Kim & VB - WIll Al Franken step down?

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Thursday, December 7th

In the midst of even more women coming forward with allegations, Al Franken calls a press conference to announce his decision


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Kim in DBs where BP stands for very boisterous Thursday's very bold bold yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show on WR KL. Morning everybody great to have you along your WRKO six elite. Coming up at 830 we'll open the box office dream land wax museum tickets and tomorrow will be at Charlie's in Boston. To appear out and about we'd love for you to come by and say hello. Maybe it's about Al Franken. Is his big announcement today do we know it and today yeah I don't nurturing ever designated whether it was AM afternoon. But all of this. This big announcement hoopla. Coming on the heels. The fact that a group of democratic. Women. Mostly. Came out yesterday and said it is time for senator frank and stepped up. This is the first time that they have actually called for his resignation. And then shortly thereafter. Chuck Schumer also said he believed that while he is his friend and he respects his accomplishments. The time has come for him to step away. Do you agree I mean I think our our our listeners are obviously going to be all in. I thought from the get go that he would never survive this he needed to step down and tasks I'm hoping that's with the announcement is that really do. So there's an several layers to this is a lot of going on here about wanted to do what is he gonna senator. An unbelievable what does he say let's assume we stepping down we I think we often that. How how do you tell what you say. I think he's gonna say that while he still believes that he didn't do anything intentional. That he is thinking about his constituency you thinking about the betterment of the American people and he's become a distraction for that reason he's just about. If AP Smart that's where you'll site. I mean there did you cannot look at one without looking at the other mean Franken is inexorably linked to Roy Moore. And if the argument and Roy Moore is you got to let the people decide why now are you not letting the people decide his. To view it would Al Franken lose a reelection in Minnesota and I don't know. Well wind when when is he up for reelection and only got a hockey I just I just I guess I was yeah. So that's another issue of the night and are the only way to Minnesota calling from the leave like I haven't heard this huge human cry on and heard about like an online petition and Aaron and they were Minnesota are pretty level. Some of them but I'd be surprised if they were you know that's so there's there is the one issue. This the second issue in of the Mormon hormone that we got to discuss. He did the Democrats in the senate just claim the moral high ground. And is this leading tube are they doing this in preparation for a Roy Moore victory to say. You better do we did you better get them. I doubt that. Because that doesn't work in the best interest if Roy Moore wins they want him there they don't want a different Republican in that seat they want Roy Moore sitting there for the next two years. Yeah I think what they want is they want Roy Moore and so that they can say we're better than you know yeah they may get yes if yeah Roy Moore wins he will be in every campaign that twenty team. Then then. I mean did we get back to what do we talked with trump about. Jerusalem and is this is this just a from the heart or is this from my mind is it calculated decision same thing year. Are these democratic women doing this because. I think Democrat women knowing full well that. Chuck Schumer for exam right of all there's plenty of men involved here too but. It's the women that spurred this site and India is Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamal Harris pretty much yeah and so are they doing this from the hearts. We just can't work where this guy anymore and he's gonna go or are they doing it from a head and there's sand. Because it's a pretty good more visits from that we now have you went a box. If the guy that you don't want to hear wins you're almost damned if you do and damned if you don't I mean. Because as long as he's sitting there now we're gonna get to be able to go on nine and I'm a man well. It's a bit of both actually I really do mean first off it's and it's. Worked to six women now who are. Accusing. Al Franken and that's that's you know you can maybe get past the 12. Even three billion happened six. That's that's got a little out of control. And sobbed. So that is that is a mark on you if you're in if you have a I think America's youth here and are you don't say anything about no I know but I'm talking about specifically about Al Franken here. And so I think that's part of why they are doing it but I think there's some calculation associated with the two in mean there's nothing better than to be able to go hey. Look at us we did the right thing you know you're not. I'd I think you know you'd be naive to think if that's not part of what this is about. There's two run more allegations are proven Missouri Al Franken and he should step down I'm in a more allegations are. Aren't they is that is that let's what is right is that the policies at the Republican strategy is that I think that's a loser strategy. What's that but. That's going to be argument north more allegations are proven. In Franken stays I don't know that some of them aren't proven byte for example one woman no statues grow right before the picture right she talked doesn't she said she runs groped in my I don't know was that proof so how many of them out of Franken are proven. Even in the tweet in case I mean that's technically not prove right the right thing right torn between your case there is the picture right there there's the part that's more offensive is the jamming is hung in our mouth which was yet he said he died but he says he is different version of that so is that proven it's sort of like more again. She's also somebody who says she has just joined ago. Which is kind of interesting is well let me let me go to Ronnie in Boston were quickly here hey we're on good morning. Say good morning Jim BB engine thanks for taking the call on this this is all about Alabama. Democrats know damn well that would Franken resigned she's just gonna be replaced with another liberal Democrat by the governor arch. And now that they can virtues signal as they see Alabama we're setting a good example and now you're obligated to do the same thing by not. Voting for Roy more doubt and Democrats were horrified by how well trump did with women. And they know that in 2018 and 20/20 they have got to turn those. Numbers around so it's very very shrewd politics. I'll give the Democrats credit for that but I think voters are gonna see right through it. In Alabama so running what I ask your question very wisely allies at that everything Republicans do refer is for those of you better go to the country but everything Democrats do was a political calculated moves. Where did I say everything Republicans do it's for the better of the country Jim with all due respect you're putting thoughts and words in my mouth by members so your saying that both sides only do things is politically talking to admit I shed dead in this higher instance without rank and I'm saying Democrats are playing true politics because they have a woman voter problem and they need that all important senate seat in Alabama that's all I'm saying yeah. No I've. Not know why do you not think black sides to everything for political the united ironic take ice cubes are gearing her up but here's the thing you guys. I don't think that. They're doing is because they think they're gonna influence voters in Alabama I mean I think I notified Alabama have already been ordered an Alabama could care less what minute stick to correct I think I think this is for down the road. And I think what this says he's lying right in a number of levels one is they have nothing to lose here right because you're not losing the seat are already at an early anyway. Now losing easy in this is a thing that you can play forever more that's all right with sacrifice actually. Boston's morning show on WR king. So I reviewer and it's a tweet it's the right up your bags. Yeah I'll go ahead millimeters are very what I ask just reading about this go ahead. Newt Gingrich is weighted so thank god very important to hear exactly how he words his tweet today. Quote. Franken. 1000. Art to me started and quote Franken 1053205. Minnesotans. Picked him for seven point fourteen. Thirty self appointed pure senators quotes. Want him out. What happened the popular vote. And between. Subordinate units week. Well first if you look at the popular vote yeah I think you can grieving similar they should be president yeah. I beat her and go after and secondly why in the world would any don't don't defend the guy go defend this if for political reasons. Well he's I think he's just giving the needle the dams who've been making them popular vote argument on all really because now you're yeah I got a but on the other at the same time what do you do for what you saw like a snot nosed foreign yeah. Because you don't believe that. And I certainly when you're the speaker of the house she didn't believe that and everybody knows it nice and not to mention new Newt Gingrich is about as far from the moral high ground on being good to women as you can get I mean there is that is not well which is the don't. So again I don't Stacy like trump which is you don't you don't explain you don't apologize and you just keep bully her way in there. And so he's doing here but he thought this is a really cute tweet. And it is it will do what it's designed to do which is to bother the last. He doesn't care about you know. What people are gonna say often and what they're gonna reach speed off and whenever. Even for me I'm like you're and there was come. So so this is how this will shake out for those of you who were hurt her her a are wondering which to me again just exemplifies why I think this is a lot of this is just sort of political gain. More than moral high ground. That Minnesota governor who will appoint the lieutenant governor Tina Smith. Tina Smith will stay in that job until next year. Then there will be a special election in 2018. At which time Tina Smith who is never shown any interest in necessarily going to Washington. Should she be place marker. That'll open up the democratic primary. And then give them an opportunity for somebody else in who would then. Fulfill the rest of those terms. So again if that's the case then there is some riskier because I'd. Eric Decker Decker went on air and again some argue that Franken didn't win in the first place and that. That rate that's not Massachusetts and it could be one in depending on the economy's going and what the nation's trumpet and who they pick it's possible. Both not Massachusetts but at the same time. There was a Republican seat before. Them I mean that's been Republican recently unlike. A wind tunnel mask you try to jump into that he doesn't anybody you know 82 dozen eight he beat Norm Coleman who was incumbent bill. Point loss storm in many beat him and then in the doomed the recounts. Was 304 votes yes and the Monica. And so it was that was his contestant is to as the 2000 presidential elections and long as I mean that was our reason they never actually had sixteen because by the time Franken was finally seated Ted Kennedy died. Six or 72666868. X 86 Haiti is attacks fine until. Well we're asking you this morning is about this Al Franken situation. It looks like he's gonna step down today. Wouldn't it be something becomes outgoing that's not when he's gonna do I saw from other reports you are just some fringe reporters were saying that they are carrying out at all but that's not what he's coming up to do -- be very surprised at that tonight. That has happened before are you as crazy as it sounds that happening in this state and it wasn't that long ago. Twentysomething years ago now but Joseph Moakley hold a press conference to announce that he was retiring because he was sick. And when he got to the press conference. He said you know what I actually love my job and I'm not retiring and everybody went watch. And they even asked them but didn't you call this to retire yeah busting and about on the way over not I don't want any that's what he hit. It did happen so it's not out of the realm of possibility but I think what could he possibly say. I'm going to take a lead youth is he gonna do this Dan Rosenberg thing that is not well. Our he's got to come out and try to deny some of the most recent. Accusations and say this is. As we've heard many times this is a win talent and at this point and that's not announcement. Does the anymore and I don't anymore that are resign if more were to win. I mean so the senate again if more resigns. Excuse me if Franken resigns this is not the senate Qichen and now. They're saying you know we want you to step down but if he doesn't what happens they gonna to come out I'd. I don't think so and would they get more out I don't think so because they've never done it before well I think you have to have. This is how they feel what they trying to bully you and if you. Go along with a ball one and would what would you advise him to do most people would advised that if you like trump you have to advise him don't get pushed around by these other prisoners. You stand your ground. And you would be much more interesting if you did because you watch all of these senators that say they can't work with a more than work on them of course they well. But he's not and eventually he would come back into the fold. Yes you have no choice now. They would have to know they had to embrace this team I think it's triple Muslim community it is showing was a Roy Moore thing if he wins they're gonna have to work with them up. Are you of their oil are going to I agree yeah I mean look they are already sort of coming back around on them and he has made one yet. EF has that fully a 100% turn seven anyone ever picture frame revenue woman's chest where is the pitcher Ramon. We can do this all day if you want don't but I do I don't know more about it. You gotta look at things and what what are they doing here because there's always layers and so what is going on here. I ended that is going to be the argument we all know which is they're gonna say how can you elect this guy. For me this is where clearance are there again exact same thing this is an zero sum I think that. What Al Franken did is wrong and I think he should go and I think that these active. It final voter. And I've weighed out what's occurred and who said why down in Alabama. I would also vote against Roy Moore. How they got any of those guys belong to Romney did not respond Joan Norris yesterday as I suspect in a wheel he tweet out today. Could pose women and I expect him to a group for the women and a senator I don't think Jonas and I don't think he well I I think Romney has said what he wanted to say. And bonuses but this is an wrote this about Romney still trying to maintain relevance and hang in there aren't sums strained right so wall when it hybrid possibly hurt him to say Bravo ladies. Teddy I checked urgent Hewitt dug that yesterday. Now what I what he might say is if Al Franken steps down he may say. They're someone who's done the right thing for the country through fraud and yeah. That he made while the other used as the president to read about this when when it's done hasn't written about it today but does he tweet about it. Because you were you obvious everyone to know you don't but really all I think he will. Yeah I mean I. I don't know enough so I mean CIA again I know you don't like CNN but they have sort of a winning tally going up how many. How many days has it been since trump has done a classic trump tweaked since. The war the one that got him in trouble the FBI he hasn't done a single crazy trump tweets since then and there are speculating there's a reason. That predominates I'm Lauren and I. Put that actually narrative goes on this or that it's bin you have to admit it's been five decency treat something crazy. Find it hard to believe though that the president would no way in if Al Franken steps out. He's got he's got you on that. He's going to be asked about they're going to be asked about it it's his it is again if you believe the scorpion a fraud saying why did you sting me and it's my nature. It's trumps major commuter car anything. That that's what I'm saying how yeah how. What was less simulate five days without knowing the whole off the rails here put on the pole slotted the ball one question is is an off the rails on debris avoidance or with a tweet is it. I it does anybody think he should be tweeting no I don't think he should say anything at all because again he he needs to. If anything to me between the only two we've done to defend his. Another as we move but times a week but don't ever back down. Because that is his velocity of anything does that he had stated he's he's already he's already a supporting a guy who's being accused of attacking young girls. I'm sorry I sure wouldn't go out there and say. In L that was weak Al Franken just stuck. By voice as well Mitt putting all the women senators and is going there. It's all right that's why that was such an effective thing you look you know mr. Noonan on home. Number one I that wasn't what he said and what he meant and what all of that but two that's not Mitt Romney. That's the hardest thing to defend is when something sticks and units complete right true. And yeah he'll never walk away from binders of women even though expect that at bat act act and they actually you know and I mean it has come out of long black ball they literally do have a binder. With females are on beacon helped this recent at and you haven't. Until he said David truth indeed what it. They twisted it is not true and it stuck to him because he did that Switzerland did we have like a little black book of women but guys like everybody else I was right up next our round but that bit with Romney that's almost the you know what. Some people let's read this stick to him almost like it's that kind of you know in my binder of women will idle a link up with exactly. What is blinder windows women aren't used to a more but it's just such an awkward way to say it can't it just goes right to the root of how much he doesn't understand the concept. You know right while on the only thing that he was a little out there and while on another gallery play that but. I would argue it shows he does understand the concept because everybody has a binder full woman that's an office because you have to have the right amount women and I was so make sure I Afghan and U idea of doing this is Minnesota right now when Franken resigns who's the woman right we're appointing. I mean they all or originating go to the binder is because it's the lieutenant governor but everybody has a partner. But did I it was not if he was not wisely so because they stock on.