Kim & VB - Was there bribery involved in the Russian Uranium deal?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, October 18th

The Hill is reporting that an anonymous FBI source claims to have proof of bribery going on back in 2010 when the Obama administration made a deal with Russia on uranium sales


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Every morning we learned something new about him from Hillary and TV what I was saying is larger than a minute high. Boston's morning show game to a registered. WRKO. How like good morning everybody welcome to the morning show on him. Gives you with us as well and wouldn't hear the term we sat. What do you immediately think oh because I immediately think of. The relationship between our government in the Russians. During the Obama administration. And during that reset period. They were all kinds of things going on that the FBI has now revealed that were knocked. Let's say on the open up maybe. Was a weird story mum. I don't know why FOX & Friends is when I'm on this I'm actually very puzzled right or not Brian I don't know why the hill isn't pushing this harder than us. And it did you either like that's where it comes from McHale correct. But it is so huge story in. If rush is the great evil and we're told it is by a by Democrats right walled what's what's their reaction to the story that. We all knew about their uranium sale and we all fought it looked a little iffy but we know the level to what if this story is to be believed that I put that in and caviar on everything moves from. Right but it sure reach pretty good day they have FBI were again though there are going main sources here we're gonna do this thing back and forth on the block however. And it looks like guys are dotted t.s are crossed your lament. It. Basically says that the Kremlin was bribing people including while there was lots of money going to the Clinton foundation are in 2002 and when that initial uranium deal was done that gave rusher controls 20% of the US is uranium supply. And Hillary was on the the committee the State Department was half of the deciding body as to whether or not. To approve that deal I mean ultimately Obama could killer or not but. Hillary gave the deal to go ahead while millions of dollars is being kicked to the Clinton foundation. We all we all do some version of this is going on but now it's spelled out directly and in this report it's that the Obama administration. Knew about it and was either find wizard or just was like nothing this year people move on and Eric Holder didn't look into it at all. And now these are the people that are telling us via the election that collusion stories the biggest thing in the history of the world and it's so obvious it's right there in front and you went. How is it you don't see it. For me this story for reiterates something that. I think you said yet the other day June. And that's it is in reference to the clintons I mean there's just. There is corruption corruption corruption and I think that it just stuck. You know the more you learn about them the more you learn about corruption. And I didn't say it while you made reference to the idea that you know they geared there may be we may know that she was corrupt but it doesn't mean that. She lies about other things. And I and I think corruption use. Really. Not a good way to describe the clintons that'll idling gets nude anybody. But we just the more we learn about them the more we learn about corruption. Well in this particular case again the story goes and she was that should trump brought this up during his campaign and brought up in a debate and she said in an. That she wasn't involved in any decision making process but. This report tells you end read she would have to begin the State Department. Had to give this the approval that's what their job is an ideal of this magnitude. She was ahead of the State Department how would she not have been involved. In about a waiver talking about you know conflicts like yesterday were talking about now. DEA agents that are investigating big pharma then go work as lobbyists for big pharma that stinks to high heaven right while how are you taking money from Russia in you know it's coming from Russia. For your foundation. While his deal is going on. By the way the FBI. Part of the way this happened was the FBI I was looking in do. How this is working within the Russian government and in the mean we get into kickbacks and bands acts in Greece and ponds and whenever. And there was plenty of that going on as well which was enough to make you go. Geez. Will who are we getting in bed was here and are these the most on the level type of people that we wanna have access to this stuff because this is dangerous stuff obviously. And every he had nothing to see here move along. One way that would get done obviously is there is a large donation made that's the way big pharma did it that's how that. That's right all finally got watered down so that's how we'll came through this reeks very much of a similar type of thing turned. Is this say nothing zero war. While dollars in basketball always talking to Sean Spicer about Donald Trump collusion should be also be looking in the business. About a 6172666868. X 8680 attacks find. I'm looking right now at some of that number is related to Bill Clinton accepting. Donations from the Russians when he was over there speaking in 2010. Tell me where you can go to sleep at feet. Boston's morning show. Kevin BBC NW RKL. We re secured him we've been hearing US and sticks it to one hit and miss or we're gonna get you on 12. Couple things on the sidelines since. You know. Let's say you're gonna halves let's let's appoint a special counsel in this now Kim who's the first person you wanna talk to. And to me it's not Hillary to me it's Obama like what did you know. And when you Juno and we're you gonna throw wanted to boss on this because. You had who have known all of us in yet you were fine we'll all that that's he's the one. Even in this story who's the one you mostly for our techsters by the way it's smaller. Because smaller as the great evil right now Mahler was that the FBI in 2010 Rosen signs the second because he was there obviously as well and people want. Why these guys get new investigate trump when they were there and turned a blind item this in these are legitimate. Like smaller couldn't be the special counsel on this because one of the first witnesses would be Muller. What did you look at what did you find out and did you ever go to the DOJ would any of this stuff because we know older did nothing about this did you present the case to him. Because clerk one. The main source that the Gil used on this is somebody within the FBI right who who what where let's not be one of those in right from the lakers apparently there's one anyway that isn't. So if that person. It you know. Is there they think there was a case did more think there was a case did Rosen Stein think there was a case did these guys make the case to Justice Department and the justice department of nothingness a year what happened. Let me go to Lee Lee's in Waltham this morning Haley good morning your I don't know like KL. I love I just like I say that it was simulating essentially got started I usually do anyway and object I think it's just a question for all the Eric is a double standard that are going aren't. Double standard that would compare onto your. Kearney are you doubt true but they Obama administration at what he had done. And now this Russian tank is a lot to do with Russia I look at I do know that they went to Russia. Peak that the Democrats took money from Russia they were taking and we knew she saw the array. These things never came because in here. They're don't they're Democrats that are against it at that forward against with a double Republican true. I can I tell people that it just Democrats it's Republicans in that area air. Messing up the whole thing objects because this is what they want is part of Wall Street. And I saw the sixty bad staying on the old Buick and the government that's responsible to all these FBR. Or PR got epidemics. We don't hear that from the other side yeah you know. So this compliance are able to go. I just want to get that out as I can ask why I'm a veteran to and I and the lights. Frustration because they realize what happened. I would serve as I was 1718. Years old joke and the reason I want eighteen year old people. It was thought that out yet or are we that they have bought out yet there. Where is the fact that they were loyal to. Expel all of that's right place for. Erica and we have people that we as people young kids relying a lot of people don't expect that our our our people our general stopped. They'll just about. He gets darker as good as the color you know the cup so. What I say the double standards that we have to be addressed we have I don't who's really. Glut of good guys vs the bad side that's all you bright spot. Lee thank you for your call twelve I would ask you who is well that's the problem it is smaller well meanwhile we're never going to. I appreciate where at least saying in Lee is so absolutely right in there is a double standard there's no question about that. The problem is that no one is prepared to say but the double standard is part of my son. Everybody has double standards they're just they're flipped yeah as we know what is it as a whole point of this showed I think he sure revenue of editors. We will let you scream and yell at us for the first hour and then for the second hour you can scream and yell at the clintons and the obamas. And there's your double standard that way. And nobody is willing to admitted double standard bear sighting is right the other side is why it's probable bash reports that is the issue. That we can't get to the bottom of any of this New Delhi manageable or what's the bigger concern he was an American hey trump Russia collusion B Clinton Russian uranium dale. Or C both. I would assume it's all right but I'm assuming on this poll it will be Clinton uranium deal because. You just don't care about. The negative from stuff and all. I think that the UD collusion failure answer always should be of course I'm concerned about Russia collusion if your answer is there's nothing this year. When you can't possibly know that right. So I while I think that smaller is ultimately gonna clear trump let's let the dust settle. Let's see how it plays out and of course I am concerned about I don't want foreign governments. Trying to sabotage our elections huge debt should always be your answer this is another one where I don't want deals made for. Personal financial gain vs America's game. Hillary I'm guessing she's done for music you Holler one gets that done doing interviews and England now because the first question that she should be asked in his book stories. Was the 2010 uranium deals done in the best interest of the United States or was done in the vestiges of Clinton foundation. And that would that would be my number and asked that the what do you think she's got sent you and I don't know which order you just. And a double standard is that what we did was right. And what you're doing is wrong she's gonna say of course it was in the best interest of the US wall her answer has Warsaw as far as I wasn't involved and well she did that what she was involved or not she's gonna stand back because she was the head the Justice Department whether she claims she was involved or not he's still gonna say. That was in the best interest of the US she's never gonna say that the Clinton she's gonna save the Clinton foundation. That money came from Bill Clinton over their speaking. That money was raised by them and had nothing to do with US government that's what she would say I'm guessing now money's been spent from Iowa and a little bit of fast track. Mean he he was it got a half a mill a half a bit 500000 dollars half a billion dollars million million dollars or keep trying m.s that drug has been out. For speaking engagements in Russia and that's what's he that's where they claimed their money came from. The way to the Clinton foundation Paul's reign to pay Paul. Good morning guys the number I've been here in front of around 240 million dollar I don't know exactly where that. Comes from. No wait that that was money. Bill went to the Clinton foundation that same. Variety guided sources and we're back yeah I don't I mean I don't again I'm not the account and I don't really the number isn't as important as. The conference whether it 100000240. Million and you know sure. Let's let's agreed not split hairs on that. Once we get to that the pilot coin. You know on my problem here is and I think the last call over the onto something about. That double standard is what I think who gets the higher up all. The trouble supporting big east is that. Being the media handles the exact same situation. Differently and I know be be one of your litmus test is. In the equanimity of the people as well and you know certainly this letter earlier caller was not being fair. Aren't you guys. Like. You know this whole Clinton thing it is. Completely absurd that Mueller would turn a blind guy in this I understand that he app but not touched true accurate because of they don't. Involvement in the FBI at the time. But his job is to investigate Russia. Influence in America and how much bait and it'll blow dart legal system in our election system and that corruption if in fact. Some Hulk. They were bribing. High level White House officials. Through the pain kind of means that there you know that we would nail organized crime onto our armed in any other money laundering a ban on. To that point we went there in pointing bear access to strategic reserve like uranium we can't we can't sell uranium to fly and nation that it we're friendly way and now we're selling it to Russia I mean I thought Russia which means that big evil being enemy of enemies right over. We're setting and got Paul remember it was a reset. I say it I'm joking and I won't know that is what this and that's what they tried to say why I was yelling it's not a liability as a satellite to do that loses snowflake but. I keep telling you guys that they're all the same trump is no different than Obama is no different ambush or what Obama did was. And what they did in this is a perfect example of it which. They hold you the role easiest thing they did literally had using Cole might always a right we're going to push the reset button. They're gonna be our friends because we can sit down and talk to them that moment that line yes. This client to sit down and talk a really it is a crime to sell them uranium because. In theory you're good luck to let me root root for it could be a crime. To sell them uranium because there were donating to Hillary Clinton's foundation Baghdad debt could be quite. But you're doing this thing we're showing them shiny can be object what you're doing this really dirty dastardly deed over year. All do dirty dastardly deeds in these guys were no different images think you are. You'll like them like some drug people are to trot. Weren't they weren't they doing it. Com with this evil intent or were they doing it because they were so unbelievably naive and. Prudent is again laughing and it's an either of them as I've told you this about the clintons snowflake wants to disagree with me on and so on retirement. The clintons only do. Anything. I mean ordering an ice cream or going to way guys diner. War making it more uranium deal with the Russians they only do still with the things that they do for one reason and that is to make their that their pockets. That's the only reason you do what they don't want a decent after morning was killing DD. Boston's morning show. WRK. Six what 76 at 686686. Cities are tax on some 49 here we'll get to see him seasons in Boston today good morning Sandra. Good morning Ariel and greet you. Oh I wanna comment on the Russia and and remind you all that. Story came out right I'd like a Gator QB for the election people Crabtree and can put it out. That there was no inspector general for the State Department gearing all of the camp has. What and now. Hillary Clinton the secretary of state and I actually it's quite significant because they're having an inspector general in place. Certainly accept a lot of the conflict of interest and that kind of thing. Second thing I wanted to say was. Given rotten American Idol involvement in this case could I have Brad yeah article click put out. I'm already thinking ahead or to deal with Russia and Jeff Sessions Iran broke the tie and I think it's time or road it's time to recuse himself or be fired. Well what's funny about but not funny peculiar about this is. And I've I'm very Rosen Stein got actually like grosans fine and I trust them and I think grosans time. I've told all along that he shouldn't recuse himself. I think that may well happen I think trump may think he's gonna push that right I agree quickly and if that happens what that does is prolongs the thing. Think again the more you want this to go way the last it seems to ever go and who what who who then steps in. Where we go froze all I want to ask him an agenda. But Ida I've. Grosans finds got a this is all part of the swamp right bros and how many times throws time in front of congress and this is never come up movement and so you've had him under oath and no one ever said. But what about. Then let's go back for a second just to be clear because we know we want to establish how far is Russia have been meddling in stuff and been getting involved and stuff and what has our dealings with them then. It would have been nice but again where he's coming right back I can assure you trade out he's calling themselves. Or is it New Hampshire hey Patrick. Hi how he didn't really think this. So I've been doing a lot of research in the war repression and obviously have found that there's a lot of evidence about what I've also found it's going back to the Nike which is. Because for forty years. Is that Marc Rich was involved with that Russian money under endorse the huge strobe Talbott was confused by the book. Gore was involved and all this. Larry Summers helped create the system in Russia Craig doll oligarchs. The clintons are all involved in this but there's this one Russian immigrant that came here. And has been. Infecting US foreign policy toward Russia for the past forty years is gonna look up and conclude that you have written articles about him EU's. To ingratiate himself into the United States' political establishment and got everything he can't make sure that there's some sort of super talent alliance between Russia and the United States it's just on both sides and I wish everybody if you ask. Well again remember one of these you take away from this is. 2012. There's Mitt Romney on a debate stage where is Barack Obama and Mitt Romney says. Russia is the number one enemy of the country right and he got I have that right that really hurt him because Obama. Hold you immediately there after him and that condescending way that he can deliberate. What we've worked very hard on our reset in Russia is working towards democracy and they have implemented this is not the rush this is not your father's rusher grandfathers Russian rivers freeze was. Now really are wrong. The what do you think of Romney and I'm not the biggest Romney lover in the world but obviously history has proven that he was right about that now whether Romney won handled things any differently and. Argue Elmo we do have to wonder in retrospect you know was Romney naive at that point. By making such a comment for not recognizing that you'll get to the White House by. Declaring Russia as the enemy the archenemy. What went Rosie just speaking to earth so where I tell you yes there when a great day for trump for three reasons I don't think this would all phone call. Wasn't great last night and we'll see our place today the McCain comments are great in my thing I hate the most is the health care digital. But he says he was involved it's a bad day for dropped. Arguably worst state for Obama and Clinton unison why bees you've got three prongs there too so you've got this hill's story is one. Joyce you've got the Samantha Power story where she apparently. Said specifically I want these names unmasked and make sure it doesn't come back to me ball. Why if it was legal and on the up and up and you do is do his. No reason to be concerned about me doing miserable why are you wanna make sure doesn't get back so that was a problem. And you've got this homey situation which trump has been tweeting about this morning obviously about. Call me had written we now know definitively call me in Britain the Hillary statement months before. He interviewed Hillary that seems rather than usual doesn't that subtle. Yes it was a bad day for both sides in this is what happens in the swamp this funny there if you depending on. Would you walk while that's all that is very true and it does look bad for everybody but. I think you can be assured this morning. Dat the president is more Bob third. Horror should be more bothered by what was said about him then the clintons and by and call me and everybody else because. Bit. Look ridiculous and Obama Obama has seen a windsurfing today here I'm here. Let me hold the one thing this weird and all this to me to be honest with here is why again we watch FOX & Friends in this through your during the course of the morning. They they at least acknowledged. The phone call and then they moved off there went to drones. But they're never acknowledged that the president this call have been made in this is the story that's out there. They haven't even said yet. They haven't covered get this morning this hill's story about the Russian uranium deal. I think that these weird to me I would think fox would be all over past. They're not. I don't get. What are they waiting on and why are they not pushing this thing hard. I don't know I have to tell you the first place I saw this this morning was actually on CNN. They they have the story they were reporting that. I don't know why I don't know why fox or was simply doing it like and they are having a hard time. Not getting it you know get in getting old one another wasn't loses because there's so gun shy after the Seth rich thing I don't want but but. Eli it's another says roots etheridge singer is there much more Yurman you would think they would have the Clinton cash guy on right now. Talking about this because he knows more than anybody you know about the clintons and how dirty they can be and they had him on multiple times I think he's on retainer. But he's not gone for Summers. It's weird it's just on I don't get why they're not doing and they're not even teasing that it's coming all I know they're not they're not acknowledging at all I actually heard their 4 o'clock. Our fourth thirty or whatever. Life she'll disorganized and I and then. Fox reported last minute wait a BB. I'm where they reported Leslie nines and able wondered how he was stocks and friends. There they show that we know specifically the president watches in the morning and we know that the president. We eat this up with a spoon in we would think that they would be pushing this today if for no other reason than to deflect from the phone calls story. They're not they're not even acknowledging that it exists this morning in odd they've been very clear about what goes on at night is opinion on what goes on during the day's news so they hit it on. On Hannity and on their opinion issues. They're not touching it as own store and finally I think there. I license your gallery this morning we're not attacking fox were asking you why are they not doing it. Can any deal reporter Ron last night. I understand that 603 so is that what fox is doing they're gonna say this is. Much like this etheridge story and these are here in no one all right let's resist until someone else report write is that what they're doing it's just awed to me. Nick is in Weymouth cavorting neck. I I get so it's good if it's not like well but I'd I'd argue that the second but Clark did also not a suspect that that's what specials as brother. As more than just a big shot in the Washington. DC opposite investigative situation I believe he worked and that investigation. Known even net. Well they're done Melissa Etheridge and not touch on another morning Reynolds. Anyways and it situation yet. I don't think the clintons to have a go to prison could that they do Obama goes to prison and a whole bunch of other people but what we didn't see here is. Truck as it edged. Just fire. Or force. Mueller to Ritchie himself saying it was wrote in Spain saying went. With that sessions be if you object and it is they could get away would it trump could because. They probably don't have brought you improved so that is gonna have been probably a monstrous cover up. Probably more so than the patriots. Good quality jets game with a feeble explanations he got you know from the league and I agree it's all right so this is very it's I think. And I'd say he'd get your right Beebe did you guys write this is not gonna go hey anytime soon but it threatens the house does out eventually that will. While watching this feels like to me is that if they hills stories true. But one argument like with a Russia collusion story is that they were literally swift boating. This the Russians all along they knew eventually that this would get out so the way they did did it was too. Let's stick it on the republicans' first. I don't take some I actually disagree with nick I think this will go away I think we'll go to a very quickly because again and I and I think theirs. I'd I'd number one I don't think anybody's going to jail over that number two I think theories more yet to come related to. Russia the president was just asked is he gonna fire smaller he said no.