Kim & VB - A woman on a Delta flight fights to sing the national anthem

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, October 17th

A woman who lost her military husband reacted to the news that a fallen soldier's casket was on her Delta flight attempted to have the flight stand and sing the national anthem while the casket was unloaded. She was told she couldn't


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Wake up with Kim in DP is unbelievable it's infuriating Obama. Boston's morning show WR KL. So many thanks to all the people who called were participating in this conversation in downtown. We'll be going to bring keep an eye on this story obviously because I am suggesting I think it will be very long for the president comes up with another name. And we'll see who invisible all sort of you know weigh in and and determine if we think it's a good word idea. And if this next go around is better Chris he's on the panel like yeah it's a yeah if you how when. I just would be shocked. He let's gears just a bit talk about a story that's just come out apparently there was a woman and she said Georgia position in fact. She wanted to stand on a Delta Airlines. Flight recently and sing the National Anthem in honor of fallen soldier. The casket was being taken off of the flight down below. And doctor Pamela god dream of someday and I wanted to stand up and sing the National Anthem she asked people on the plane how they felt about it and they said that they were okay where they. Delta Airlines said no she could not do. And. She ultimately I guess delta has turned around and subsequently in said that. Maybe they're wrong armed she just said that she thought it was a nice on her and she felt patriotic at the time. I'm anxious to hear what people think about this should she have been stopped should she have been allowed to stand on the plane sitting. The National Anthem while they took this casket off. The plight. I'm uncomfortable with a story. Totally honest I think she took reasonable steps to ensure that she wasn't going to offend anybody Delta's story that this would offend others is ridiculous. On the other hand I've never really I've never been in a scenario where something like this happened where. Somebody felt that they needed to stand up and how armed. Do something and then everyone else's apparently going to participate and I don't know that a lot of that either. But. I like I like these stories when it's a clear yes or no left or right I'm on this side and others had sacks but you can't drag doctor. Particular once a little fear from me because I don't know. Let me let me tell you something I think Delta Air Lines did the right thing here I think they did it for the day did it arc stayed in the wrong reasons. I don't think that this doctor meant any harm by this. I don't think this is the way that you go about showing respect. For a member of the military whose casket is being taken off of the plane at that moment. Because. This is not normal behavior to stand up on a plane into singing the National Anthem. It would have taken away from what that moment it was about. And if if you've ever seen and I think you have. These moments win they're taking. Casket off of a plane like that it's dead silent. And it's dead silent for a reason. It to mean that is daddy is the respectful and honorable thing to do. And for her to stand up and sing the National Anthem while this was going on would be about Kirk. It wouldn't be about. That soldier. Who made the ultimate sacrifice for the company that country in whose body is being taken off the plane. People would begin talking and whispering because this would be out of the norm. It wouldn't be something normal. And so I just don't think it's appropriate. So I think Delta Airlines did the right thing by not allowing your to do so unfortunately I think they stated the wrong reason they said because it would be offensive to some people on the plane. Who may not even be citizens of the country. I don't care about that I wouldn't care who was offended if you're in the United States and someone singing I don't care of your friend or not about that. I don't think it's appropriate. At this time. I always thought that. In cases like that. There was to go silence. Remove your hat if you're wearing one I guess you can brand of correct but I hadn't heard it I'm trying to think what I would have done if I was a passenger there and she says that. I think I would have thought well I mean this is awesome but then again it's not overly threatening. She did ask if others would sing where there. I don't think I would have just because I remind my thought is that. My new way of paying respects always is to silently let it past crime produced more direct knowledge. Remove it down their play would've wanted to stay and I think that's appropriate. Out of respect but you also gonna have like argument whether on the plane like well no I think deserve better respectful thing and. I don't think that she. Like I I wanna come for her in that again. I don't think she was trying to be I think her heart was in the right place. I don't think she thought this through. You know I know your enemy is not Harris disrespectful. Anyways whose excellence and no I didn't say it was the singing of the anthem was disrespectful I said singing it at this time was. Inappropriate. And it is inappropriate this moment because again this becomes about her. And not about the soldier whose body is being taken off that plane. 97 you to really are lost and confused if you think you can have an outbreak cursing of the implement a patriotic moments loses that's fine nines and it have you ever. However there are funeral in just broke out into red. Now if you'll her veteran right broke out in sung the National Anthem and I've never heard little. You don't it's no bribery and I've never seen a president. Stand at the end of the tarmac while bodies were coming buying sing the National Anthem I IA so. And I by the way I also haven't told you that I wouldn't have I I'm guessing I'm trying to guess what I would have done in that scenario. My guess is it all happened pretty quickly and I wouldn't have been really sure. What's amazing about life is no matter how much you try and prepare for any and all circumstances there's always going to be. We just are in the patriots jets game there's always going to be an otherwise it is yes right. I think airlines are prepared for everything they don't have a policy for this why because who would envision a scenario like this happening sure enough it happens. Three to him by the way for those you have a lecturing me and telling me what I what I would have done and why am a jerk for doing it 339. As a veteran I think silence is appropriate yes she is trying to deny you that doesn't mean that that's the right way to go about it racked. So okay they're gonna rip you now veteran who. Text of that is kids. Clearly if you're saying anything. Even questioning whether the anthem is appropriate in the circumstances the answer is always the goal is appropriate not to use socked. It's not okay maybe I'm not for me Hank and I did I get some would say you have to sing the anthem I don't. Think I have to sing it always every way but go to the restaurant today and some of the slicing the animal right mind noble good for you I'm not going to. Really I just I think this is it's again it's not look at the income is not patriotic and it's not that the income. Is not a good thing I just don't think this is the appropriate moment for it. And I don't think it's appropriate for this woman. To do so in this moment be caught again the whole thing becomes about her. 97 they would active military have had do you do in what would they have done if they're on the plan at the moment that's all like to hear clicking on. New situation don't know what I would have done so. Fred knows that this is much more personal for the myself. If I mean what what should we do again my instinct is to just remain silent. Car and in that. It is what I've always thought was the weight aren't. The deceased in this case you tell me otherwise. Have you ever been to the tomb of the unknown soldier and watched him change in the changing of the guard. It is silent. That is the respect that they ask for they deserve and they expect you to follow. Let me go to Linda Linda is in Natick and. Enough. And it makes me sick. Delta saying it's a bench him. I did that is just bad thing you're the reason they gave way. That we wanted to trick I don't care. What I don't reason behind it is completely wrong. Why. I'll attempt to show who. I hit a family of the older I get older himself part ourselves I think that's the trip. Actually wanted to sing the national isn't that fine in my opinion I probably would have joined. If you want to remain silent that's what you do that's what this country is all about. Our tax line has it that if you remain silent your temperament. And I think that's cores is I think it's not excuse. If I don't I'm telling you right now active military contact us and tell us what is appropriate at that time and because it's it. Because the anthem is not appropriate that time does not mean Dick you're the anti American. Or that you heart. Against the anthem either he's just appropriate times. And places for things in in my estimation. This just says wasn't the right time. If it if maybe. If they wanted to take this day they vcast get off the plane in silence. And casket is putting into a hearse on that on the tarmac and it drives away and you wanna stand and sing the anthem great. But at the time that they're taking that body off of the plane just like when they're changing of the guard at the you know at the tomb of the unknowns your silent. Susan thing for me is like. It's always best when you have a villain. Ones that screwed up here scream about down at the woman's motivations. Were for me and I think she had the best interest at hard it. I on the shoes trying to do something evil so I don't wanna rip her I also understand a little bit where delta was coming from. And I understand we're passengers that we're going to take pardon us for coming from so. It's it's not that there's a villain here in its. Delta's gonna have to be clear going forth I guess they're gonna have to have a policy. URG you know all the voice till Boston. I was actually looking I Google. If tell the hats or video like chasm policies related to bringing fallen soldiers home. And I cannot find. Policy but what I am finding are different passengers. Who are talking about their experience. Win there has been a fallen soldier on the airplane. And each and every one that has written about it has said that people. Stood in silence. There were people on the plane who were escorts who stood there attention. So and so forth no one says that me saying or attempted to seeing or anything like that. Somebody one might visit some of her dearly to bring flowers in my mother's grave I always turn the radio often my car when I enter a feeling noises disrespectful. How. Six or seven the woman was not wrong however I think there would have just stood silently with my hand over my heart but delta is wrong it would stop this I'm not flying madam. 50 wait. You got a right to be silent to Neil listening to walk away to do whatever it is you want this is a snowflake issue for the right. Right I don't I don't think it's that Lou. That's a weird one that came up out of nowhere image she made an issue rather like looking at video after the drag because she felt like she was a powered by Satan now. She also did she also didn't again and you might point earlier. You know if she if she really wanted to just do this she could just stood up and started singing. But instead she started moving around the plane asking people to be okay. You know trying to get people to sing along with their that. 88 and that speaks volumes to me about wanting. Why you shouldn't do it because it becomes about you. Now people are worth thinking about the fact that you are they're seeing in what are you doing in should argue that what. Instead of the fact that they're taking this person off the plane. You know applying draped coffin. JoAnne isn't nor would get more enjoyed. How are you good to you. I'd like to think they'll woman my daughter's a veteran and I was gonna I'd like to give up big how. Enter remember I children so that country and they Serbs he'll. Okay thank you. Well I appreciate that in I don't think any to scolding for the way I feel about it because I understand that completely and this does not take away at all. From the veteran who was. You know it was they're getting the ultimate sacrifice and who was being taken off the plane this kind of they do with that. In fact I feel so strongly about that person that I think nothing should be taken away from that person at all not a single bit of the attention or how does the thought process nothing. Captain this is 617 texting the captain should have observed a moment of silence and if somebody wanted to express more they could stand at the captain should have done. I don't know we announcement going forward that were like I wonder if they do you do I think they did make an announcement yeah I don't think they said this is are you to conduct yourself because I don't think they thought there was any issue. She decided to do his thing in that sort of cause a problem because. The 11 question is where did the flight attendants get it in their head that they had to stop this. Rated the word comes from that a sit down or you're gone it's company policy of the company doesn't have a policy and that's what they send. How to negated an area that there was. Well I just I wonder if I wonder if there isn't there a policy I've never meant as reform reference flight attendant for adult them and find out. Because I wonder if wind me pull up to the gate. And this whole situation is taking place if there is an announcement they asked people to. Be respectful stay in their seats. You know that kind of thing I have a feeling that is what happens has anybody any have you ever been on a flight where. This is occurred I'd love to add to hear from someone to find out if in fact there was an announcement I think they're probably must be. That's it keeps people they're seeing not immediately you know it is not at the point comes to aid in the near the seat belts start and future grab their stuff from overhead. Should change Delta's colors red white and blue or yellow says 617. As a mere result of the worst public relations department in the business. Months see here. It's nice and bodies of soldiers are escorted by uniformed active duty soldiers during the flight and when the fallen soldiers move they remain silent and respect all the talk if you talk in general is they're very they're. As quarter brother or sister and they do it silently. That sort of thing that we all work awful right seven anyone can you imagine the fights that would break out. If someone didn't sing the anthem and they were harassed by these super patriots. Yeah. This is ladies' circuit is delta need a policy going forward. He's the policy going to be more trouble than I because the second you have a policy than someone in black lives matter is gonna do something opposite of what. You think is the thing that's gonna solve every. Here we go again we're in neighbor in the wheel and we're we're gonna run into trouble. How often this happens I've never had happen to me is I don't fly very frequently so. I quit I fired a decent amount in you know over and certainly of my life and I've never. I have never had a full soldier on my flight. So I again I don't know how they handle it I am gonna ask somebody I'd like to know. If the airline industry is a hole. Or were different each respective airline and federal policy about how you deal with this. I happen have a good friend where do you see the end when your wife like UC every sun Saturday when you reduce us every Saturday. Outside of that anywhere and I just saw I just went to Special Olympics on something we sang me. You can by the way one of the best traditions it was my daughter's school there are capella group it was spectacular mine I just say. Good job singers a pinger I mean you don't see it all kinds of things like and I stand in a permanent of Narveson. Outside of sporting events I don't mean. Daughter's school event sound right and I don't events I don't have run ins with its quote unquote from lack of another term. No and that's when this stuff like this would have caught us all off card for you because this is we're not expecting it there. How the norm bear which none of which immediately makes it a bigger deal then what I think you should be at that moment.