Kim & VB - Is Rex Tillerson out of the president's dog house?

Rex Tillerson made the rounds over the weekend to discuss whether the US should stay in the Iran deal, but more focus was put on his role in the administration than Iran


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Came in DV Boston's morning shell digs in this they viewed utilized so casual WR KL. And good morning everybody welcome to the morning showing Kim along with the beach in his their witnesses. We had a great weekend. I had a great Sunday morning. Watching some morning shows and specifically watching Rex Tillerson I. I like that guy I like secretary killers and I don't care what anybody fashioned tiger like him. I've said this before but this is a perfect example of it every time a cabinet. Member goes on television. It's basically John Boehner yep sure you have ploy you have much more to lose and you have to gain. And we know that was true axis case based on all the noise that we've been hearing and all the denials and the fake news and stuff that's been yelled about Rex and his job and where it's where all stands. So. We know that you're watching and that your lead in anticipating what he was going to say I'm pretty sure the president was oh yeah. Because you know X this is one thing here we're gonna have a problem and I just get the feeling that Rex is gotten to yet. I like Lex yeah. I like him a lot. I like I like him because I think. That why old he understands his his role as secretary. And he made very clear yesterday that you he answers to the president that they have me. Direct. A relationship. So he understands that his role is to carry out what it is the president. Who wants him to do he also made clear that he presents what he thinks is right. And then he listens. Own body isn't willing to lie. Or to fish bowl or to. You know how to appease the president if he doesn't agree I guess he just doesn't agree and that's that he moves on carry out the president's wishes. I like that about. So they wanted to get Rex the schism familiar about the president he didn't. Policy wise you want some reassurance that. The world's not going now on hand basket I margarine at that you are right now. Iran is obviously tricky at the moments and North Korea where where we have bad. Which is who knows. And ended Rex can give you those answers because there are no points now. So but he did say he did say diplomacy will continue until the first bomb was dropped. Well or creative team because this is. That line was delivered for one personal McGraw had his right. He's sad the president has quote cash treated me before the world stage that's his word not mine. What's your response to that. Plus as I ended there ordered a topic this is an unconditional president uses unconditional communication. Tools users unconditional techniques to motivate change again I would say I am fully committed his objectives I agree with his objectives I agree what he's trying to do. How he wants to use his old skills tactically to push things toward change I'm there to help them achieve those. That's all you tiger cattle you have a tough conference you don't wanna say anything about. The senator senator calling this a bit suggesting you've been Gelb did before the world and that's not add anything to bother you. I checked on fully intact and put up a tough I did not expect that answer. How close the greatest. Chef without. I I was expecting Rex is and I wasn't expecting a follow up on map because this is not a serious question but he didn't blow buddy did you Ebert pretty good hands which is no object. Six or 72666868. X 8680 is attacks line. Do we asked a couple of weeks ago BB week and a half ago will Rex Tillerson still be the secretary of state I think I think there. I think the answer is yes. What is for now on him because he thought it it's over I've told you this is a good. You get any eye of the trump storm and that's it you either survive in that minute you don't if you do. You're out until the next. Time it kicks around but there's going to be a bunch of people in between so. Sessions is gonna come up again before Iraq's those again presume in theory. You know North Korea could change that obviously of polite. Rex survived this goal around and he will until the next one Mike I think after this weekend Rex is. Okay go back to doing what you do stay out of the limelight and keep trying to get some knots in the world to have to acquiesce right winds and if you're somebody else in the cabinet you know the dog house is currently empty and it doesn't so you want as well as I heard that is that is so true. And it hey Israel are on that really hasn't gone through tomorrow I jokingly said you know she could be if you lose your job and am an amended or something but. She doesn't like face too much scrutiny. So you start to look around there will who is gonna be next visits nobly tournaments there is gonna someone but. I think Rex is good for now I tip which is good for everybody tiger made I subscribe to that theory that you Q. With all that's going on in the world right now and having the secretary of state be fired would be extremely detrimental to after the world nine point of the country but for right now. Right no I agree a 100% I think I think he's okay for now I think that they have come to some kind of understanding. And I don't think it might well settle things that are Rex is alone in the understanding I think there were others who. Support wrecks his position in the idea that there has to be diplomacy that there you know. That there have until the first bomb was dropped we have to continue to fight to make sure doesn't get dropped. And to presidencies that I don't think the president's quite an a lot of people wanna think that he is actually so irrational and I think there are things he says. That sound irrational but I'm not sure in his actions. He's as completely irrational. As a lot of people wanna paint him. I did today you always talk right up until you can't talk communion with the divorce attorney via honey really we really doing that some in the sure you can put up with a mind. This that and the other I mean that's that's sort of how it goes and they are doing I don't know I don't know we he would be talking to with North Korea that's never been clear but. I think there may be more back channels than and then. You know all of us have any idea of in their goal entered China they're going to China and trying to work through it find some kinder is I just don't think they will quite frankly I think it'll be interesting to see if there's any kind of diplomatic resolution. Sort of get rid of him. Just North Korea to the back burner and Iran is back on the front Boehner is that where we are removed only because of what happened Friday right so we can talk more about that. Every morning we learn something new about Kim have. And TV what I was saying was largely and I have been as high. I Boston's morning show will be able to register now WR KEL. Others you're gonna give you corrects the error. I'll let them on Geneva. Can any any Rex is good for. Where the music do you like diplomatic. Which we all and we will spend the couple others those diplomatic efforts will continue until the first bomb drops. I got a gal I like that line I really wish that word was unless not unstable. But I should be the slogan of the State Department rights. Yeah we will talk until the bombs start line and then we'll keep talking like you use you trend bonds from alignment. That's it I just I get the feeling like he has that everyone tells me what's Rex do win and it is all these job openings and stayed in. I've always felt like Rex has a handle on this guy like Brad. Isn't that about the secretary say in my estimation. If I don't know what the secretary of state is doing batter batter. I'd prefer not to know I don't wanna hear from a much. You know I've always thought the celebrity secretary of state types not interested. They need to be work and the back channels. Keeping the country safe nobody needs to know where they are and what they're doing just do your job. Meanwhile I like about Iraq's I don't know worry is most time. Rex said did we would kind of like to stay in the Iran deal even though the president had said you know we're getting out of it or we're gonna fix it we're gonna mandate. Are you comfortable with what the president has gone here with the random because there was the million dollar question for awhile alright if he just gonna kill it worst deal ever. Vaguely. And worst deal ever except that if congress just demands it then I guess we'll stay in pants or you OK with all of us. Well I mean you know. He's kicking it back to congress can they have the problem with congress is can they do anything effectively. I mean any ideas I have so little faith. In what happens up there on Capitol Hill. So can't they can't they do this effectively. I guess we'll see. What have they done effectively you know Europe late. Wally is with the Iran deal for me is added hey what he's doing to me looks an awful lot like resume of the Paris climate deal. He's made injury as that presser where he says it's been on the box and gotten everything. Then it doesn't really get guided and it makes somebody yells dude every little thing entering don't do very lifting. That's where we don't know. Let's say congress doesn't get it down more than what happens. Do you think we're give not a thing do you think he's Killen at all entirely. War at that point well things have changed in years we're gonna do hormonal executive order some things. But we're still going to be enemies are not sound like there's nobody that wants is on this thing that's right right I'm not even sure he wants to be out of it or. Well the problem. The president came win a week and a half before this decision had to be made. Inspectors from around the globe. Said they actually are holding up their end of the deal. And then that made everything sort of like Powell. Okay well I still don't love the deal which OK I and I ate I don't love the deal either I don't think any of us loved the deal we got in it. But they're holding up there into the bargain we are in an inspectors are continuing to get in and it doesn't look like we've got. You know the continued development of Duke's. Well then maybe your best bet is to do with the president's done which is say hey discovery modify it's got to be it's got to be made into a better deal than the ones we have. But who believes Iran's gonna do. Well I mean again ultimately question is if if they can't my understanding of his you're gonna need sixty votes here how are you possibly gonna get right to vote. So if they don't amend the initial court curb deal. You don't get to sixty votes nothing changes do you believe he's gonna impose sanctions on Iran. Well as of right now I don't know now what he says he's going to do what what kind of sanction what what is it where the sanctions going to be. As the result. That would be my question to him now that's only thing we back. Listen if I've no problem with you eating its founder Iran I think that that it's just there are rogue terrorist state. But. What what what will they be the result of just because they are. Because so far we're not seeing that this nuclear deal. And dare do what they said they were gonna do. And how do we enforce them when all of the other people in the agreement have come out flat out said we're in this we disagree with what your dealer. Yeah. How do you and fashions when you're the only country imposing I'd get back to the Paris agreement. I to me it's the exact same thing where I'm gonna make a whole lot of noise and when it took tick up a whole lot of dust. And then when it settles there better be some sweeteners in it for us if there is Oran. In if there is and I say I'm gonna get out of it but are we area. No one knows. I I assume were knocked that's my god. I don't know. I think he's just talking tough to try and scare a little bit more on and say look I'm adjourned I told Jack to make a better deal and I did. And I think he will get some small incremental something rather. But. I. Who at some point one of these bluffs is going to be called and then what happens I don't know if there has either your leg back and listen to a corner where you're forcing European countries to side with Iran against our house. Gap which is not certainly not what I think the president's looking. To do. 6172666868. X 8680 is attacks flying here that this or cramping is just such a I mean it's it's a it's a tough it it was a crappy the you know India's. We and we got to work toward keeping them from you know continuing to develop these these. Nukes but at the same time there's a whole lot about the deal that a lot of people didn't like but it was just hard to get to a conclusion. And now although I think the ultimate the ultimate goal was to make sure they weren't developing nukes and that we do get in there to inspect. And that is actually happening. So I don't know where the president. Although where the president can make strides here. And I don't know how he can convince Democrats. On Capitol Hill to change anything. Look I I think it's a strategy. And it does make some sense which is that. If you're never sure about how to fix something more than appoint a commission to fix it because of the commission fails you go these guys socked Jesus that can't get anybody to do one inning and it got to do something yourself. By the way if the commission turns out to come up with something new URL that's why reported descriptions and you can't write in the in this case congress is the commission right yes. You screwed up bottom not a fix it you fix it and if you don't fix it I'm gonna let everybody know you guys socked. And if you think Ben and stop on McConnell right now we really starts corner you guys. If you don't fix it great I'll take full credit for fixing who. Not a bad strategy really is you can't lose no matter what and no matter what he's already able to say at least I try to make this thing better. Seoul. Really can't lose. Perception wise and the reality wise of it is what what. How to in this particular one how does it get better I don't know I don't see how it does actually. I don't either. So they ago. And it is the argument really who cares whether it's good or bad for the country it's a win for trump either way is that really how our government now. Well that's. How we govern almost always but yeah I mean. I think just what Kim said we all agree that this is a bad deal we all think we I don't agree it was a bad deal like I think it's a bad deal. I thought there were things about that orbit deal. I think it's working well Betty Betty it is for what was the most important points of your of your correct that's what and I said that to. Most important to me out of this whole deal was that we get in. Inspectors gated. I think the only eight days in meditation issues because it because trump likes hearing is based screen Sunnis as are ran bad and everyone goes -- the president's right around his bat well and okay now we're gonna blow up deal that's working so that he can have is based that there are a lot of bad things about it Jim I mean you know relieved that the releasing of the mind the. And there had. It's we're waiting on that. Well that part of it is working the nuclear part of it is working but we're all those dollars go who cater to us. I care if they went to basis for a terrorist got you've got a country that was up pariah of the world now at the table negotiating. I care of that money went to terrorists and I and that terrorist organization eighteen we have North Korea which is an act. Actual problem going on right Kyra we know what I read in Dover air ignoring it because we're making around a problem when it when he knocked out of we'll ask I don't know you know again. I I mean the Rand is a problem and it's a major problem for the only democracy in the region and so much so that man now who's just entering this weekend saying thank god he's trying to fix this awful deal. So is a problem. We don't know what our hands role in Syria is although most of us are pretty suspicious that there would cause an awful lot of problems there. We don't know what they're doing North Korea is what we do think a lot of money is going from Iran to North Korea I mean a grain is a problem. Whether or not we're fixing the nuclear situation of the Rainier I mean most of us think that Iran is just laughing about that in about five years from now there's going to be some problems. We don't know we'll see. It's a question of appeasement and whether appease me can work with the country like this that operates the way that Iran does. I didn't think it doesn't so I think is a horrible deal. And I go by Netanyahu alumnus who by the way is on the investigation so that Daschle wants to get Netanyahu's. You know around this there is a terrible thing for them always.