Kim & VB - Should Steve Bannon be going to war with the Rep. establishment?

Steve Bannon spent the weekend ramping up what he calls a war on the Republican establishment. His goal is to banish any Republicans who do not work with the president on his agenda. 


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Morning was killing Levy on Boston's morning show. WR KL I. NATO summit here on the morning show yeah. Everybody could be happy with us on Monday morning that is trying to get out they're just a bit at this point though it's gonna stay. It's dry and hard. He a question for everybody do use sees this as eighth season of war. I call this fall. There are those who call it the season of war. Specifically Steve Bannon. Who says he is declaring a season of war against the GOP establishment. Recent price runners. I'm more season of the witch kind of guy who unseasonably warm but it's. It please clarify that you mean because it's Halloween now the danger here with me. So man and I'm not I'm not I yeah. You. It is this program and there is right Laura I'm so he's so that was it Saturday I guess he said it. Palm. McCall's got a goal when he's taken on all comers basically. And let's do it on who wins. And I'm an establishment. Really interesting thing about it. This third time the TB and has said this in just a matter of months and he's declared war you know publicly like this. In this times he did did the values voters summit. And as he is doing it it appears. And I can't I'm wondering is this good cop bad cop kind of thing. The president is out trying to make. You know a madness. With some of that like today Mitch McConnell is coming to the White House is the first time Mitch McConnell has been at the White House since you know obamacare went down. And Mitch McConnell stomach for lunch. Mean it's sort of appears that. The president is out trying to make amends he's the second week in a row he's played golf with Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul. And Steve bands out saying you know I'll get them no matter wise. Yes I am ms. you will no mood I'm fine with upsetting the apple cart lake has its stuff over and marble block. I don't I don't know how this plays out. One you gotta you gotta take down some big guys. It is a bullying thing that's happening air but. Fine. I still know. Luther strange in Roy Moore are like unique case to me. You're talking about the deep deep sorrow for one for two. You've got a special election primary situation and general in my lifetime incumbents always win and they're banding can make a lot of noise and banning kin. Do this rebel thing but in the end of the incumbency is gonna win and that is the establishment doesn't ISO. Well indeed thinking just means when he says this is this war. Is he specifically just talking about reelection. War Ers changes mean declared you know it is time today. Go after the ideas of the of the establishment. And and do away with it. The bar and actually I told you isn't sick young got to thinking Justin uses just these these election what does is. It's 1015 year twenty year thing he says in the I think this is the beginning of man and so Jimmy Kimmel famously said did over the weekend you know I'm not the moral conscious of America are over our country. Dana and basically told you I AM the moral conscience of the Republican Party and it's time for us. Right there with the program the question is that he's been in. The moral conscience of the Republican Party in ease he going to be able to be the driving force. Especially considering he's not in any position of power all right now. Six or 72666868. X 8680 is attacks line are you wish Steve Bannon. Is it time to declare war is he the moral compass when it comes to the GOP is it does he speak born. The Republican Party. I don't think he does. A while and then ultimately. You know. When all is said and done trumps. Out of the presidency. For years eight years from now whenever that is Annan's long gone because he's retired mile dot. What will history say of Steve Bannon and doll front but banner in particular like. Source flake goes for example. McConnell retires and you know you get this out you get to dust off but then in the end again. Water finds its level right for me that's the swamp. And then it's back war we make of committee is banning just think it's it's just another Tea Party thing. Where there's going to be this hole on the whole whole lot of hullabaloo for a couple years but then knocked them wonder what really came of the Tea Party yet. A split in the Republican Party that's what does this not further that light now. To me it does mean Hewitt he's trying to say is we've already got to me what he's saying is look we've got to splits are not time for our side to take over. We've got to get rid of those on the other side of this split within our party. And our values and our you know our stadiums have to take over and are you with me let's get these candidates. Who work. Up right now into office let's as they come up we get a get rid of these guys. We've got to change of philosophy of the Republican Party. And the issue is that I'm not sure that the guy who's run the Republican Party right now fully believes that. Because I see him you know trying to get along. Or you know. Haven't launch. Six or through duty Bannon is gonna have a lot of these incumbents go down to watched as a whole lot of new blood come and watch the we need a little. Clarification. Because they make you know let me clarify. Let it clear that I was given dvd plus point shell WR KEL. They'll wise as a populist revolt or someone you guys have more common sense more understanding. Of what we need to do. More decent team in the league team and the first order businesses. Undo all the damage of globalism. There goes Steve Bannon. You Wear them. I'm not is he bringing me new Republican Party in Washington DC is the establishment days numbered. I I've there's a lot T been bullies that I don't so. But it's far is. Whether I think there's. An opportunity here for him to change the Republican Party I still don't believe that's true I think the establishment is what it is. Within the establishment will hold but I'm sure we have listeners who don't agree with me and hope that he does. Succeed with this war that he is now declared when we go to Mike in New Hampshire what do you think Mike. Well I'm definitely on border and the climate the individually take down Mitch McConnell in the all the time because. A good soldier cost green unity that the who's. The people are being brought into being brought to light right now that they're liberal Republican or not they're not even Republican that liberals or Democrats that happened to live and Republican districts. And the only way they can get elected its acting Republican when it the other call campaign conservatives when it comes time. To legislate they run with a money at same time would would would be RNC would. So what we're where they're gonna get reelected which is Mitch McConnell because she controls the funds that go to all the different races and don't agree or not what the vast majority or even. Smaller aspect of what they had said. That Donald Trump spent an office now they've had all control control both houses of congress and you've done up. They stand up and get back what that sure acts like that that back. The they don't quit that's special counsel. And and and they've got the FBR Ronald Lyle all over the place trying to find out what the trumpet and ears. He is unconstitutional. They lack the right not illegal but unconstitutional they left and right and short they picked Howard when managing to do anything. And popcorn it was a perfect example and thankfully thankfully. He brought out I object quite goes down it helped a lot of people actually go down because they won't. Do what they said they are gonna get and that's why they're not. That's right and what's what and what to swap a boat. And I hope they're gonna camp spot and unfortunately the camera watches where hop what you get. I agree that tax is that is true I don't know like two ways about it and I agree with Mike I agree with the techsters wallets and camels and this featured by a term limits. I yes. Again I'd love is that when I was younger man I used to think now the voters are the term limits like him or his wanna change whatever but now. If you agree if you believe in the concept of the swamp all that is secure Francois yeah period ended storyline. You're not allowed to have this is your permanent job and you're not allowed to get a pension office that you're not allowed to just sit there forever and rust away. Although there is no swap dry air for twelve years fifteen years whatever it is. You've got to make hay while the sunshine you've got to do something. Who. I don't have do now because their main job is to just make sure that they never go away so that that would be. The virus Bennett RBC in those two words all day every month. Chip Ross. Good morning. Mourned in the media I got it in the wanna super thanks. All right so bear with me for a second here not only can look like it because I work in a corporate partner Burleson. I think trump without a way to have your cake and eat it here. Because if you look at what happened in Alabama. Trump can look like he's being all buddy buddy with the walk and try to get things done at the same time that people on the al-Qaeda. Applying pressure can now you can kind of legal aren't they. I want to work with you but if you don't you're not vote like with the other guy and who will. So if it's a corporate strategy of really Ari a lot of pressure to the small from a few directions. Maybe work on the LII. He threw me off totally wide. Because now it works in the corporate world that seems like chip Ross is a new job every time he ha ha ha ha ha so that's one in series he should throw maybe is gonna have to ski he's too I can hear that resulting unabomber anymore. He's unabomber had his game feature you can have a as I would originally. That's for CIA immediately go to the most beautiful chocolate cake in history and has. Okay yeah. You're right in the world they can have is eking out. Kate you need to do it is Donald Trump you re edit and by the way the best. Bill isn't it good morning. Heytvelt REL a had sort. What good is just Buchanan if he doesn't want us on the the deep stake. And now and I did peaceful hasn't manifested by the murder of the Kennedy Brothers and Martin Luther king and John F. Kennedy junior. Watergate 9/11. And last we have actually not until he does the American public is worn by someone about the peach state. We're in big trouble and an additional help. Do you believe all of those things villages. Ought to make do you believe the government responsible for all of those deaths attributed as he stated or did your blog asking. I believe the date stated and I was responsible for me out even. You can also put in the senate approved the depth of senator Paul Wellstone died in the plane crash. So etheridge from Lynn Barton is Seth rich in that group through for you. This whole Seth rich. I. I don't get it. OK. I. Democratic operative who died Yemen I think you know who says preaching is but I got to know. The state is one of those phrases and you read a love that you don't banning does I think you and. Who what is the difference in the deep state in the swamp I guess would be one thing and asked build through our clarify is it just murder. I guess. Do you believe the deep space state is responsible for analog and I do believe the deeds they killed Marin Luther king. Do you believe I I have I don't know believing the same deep state took down Martin Luther king and Bobby Kennedy and Richard is Richard Nixon yeah. That's so they just want what chaos in general that's the very. Wounds and it's it's sort of like din of the the theory is is the NFL and you do whatever you do we protective shield the deep state is version of that. He did the deep state has no political affiliations that's where you would miss the ball there it's. Whatever can do harm to the deep stage in Nixon at some point was obviously going to be harmful because he was gonna to senator indicate that he's gonna make them not trust so Nixon's D'Amico. Are McCain would be an affront to it because we have a pretty solid thing years ago when an easier. He's gonna be an upset the apple cart guy he's got to grow the Kennedys were these outsider group and then 9/11 being around us because what. I don't know Heidi because we needed to or build up our military infrastructure and assists aren't all that and again I think there's always a reason for I. I'm not a big deep state are obviously. And I'll mall always amused by like where. What is the thing that where people go here's where I think the deep state went to in many years right think this is just a random. Currents. Which is why I mentioned Seth rates like right so the Clinton's leg I would yes the bill would if you thought about it or north time I would say. Clintons did separate the clintons or their own state not the right stayed high you get into a lot of us. Let me go to bill in cyber hate bill good morning. Hello good morning. I actually think that the annual health bought a lot of Democrats could it be generally split the Republicans. Put just peel off dirty the capital looked up and. You elect the other guy that I wouldn't urged all third party strategy. Part of that don't lose weight we do it bill I mean you're he's going to primaries. So flaming loses the primary I would argue there's a lot of Democrats in congress right now because they primary without the Republicans that would have beat them in 2012. But his. I hollered or tunnels only there for that reason totally flakes case like you flake loses the primary are the Republicans gonna go you I can't it's. I'm gonna go Democrat I. Yeah. I don't again another good enough argument to lead an Olympian IE a Republican body you don't mean I think. Everybody who would this did before president trump. Everybody has to be quite every I haven't each day. I don't want nobody ever everybody. Is somewhat compromised. I don't think that's a very good argument I don't think that sells very well. Well so. Like him flakes case in McConnell skis it's not just that they've been there in their swamp it's that they had a chance to do something now. And they've done nothing that is a good argument. I mean what are their tunnels counterargument. Right right now like why it's the don't have the similar thing with below sea right where they got this little uprising went nowhere but. Why would we continue along with her. That's what the revolver at what what is in McCall's when Coleman lawyer yet this is the guy to lead. Well look Powell's argument though is that the likes of Steve van and are are splitting the Republican Party. And that he he cannot unify because he's got steel band and working to. He's working against their efforts mean that is that is the argument. I would argue McConnell McConnell is responsible for the only thing that Republicans have accomplished and last year which is getting. So. That's a 100% McConnell and it should have been Obama's pick and McConnell got to trump. And then they also didn't they do they change vote ya and then they change the filibuster rule the emperor now. That's right I mean that's what I think the argument would be. Six want to block. And finish 686868680. Is attacks lined and don't give me Rommel for a war go for. I know I I I cannot see where declaring war in the short term. I mean depends on where he's that you know where you stand in the and in the Republican Party back in the short term cannot see where. Declaring war can be a positive thing. Well again any time you're afraid of its conviction find B. If you're against ineffective. How do you lose. And that's that's a pretty easy one to do right. So began you wanna be there for joining me on the Romney side wall Trump's running and you wanna be in never drawn Berkus how'd that work out. So Ben and trying to. Dictate the terms in put you in a box. The question is what is one of these guys going to be Smart enough to say he doesn't decide who I am McCain sort of has been that guy. A battle. Politically so he's not involved flakes not proven that he can stay. And I think McConnell is gonna retire.