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Scott Whitley calls in to discuss what restaurant you would choose if you could go back in time and eat anywhere in New England


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URG you know. Voice of Boston. I'm 37 year on WR GO. Any is. The week we talk talking with our friends go quickly. And he is joining us now of course Scott from within bites TV and how I assert sponsor the show violent. Good morning how is your play today. Or thinks. Started on a response to your roast beef stuff that's free agency and I have more people telling me about their favorite rose would be displeased. That day Saturday Sunday. And I'm originally got out there off it's got to be on an onion roll I don't get it would she genre movies now wedge it's got to be rarely. They all had their rules that they want to share. It intimate and maverick talk about grossed 3% of the weather turns just a little bit like it did last week he is just everybody had a rock reflect everybody is. Emphatic would click or very low and that they've played the paid back and know what out of our but I feel all the prominent Democrat. Or upon greatly Catholic hundreds and hundreds of responses to the Dayton yet we talked about last week they're enthusiastic. Let's start today with friends. Well last week on a radio show I I I received a phone call that was really kind of an interesting phone call they're actually sparked off a lot of other callers. And they're discussing kind of turned into if you could turn back the clock and select the time of their at a place that you would go for dinner. Where would it be. And pay a person called called in and talked about you know I had a hard look back about 1980. Referring to create their own little pop it out since August. And go back in there and this is sitting room and into we're all back and then we started getting just phone calls from people that just. You know what to all the great restaurants and you know they're here they're no longer bear partner starts here is I want in their minds drying out. Yeah and it was just it I've met him before an area might or might it work. Restaurant of all time I capital Budapest in Boston. We've a lot of Mon resort so rare. It if it could you cut Fella who are my favorites but we were getting calls about. Yeah I basically will bear. Which is now will recruit stakeouts. You do it in the old. City all of Boston. And I believe it do you do you remember the appeal falters commercial default is coffee commercials that would balance on your was that we Isabel yeah. Yes and you know if they were just calling about places like that that brought act. Your memories and at at times they're they're they're critical factor and just enjoy it through every week I call it our army Michaels and grinding cap. I I think probably close around the country about 2002005. Little bit earlier than Matt. And it just worked on and on how far out of line how some land and not a very popular. A destination for many many years and I just went. Berger group wants and I had a beautiful view. Our former restaurant when he got it marriage didn't see you can appreciate it he got into the restaurants all colossal look in the water as write your group one. And you know what's funny about a lot of these places that you talked about. I wonder if it was the food that dead. It draws these places close to them or if it was the events that they celebrated their because all of the places you've talked about it like places that. You know people would go for an anniversary ER four neo grandma's special birthday or whatever might be some big family related something big like that. He idiot I always say to people back their their impact greater threat report until they don't like it or iPod attribute to prove that you don't so many years. People go to restaurants. It's generally not bored look to me it's for something else. And the food is what got them to come back. You're so could be the atmosphere. It could be that history of the location. If it isn't as opposed to recent that there are actually get a colder than last time. Right and the food in general what it in the go back and it would get off another great restaurant. Our earlier this week. Police is that the north and in our. I've got wrecked our burn off from the north and the pocket and just about every celebrity you can imagine back in the there's sixties and seventies and eighties died at that location and they were photographs of them. Allred celebrities throughout the restaurant. And artery closed down after patent in all I'm article that you are. This week so we're another. Like these disappear. From the restaurant in military incredible. Specials I mean you'd go wherever you just sort of off the special men and their portion that their quality. I was just out there and they're really expecting that they have they're no longer there. And was it closed down four time to retire time to get out of business kind of thing. I believe so it sort of are a sudden. The southern thing I know Freddie Freddie Freddie but this will be called because they're ready. In his life or turn up just about anything new as a poster of what are you sold seem prudent you know beyond. Markets feel bad return. So he knew the quality of all the thought that it brought into the restaurant and here he did for many many many years and I suspect it was a conference in a tyrant in there and move on. Here which is a chance on the family at a restaurant so tough to run LePera spammers just don't wanna repairman numbers just don't wanna do. Sure. I think Anthony's. In in the city right. In the studio district that I know a lot of people have a lot of memories of going there and celebrating a lot of things there. Oh yeah and another another great spot that there are just. No longer very effective when you go back memory lane Eric Weil who really like European restaurant bar about and other famous one of the offense. Sharp are just a tremendous the famous restaurant we'll decades upon decades since. You know Stanley generation to learn lessons from these restaurants. And you know he just he he just. Here property becomes too valuable permit by the router I'm the the law here. And that becomes a mouse and it's compounded chamber somebody's great restaurant just disappear off the bat. Well being read I don't know this is a never owned a restaurant but I think it's a very difficult thing to do as well that is for Shaq. Chaos. I owe it to motivate their crazy to be in a restaurant is considered it'd still all right tell let's go up on the TV show tomorrow. Are we gonna pick everybody out to be angle republic in what they're. And basically what this restaurant started everything on their menu is faced him. From bacon Martinis are based in but they were called man candy if certain ajar and expect the blowtorch right at the end and that kind of like blowtorch or. Took it back cracked me back there. Incredible swift pace to it that's one place we'll take you up with great care to southern star no restaurants in math and reading tomorrow so. Tell a lot of stories are already on the judicial great TV show tomorrow on nested at 930 and don't forget the radio show that weekly radio show right here from 1012. On Sunday he's got to have a great weekend. I her rhetoric about your day if you.