Kim & VB - Susan's Solutions: Tips on buying gift cards

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, December 6th

Susan Wornick calls in to discuss the best tips for buying gift cards as holiday gifts. Brought to you by Rubino & Liang


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Archie you know all the voice over Boston. And. Just talking about a hour a diner stop on Friday which is actually Charlie's sandwich shop rite he beat duke. Look at sordid past look at photos hey look at forwarded this is well if you are someone. Who buys gift cards or pursue. Gift cards for that matter over the holiday season then you absolutely. Are at the right place right now listening decision warning because some she's gonna tell us all the ins and outs the goods and the bad. When it comes to. Giving and receiving gift cards she brought to us of course are being a link sponsor of the show good morning. Welcome you tax help everybody grade worse Cooper really go out there not been better than forty degrees in the forecast. Up this morning. And it was raining and it was in the fifties and I thought is April and I have gone to sleep and hibernate for the winter. I felt that sort of felt like this morning for sure. As. They catch you are they have pretty popular. I mean a million people use them and get him man you know the first thing about it and actually went to Obama because not all the cards are equal. And for example. Bank banker with the didn't mean to what it must always show up and ask news I'm. Yeah oh yeah holidays. Another. Moon. Happens we're not limiting punitive pro Lotte it's a risk and what we've got Robert Wright has said. Stay. And something else to the same kind of a door at stake comes out of see you're gonna find that it was too. There isn't it technically that Spain actually I don't know that you couldn't miss. Others slip out there and you do is good Susan Allen will go in the hall of its class. I don't know what you guys thought I said that I did say it's just one thought they. I'm great Gibran I'm glad you brought up I got so many spank gift cards that I like these things expiring or should I use them now what's the deal and. Receiving me here OK we got. So short of the day status issues that they give. Card. Then that can be very different than eight retailer issuing gift card because that they. Sponsored. Gift cards. Can come with feet and knocked that you have to wait sometimes to IE nine. Gupta eaten either Kirkland Donald is for the privilege of buying the gift card which are correctly pick is outrageous but it's also legal. So actually had a cousin that ran that fell for that that exact scam yeah. She bought all brought everyone 25 dollar gift cards from the spank and then when you went to open it yeah it's a ten dollar fee to open it and they charge you five dollars a month to keep it open so a month on dumbo eared. Yeah I'm shocked that bank down Susan come on leave well that's what we call. Asked question there's a scenario you actually granted she's right I couldn't believe it Bryant and the thing is it's he's charging you five dollars that you would have started paying them money if you didn't close it up it's thoughts. And then he. Luckily and that the value of the current car yeah every chilies do not see that if you go by age door. Gift cards they do not do that then you don't have to pay for the privilege of spending your money over to our. You know RI in most cases where they put any limitations. According to the federal law. These cards do have to be good for minimum of five years and according to Massachusetts state law in minimum of seven years without fees. You know equal value but it's really important to note that an electric set many retailers don't put any. Any time stipulations on the ball but it's still good to hear accused him as quickly as you can because if you happen to lose them. This placement or forget about the right. Then that's quite passionate love it's much. Quick question on seasonal behalf of one of our callers. They they should this question and why do you gift card bonuses expire after thirty days. Because that's different because that's like a marketing tool and marketing laws are very different than actual beach a lot. And any Massachusetts especially we have some of the best consumer protection laws in the country armed but it's still states that. A gift card or. It credit for something. Have to be good for at least seven years but when it comes to aid marketing promotions. That you can put an expiration date on it you know it's just look sort of like who currency get her some long term good for thirty days is that that's the difference. Okay all right Luke what is and what happened question. If you get a gift card for a location that goes out of business before use it. You can be really you can clean truck need to actually be great unhappy different mine recently who well. Really amount to an actual restaurant in big ticket when he retired he got out a thousand dollars with a gift cards from all of his friends and that it would cute than Maxwell closed. And he was just our luck now the only thing you can do it into where that case is get out ballistics they filed for bankruptcy actually get on the list of wonder the creditors which you have. 00 really getting anything in return. Of the recently gotten used to do cart as quickly as well. Do you have to state Susan is that you don't get cash back when buying a purchase so I'm assuming that question means that. You know if you if you buy something in your gift cards for five bucks and it was twenty to fifty that I have to give me the cash back. Absolute correcting it they should state that somewhere. But what people are buying the gift cards they usually don't read the mask for and then people who are usually says that if cart still. Find that out until they go to actually reduce the value and they find out and an hour tribute by the gift cards get a gift receipt with it. So that you can slip it in two with a gift cards so that there's any question. That the cart has not been looted property properly. That in fact yes. You have proof that that's a certain value to speculative reports into that the people really should now. I'm and then. The other thing is that. You have to really make sure. Not only the value but the fact that there are no peace and that it's not going to diminishing value. Because of the important that you could have this gift card tickets they want your hammer I'm acquitted away until spring and now live decent clothes shopping. You've got to use you find out that would hurt the dollar gift card is no longer work on the dollars so I really really prefer personally I prefer cash. Really just give me a check thank you very much. Or cash is even better armed and gift card from not a huge proponent because I think what just happened if people forget about the or lose them. A lot of people looked gift cards so with that that's way to beat personal you know somebody like particular retailer but folks if you get one used it as quickly as possible. Such as the best to thank. Fantastic hey you get some bad advice when you attend some of the workshops that are being ill and Lange put on is that true. It's got to be a priority for everybody in the new year we 2018 becomes coach does start into the record I live now more than an hour. And we do we have a couple of workshop was our scheduled for January to people can put them on their calendars. The first two it can't AMR I Tuesday morning into the courtyard is either. It's a few locations force to Korea are indeed it is very easy to get to look at where we do that Derek Tuesday the 23 jet we're doing this Saturday morning workshop. Turned out to be a very popular time for people who recovered scheduled for and I am. On the 27. Of January and that's that they feel will you get them also write off interpret it very easy to get to it now always be encouraged. Completely hurting or is valuable. But we just have fun fighting out important things to ever be easy to local clinic for their retirement. So I hope people will. If they want more information is always just go to just don't lose the money dot com because that's where we help with. You tell you how you can guarantee that you. Just don't lose the money. It's January the 23 10 AM to the residents in merry out in new you don't and then you said there's this Saturday the 27. And that one is against is in where's the 27 the Saturday dead and no data to help it didn't help us don't lose. The money we just have fun peppering we have about the there with stamps. Letting you know the whole team and it's just it's it's important way to spend you know and a couple of hours. Great citizen aren't they are thank you like always great advice this week by the way that they did our thing is important for everybody. Have a good week it is.