Kim & VB: Trump v. Paul in golf: Have you ever let the boss win?

Rand Paul went golfing with the president over the weekend and talked about what a good golfer he is. But what is the protocol when competing with the boss?


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We talk about Rand Paul. And some of the comments he made this weekend he was out playing golf with the president. Andy was asked again Ryan he was asked about whether. He was a good golfers that is not acknowledging about model who won. No much longer than we needed in in fact there was do. Who's right before then when he says won't be you want obviously because he always weapons. Meaning the president you read my inspired by a couple holes even though he gave me the best partner. How could so magnanimous or where you take the best guys and also beaches. So before making fun of that what I aren't always. Do you ever participate in anything socially with your boss. And if so do you throw it. Are you insinuating that Rand Paul. There anyone else would Ferraro a game of golf because they're playing with the president. Would you beat the president if you're planning number one number two have you ever beaten your boss and anything and then what was was there are some sort of ramifications Tuesday. To set victory. This isn't good that's a good question for me to answer primarily because. I don't golf so my level of appreciation for winning goal vs not I don't have it. I don't know why you know it's not having. And to me Washington. Worked with Boston's morning show it came in BP WR TL. I love this next present and how we know when it's. 978 texting. Clinton was a poor golfer who always one trump is a very good golfer I don't know how good Brandon. Really because I'm pretty sure there's been rumors around for a long before he was president that he's notorious for cheating at golf. What you can do ball if you can write cheer and be good but we don't know. I don't know I've moved I don't I've never seen a score for track I don't know what the guy's a good golfer as you say yeah is I don't know I you know then I inseminated. Clinton is a war golfer. I don't know and I case either I remember one time. I forget who used plain wood but I think they claimed he shot a 76. Yeah all in all really. Like. And ran claims that he's trump is a better golfer than he has been out and there was a lot of little bit Eddie Haskell to that speech like. Sure sure boss's good right of the one you're with her and I like you I'm not a big goal sky cam and so I've never had the good fortune of playing a round of golf with the boss. Were right to. I would play my round of golf. And if I beat the Boston we beat the boss like I assume when we're playing. Whatever sport it is or whatever activity we're doing we're in this to win this right and just because you're an it boss. I'm not. Gonna start missing putts because. I'm concerned about our yer gonna take it but I don't do. I'm curious to know whether you call people that golf a lot. Are here for example our boss boss. What he'd get upset if we beat him in golf I know worry now is he's listening to us please. But woody I don't round. I don't know again I I don't want to sort of been different I don't help our boss word I don't I don't know golfers take it seriously. And I think Donald Trump takes golf very very serious. I think our boss would I definitely could think of a few people in the building that would. We get a boss would like to play pickup basketball this our last place in a guns and he was notoriously out dirty up and threw elbows and took a lot more seriously than we did. But I never was like and I didn't play were the more they eat their group of former he told me much more than I did learn earlier drivers Alex. I'm not what it if the ball comes to me important and then because I'm a good. Then that's where whatever currently differ playing pick up Cooper plan impeccable. I'm not gonna throw it for the boss if that means that I don't play that much with a boss line. If the bosses that things in that might beating him and pick up who is. Causing my age ability to do my job hurt for him to want me to do my job and I question. OK so I just let me read this TI I'm looking this up this is from golf dot com. And I need to look at I don't know who's writing this but it's somebody from golf dot com so. He's he says I spend enough time around South Florida golf courses growing up to know that just because you'll love golf doesn't mean Richard good at it but. Donald Trump is legitimately. A good golfer. He clearly loves the game. And even if 71 is easily the best golfer who has ever lived in the white. House. Why do we not get scores. Why is that a problem. I mean against and this weekend particular do it appears that they're playing a whole lot. They weren't shooting for individual scores so they might have been playing back right fall whenever. But why isn't we don't know what Obama. Would shoot a round of golf wise we don't know what trump would shoot I don't. Trumps handicap index is officially a two point eight. Is that good I don't know that's extremely okay this is coming by the way that's coming from Phil Mickelson. Does he cheat. And that's that this is again all liked golf dot com. Washington Post investigated a couple of years ago and determined that he did. SI is reporting seems to collaborate the post. This is what I'm looking for 339. Texan and a guy. I beat the pants off my boss in pool at his home on Christmas party on his own table. He was visibly and physically upset. He never seemed to like me very much after that I don't work there any longer I. Really. See I'm telling you know some of these guys their egos are too big they can't take it they have to be to alpha male and everything. That's one thing I would say about the president I think the president's probably the better golfer in the group every time he goes out he's what is certainly one of the best. But having said that I'm I'm Tanya right now he has to be the alpha male and I think he would see it if you've lost. That that would give him you knew you're in Macon was sure. Nines that I was dating a guy who took me to his club to play racquetball I whip disaster didn't see him again that's a woman. He's a woman yeah I was yeah it once the boyfriend yeah friends not interest to do you apparently. Have you ever being. Have you ever played the boss in anything ping pong. Pool and a horse. Golf. And you beat the boss was is that a problem or can you. Do social activities with your boss and we're still mum on the clock is the question is Rand Paul clearly thinks she's on the key is you don't think you. If I am telling you were but. If you did something with the president now would you say I cannot win it this less the president get upset. And on it but it but it legitimately want is that we can't get a golf score from the present I get the competition trump would have to say I'd be Obama. But let's just cut the crap what if trump shot a 76 in 89 or 94. Would you care like Koppel we just get a semi honest accounting of what he would shooting around it an eighteen hole course. Why is that such a problem I'd same Obama got it again with a one that we know little bar mighty wind blowing and in the draw like a 36 Arizona writes awful that was the end of the bowling but I don't care appease a right caller. He claims well but. I don't but he particularly care if he's no anti is he never did anybody hears is really not Paris so I mean that's it again and it. These guys who hold the White House people who hold a high of powers in nick. Corner office in the executive suite. There's a reason there's a there's gears beyond their ability there's another reason they're there it's there ego that I bought airliner Illinois you left me away. I told this to my wife many don't get I want and I don't play games however it appears and so maybe I'd buy. But I don't I don't want money just didn't that if there and DD after awhile these guys. They've heard yes so much they believe yes they don't know whether somebody just him or not. I know they've got all yeah I did what I do and how I play. It's not affected in any way by would you do a meager half underground golfer right. But the president now I can again the president I think probably is a really good to offer. But he cannot if it does affect him because he needs to walk away having been the best he cannot deal with that. That's just two years and he's not alone in that by the way. I think there's a lot of executives who feel that way Geddes in Weston good morning. I don't wanna be good morning sir. One of my clients that North Carolina but some are the golf. And a pop or fights it occasions you tell me pretty upbeat about a month ago. Said he's been caught double trump. And it claims that he's very good. And just everybody loves them from the club Tulsa County. Entertaining me just to block the plate with. Tell. I would think that of all eyes or who do you think Obama's monitoring to play with. Proof why would not be easily teaching I mean. I don't think he's got seem kind of I think I think President Obama was more engaging. I think Dario what am trying to play when they're well I think he's self deprecating when I didn't I mean mind. I think he surely would be it depending on him. How much of a locker room you want to course I think the president is a guy's guy. I play all star I don't I don't think President Obama wants. I might think President Obama was a much bigger personality. And by all accounts people who. Who know him he was a much bigger personality in front of the camera that he is off when he picked his dream foursome is usually like depicts staff career Michael Jordan. Or those types of guys he'd like to have athletes in the air I don't think if you're playing with Michael Jordan and Barack Obama I would think it would be an enjoyable afternoon. Jordan I would assume would be what I don't I don't the most competitive of the group please don't. Don't think it enjoyable afternoon with people you've chosen his same thing is what changes so this president as you know from the clubhouse to the you know everybody loved him he he had this big huge personality and I I believe that probably is true about this president how one thing about the cheating thing. And actually having this kind of funny they said that he is known if he'd die off. The ball he's dropped second ball place. He never questions never talked to anybody about it never does it this according to SI the he's just known that's how he does a lot of these eighteen to for people and so. And that's a lot of people viewed the problem I want him as a reason why there is our warrant do you think he keeps those loans in our. That's what a Mulligan into some and that's when everybody can't just take a shot so that they know Steve Geller you don't you just pretend it didn't happen now. Sometimes you just move the ball like it ends up in a different technical you have to play it but you just you know went over it into play yes but you know best lie that type of thing. But I. Funny I get that for most players but I'm actually kind of surprise surprise wouldn't you love you to play like lets you pick your four. And let's let's have these guys play a course in ward and are there are scores. Obama trump Rand Paul in hunter Mitt Romney I don't whoever I don't care where it is that. Why are we just get a word on what they actually. On that day show. Let me just gotten away with Jay Scott good morning. What's good morning guys. My personal experience with a double whammy I've worked for my alcohol. Or five years. So well early what you might bosh it by a woman number. And we used to Goshen tool to actually and I will always win because nobody's saying we're pretty good. Referendum. And yeah she will be be up to about it. Part in my opinion what the difference is that like everything else might just published it's how you win. Do I sit there and laugh about it after I beat him and walk away well yeah that struck. The Omaha. For a large say they're good game you know that was that it could potentially shot you know wanna play again about which stock what can rule out the lights. It got Lilly father taught taught me. If you wish that people don't respect back. As Ellis for twelve. I don't know honestly I was golfing with the president of the average age yeah I know I mean a little wet. I won't you know I get a can put our annual autumn of course there's for the right blood from school put out. As a golf score. Why would she do that Scott. We don't tell us at a when I let. That's like when your kids do you let your kids swim I don't time and I'll be cannot get your kids don't kids are sick to hit yeah outages are your kids don't expect that the. Yes I think you're losing sight of the fact that these guys everybody says a lot of people say yes to them and this president. Everybody said yes until now he's for the first time learning people. In Washington don't always say yes and he hasn't take to a very well. One on one of those goat tracks with the team which included the boss no one wanted to pass some even though we all week we. I'm so tired. RJ bell the voice of Boston. It's 101 AM or 71 tax time. As a coach it's team building team ball things hopefully. Average sort of going through the motions until the very end. That's when the CEO came out with a five minute head start the rest of us went out against him in the lit them up royally. Rural frothing at the mouth to take dad jerked down. I and who. What happened I wonder in the end I'm sure I'm assuming they took them downloaded it I don't know if there any repercussions I don't know if they ever have a job. I bought gives you a little bit of anonymity because you've covered so. Maybe I wouldn't use. That I know did that was I kind of counting would you fire someone that they be if you were the boss and they beat you with something it's about certain bad Tyrone noon like Hannibal. I was in high school wrestler but if I was and I wrestled our previous boss and I somehow pinned him which seems unlikely because he was a state champion yeah that wouldn't have sat well with him because he kind of wrestling very seriously let's bring them. I'm asking you ever see as a person. If you were the boss. Would you when when your temperament be such that you fire someone if they beat you with something you think you're really good that. I think every boss would tell you noted that and I think 50% of normal line I think you're right I think you're exactly right let me get Richard in New Hampshire neighbor church. I Kim and BP. And I played a lot of golf over the years. And I'm good golfers do not usually take except. Or give Mulligan if it was look don't really just kind of cheating. And we didn't take it and take a Mulligan on your wrong it was usually given. And the and the only times I I really sort of Warren. Charity type events with maybe a scramble. Insult somebody who's written a Mulligan on their wrong is. Judy. They count. So would you would you say Richard if the president doing now he's achieved her her car of course. I'd say it. Single Andy's kick just kidding themselves because of Benny Cohen in and saying at a seven as far as. That's a bunch of baloney solidarity fund is and so there's a lot of all guns. Your argument would be if he didn't take the mall did you need three more yeah I'm not sure it was her shirt. I don't know I have now. Sick to me I mean I guess I guess he's playing golf seriously I've never I've never been in the situation we're playing also seriously that it. If somebody dropped the second ball me. Here I would saying things again a bit on that plane tournaments. I'm not playing serious golf. I'm not their boasting about my golf score so you know being there may be any question as to whether I dropped a home. Have you ever played some the socially with the boss. Or John Connally leg let's gold voting more Dem try and Laporte yeah let's let's meet outside of work for some sort of be did you Knoll light. Can tell you you know. You can only lose enough I would I really. Only had done something socially. With my boss like this it's not like station organized let's say right. I can think of two times really in my whole career which is pretty crazy one of them was when I were to channel seven here in Boston really kind of early on. I work for woman who was the news director and she was from Miami and she had come up here and she know anyone. Or anything. Had nothing to do on the weekends or whatever and so one beautiful weekend. She its argument how she wished she could go to the beach. So I invited her to go to the beach and she and Randy united way into the beach you with us one day in sound beach for a few hours that was one it went fine. There was no issues there to an awful out on the beach for the boss yeah and then my only other one would be do you remember one time we were on a zip trip. And the boss. Had a house there are and we went to his house for dinner and there was more than just me. But it was a small group of us who worked at. At the station who happen to me and talent for work and he invited us to his home. Junior member of that now. Because we have lost and I did not hesitate. We did we had lobster that was around there was no like oh are going to be he's been out clauses are written as a calamity and domino wrecked clan. But unlikely but tournament yeah. The thing about that those those situations is like with the boss invite you into their you their home like that. And then there's alcohol and all this and I I don't participate in alcohol around boss. Or anything like that. That becomes a social thing and I just don't think that's ever really great idea. Never that can always end up poorly unfortunately home. But now outside of that I've never played a game with a loss are to have you jump button had a golf. They're home they're now. You played basketball yeah I'm not out again I'm getting older like bull. My abilities third moved Ahmad. Hamas and in the woods on fire and an evening at this point so I think one would be my only Giuliani play that much anymore well apparently you guys played basketball. Yeah but I. Lightning just told me a little story that's cute that she. Would you do co headlining. So this isn't playing games but at a Christmas party for her work we NET swamp. In I was hesitant about it but I really wanted the ad the one that the boss so happen to have. And so therefore I do with your losses gifts and then a little that I know a month later I was let go. Let's get it makes you wonder exe when I. Can't I want. It. He's the glass iron and her ideas swap hate cops saying bought it dissolve one. Yankee chooses again that this should be socializing. I just forget it no socializing it's all done.