Kim & VB - Wisconsin wants to drug test people for food stamps

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Wednesday, December 6th

Wisconsin wants to be the first state to require drug testing for people receiving government assistance


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Warnings with can MVP never RM on top ordinary market like Ayman al-Qaeda or some mornings it's DB in check. Do warning sixty and on WRT love. It's on 76 and 6868 good morning everybody good to have you with us that's our number give us a buzz. He Susan Bordick is coming up and a half an hour she can talk about gift cards and questions about gift cards. That you like to. You know posed to Susan. Feel free text I sin. Will you just grab those babies often there are Jim if folks asked such questions. Gift cards you know everything's up the same and I'm always a little questionable about whether. They lasted how long and you know continue to come back and what the deal is on so. What m.s of the business goes out of business and all kinds of questions so push questions and we'll put those two season coming up. Here's just a bit. I'll go to Wisconsin shall we. Yeah well first of all. We'll bodies to be talking more about the Israel situation most likely tomorrow it's who with the president says hi we says it what his comments are it's our. So will be talking more about that tomorrow in case you haven't gotten years say are your peace yet will go get through tomorrow. I didn't want the data go and I'll get in Wisconsin first is. Again I don't know always there's the argument that no one's ever done this for foreign Wisconsin's why you're doing it kind of thing I've I think it is pretty interest. Scott Walker guy ran for president prove that he was not ready for prime time but. Get back to your state and that's what you want yeah. Is quote moving forward within effort to drug test some food stamp recipients include them. So all bullets to this one around we've had this in Massachusetts as a discussion for years and we've talked about. People that are on welfare are getting any sort of governmental assistance should they be drug test right. They're doing it they're gonna do it was. He's got to try to do the problem is that it's been found unconstitutional and other states. And it's even been blocked by the federal government. Apparently you know the issue of your Florida tried this big time they pushed they push push push. It was ultimately found. To be unconstitutional. Because it says that diets and has made the technical part of it is you know they were reasonable search but the bottom line here is that. Your putting other restrictions on those who qualify. For. Through instincts. One thing about this. Right people just feel the need to approve but walker yesterday. And I needed this was three days ago but sort of making the argument that he's doing it for them. Right they are trying to bring you look at glorious well jobs available but they need skilled workers who can passed a drug test this means that if you're battling substance abuse we're gonna get your claim before you're right thanks man gets into it there it. But. I'm actually not completely against this I have to tell you though because I mean. I just think that it food stamps drug addiction and all this becomes such a vicious cycle for some. People and I do not I recognize I'm looking at a from the same place that walker just stated that you know you're you're sort of making fun of but I am trying to look at it. From the recipient point of view I understand why the state wants to do it. Unless about that that I am about the idea that you know. Eventually some of these people I know I'm the same way about unemployment eventually some of these people need to be pushed out. You know sometimes the best thing happens TX. Is that you lose some comfy job that you have been in debt is a living hell Fauria and you hate every minute of it. And your life terrible and eventually you lose it and you find out while. I would never left there is somebody would push me out it's sort of that same thing you know you're paying your did your food stamps you're. Doing dry injured. In your delivered in a horrible life and eventually somebody cuts that often you go well. Now there's going to be some people who are kind of they're not they're gonna turn to a life of crime in steel softened. And eventually into the jail org that. But some people may actually turn their lives around for it. I don't get this thing about it that aid. One argument and it's an if you live in Wisconsin is that this is gonna have legal challenges and it's gonna cost money right and that's taxpayer money do you wanna use that. But the argument that like Obama made. The Wisconsin journal sentinel anyway it's our Milwaukee journal sentinel. The law does not all it says the undersecretary of food nutrition service. It's very clear in January 27 team Obama says it did this would require a change in federal law. How has it gotten to a place that. Federal law is that if you were coming to us for assistance to survive. We can't make sure that you're not using your money for other ill gotten reasons that we otherwise might not need to give you Armani. A minute how did we get to that point yeah there were paying for your drug ever. Because again if you're buying drugs. Although obviously that money could be used for sustenance instead of food stamps. So if you don't. I just feel like it's crazy that. I. I'm not I'm not the foremost expert on the founding fathers but I find it hard to believe that the founding fathers. Intended it to be easiest way. And what do we want to be now what are you want to do a lot of belief. Right and I don't think the founding fathers. Thought that any of these safety nets would become. A lifestyle. They were put in place for that purpose of these safety nets are. Nowhere near as old as the founding fathers right most well her from yeah you are an error at the bit right or Lyndon Johnson right. I mean they are you know we're we're we're saying that really more than anything sort of adjusting the idea that. You know that the hit. Who would we hide behind the constitution in ways of not dealing with the issues that are here and exist in this day in age. I mean I still think that we were ever meant to live on the unemployment in yet. You know now we've extended our unemployment benefits go on for. Ridiculous amounts of time never pushing people out to get a job. And welfare and food stamps these are all these kinds of themes that. I feel like are there and and people who need them should use them but. It should be aware life. 97 and also as a work for a living a mandatory drug testing so don't tell me it's unconstitutional. If I have to appeal to get my money why don't they have to punitive pairs. I I think that's why curry could I mean. To me it's more about this concept of licks to monetizing people this image this thing emblem would we did hear him. Still doesn't want but this concept of an era photo roll on three BT card. If if you're going to someone else to say. I need your help Kenya help me wall there dear you've been most times in any sort of financial transaction there are stipulations. You know just say you know I'm sure your your forehead can you give back and you feel like there are usually stipulations. From the government's perspective I would think one of the stipulations would be that while Euro on our assistance which we are happy to give you. Couple things we're gonna need from one of which is you're not gonna stick a needle in your arm you're not gonna pop pills it's more of this thing you're made of whatever it is. I again we can argue about what's the drug in what is in the drug and Merrill on and alcohol. Fine but there does have to be some sort of boundary that's a lot of. Interesting thing is that we have put we have put stipulations. Law and now whether it happens or not but there are stipulations associated with what you can use them for. And yet we can't say and by the way he. I don't know in Wisconsin now works I can they sell these things for. When he sentiment or like we know what's happening here in Massachusetts forever and global block. It did is just interesting there because you have a real Republican governor who stayed monitor Libre every liberal state. Or at least liberal in the capital. And we we see how that's gone before horror I mean these had to move for a while. Men I don't know do you think this is gonna happen. What happens in Boston. Into the back should we put something on marathon I was in Vegas what stays in Boston and DB on the voice of Boston WR KL. So what do you think about this proposal in Wisconsin. For music from your calls on. Which I kind of being as a said the verdict humane. Part of the proposal says that under the plan. Child list food share participants sense that's food stamp recipients. Who failed drug test would be eligible for state funded rehabilitation treatment. If they have no other way to pay for it. So they're not just seeing you you pass a drug test so number one year I get your food stamps and leveraging your editor probably better address. They're actually going to exchange your food stamps. For the opportunity to get cleaned up. I mean I I feel like that's. That's pretty fair. You know I. How it again it'd be one thing for me if they just said and good luck to yet but they're willing to do what they can do. So this is got it's got to be approved by the legislature. What the anticipates probably gonna happen. That if this would get through when they started to implement this is when they would sit lawsuits unless the federal government comes forward first and says nope. Nokia and you. Dancing drinking and boring Dan. Good morning mark. They just over a period. You know obviously. And so auto what they want to do it Wisconsin but I just wonder how this same. Liberals who was saying that that's wrong. We'll be the same ones in support. This proposed legislation that screw restrict people from getting a license the carrier they used medical marijuana. You hit kill me without again. The bit that it was proposed legislation. It says. It if you use medical marijuana. You going to be prohibited from getting early down a licensed to carry Ira. So. I don't see that as any different this you know. Who teach the rules. Rules are rules eyes. I don't those separate issues to me wonder if you're on medicinal marijuana and you can have a firearm. My gut on that is to say that's nonsense but I I guess I have to think about it more on what candidates for some ignorant of it. Men we're gonna do this a missile marijuana over and over again where things are gonna come up with a two meters still don't have firm grasp on what we're doing. With the either medicinal or decriminalized marijuana. Com. I. Good morning. I tell you it takes. I live in Lynn and you know a good story noticeable ought to keep the that's not the point. Point is dumb is what group of people that they've put restrictions on and that's young young pregnant mothers so it infant they put them to use quick. And with a quick they are coupons you have got a certified or only certain amount of certain item will be gonna put restrictions on both women. I'm I don't think it's wrong or restrictive and everybody else they use EDT. Yeah I ranked. Will we knew this all day annaly anyone's gonna say no this is a bad idea but there's a reason why it hasn't happened and there's a reason why it's not gonna happen. Yeah I I don't think it is gonna happen is that he did and fortunately there's a record of. I swear this did not happen right in the push to have it done Keats in Boston to boarding heat. Morning guys know why I'm well thank you sir. All right well I wouldn't dull light of Oregon ought to have a commercial truck driver driving right now down one what 46 doubt you're not. They don't I thought it's great ethnic and I had the data drugged out. The go to work. Debate yet HI. OR a particular act does that actually be able to go earn money. I told the visiting U with the happy to take a drug tests but get some of the debate to eat yet. Corporate. You know I mean I have to go through it didn't work through it all they have a medical god just the work so why. I got a wish it would act. Well the argument would be that you can you're working in you know with a lethal weapon essentially which is that track your driving is that they wanna make sure that your drug free. I'm. You know so that's the argument for that vs DC we're just going to get their their food stamps are not injuring someone else. Except doing media tactic. They got right into account you guys that it did if you're just that to register it there we're up. Mean I'd be I don't think anybody here want to see our mighty getting wasted the like Mike Beebe just early you know I mean different it's. You know I mean that's go put drugs are an analyst at substance or anything like that that's money that could be being used to go somewhere oh yeah I get out of. All but in Wisconsin's case I wonder what the balance sheet would read on what is cheaper to just give them of food stamps or actually your countryman. But from what I read and Lynn Milwaukee journal. There would be talking about like eight point. 3%. Said they'd somewhere in the like 200 and when he number was what they claimed at least in the near the initial phase that might test positive. So how much would it cost. To a test everybody and indeed get treatment for these whatever that number is vs. Just keep it on the way it is my guess is keeping it as it is would be cheaper well if your money as you can. You earned a well I right there right but I think if. If that's the case as an ethical society. My feeling about that is I'd rather my tax Taylor's go. To trying to get this person out of the vicious cycle there in so maybe ultimately they are gonna work and they are gonna get off the dole. Vs just give them money my money over and over the kid just stay on food stamps in. Rule to be applied on society because of their drug problem. So I mean you know that didn't comedic and put my money somewhere and it sounds like my money's been committed already. I'd rather see beacon in that way too to treat it leaves in Waltham to really. Great ideal super I guess I'd guess what dementia like thing you know we weren't talking about. That if you look at you know it'll poke our candidate fox out of box event and never to call our. But this New York in the late seventies and early eighty all of it what to do. Is to get people dependent. On the government are content. It ain't that good why it never go away because you're always out who recruit that give people who are going to get out okay. This strategy. Because we. In the party and giving it is the party that you're gonna vote for and I got to the problem. The only thing you can do is get. At this kind of thing we got a lot of support people who you know why not go to war we can't do that we don't have quite. But more importantly it's a political. We've got to get it so that we can cut streak out our country and we can't do it where people are getting air balled. You know I am I. I think you're Carmona another world Levys is no way we're not gonna doorway of the food stamp program when I adorned with the BT when underwear was quickly you can really say that it you can talk about that's the world you want and we'd argue whether that's a good thing or bad thing. That in Napa. I don't want that two I'm sorry but I'm not accepting the that's a conspiracy theory that I'm not gonna let you just. Put out they're not respond tale come. Harry is in Boston good morning Mary. Good morning. Good morning go ahead. Just three car is because. I work at a bank and works for a meager hourly wage. Under the Dodd-Frank bill I had to Fred Astaire with a newly created and an Al acts the national mortgage licensing system. Adapt and I had it interpreted to protect against all of my background and personal information which is posted publicly. I don't work with mortgages I don't work with carnac could each but the whole reason it over till it's done what is to protect the public. Stir and neat being. Dishonest with regard to giving out on equities when mortgages giving out. Yeah information I guess that it is in true and I aren't. At the time I worked with a woman when we first official had been married to return. She didn't want anybody to know that you had been married three times. And she was currently in a marriage for like twenty years. She had to quit the job. Because. Think the information Nikkei kind you like any teenager had any cat's name is all posted publicly and we have to re register every December. Again I I had to be fingerprinted. And all like do its customer service. At all I don't make any decisions about my digit rates or anything so to go to my job I had to do this effort that woman she had to choose not to work. So I am I'm tired about living in culture. Where let me give away. Just certain people and you're not gonna be inconvenienced because every piece of victim I don't think it's wrong. Let me go to thank you Mary for your column to go to pet pets and data this morning pence in morning. Morning guys I don't have this question with the with this issue you know Eagles didn't answer in this state liquor stores all over the place how Oklahoma. State like Massachusetts just can't have a bunch of these stores setup. We're the only place YouTube food stamps or your EPE card. Are in the stores that don't sell opal was they only sell the bare necessities to stop you need to live basically elected government. Given you money so that you can survive. So that these EB take our kids are on the street for anybody else. Alicia go to one of these places that are you rich where your toiletries are the stocks you need to live. I don't understand why your illogical and Stop & Shop and he cart and buy a lottery tickets in fear that makes no sense look. I agree with it doesn't make sense that and what you said B here's why that's never gonna happen and you know the answer to one is in Massachusetts we can even get photo IDs on these things because it's the stigma attached to it so there obviously would be a stigma attached to. Show all you know shots and App Store and guess what's going on there as a that's never happened in Massachusetts number one number two. Careful what you wish for because this is Massachusetts who's never been able to run anything on the level. God forbid the gut due to the state government was in charge of our retail store in any fashion. The corruption and gross miss that was going on that plays no thanks I'll. God would be awarded more trouble and it's earlier would also be an argument of access and that Automask pipe coming loses look at how the government runs things you don't want any part of their. There'd be an issue of access the because you know their people up in the western part of the state are using food stamps and they're in big legal. You can't walk down the street I can't appear in Boston or whatever the case may be reader Josh for quickly framing him hey Josh good morning. Hey I support the idea that people get money from the government. Did you use what they say it's also be used for in a long way you know welfare stuff I also think. Well we do people think corporations trade tax breaks to create jobs. Patient is that way to create jobs in you know they shouldn't get that tax break to go after the create these jobs don't give them some incentive because. Last time we had big tax cuts to best support up to wanted to ask trillion dollars per year which is unbelievable. And there was no jobs created from her. And now here we are gonna cut taxes again in order to create jobs than in out and they're really gonna create jobs are we just given money way to corporation. And Josh thanks for your call.