Kim & VB - Who are the all time top five rock bands?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Monday, November 20th

With the death of Malcolm Young this weekend, does AC DC still hold up as one of the top rock bands of all time?


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A morning show with Jim. Boeheim like and he beat. Literally the most interesting man in the world WR can and I. All right so we have a winner. You die hard tape cutter resort spa enchanted village package goes to John Mark shirts and he used from all you. So congratulations John hope you enjoyed that. Elect we didn't ask is saying. That there's not. They'll PS I hope you have a great time and thanks to everybody who participated and we will have another giveaway tomorrow. At that same time 830 so be sure that you join us for that very exciting. All right give me. I gotta get this off my chest that's all hitting baby. But as you well know Malcolm young died over the weekend he was one of the founding members of AC DC I've put up the pole on Saturday is EC DC one of the top five bands of all time and on my. DB the why is Twitter poll. The majority said they want. I was shocked by. So let me ask you the same question. Qaeda I like AC DC find that I would rule if I was just sitting around me in my favor beings are the top bands I would AC DC would be one. To me he instinctively they come minute four. Just when some as a so were the top five bands you always go Beatles Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin I don't know he CDC like therefore yeah. I'd hate it and not in the top five who is in the top five. Well that might be that might be keys I might have gone down that same path that you just said. I mean I certainly. Hate their favorite I mean again you get into genres and you get an classic rock and pop and all right and solo acts vs bans or whenever. But I. I don't feel like they all are and I don't know why a people I guess I was shocked by the results because I thought I was gonna be like each one yes. If so if they're not top five are they top ten. Like where do they fall in history. Six or 72666860. You know who's atoms are here we know who. The boot them more ahead of these CDC Aerosmith. No way comedy usually this is a fan it meant I this is just. This falls into your preference for genre are I really do think that's what it is we are they're great band in the in the genre that they didn't. Worrying or are in whatever however you make reference. So the I think Floyd Bruce. Maybe I was never any CDC finances mines and I is that possible. Can you not be any CD he's going on AC/DC found if I think you can not be so to me not fan is if it did from listen and a certain rock station and are not chili peppers c'mon I will change I am not a fan. Does anybody changed the station when he CDC comes on yeah I think they do. Absolutely. I absolutely think they do the funny thing about AC DC though. Was silly to handcuff him. Yeah I mean fuel thirsty they get to know did you handle that he's an easy organization car go I mean it's going to be able to say that coming. But that's because that was that's their. My son and I'm with you know waited Beatles are in the top five you know why reunited and it but just. Generically that's the answer to people saying those of the group to score a lot. It is the thing about this thing it's interesting about these CDC is that if he. They served generation DD generation but you could talk to. A whole lot of people in a younger generation who would tell you that they. That they love the CDC and they could sing every word of a CD in and winds of blasphemy CDC had a hit that was. Universal Utley hit not for a lot of years thirty years ago. My my son could. A senior every word of every CDC song just about seven and one they aren't they're number five Guns 'N Roses of before I was gonna say guns and noses where he's got a lot. How the body of work to have one album. And then they had some really talk about how about the group Boston a lot of people I'm surprised more people arts in Boston isn't a top same same issue of Guns 'N Roses you're at one great album. I'm glad that doesn't make a career appearances. How hard Kansas which I'm a rock. The scene again it's just you know being Danny it's just a shell under I think it's what you. So nines RA CDs is by far the best rocked an ever forty years of kick ass and pure energy. They're the best live show they are the best on radio band. Somebody wants is that matter in the long time since thunder struck well that may or may not be true. Pom but the under struck wizard does an antibody governor I didn't think that Black Sabbath is one of the greats I looked for meat savages the harder one to categorized as for me a lot Mumbai it. I might put him in the top 10 o'clock where Miller Skinner people Skinner is a tricky one skin heads up there. What about YouTube. I love your two. And we did it or not. So is anyone I know I'm not boy who are your top five I think for me the deals aren't an example would be I Ivan like. Our insurer AC/DC yes but I Metallica meet personally are my favorite band of alternative Norah I think it. My fair bit of all time is Eagles. How did not even in my top fifty's I can't stand that and I love queen. Fleetwood Mac global someone else had Fleetwood Mac running out of thousands of spying. But see I was in a hard you can just tell by my choices that I wasn't as hard and as hard rocker like Q. Then mail and asked to be in their says 77412. Great albums you what you're my. Yeah Palin was on their way to being mad and then it all went to crap. Big have a bike. Here's the former media buys good albums but there was nothing great after each the first break up it's a knock off and what about the police. Look like the police line I think the police are humongous 390. And raises the doors the doors are obsolete in my top less VCR. Do we say that he sure is a very good friend my very good band probably out of all their average build low lying. Stood by the bed to enjoy arguable. Jim you're not saying a word I don't know what's Goran what about journey I'm not a classic rock person so wrong person to have us Kenya. I mean I I you can tell by night. I mean I know all these fans from my preferences. Would be your little soft vinyl softer so you probably his journey in your top five maybe. Dina lied to because. When I journey for me is like a major cut that's a big high school and after I mean I'm more I hear that I'm like oh my guy can I can go to that place if you're asking me like I'm more crime more green Daley can or yes kind of well back. Or enough greens. But I mean I if I keep I keep there's no way for me to verify or at least back those up against the ones in the seventies that was around when juror. You know him I wasn't they're free CDC's he'd Aso I don't know in in the moment would I have liked them better than. Yep it's hard to do Allman Brothers and they're not I don't know me. What did Joseph want to rebut soul like what is Jimi Hendrix fall because there was the Jimi Hendrix Experience but it was really just Jimi Hendrix on. How how do you rank them but whatever you do whatever your thing is. I think we ought knowledge that he CDC is dues towards the top the question is how Heidi they yet I really anybody is going to say they were the best band of all time name. But I also think were not put him very low on that list there they are very much up there. There had we don't need to do the mount Rushmore I think particularly hard a but until I think. I think you would definitely if you if you're rock error appears somebody whose loved rock band AC DC's got to be they were our original all like to line they were copied by everybody in the famous Cobain quotas that. The reason why he was dismissive of his biggest it is he's it was just a cheap BC DC rip off which was that smells like teen spirit that's what he said. So that speaks volumes to their genius or their greatness doesn't nine days after a long period of time. There they were unbelievable what an ox of a job against like Tom Petty for examples he sucked alive. Can anybody say an antibody CDC mirror all the stones kinda got cliched after walling kinda started a mock themselves. He CDC was not really that. They were they wore a major powerhouse. With the last time they were out somewhere there were out very recently because their drummer. Wasn't for a while because it murder charges and Erin Andrews are not torn my brand but they've been torn up until very recently I think the key. We're talking earlier about the message about love about it now or may not be rightly in his sixties. Yeah he's so confident so to have died like it can happen at any one years old and again the volt Livan that he did. There's a certain group released people that makes parenting hard. Because you sit and you cannot do then get away with a woman and young cheated that you did get away with a for a long time Keith Richards is another example movement. Where some of these rockers did live that life and lived to tell the tale. But. That they didn't live and Q Richardson might be different but me and 64 that's. And channel 6172666868. X 86 days it's excellent. I do hear from you personally favorites haven't missed any we've we've put some out there I think even. If you don't love EC DCU acknowledged them not all that's the level I like some people are you joking with Bon Jovi. Like there won't even acknowledge thought. But the EU would you can't you let me tell you don't love dead or alive and I love that I think for most Joey fans they're laughing you right now I don't care here I'm good bar Jonah I'm sitting is if you're near you battle all batting you know appear Bon Jovi thing in your loved one ever. Even I know a lot of I am out more than even if you're not to Joey not a my guns and human. Well counseling because he's cute. Could the question for me is where why get on my list. Of course we don't want is better than what at what. Kind of it was Enron's often you can see some than initially. We don't really bad and I don't verbalize and now art com there's a jazz that ilk they are ago. Or guys well developed there's there's a list and there's everybody's personal list right. That might erode The Rolling Stones are without question of the greatest rock and roll very revolves side but but the big supporters. The league. Before The Beatles I grew up on the Beach Boys every single year ICM and I love their music and they have a budget it's. But it got more of your group but what more Wong won more than one album was great kids. You know regular grade rock and roll they're. I've been there were some Christmas electing a server at web the most incredible rocket Robaire BR later but the veggie lover and especially Jews are alive. Arthur thank you Beach Boys or interest and when you don't think of them. It's sort of think of them separately. Right but they won again McCartney would tell you bearing his top five I can assure you I'm sure they would a one man that he worried about are you. He wanted to know what they were doing and and they did sort of try to copy. Given TV Boston's morning show. Arcadia. This is one of my favorite tunes I mean this is a great thing. Given the dog a bone. They but my are gonna AC DC and we're gonna spend that much more time and it's fun. Chrysler about film directors and how you rank come into me you take your three best. And let's put those up against others and let's compare so with a rock for analysts think they're ten whatever number is but let's take their ten best song. Because you left the show waves sort of a volume picture of high quality work. By any metric if you do that. You put a CDs he's up against anybody you have an argument that they are better than anybody zeppelin Beatles stones. Skinner did. Allman you put up against anybody in you can easily say yeah. Because their top. Usually with a band. You get like first couple on played let's take Guns 'N Roses for example top three songs is good is anybody's. You get the likes aren't six or seven in you start to go wall that's not quite to the level of right territory where AC DC's top to bottom top ten. Much like zeppelin for example I would argue Black Sabbath the pats to today's. Come. Putting TNT next I mean you any that soon so we're talking about them because some Malcolm young passed away this weekend. Lillian browser. Men. The guitarist he was 64 years old the age thinking about AC/DC for those of you who don't know either background on the bay and which I think is really interesting you know and I knew that they were born in Scotland. He it's it's actually was a family affair. Did did lead singer. Is his brother. And Angus. Lead guitarist and Angus is. Talking about his brother. Malcolm and the fact that his older brother their older brother George. Was their producer Ian wrote a lot of the music with them he passed away last month at seventy. Which is super vision which is tough Angus is left behind they have a sister Margaret wolf restorative and she's still alive if I told you that of the three young's. Angus was gonna still be alive Nolan Ryan a right right right. And interesting for those of you don't know where AC DC comes from. And you in usage subbing Amy and I thought it was church arson Dina work out as Germany's that I hadn't had a sexual connotation it does not. It actually came from Margaret their older sisters. Sewing machine. And did indeed they liked it because it equated their rock style with an electrical current. Andy Sonnanstine. The appropriate name so AC DC units were comes from. Describing it as an entry on that. It's always wise to think things through Bruce worries them a lot of red. Is there any band even close. To AC DC that has had multiple signers. I can't think of one. And in it and Helen's the obvious but they're not yet an hour days Hagar is the only. But even half reputable but they're the I mean I'd I don't that was wanted him. Again one of the multiple selling points and his band is that they lost the guy. Who was the epitome of what they wore. They didn't miss a beat you can argue Fleetwood Mac as a kid and and Tim Mack is almost like I'm finally a big fan period yes there's aid they didn't. That's a very shortlist let's put forward an AC DC is on. And when you think of Fleetwood Mac I mean you do they do have a lead singer that you think. That of that band beach and wears a CDC don't necessarily think of anybody is being the lead singer right. Why your regular aren't they do whatever you're however you define rock. Great rock has to be that lead guitarist woolly CDC's in his gushan gray rock has to be about awesome lyrics. DC DC's in that discussion gray rock has to be about law why every CD season that has. I don't care where you gold they're there and there are many bands that are that YouTube was a good one for you because they're very different. Than AC DC but they're very big they cover all of very good lead guitarist very good lyrics it's been around for a long time. But primarily one singer. I did it yeah I guess that's body that's a bit but not sure what category right that's an oddity for AC DC. Well the recipes French. Cut Boston's 64 your luck Saturday and Diaw was there's the way after the final cut ties and hasn't been to me they weren't the same band at all.