to get you to traded at best American companies can ill. Get involved. The sanctions are still suspended. And Iran is gonna continue to make progress. Toward getting the nuclear about so I think there the president adopted a two stage. Approach to it I think that gives Iran work I've always works for the traitor but I think in his speech last Friday he was very clear. That it remained with him could have so this deal at any time. So he's tried and given congress the chance I'm not waiting around for them to duke it instructive and I. Still believe the deal should be absolutely and I believe the president's ready to do it at the right mama I wish it would already but better late than never. Am ambassador let me just play devil's advocate for a second because what some of Trump's supporters are arguing is the following. He's essentially kicking it over to congress as you rightly pointed out and this now puts them on the record. Do you wanna reimpose sanctions on the you're on the wrong. Do you wanna vote finally to scuttle this disaster is deal in other words the very same members of congress that keep. Attacking him. Criticizing him back stabbing him grumbling. Now he's gonna put them on the record sort of like with obamacare. Up or down. And that it's time for the members of congress especially the Republican establishment. To be held accountable. Don't just talk the talk you gotta walk the walk what do you say to that argument. I'd say I understand entirely what people are getting. I shared that the congress as the out ways to avoid responsibility. And my guess is that's what they'll do here the Democrats are never gonna. For more sanctions it would undercut Obama's big achievement I use that word loosely of his second term and I think Republicans fragment and I honestly. I would say in the next sixty days from now until Christmas. I want congress to focus exclusively. On the tax cut. I wanna get that done by the end of the year I think that's critical for the president I think it's critical for the economy. And so I'm afraid the Iran then we'll get lost that shot all but. It it will just prove what we already know that congress should be running foreign policy it's for the president now we've got a president who appreciate the threat of Iran in nuclear deal appreciate. Threat that Iran poses. Military action in support for terrorism in the Middle East and I'd like Obama I really think he's poised to do something about it. A while congress set to negotiate with the itself. Were up against an ambassador but I know you and I know you're you're you're pressed for time. I wanna ask you one final question a rocket man this week again. Threaten the United States this time he's vowing with nuclear weapons to potentially target the mainland. He is foreign minister allegedly came out saying that they're not gonna stop with their ballistic missile program. Until they have a missile dyken reached the north east of the United States meaning obviously Washington new York and may be asked here in Boston. Is the time now for diplomacy over as far as you're concerned. I did get you know over with North Korea for a long time I think your humor and strength and can be tried with China. But just to rape and torture point lead director of the CIA. Icon and it said just a year ago. It we have. North Korea is very close to achieving exactly that capability you bird you'd hit any target. In the cot and a united day. Oh yes if their. Nuclear program sport becomes a real threat we have much time it an option it. Why but it living under. The threat of nuclear pact by the likes to North Korea or the Ayatollah in Iran. Is the other alternative. I think it pretty clear you have to look at the military option. We have been talking with former UN ambassador Fox News analyst John Bolton. Ambassador has always thank you so much for coming on the corner report. And have a wonderful weekend please don't miss your train I want you to mr. Tran America now. Our wallet and never Gregory.