Kim & VB - Trump Administration ends Haiti earthquake displacement program

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Tuesday, November 21st

Haitian refugees who came to America temporarily in 2010 after the earthquake that devestated their country have been told they have until 2019 to make plans and return home


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So the story is. Didn't hotter by the minute it. It's a small blue comes up again as we have now ripping the president on this story in New York Times the headline is trumpet ministry shouldn't. And is temporary protection for Haitians. Right. So there's this humanitarian program following the earthquake in points and down in Haiti. That. You don't punch of Asians I think it was 59000. Was number and at times story. Came to the United States because the Asia he was distraught yes. And under a program called the temporary protected status he yes they were allowed to be here while trump is ending net stats. Yeah. And as such. They're going back. If if this continues a goal back in 2019. He got eighteen months to get their affairs in order. And to go back to their homeland. Most of these Haitians living in Florida. And this was announced by the Homeland Security. Secretary. Who says that she has done a lot of research on this has met with congressional members from Florida. And has traveled to Haiti and has made this determination that Haiti is prepared to take them back. But there's a few twists and turns in this story they've been here since 2010. They now have. If I remember that ever correctly 200 and something thousand kids a monks. That have been born years or cracked was. Batman yeah I don't I don't know how many they have under the program. I know the total is 320000. But I don't think that's just he's shoes okay. So we'll see it's others who have come here under the TP yes. There are. It the TPS was related to natural disasters. In some yeah some who were seeking refuge for other reasons but primarily it's natural disasters so there are some from. Time Iran Iran Iran Salvador so that her way urges one right but the quiz Elizabeth should stay focused on nation's yeah that's right. What what do you do here so Obama or extended this a couple of times and he is asked trump to extended but he said now. John Kelly even extended as the Homeland Security secretary nobody believes that eighties back. Today we got our sea legs under us we're good to go word word seaworthy anymore. So we we I think we all acknowledge like it's dates you know I'd rather be able Oakland and an eighty I think we get that from all of these guys from my all Weber. What do you doing are they here permanently they have permanent residency at this point I mean it's been how many years it's sad doesn't it they've been here. Since 2010 X cart. At some point the good understanding is that it is temporary where he. So I don't know what you do. If at some point somebody's gotta be the bad guy which is a look we said we were you could be here to get yourself. Catch your breath get back on your feet a little bit but the understanding of you coming here was that you were going bad. Well at the understanding of that coming here I think is that their country gets itself back on its feet in such a way that it can support its population. With so the big question becomes. Is Haiti really ready. For these people to come back can they support this population. Where they Geneva. Well I don't know I I don't know I Eli and I know Haiti more. Since she doesn't intend which I would argue most Americans do. Then I would know Haiti prior. Now was it a booming metropolis ever like what we have here now or what these people living in Florida now we all know that. But I'm assuming that these people could keep some type of group for over their head in some kind of food their kids' mouths. But seek to meet this needs to be clarified in this is one of the things I am looking forward to trumpet runs as why did you vote for the guy role for some reason one of which is this where. The easy thing to do is just to say everybody stays everybody's welcome and hundred ago which or to order kicking down the road which Obama did. But at some point we need clarity on this for example. Because we have how many thousand Puerto Ricans now common as a result of the arcane there they're coming to Florida. I've I was over a 100000 well is that permanent. Well they're all very America's space as though they can come. Well what is the police are really our shares to be going back to Puerto Rico right if if and when Puerto Rico would get up. In any any of the saint thomas' saint marks. Any of these islands that got hit down there. Are they coming and going or they just commented Stan. What what do we do. Well I think the days. Because I don't really do need to yes I understand that but I actually think they'd see saint -- ways of the saint Martins of the world. They will go back because they will eventually build those places backcourt reading it here's just a bright as we heard again because people were leaving by the thousands before that was our that was financially Xia. But is that they've island was bankrupt bird flu. Yeah it somewhat different but again it's a natural disaster thing where you now to cover is that we have we have banana power and I get another tomorrow February and the other differences that you know these patents can't vote whereas you know if a Puerto Rican moves to Florida you can vote. But this is a funny one where your you know. As a country never mind as an individual where you're you're actually being the good guy. One option is you sit there and pound sand tough break. We're not taking yawn so we're gonna be the good guy we're gonna give you a helping hand well now that helping and examine it and we won't we don't wanna go back. That was never the agreement so how do you do this. Going forward. And also what do you do when these guys that wasn't what the deal wise. One would argue that seven years is maybe too long others argue that seven years as a long enough but it's so. Don't set molds for the seven years isn't long enough for you ever sending any right of the original. I to me Haiti. A very strange and talked tough. Situation. Because I think that pack. I feel like they have done absolutely nothing and in fact it had setbacks as a result of more weather issues which could go on forever so you're right. There does come a point where you say OK what now what are we doing maybe this is what she. You put your government on notice these people coming to Washington tries to work with our morning show with Kevin Beebe. Pulls. Harboring these writings hey Barbara good morning your WRKO. Good morning to you know I am now wondering why I would never mentioned that Bill Clinton collected a lot of money for a vacation there. Yeah that earthquake and I understand he never did livid and all the that money went and his foundation why isn't he held responsible. So Clinton tested right about that and bring its I I think it is true and I don't think you do anything to help out maybe. I didn't mention in his I don't wanna bring up Bill Clinton every time we got about me this is sort of a separate story but that's true barbers are you dormant so there it is. Yeah 82. Pays a hell hole. I mean it really is it's me it's being your dad in the news just a second ago at the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere I mean it's just. It is that it's it's a terrible place now I will say this about this. Provoking this TPS. They're doing it they're giving these people eighteen months. As. They've said from Homeland Security to either secure. Another were legal way to its day. Or to make arrangements to I there. You know we moved to Canada or which many of them are saying they're gonna do. Or to go back to their country and and somehow have some kind of living arrangement and employment. So it's not I guess the good thing about this and an eighteen months is much longer than what they do for a lot of the other. People who column you know for a period of time once it's time for them to goad me. They announce a time and that's it so I think they're being pretty fair about the eighteen months at least. A clip isn't Matt Painter worry cliff. Just couldn't walk and I'd just let us say that. Obama devoted to a point five million people not or. Donald twelve boards what so ever Debra spared it from patients and liquidate most. And that Hillary Clinton give back all the money they took home headed. Deliberations all you've been our number of people do it in but it's been about them they can go back and not something you'll back home. Because nobody's pocket and brought it about and their religion and comedy yeah it to me. Probably Yo-Yo how groundout and have him in my house. And then until until we opened our bit now. And then now. Up about six months to build and you said well I'm not more being larger I'll bet that a negatives and other. I'll look so you're idealize borrowing your best point cliff up until that. I eat but I don't wanna use this story as an excuse to just rip the clintons idea that the clintons didn't help me and they said they would find but. I'm much more interested in what we do with people that we take him under temporary circumstances that. Haven't been fixed right but what do you do because it's not temporary after a certain amount of time. One could argue seven years is that amount that at some point they're not leave it right and you get into the like ten year period like hands. So this gets tricky but death but if you say OK here come in here for three years. After three years to countries know better than it was when you talk come. Odd duck that article I. To me you've got to improve that to our guests by saying this is the time frame and it doesn't matter. Did you go back. I'm looking at this Los Angeles Times wrote a piece on this or just just can't give you I know that we see a lot of bad there and I don't think their economy is. Economies it's a terrible economy as I said it is a hell hole but having said that this coming from general Kelley and crank. So he says that other Haitian economy. Is can it continuing to recover growing 96% of the people displaced by the earthquake and living in those camps. Have now been able to leave those key house. A hundred million dollars US dollars were spent to combat cholera. And they he do you have that under control. So I mean. You're the defense of the government here in this country I think we have Don what we can do. Mean there's only so much we're going to be able to do and that the fact is that Haiti is about a great place here. And the fact is you'd you came here no wing Luke temporary knowing the situation and so if you had kids here while you're here what you knew going in that. So we're here temporarily we're gonna start our family but at some point we're going back in the Writely is going back right here. It's not a question sympathy it's a question this was the arrangement that we had to guys writing you know your house just down. You stay with a isn't it get back in your feet that doesn't mean forever right that doesn't mean if you're. Luge urge. Rob borer. You know something else or yeah responsibility for the rest of all of our lives like at some point. Right you have to get going one year old Virginia getting an apartment and you gotta do whatever you gotta do I'm happy to help thwart a YL. Wake up with Kim and DD. WR KL. Yeah yeah. Simon is right Jean again here or couldn't yeah. Spread out Tyrone gives us a break Jane ignoring aired your endeavors this morning go right. Yeah it is now on the log about the book in particular that you all right yes I'm calling the army and myself I quote I thought the mighty people. I mean and people like how you and welcome entrance. You mean what can years. You have to build something kept writing these temporary is not something that you haven't made entry they tell you or you can it be a nice that the bring you saw. What I don't even reachable but what an elected under the but that Haitian media is off all we always make you know people of mind at it's he'd be able to change trumping hard. They've done and they night. Without them all the they never had tank that they would send them back home and I tell them not all that time I let. They can gun made out into the country afloat blockade is it they can create temporary is going to be kept very bright they've looked at me like I have tried heads. You know they do they really believe in the GPA are going to check out when god. And they ancient meet yet keep telling them not even knowing they can't say I do value but if people you wait you hate our current. That's what they will be late night. They laid out on and they act like they have at least I know they have a nominee and our buddy and they can't. They women are appropriate quality billing companies doing a life and what they think he'd be ability to link up. And they feel they got awakened very. So off it's Haiti ready for them to come back. You can think big hill country. Your country proud to be read before you without immunity for your country. Explained that the dialogue about you comment on radar gun make up for any ideas. In what I mean cut yummy apple that's what I call upon I don't let me I'm not leaving yet. My good you have to be pretty fondly. Does not contradict. I don't know did not leg Alitalia can't tell me that I'm gonna give money you can't believe they do what ever WEB. Call mark scored eight shuttle would be. Go much collection and you know not living I want to April I want to make up a problem getting my people don't believe Haitian government. And then you need to do we need in that country if they want to we need to help our billions and be bold but you can only control. Bolivian got changed and what that meant Bonnie any mall. You don't you run for office please silence there are other than to do it for us you mean to to help Basra right she needs help because she's saying if you send the money it's always you know why. All the money blog don't know what they're supposed to do you're hoping money in the context and got him a little money that Haiti believe me hey I make and people I want that guy. The load up a lot of money even LA should in Haiti on eight and spend money quite reach and in Haiti. And you know how the money you know doing not and why it's probably money talk that you know I'm an eighty. Why I never and other and why do you maintain a hundred to pushing money and that's what I'm like that. Among adult book or go straight big ones and old people old I mean how old I fear of what the money I. Greg and the violence and the and I mean how can I and I'm mainly everywhere and they know exactly and they didn't giving those people money and many want the help eighty all watt I don't know. No one bag and you only get that game. Tina thank you for your call appreciate it. Good job around applause during a while but man I loved her she does great limited Ralph and water 10 good morning Ralph. Our 800 no. I as far as that woman was pretty good by the way I agree with everything you said. But that doesn't change much there is an agreement has been made big Haitians go back after a certain time. There's nothing wrong with the agreement now my only fear is that some federal judge. When I was let go guys come Jones says well it can't send them back and it's unconstitutional. If I hear that. I'm gonna scream bloody America and and ask why these guys can't explain. How it's unconstitutional. This stuff about what you can't do that Mr. President are constitutional. There's something wrong with the balance of power in this country which both have three separate but equal branches of government but we don't. We have to shop we attempt to separate branches of government and up senate judiciary hotels everybody else what to do that's not my idea. A separate Brit is inseparable. Separate but equal branches of government. Look Ralph I usually spar review. One on this one. That this thing that you should be worried I agree we hero I think they are gonna trying get this to a judge that is not an exit on I thought. What let's put his way Kim what. What percentage do you think. What do you think the percentages that a majority of these nations that are in question are going back to eighty I think their I think there will be. A small majority I think it was 5050 right because I don't even though I think fifty will go. You you've seen he's got more Healy is the the attorney general masters is always screened about ours already tweeting about the heartless. I import the exact redraw the heartless decision by the trump administration says small street about it so this is going to be an issue and it is gonna goaded there are gonna be judges journal can this and we've seen with multiple. Things like this where it can be stopped. So my guess is. I would be concerned if I was the one of these nations but I wouldn't be like. I would be taken at the bank let's put it down I think there's a lot in play here and knowing how things work in the country. I'm not I'm not at all convinced that they're going I don't know I mean you can argue its rule I don't think you can argue it's illegal I don't see anything illegal here well I thought about it legal and I think. I have yeah I think what's going to be ours it is that these people have seen rifles and we'll see I think it's gonna be argued that after a certain amount of time these people have rights. That and that's how they're geared our judges. Gonna put a temporary stay on it which can keep pushing it out the problem lot of what I don't like is Mike what Gina has said. Leading these don't leave these people down a false path. You know what she said she kept telling them don't listen to your government this is not turning into a green card that's cruel that is that part of scroll I think. Don't do that don't a judge should not keep this thing. You know is some limbo for an extended period of time and then all of a sudden. The George loses in the administration says no I your out next month I mean these people should prepare. To go if you do qualify for legal status or some other status. Find apply. And begin that process but well. One thing that happened her. It will let's get back to earth through for a second shall we where Hillary is the president does this was the discussion is it. Are still they're not going Mac this isn't happening at all I think on earth to she's dictating. How. That that's on earth like they're girls do get artsy I can give you want every once in a lot ultimately I'm. But it. This hallway visited him in there getting extended again and then they're getting extended again and year old for ten years there's just no way for then the stories he's people who built families they've become part of the fabric of their. Farm and I understand all that but that's one of the things that changed was that she didn't win. And so where were genius and that everybody was saying this is our green card is every guy want wants. Up until. A year ago I happened and it was crazier than that happened so. There is for there is that now so more ulee's. Exact we don't just a positive. The top administration is cruel decision to anti PS creations in the US is a tragedy for thousands of families in Massachusetts. I would expect her to sue Obama's I don't know how many rounds there right but I expect that you want. Whether there's an energy use right there's going to be suits all over the country right New York is gonna follow suit for sure. I expect somebody down there to do as well it. I I mean they're gonna try to find a loophole for sure. And it probably if you get it in front of the right judge it's probably gonna there's going to be standing. My feeling is if this gets changed. In these guys Tuesday. Then the next order of business is that there can never be another bill that has the word temporary and it's. Which as temporary does have to like so what's the line for mom. Princess bride. I don't think the word means what you think it means like that it's temporary when it comes in the government right I don't think you know what that word means. Hi there I might. Acuity I think could be a huge mistake to change this infatuated it doesn't say just say temporary to put it to put. Parameters on it because. He's been a mess. And these people I needed to stay here for that long. But I can assure you that saint Thomas is not going to be a mask for that long because there. Hope their livelihood and everything there exists a related to tourism. You know so that island is going to be back up and running so those people came here temporarily. That might only be 68 months a year. So. If it's all dependent upon the situation where they're coming from and what has occurred there. So to take the word temporary out. Heard some people and my extended too long for others. Again there's over 300000 people here under TP yes it's at some point this has to be clarified what this means and what we're doing. And I get that I am accused by gays guy. So Nicaragua. Yeah maybe. People got upset and even mentioned Puerto Rico's all withdraw that. But you know Mexico had an earthquake I don't know that we took anybody you from there but under those guys is bit. You go case by case but in all cases it's supposed to be temporary and this is not to be her permanent home now so that's gonna have to be clarified if almost 60000. Are then given permanent home status under a temporary well let me get a Jamie Inco has sector according Jamie. I don't and I did a quick court and it commercially and you got produced such aren't. More Healy who I use it to me the most political not a girl not political he Fiji's spike. She's only got in front of river raid by. You know when she gets out and you know it is running around suing the president 400 times the first or evening but first. I actually had an issue once or colder than it took six months to get a phone call a lot of Sacramento consumer so called hotline by. What I would like to say those accused Sharon world is filled with so many depressing and deplorable places. I just would love to see some of the sob story that we see that the pot dieters can do all the archery on reducing numbers come to that country. Illegally and and it stuck in limbo as you guys step back. We hit it great to see upon these about some portion of abuse looting and some Third World country that's playing by the rules and apply because you're legalese. And is waiting patiently playing by the rules. And and suffering as a result they do get some talk peace is what their lives her life back in their country and how much better off. Did do it they could get out of Mumbai I don't whatever placed there when we're at times are difficult or dangerous spot. But we never do we only hear about how horrible it is for the people who broke the law broke didn't play Burton holes and they get rewarded short night. Told G situation. Our oppressor and to see what other people have to go through around the world. I just think. Once you say that the one play by the rules in an essentially a hole now. Giving judge Jamie these people did play by the rules they are allowed in this country under a program their hero legally in that respect. In this is a program and handwriting doesn't. Space particularly now right I mean there there are there refugees relative to purposes and they're here but no other time his. Has come. And they have to go back. Sorry it's. I guess I did I think there's a lot of people play by the rules and we don't. Get why didn't remember anything about. Should be rewarded first at bat can rating average accuracy or bitter that. Are you advocating for increased immigration from third both countries is that reminds me of that not just third album anywhere but maybe bus. I mean I know what he means but traditionally means to was complicated yeah that stuff.