Kim & VB - Who is to blame for the church shooting in Texas?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, November 7th

As more information comes out about the shooter at a small church in Texas, the question turns from who to why.


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Wake up with Kim and DD yeah Boston's morning show on WR TL. 707 good morning everybody and welcome back I'm Kim along with the TV and now you're listening to WR TO this morning. DV. This church story out of Texas just to continues to get worse. As we learn more and more about the people who work in that church and what they went through it and how many. Families have been affected when you're talking about a small towns like. That's small town there in taxes. Everybody in the town of Sutherland springs is affected in some way so it's it's hideous story. And then we also are learning more and more about this murderer. Who. Yesterday the big question was how could someone be dishonorably discharged. From the military. For. Something it was violent which was sound you know assault. On Palin members. And be able to get a god. And today we found out the answer. Yeah well screw up. What is why Carl won in part anyway. The air force. Did not report his curt marsh court martial owing to rated national database that as it sure was we. Required to do but it didn't for summaries of and he also allied. When he applied to quite a April which I don't know how you're mad but it. Presumably had the information been in the period database like you were supposed to he wouldn't have been allowed to know whether that was stopped this or not. We would have found another way to get a gun you know these are all questions that will mature enough blob blob. But. It certainly didn't help the situation at all how it would have been another road block that possibly could have kept him from. Obtaining these weapons going in their dream week it's an. So one of the discussions around all day today by we I mean Americans. We need more gun laws or do we need to figure out on force our laws because this laws on the books today after a report this stuff but they didn't do it. So. We always ask the why and now Wendy you know these questions on one case we. We already have an answer to that problem but he just wasn't Don. So what do you do to fix that. Well first thing you do is you investigate you find out why that wasn't done. Which is obviously what's happening you know. This is the guy who earned. So we always say that you do there would have been no way we can stop this no matter why is it a lot of these cases and mixture. And we're in a society where that term things are gonna happen. This guy who has many red flags. And I said this yesterday and I it's it's worth repeating you know if we cannot stop the guys who have the red flags. Then how are we gonna stop the guys who don't. So it's it's very bothersome to me that we know learn that there was. The mistake of this magnitude this pretty big mistake. This guy wouldn't be a database. After her you know big being discharged from the military. And that he was living his life out there. As if that never occurred. There seem to be plain red lines here hey discharge be. Cracked his solid steps on his skull all BC was punching a dog in and with a closed fist multiple times and had to pay a fine for Natalie. Any of those are no Ghana and operate there like we're done revue with guns you gonna anger issues on the block. We we all but one thing that happens this is we're gonna play politics of this of course. His real assume that somehow we could've legislated. This guy having gone away. And we could somehow make it such that this guy wasn't gonna ever gone now when you do is try to make it harder. But doesn't this guy's straight cue from what you read about him is the guy kind of guy that if he was going to do some things that he was going to do something. Well I think they're all that way NBA NBA all you know they're gonna do some bad they're decent in bad but that doesn't mean. That. We can ignore the fact that there were red flags and nothing was ever done I mean one of the problems I think with this guy to. And I know that people don't we get them involved in people's lives I get this. And I know it's hard. He was. Spewing. It in addition to all things you just. He was spewing hate on FaceBook and social media his friends. He is and who ignore you for ever begin to shun him because you'd becomes so crazy. They'll start to combine all of these issues together. And you start to say yeah this was on him. On everybody else too and their comes a point where we have to say hey you know. This week which necessarily legislate these things away but. Do something a buyout there's. As just a society to protect ourselves. And I don't know what the answer to that is because guess what if I saw somebody's you and me all over. FaceBook I don't know I probably wouldn't doing pinging their. As I just I mean what what what are we do we do about this are why don't we keep letting this happen the lesson of Sutherland. Brings to this point is just I think this was a world record in terms of the shortest amount of time before this one quickly devolved into the usual discussion. I mean it was within five seconds. Charles Taylor's they're Republican socket then everybody's saying it was a hero citizen who had arm himself that took this guy down. To now we don't even know if that's accurate or. Whether the guy did did the shooter actually killed himself for not. And there's already so much cloudiness around the thing that you can just see it's the same discussion that we're we just got their rapid time. Well listen we kept their rapid time period we get a terrorist attack the week before October 1 we had one of the big shootings in US history. I mean in your world where did these things too quickly. And I think we're all feeling the same way that. You know we're we're feeling here in the studio we as a nation are feeling and that's you have this frustration that you don't know what the answer to. The perfect example it can base we need out of seeing red flags and we did it's still back. The voice of Boston is huge everywhere. Warning according to predict the hardest and Boston's morning show which came in dvd. Can't WRT you know. The real movement. As soon as he was asked about. Gun restrictions gone laws. And one of what things we might do when he was dismissive and said this is this is a not the time be. There is no need Ford because if we had gun restrictions you're gonna stop this guy which may have stopped it was the hero who. Guided you know went to the scene and shot. If indeed that is what happened but that's. That's the line NORAD and well and. It was the president and we all know listening he said that they're very deep into president was the one who said right off the bat this is not a gun issue this is the mental health issue which is fine that's fine. By and in this particular case I don't think that. Gun legislation really would have had anything to do with this what should have been in place was what. What what was obvious and it was not there was a mistake. So. You know. I don't I don't know than tougher gun law would have been the way around this just in forcing what exists and it wasn't there. So nines are made to via via Iran's reporting that the good samaritan him placing killed him with the ar fifteen rifle finally an example of one being used for good Madani. To pure wood I don't I don't now. He may have hit them it doesn't appear that he killed him it appears that the guy did kill himself after being shot but nobody even seems to be able to confirm that the guy wish the guy had three shots a them is that it is is your understanding of my Anderson one of which was a shot to himself. Com and then presumably would Wilford was the guy had the eye and opium twice or wants. But it's unclear whether will efforts. The bullet that will offered fired what does swift's album right it got a boy they do he got away no question about it right. He did engage him in batting cage meant certainly would have led to the guy killing himself all good Wilford is zero we've been always says he isn't. It's that are at setter. But now we're playing politics would Wilford the second. Because. If he fits the narrative the you'll never was so quick to get out that he's a in NRA's. Card carrying RA member who's been through several courses I think even instructs at some point. And so we're gonna do that thing now where this is a good guns and we're gonna do good guns bad guns. And we're right into the same discussion we are freaked out. Yeah every time. I don't even you know to me. I again. To me this is unlike a lot of the other stories where it's good gun bad done all of that this guy. What bothers me the most about this guy. Is that every time we make ourselves these kind of things happen we make ourselves feel better by saying well there would have been no. No way to stop this we never would have known you know that guy in Vegas we never would have known he was a law abiding citizen who is you know. Just crazy and for whatever reason at this point it just appears he decided he wanted to kill other people. He was gonna do it no matter what. This is harder I think for society to deal with because. This wasn't a law abiding citizen he was scumbag. He was a scumbag and everybody knew it so much so that he was discharge from the military. And he still ended up with his hands on weapons. And he still ended up doing this. And that's harder for all of us I think to deal with because now we can't explain this away we can't legislate this away. We we we don't know what to do with us and I don't know what the answer to it is either. Seven's import could guns really maybe it's called the Second Amendment to shooter owned his gun illegally. I understand looked one of the things that happens here is. If you can't enforce a we talk about this and a myriad of issues but if you can't force which you already have don't add to try and hack we're clearly not. This this happened when as you said everybody knew everybody at red flags in the should. The system is set ups Missouri commission this guy doesn't get them and he don't get no. He did. So that doesn't mean we need new legislation that means we need to be paid attention to what the heck is going on let me get a bill and Sudbury this morning bill good morning. Hello good morning X frustrated. That he got talking about what we should do what everybody knows what we're gonna do absolutely nothing. In about five days and the political will change. You'll be some pujols. True political opponent for not giving up into the soaps and and then there will be the end and there will be a wonderful cooking hanging in the eighth. Unfortunately bill I think you're right I mean for G a ball let's let's use for example. On about the fifth of October we started say in bonds stocks have to go away that's it we can't have those got to go away. We don't need doubts. And people on both sides agreed you know to a certain extent that that need to go away hasn't gone away yet. We ought to Massachusetts says but otherwise now. But again I mean nothing happens is because they're not a great morning doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it bill and quite as what should be done I mean. We do this in the NFL every day we know that's not gonna get fixed but we picked this stuff around. There are issues in every time one of these comes up. This one is different in Vegas because it's so crystal clear right Vegas is the opposite of that word originally and now there's there's a little bit murky as there was his financial situation but. None of that made any sense and we couldn't figure it out we had no answers and no one seemed to know any thing whoever wants you to know everything in this case real quick. And yet we're at the same point which is masculine. Mike is in Medford good morning night. Good morning guys. What we should do here is. We all know where a major mistake was made it. The military do not. Report. Gates. Gave a dishonorable discharge. So what you have to do is investigate that point get to a person. Who's responsible for not having a battle long and quite frankly got person should be court martial. Because although I don't think that if you couldn't buy Dag gone bad day that he wouldn't have found another way to get its hands on it. The tactic he bid by the gun that day so. The argument he gets rejected by the gun because background check did its job. Clues about water short predate and so we figured out where to get another weapon. Might have been enough. To get him to loose motivation. Right. In my diet also bite and kick up the motivation even more he might have planned things to an even not bigger level of the unit and off the. Stuff gonna go well let me ask you this if a guy comes in he's been court marshaled he's trying to buy gun in the guy consolidated. Groups as I'm sorry that you can't legally buy got to beat you in court martialed. No ads as the retailer. What do you do then. In your mind you say I've got a little I wanna alert someone I want to do something about that. Well there and I even I don't think guy knows he can't buy a gun but he still try and so there's got to be an issue there. Letterman knew where Arab you know how that goes. I didn't know that wasn't invited nor couldn't buy guns and Adam on terrorism we we know all the discussion it's gonna come up and Sarah talk that a guy and in two weeks it's going to be Hamadan I don't know you know I don't know I should listen to this disc is true and any terrorist situation and I consider this an act of terror. You're not gonna stop bomb you're not going to be able legislated away in you're not gonna prevent somebody wants to do evil from doing evil which you hope to do is. Make it as difficult as possible in the limited the amount of damage that can be done. Much effect for the bonds stocks for example. But he did this punk idiot was gonna do something bad no matter what if it wasn't the gun Knight he's the epitome of that there wasn't the gone it was going to be something else we all that queries on or short good morning Mary. I'll bemoaning how you think yeah. Guys thank you to take my time before and I that it toilet since you guys I'm from that all of southern town in Georgia I talked about and a few years ago my eyes were really open to move. I I guess so the overall system. My brother lives to district attorney in and the full count and which is extra military base and they which. Soldiers that executed a young couple that eighteen and 21 I believe. Because I had all the cameras barbed and the gang ruled. They had created this gains gang called the year and it was all through the underground. Gaming system and they had planned to. To take over the military pay can take over their ammunition base and they had planned to poison the water supply. And when this young couple realized what they got into it they try to act out and they pick them out of the woods and shot them executed them. And so my brother lives beacon of opportunity for district attorney well. One has started to unfold he tried to and barb that military because these were soldiers. And tried to involve the FBI because they wanted to. To poison the water supply I mean it was a pretty big deal on AM. Yeah it would get about me you don't want anything to do it it and come to find out. The main guy had killed his wife which they had all along thought. That she had died of natural process. And they don't have body and you can't tell for the life insurance and got over half a million dollars went to guns without money. So now this is another reason it does from the FBI wanna be embalmed and then and you know no one. Ever got involved and I was not so I had to try that case then and then I went in danger they Europeans presence. My people and pop out thousands yeah it's you wanna scoop all Boris are murdered execution. You'll see exactly. Everything about us I just could not believe even likes us. Got to leave it right there Mary thank you for your call. Company URG you know the voice of Boston. United dishonorable discharge your bad conduct discharge is 617 and there is a big difference your career. It was because he did something. Too much hype. So you. I don't I don't care what it was a bottom line is he wasn't supposed to be there's a big difference but he was held for a year right yes I mean not months he was in confinement. For the military so essentially he's he did a year in jail and then. Got out to be discharged. From the military period. And now we've learned this morning that someone failed to put that into a database. So that he could not buy a weapon Joe's in Weymouth to morning. Hey Joseph good morning you they're not. Out Leo I'm well Turco had. No I just want to know I don't understand why the liberals. Or go completely crazy. About illegal guns. And and why they should be up the street and not. But it's OK. I don't know illegal immigrants can shoot relating in California I'm not in a bouquet but but they don't at bat. Illegal immigrant that same way they attack an illegal gun on the street. So no there is so huge right. All right I understand. But I hate. I don't see the difference between an illegal immigrant to once sometime in and I gun on the street doing some. Well Joseph do you think anybody thought what the the reference it's you're making is anybody that is applauded that I thought that was a good thing. Mean a crack at a criminal is a criminal and murderer is a murderer I don't care where they're from or who they are. We have not about the person on the left you're talking about but I I just don't understand. Work. Can easily tell that you have. I can't I can never got my vote and pull it. And I could I get actually have an illegal immigrant in my old template and he can do it sometime I just don't understand. General hardware works it is why it why do people on the left. Not understand that an illegal immigrant is as dangerous as an illegal gun which. Whatever you think of that comparison but find find the obvious follow Jones why is it the you don't see that as well another words. You haven't done any ranting and raving about illegal guns you just rate rant and rave about illegal immigrants. So the left ear whenever there's an a gun is shooting. Boom guns guns are evil. For the right whenever there is an illegal Bowman illegals are illegal but. You do you we do the same thing we politicize. What it is we want to politicize. And then we are shocked. When the other side politicize is that porch we don't want politicized. You've seen it over the last several of these things where. One's about guns one's about illegal immigrants. Whatever fits your narrative you run wild with it if it doesn't a year narrative you go how dare you know it. Let me tell you what fits NASA ordered all sides of the same and it's just a different issue want to do it fits my narrative I don't want people going anywhere and killing people. Period. I don't care who they are I don't care with a weapon is. So the question becomes what what are we doing about that. And if that means that we got to make sure that the system is sealed up so that they cannot do it let's do. Mean it why don't we have to constantly think it would be okay is it OK if it's an illegal weapon in the hands of an American citizen. Who goes and kills 26 people on a church. Well are sitting in there worshipping. Is it because he because he wasn't an illegal then you don't know what. Yeah you've seen the tweets which is that a lot of laughs people who left leaning on just put it that way of trying to be used gentle as they can just tweeted out. So if this guy Devin Kelly was boy was that and this is the new phrase refuse brown. The president would be screaming about we've got to build the wall map we've got to stop this now. So everyone screaming that the president doesn't want to politicize this because it's Second Amendment that's a Republican issue. Vice Versa when a terrorist strikes who's not in the country legally or isn't a lottery to get here. We don't need to talk about the lottery so much we need to talk about mental health issues we all we all do this depending on what side you're on you you massage manipulate. And more for issues to fit what is you only wanna talk about. Well it couldn't both of another way that is true because I mean it would becomes the president and the president last week the first words out of his mouth worry that we have to build a wall. And that it was not too early to talk about that even though there were eight people that you on Saturday the first the president said was this is not a gun issue. It's really need to talk about that and is a mental health issue. I don't I don't I don't understand why we're not talking about. You know what are we getting due to stop the mentality. Dick Dick life is so. Easy come easy go that you can just walk into church and killed 26 people. They can go up on a sidewalk and run people over you can sit up and hotel room huge blow people away at a concert. What what has happened to lots. And that's that's what I why don't we why don't we address that. Why don't we have any value for life. Rich he's in Boston cavorting right. Good morning guys. Comments are. What our men are first time all of them bite my tongue for a couple of years now I'm not a debate are. My. Many. Concern is one word in edge technologies. That technology is ruining. This well. AKA. Steve Jobs. There's just so much on that so much information. Go on global how to build a bar very don't know all right coming up. That not all maybe true but I don't know that Ricky that in this case right season. And getting started in the morning with him don't really flat yeah. DB. At high thought I was dead meat I'm. Jim in TV Boston's morning show WR KL I. Let's go to nick in ways that. Nick good morning your WRKO. It's got a hold of the discussion or change the topic. I think of Thomas Jefferson was less by the way. And yeah incident Frist colonial governor to be in the importation of slaves and that is that a lot of people really aware that. Politically it like that would probably tell yet. If you would like to take a look back it's. The get go back to rovers dissuade and you get as seen with the impact of life. That decision and I rented in this country there's a lot of things and he beat the other pros right technology is all kinds of things and had and that basket of a pandora's box if you will but I I truly believe. Dead I. Maybe many of us have lost the value of life. To see what what has happened to what it's 55 million plus people had a right to lift the muscle. We usually edit and a lot of people who think that Jeff I know there's a lot of people who think that I'm not one of them and that's not your dad that is subject and I wanted to that's none of Rhode Island slowdown. Why don't why your viscerally like upset about well because I think that he. You know that's that's easy for nick did to say those are decisions that are made that are that are not someone. They're made for all different reasons and that is not what we're talking about people walking in to a church on Sunday. And thinking that it is okayed and mowed down 26 people sitting in that church. That it's just not the same comparison for me and it's just not. A lot of people would argue that forcing women to have babies that they can't afford and or don't want would. Make more of these problems not us but one things like for me that I sort of wrestle with insofar as their ass and doing these days. Being a non religious person. There does seem to be a lot of these happening in churches recently for example and it does seem to be a lot of these with people who were angry at people who do practice religion. I don't know what it all means but I do think that's there I mean we know this guy I was an atheist we know he was rabid about it we know we've preached a lot about it. There's something to be said I don't know what it is but their does seem to be something to be said that as a society over the last fifty years or so. We've stripped away. A religious foundation and when that religious foundation has been stripped away. Something else has happened are they connected are they not is it as simple as Hollywood makes a lot of violent movies people like movies and now this next generation thinks and everything's a video game. That may be true it may be that simple and also may be that. People believe in the ten commandments anymore and that indeed give UA foundation of respect that is not no longer there I don't know I wrestle without as I raise my kids and I'm on religious way. Well I think that number one and I think it frequently these these shootings took place happened in places of worship. Have not been so much about places of worship and have been more about the fact that these people aren't. Unsuspecting. And their easy targets and if that's true many don't anticipate. You don't anticipate it people sitting at a church are gonna have weapons to shoot back in when your taxes. You know it I mean you get calls you know there's there's been a lot of soft targets that have have been. You know. In used to two kill people and places of a killing so I think churches just happen to be a place where people are not prepared. I think that part of the reason that we do not appreciate in we've I think that we have glorified. In these situations. And you can blame it on the media may be the media maybe that's part of it I think we glorify these situations and such a way. And these losers. We do this because they think that they're making and final stand. But again it's not so we view of the biggest guy in this guy or complete opposites in many respects will society pro I mean this has proven for hundreds of years that there are crazy people prohibited easy to say these losers but the guy in Vegas wouldn't have fit the definition of loser and -- circumstances open until he's a loser who played a loser now for okay but it had timing wasn't right so. We want it to be simple and easy we all there's the guy but I don't recall goes through some of the people that we know what song do not sorrow I we know that kid was a loser. Yes some are so mark pike it's. I mean we we miss his complicated and I don't know all the lucky one reminding you the religious thing is. While I think that that has been stripped away we're done in the western society in another part of the world. It's good religion has magnified and that has magnified just. So again I don't goal we do with all of it. But it's just it is something to consider and I'm not as dismissive of error just like while you're crazy I don't know there's a lot of things in fact it's. I don't subscribe to that theory but you look. I'm good time dismissive of the idea that religion might play a part. I don't. I don't believe that we can just pinpoint this whole thing rolls back. To 1973. Our people like to make things an easy simple it's not a mob it's it's way more complicated than obviously and that may not have nothing to do. I tend to be in that camp that it doesn't. Let me go to Brian in Boston paper and good morning. They get Bibi I I agree with you 100%. When you remove god from society we are gonna post Christian America right now. When you remove Jesus Christ from the equation everything is permissible. That's what. It Gillick and the Serbs through the ages that when one goes god is no on the presence. It gives people freedom to do whatever they want and that's why it's. People feel free but there's no consequences. They take their own lives that they go to people's well. But look I think a lot of people that think that way and I lied I'm not gonna mocked you Brian I'm not gonna say you're a moron quite the opposite I. Perez all of this stuff I. You know it's the old style online religion zero purity of the masses what he meant by that in part was that it keeps people on line her. There is that there's a thought that religion gives you are moral foundation but it also has a the Christian religion it also has more of this is the way you're going to behave and here's how we're going to make you do it in any case. This stuff wasn't going on and in the kind of numbers at least we don't think there was in the kind of numbers that. Do you see an over the last month and. Well I think that the caller who called about the same that technology is a big part of it. I think that that play I really do I think that plays a big role limited amount of it and Steve Jobs is responsible for everything that's happened. I think that technology does play a big part and I think my head. Number one that like you said people can go and find ways to do it. They have information at their fingertips. Then virtue it glorifies an Emmy the fact that we can now go live on FaceBook and put look at all of the crazy things people don't. Does he think it makes them a Starr live on FaceBook. You know it's this idea that you can get your name thanks to social media that your name gets out there. And what you've done and again I go back to losers like this guy who now has been. I don't when he uses name back in his mind you know was glorified day by becoming somebody. In the world. A lot of issues dollar order right now but it is you're gonna rank like OK what is your theory is what's going on I do fall in the camp of Hollywood has a lot of heart and pardon the expression but has a lot of blood and hands him. Eight I've always felt like with a comedian the F word is just a cop out. If you can't make a joke funny without using it then you shouldn't you're not you're not funny right certainly with a Hollywood. If you can't do a good movie without a shoot out and fifties people drop and what are you doing. But that's every movie I mean with forges brought movies back as we can right under in thirty million I would be were killed enamel and now I'm sure so the U. They're asked to begin numbness that comes along when that where you see it day after day in losers like this these guys go to the movies. Every week that's right every two or sit and play video games there and they're going to sit there and go with the new Tarantino movie like I used to go to them all the time myself. I think kill anybody but you see this stuff over time and you play these video games and they're so realistic and there's so simplistic and then. You start of the dole lines get blurred. Unfortunately they do.