Kim & VB - Susan's Solutions: Fake police charities

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, October 18th

A new group has slapped a fresh coat of paint on the old "Police auxiliary" charity scam


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You Archie go all the voice oh Boston. They've been telling you all morning this is the solutions coming up and there is asking about a fair bit. Quite frankly. It's campaign I coliseum because I think it is a scam but it is one that we heard about before but lo and behold. It's raising its ugly head again Susan joining us this morning course brought to a spyware and our sponsors. Rubino and Lang. Good morning. He looked in good morning good morning everybody I think you're actually right coliseum. That can't I think any parent people who eat into giving money. Then you know that for cart to thinking that they're donating to its mosquito apt to relates. And we all heard about this before but you are so great season and it's like a new generation of these calls I received. My shell received about four calls. You know a date and we were talking about in the last week because. You know they get our numbers and even took your attitude not call list to get rich. You know they still to bring the college so I really thought we should do a refresher. Need a refresher course and he called their. Supposedly coming from police organizations asking you to please support your local police. You know and it didn't get it could get a lot of support their local police haven't but he does that this is not the way folks. Yeah absolutely tell everybody why this is not the way though. Well because personally get the call and you know it's. That's very nice young person hey how you do actually signed on such. Would you like to support the local police what you're saying you know. Okay what you do it that was just hang up education you particular school which has done because it's been you know wanna record on it. You are they tell you that some believe that you are giving he's going to see their help. The families of fallen officers or some special memorial silently for a police officers. So what you're going to help the clay a police officers. But the names that the two organizations are always say it's like the united will be a Hillary. We're the federation police car is it's never liked you know lead police department over wrote. Will use this so that's you're the first skip away pretending I think is that. You people for Derek that they. Intimidated and they ticket I don't he has been there are purple black mark next to my game are the fact sheet. If I call the police the police laid out bedecked to come to my house. Absolutely. Not poke your local police department doesn't even have any idea what's going on here. And nobody is going to put you on the blacklist. But it's an dating because people think you know it's complete current which by the way I'm black people or even though it's gonna Massachusetts it's illegal. Her police opposites to participate in anything like Edgar could telemarketers says he's a police carpenter. And it's mostly led by the way because I think that they kind of dumped. You know intricate Leo opposite complete picture can bail officer that somehow we support chizik. But it's it's just not sure focus all of this spoke it well. And ending some of these cases Susan if I remember correctly. They may be giving some money to. And some kind of police. Sponsorship for charity. But the telemarketers taking three force of the money. Taking as that gets -- that's best case scenario price worst case scenario if you're just taking credit card information stealing it and stealing your identity. Best case scenario you'd give ten dollars. You know about thirteen cents to go into a police organization. And we have talked to you know be legitimate police organization to the skater Massachusetts. You know in more trouble than everybody else. Because it gives them a bad name and I would be very clear about this in my statement all the time I'm not saying do not give. Two local police and fire and other safety organization. Absolutely give. But don't do it this way you can't write a check it down to hit court instructed the chief pitching I'm so appreciative of the EU and everything else that you're. You know your Porsche does he hears a personal contribution to cheaper petrol together but do not give. You're just like you know give. To any charity to the telemarketer because the chances. That most of the money is going to the child the DX telemarketer shall deal they've except. Well I would want to be up. On the heels of that I just would wanna warn everyone. You're talking today about police organizations but you know we're getting ready to head into November and veterans day and if you hate. This is where I find that I start getting all these calls. And it's these these alleged veterans organizations. That in the end you find out if you go you re searched. The three forced the money that you're sending he's going to a telemarketer. When you could have given it to an organization that really could make a difference. Absolutely in that it's such a good point and I'm really glad that you mention it because. These Caremark if they crane arm Cowell are best interest you know on our best intentions. Of course we support all legitimate organizations of course would wanna get the would want to keep generous wage but this is not only do actually not a way to connect. What's a little bit about some of the seminars that are coming up there and we've got the November bra. Seminar dates now and I wanna tell everybody about them. He's just don't lose the money dot com get more info about protecting your wealth. You can also get more information about Rubino Lang's upcoming workshops and mentioning they are November the fourth and the fifteenth. Is November the fifth the fourteenth Susan. Yeah I don't typically they're back to back are they not I'm thinking that might be a typo on my my paper here. You know what we're doing to. For a change we are doing this Saturday workshop hollow argument learned at 10 o'clock in the morning at city ask a drill in early get aren't. November 4 the target oriented mutual what we wanted to be a lot of people are still work at. This isn't a great opportunity to luck. To come and and get to a seminar that they would not otherwise be able to get to and then the other what is the fifteenth in lacked in the morning. But that don't help college so it's the fourth and the fifteen here you're right we usually do at the fact that with this isn't sure. Absolutely some November the fourteenth. And maybe get on the fifteenth. They ask that you register they just wanna know how many people are gonna be their get a chance to beat CNN to meet Susan. Which sounds terrific goaded just don't lose the money dot com Susan thank you we hope you have a great week. Yeah you can get a thanks as did everybody carcass in baton back.