Kim & VB - Should steroid users be allowed in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, November 22nd

The Hall of Fame for the first time sent out a note to voters for the incoming class suggesting that anyone who was a known steroid user, such as Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds, should never be allowed in.


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Breakfast with Kim in DC yeah Boston's morning show. 6:16 good morning everybody great to have you read this I'm Kim and he has the morning off. Big game yesterday or actually should take this morning how it feels like yesterday that it was actually toward this morning. Benjamin Ignatius he's doing great so is mom and dad so we wish them. Many many more of. You know babies may not I don't know how much as they've done it I was down meg another path of the Nile that's actually know what I'm wishing them up up up up up. We just told him yesterday. If we need to explain to you how to make this the last baby we can certainly all have a conversation about that Michael Gerson is with us this morning. And he is the editor of talkers magazine and Michael before we get started a we're talking of the hall of fame story. Daniel Webster in its. I holiday package were giving it away this morning at 830 give it away the three most incredible. Holiday packages this week a really fantastic just little getaways during the holiday season when life is really crazy busy. It's nice to just steps you know just maybe one night. The U slip away with your spouse or you take your kids. You just get a little down time in all of the craziness. All of which is great fun but certainly can be. A very stressful. The Daniel Webster in inspire holiday package we're giving that away this morning at 830. More details coming your way in just a few to keep that in mind you won't wanna this year opportunity there. So Michael I don't know how you feel about our sports and baseball and and enhancement performing drugs. But there is a member of the hall of fame who also serves as the vice chairman. Of the board and is a board director. And his name in non we all know him as Joseph Morgan and this week this 33 players who have been nominated and who will appear in the 2018 ballot. To be entered into the hole they were released and on Tuesday morning Joseph Morgan sent out a letter to all of the voters. And he gave what he believed were the three criteria did disqualified. Future candidates. And as far as I can tell I've I've been reading. This never happened before. Well hey you know we're into the they leave the echo daily post steroid era. And now they have to deal with it there there was this dark period in baseball history. When the numbers one through the roof you had people like Barry Bonds breaking records. McGwire you know Roger Maris is home run record that it stood for decades all of a sudden these guys are knocking it out of the park Sammy Sosa. Roger Clemens and getting better as he got older which doesn't normally happen unless you're an android like coach Tom Brady. Now they have to decide what we do about that right. Happy to do we do we treat this says senate. Just the way it one lose or do we and keep these people from being in the hall of fame in forever keep that. That dark the cloud over their reputations. It's a tricky business and you know something came it relates to everything that's going on in terms of all the sexual allegations. Again stunned people. And a certain level McCoy threw paradigm shift. So absolutely right about that and this is if you're you're so right I mean this is a time when we're reevaluating what we thought. Are uh huh. All of our values are and what we think they are. And in this particular case let me just if it could be okay here let me just read a little bit of this like that the Joseph Morgan sent out to these voters. He says we hope that they never columns we know steroid users are voted into the hall of fame they cheated. Steroid users don't belong here. And if you're to look at the disqualifying in qualifying criteria that he sets forth. There are three guys who were on the ballot who. He considers to be disqualified. Barry Bonds as you just mentioned Michael. Roger Clemens. And Gary Sheffield. You know I think it explicit there's a case to be me. There's a case to be made also for letting it go. And I I'm on the fence because site I'm and you may have noticed working with me and number of times now I try to look at the big picture of everything and what it means in terms of where we're heading as a society. And what were the people thinking at that time. And I'm not wishy washy I just I just think that there is there are many different points of view on this and you and you want to decide what you know where's the bar going to be. I certainly understand what Joseph Morgan as saying and he makes a very good point they did cheat. However. Cheating in professional sports is part of the culture. Where do you draw the line on cheating and and I know it sounds outrageous but everything into professional sports is trying to get away with what ever age you can. To win. Every time they call fouls she thousand penalties on players when they throw the flag and in football. When they throw a player out of the game or make him sit in hockey. It's because they cheated. And and and their minor cheating. So where do you where you draw the line right that I remember once summed the greats god of all that is good Derek Jeter. And Derek Derek Jeter. Will be you would swear the ball hit them all pain is shaking his arm often. Frustration and they are out got hit the ball never ever question right Greg right so. I think we have to look at our society we have to look at sportsmanship. You know 11 famous coach said. The only thing you know winning isn't everything it's the only thing and then another coach said it doesn't matter whether you win or lose it's how you play the game those are two opposite philosophies. And I think those two philosophies are metaphors for how we live our lives going forward. It did is victory all that matters or is it how we played the game what does sportsmanship. Mean in 2017. Well I think when it comes to baseball and I wanna hear from our listeners and babies I know a lot of you are baseball fans out there and I know a lot of your purest baseball fans are I really wanna hear from you. I think that there's. There's a really interesting group of players coming through now poor qualifying to be on the ballot who were a part of this steroid era. And while I know they've tried their eradicated the league of this now there was a time period in which. Whether they outwardly admit it or not steroid use in baseball. Was being accepted to a certain level. And if they were going to compete. And everybody was there are they were competing more on on it they were actually on. And even keel more than people want to admit because everybody was doing. Was that right or wrong at the time we decided that it was being allowed because managers knew it and owners knew it. And stadiums were full and fans loved what they saw. And then we decided to get back to the basics of baseball and it didn't diss people all became outcasts. In my estimation. All of these people if you are ultimately decide that you're gonna vote for them they need an asterisk that it's next to their. I mean everybody it needs to be clear this was me. This steroid era where does it stop I mean what about aux order yes he got banned for a year well. You mean from from the league as a result of it oh absolutely I think they're trying to you know they're trying to get rid of it in league and I think they should. And I think Taylor he's drawing that grinding vote a couple of years. Well and I think I again I think you know when you look at his stats and that the heart of his career he's gonna be a part of that steroid era. And you have doubt and say yeah. Definitely he death and Alex Rodriguez definitely is is caught up in that you know the irony of all looses. Is that. We're probably. Heading more in a direction where steroids will be accepted it. We might be in a little blip now between the dark era of steroid use being unofficial and everybody knew about it. And and now all my gosh nobody should use it because one. There's so much money on the line in professional sports that corruption. He'll he'll have to know there's corruption and it came from the top down exactly and there's so much more corruption in professional sports that we don't know and about it would make your hair stand up if it all came out. People are under the impression that professional sports are legitimate. Well to a certain degree but when there's so much money both in the game. And the betting that attached to which had you don't think human nature being what it is and they complete the values in our society to what they are. Our that there's not corruption and sports forget it. But also we're coming into a period where. We are doing everything we can to get an edge to enhance our bodies to enhance our ability. We where we are it's not just steroids what about you know artificial implants and and Brenda wade. Blood technology is invading our biology. I think we're gonna head toward a point where they say what ever they have to do so the guy has artificial arms they can throw 200 miles an hour and let him play. I think it's gonna go in that direction which is the opposite of the way it looks right. Now well the interesting thing about this is that. I I I really believe that. You know there's again those that there's just purist out there who want this entire age of baseball and I'm talking about steroid age. Just to be forgotten. And did the and they're forgetting that owners and managers didn't want it to be forgotten because they wanted to make many big carrot these guys report dating Carol there rubbing on him. They didn't care what they work injecting all they wanted was balls in the seat since. A lot of reporters that make a big stink about it that made an awful lot of money off you are a McGwire Sammy so you. I'll think yeah exactly. And and I know you know why I realize that you could argue well that Pete Rose should be allowed because he did he was cheating and he did well that was never really except did. From the top down the idea of deal bowling on a team that's not the same to me that's not the same thing it's actually worse yeah and again you know we can. Political playing field that wasn't that wasn't that wasn't the same thing at all they're betting and betting on the game that your team is and I mean there's all kinds of treachery in terms of character involved in that. So it had no idea Pete Rose is got the tough for a wrote hello. Saying he absolutely never going to add that it is that simple six or 72666868. X 8680 is a tax on so. I get did that the basis of this conversation is that the 33 names came out who are eligible to be on the ballot in 2000 NET. And there was a letter sent out. By fellow hall of Famer and also by board member for that matter. And that's Joseph Morgan saying guys who did steroids. Should not be in the hall of fame keep them out don't for vote for Roger Clemens. Don't vote for these guys we don't want them what do you think do they belong. In the hall of fame and Barry Bonds Roger Clemens. Gary Sheffield three names that will appear on the ballot.