Kim & VB - President Trump reconsiders his choice for drug czar

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, October 17th

After a Washington Post / 60 Minutes expose into Rep. Tom Marino's relationship with Big Pharma and his role in hurting the DEA'a ability to police the opioid crisis, the president is forced to reconsider his choice to run the drug war. 


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URG you know all the voice of Boston. Still fighting during the break about something. I you know I I'm not here to fight about John McCain I mean I think what you're seeing is. You know someone tried to say it's it's a very revealed statement I actually don't think it's available at all I think he's very clear about what he's trying to do here and I don't love the idea that. You. Politicians are wanting Steve said that I do agree with politicians are politicians and you know he's happy to take your money and stand in one place in the changes. Tune. But at the same time I'm not gonna be disrespectful to. John McCain John McCain served his country in many ways and you know if a guy wants to stand up and had his last stand and I do believe that he's getting into the stages where this will be some of the last times that he is in front of a microphone with his much. Listening audience then Soviet. So from the senate to the house to retirement of representative you may or may not know the main yeah well you you should know. Tom Marino is his name but. And the president talked a little bit about him yesterday in that impromptu press conference where is Mitch McConnell. Among others us senator Joseph mansion today on CNN this morning Morgan at four in a second. Said over my dead body will summary don't be the White House drug czar as he's been nominated he's from Pennsylvania. A congressman from Pennsylvania. That's the trumpet nominated him true he's the guy that's gonna help solve the hope you're crisis or whatever but as you probably know by now. Sixty minutes had a rather blank the investigative piece on the Oprah you are in crisis over the weekend Sunday night as a matter fact. And did the big villain in the piece was this legislation that Tom Marino cosponsored which allowed the how it's illegal it was thesis the issue shipping of massive amounts of to appeal drugs won't be loyal to your pain pill bottles whatever bill is the way that the that. The DEA can stop these large shipments. And trump was in the Rose Garden yesterday and says luck. I watch sixty minutes and we're gonna we're gonna look in the Marino now that. Got holdings and I want is GI would've thought you would have looked into morally mr. president's engine nominated him I would have thought that the vetting had been dominated in great apparently hadn't been does this seem to be news. That's not great number one number two. The second he says is. Yeah you all I come we're gonna look into this store to assume that's it for Marino he's gone. I did. I do not think he will be the drugs are. And and to be honest I think that this was this was a tough walk. I have actually no idea why the president or why the administration wouldn't of known. Will aid in that Marino was Vick to sponsor her or the cosponsor of this bill and be that this report was coming down the pike. I'm from sixty minutes. President and yesterday if there's 1%. Chance that there's an issue here then I'll have to make a change. Well I believe the 1% issue has already risen. And that is that he was this cosponsor of this bill. Doesn't he didn't see this sixty minutes are reports pretty damning in its pretty tough was a whistle blower from the who came forward to say that that these it nobody was shopping these distribution companies there's four of them. Who distribute. Open your aides to what they call rogue pharmacies. There was a particular pharmacy and around the board talent was in the there was like 620000. People in the town in the sperm was he had been delivered some nine million pills over. A very short period of time. And there was no way for the do you stop this because again of this legislation that is gone through that ties that he into the do you day. Ensuring patient access and effective drug enforcement act is when was the apple and that didn't really come up with the goods and rice and defense. A title for it but so all of this all of this guy's an event yesterday trump told you when he's been tone news for a while another next week. We're gonna have a huge. Big announcement big announcement are on the open yours crisis. And you know one awaiting CNN's. Does this not I don't know I wouldn't have put on hold but isn't the first thing and the only thing is who's going to be the drug czar. Until that's clarified do we. Where we don't one witness. Well I mean I think he's gonna have to take out I would hope that as we speak his office is vetting someone else. And that there will be able to put forth someone else pretty quickly especially because. You know the president has been pretty adamant that they are going after this whole OP Ewing issue. I wanna tell you just one other thing about this that kind of looks ugly. This this CBS report. Stated that. Drug industry spent more than a hundred million bucks lobbying congress for this bill. And that Marino got a hundred grand. Out of that for his campaign. So that's not a good look either the whole idea raise its you know field to does unfortunately the whole idea behind this bill. Was at these smaller communities we get access to the drugs the problem is it like we said. He hit community of 20000 people we got a rogue pharmacy which you you ask what exactly how do you define a rogue pharmacy. Which I I am assuming is a pharmacy it's a pharmacy where they will allow. To the writing of a lot of prescriptions for a lot of people and not a lot of question right. And you get warning there you get nine million of these pills moving through a farm one single pharmacy with 20000 people down. Indeed the congressman would argue that these people are a small town and they needed access to this kind of medication. But did they need nine million pills. Here's my question for you is his big pharma of the new villain or re about to engage in Warwick big farm well I. Have you ever had you thought big pharma would be diligent in this mobile oil prices to begin with I would say I've I've always unwise. So I think that's what we're gonna engage in that level for Boston loves you idle on fuel and I'm not factual way apple. We'll follow the bar and dvds. Boston's morning show WR KL. As far as Tom Marino. So he was a very early supporter of mine the great state of Pennsylvania. He's a great guy I did see the report will look into the report who had taken very seriously because. What haven't major announcement probably next week on the drug crisis an audio feeling. Massive problem. And I wanna get that absolutely right this country and frankly the world has a drug problem. The world has a drug but we have it and we're gonna do something about it sought and have a major announcement on that problem next week we're going to be looking into top. You think the announcements going to be next week now. I don't know. I I don't even know if he had. Was there announcement planned prior to seeing this I don't know I mean this is near the president is settle long. As he campaigned in these early months in office that you know he's gonna take this on and there's a waited too. To deal with this this is a tough issue. Taken on big pharma is a big deal. Was the Dugard took for him because his threw things at what how. That happened wanna. If you take on big farmer you're affecting Wall Street because one of the big economic engines driving of the Ron is big pharma of course the NASDAQ is all big farm yeah. So. If you're gonna take him on and you're gonna hurt their bottom line you're gonna hurt. The Dow Jones Industrial Average the NASDAQ market. And try to assess what those numbers it's like he's quitting on them because that's his indicator of business successful economies so. That's that's one problem two is. So what would be one of the things you've you think needs to happen as are both sixty minutes while we we need to crack down on these rogue pharmacies. Okay uneven on rogue pharmacies are but if you're gonna crack down on anything that means Roy regulations that means rules. Trumps the anti regulation guy he's the stripping that stuff down guy. So we. You're gonna have to go against towards your principles for this thing I'm fine with that. But I don't know it's gonna put him in a bit of a box I don't know how you gonna get around. Because sixty minutes changed the old Buick crisis from people running drugs over the border to. Well the white caller fat cat executives at big pharma and fat offer you get an addict. Draw and I've always thought that's what was that it is a combination of two things he'd be in. It's it is these fat cats who. Are they have got these rogue pharmacies and these rogue doctors writing prescriptions that are out of control. And then the follow up. Is the crap that comes over the border but because once they were there rogue dop doctor decides they have to stop writing. These people are already addicted pharma has already taking care of it and now they got to find another place this is why it is. This is why you have. I mean you know young lives. You know former athletes dying left and right collegiate athletes dying left and right because they're addicted to drugs this is how it's happened. And. So I wanna we all want trump to take this on and we all want absolutely involved here wanted to do some however. Joseph mentioned for example grandstanding on CNN this morning over my dead body is Marino going to be the drug czar. What you're going to be either Joseph because we know your daughter. Was charging me 600 bucks for an independent cost or five cents so. The reality is you. In this corner we got big pharma in this corner we've got congress. Who's your money on and that's fine we are sorry because in this case the bill that we're talking about that's gonna do Marino hole. Became that bill because big pharma through some money around in and they got the thing watered down and they took out the regulations that the DA wanted. And they were allowed to push their bills. Big money and big pharma has a pretty good record in DC how is that gonna change. Well we're gonna have to look at this just like we look at the lobby of a whole lot of other big things like there was great. I mean tobacco was a big lobby there's still a big lobby but they they found a way. 2 PM that down. You know alcohol is a big lobby. And yet he key goal on TV and and you know push what do I mean they're there they're gonna have to find a way to walk around this big lobby. The act of guts enough to do it. Yeah I don't know I know what I'm Doug I'm just thinking out loud yeah this is where I give myself enough trouble wanna do this with. If schools have to have some sort of greeting system and they can be put on lists that say they're failing schools ought to telling pharmacists yeah you got a year and knock off the thirty times your local populations. Need for this well. Just what about the medical professionals well by the way and this idea that you've got doctor G you if you condemning sixty minutes if you're looking at that report. You eat where you've got these rogue pharmacies you've got a rogue doctors doctors who are saying and look. You know what. Bobby I don't wanna see you again in the office so let me give you sixty days worth of this for other tooth I just pulled. Okay sixty days and oxy code own four you know. A wisdom tooth it was just pulled don't need to back in the office here this'll take care of ago. But that's an easy thing to say but you given up any your panels. This is the reason why aren't Shanahan only 100%. I AM given it up. I'm saying and look there's going to be more responsibility on the part of the medical profession. To protect people. And that means yet if that means that I have to travel and here's the problem seat notice that a lot of ROP you're an issue. It's happening in a lot of rural places for the reason is because of exactly what sixty minutes pointing out. You get these smaller communities in this bill allows for access to medication. That's the whole idea behind this so here in this little 20000 you know. The population has known. And is nine million pills in the town big you know and it keeps you revenue direct travel for sixty minutes to get to your pills well to be. Born under the blame game and it's if we do this who takes the most sublime 603 the docs right descriptions the pharmacist just filling them. It's the FDA that approves these drugs. It's the doctors that prescribed these drugs government can't fix anything. It's there it's there's a look at the tax on. Actually that's not true are you gonna take on doctors are we got legally and evil doctor movement that's not happening and yeah. I think we are good luck with that oh I don't think that's so hard school really yeah because I think that if we right now solicit doctors call most doctors would tell you they don't do it. Yeah there are rogue doctors who are doing this. I I believe every doctor writes prescriptions. I believe every doctor gives you ten bills when they could give you five and you know why because you'd rather err on the side of caution the problem is coaching can get people addicted. But if you write five it's not like I Abbott infection or something how does not let you got a bit most of the time in these situations it's not erring on the side of caution it's erring on the side of laziness and that can be stopped one of the problems is that this country likes taking pills because we like to think that the fix is in pill form we'd. All take quietly like taking pills because doctors told us to take them. So die hard early regulate that that's part of raising is what the issue is is that dot durst. There are a number of doctors out there who don't wanna deal with you. So no way they don't deal with you is they give you thirty days when you need intent. That's part of it part of it is we also want that from our doctor. We want them to tell us what's wrong with us and tell us there's a bill we can tell you can somebody else can pay foreign. And we'll all be good and then once we start taken and I got to take them forever because that's what keeps well right. That's what that's what since you out on the street for the stuff that's coming from Mexico but that's the difference that's debacle at some point you realized that was killing you I don't know how you're gonna get through to people here that don't think they're addicted. So I don't know howl. I'm not jealous the president here I don't know how you're gonna take this one on and win it I but the way you get through to people who think they're not addicted is make sure they're not. But that's a trump common and there you just act like that season you guys so much he's. TV out there are people now but I don't think that's true. I think did we got a combination of a couple of things number one we got big pharma gets put out till now there is so strong. You are addicted that's number one. Number two we've got these rogue doctors who again are you do not wanna deal with you so they're over prescribing. Now so far not one of those things is music patient I'm responsible for that and number three. You've got pharmacies and you've got you've got people who are willing. To take your money Furyk. That's where we got to start but those three areas right there so which which one are you starting within which one do you think you're gonna win is what on as well that's the tough part of certain of the president's gonna have to take their. Because it's gonna have to look at that say. I'm gonna take a hit. I'm gonna take it from big pharma. We're not gonna take their lobby money and her boss he's not gonna because you cannot have Wall Street go to this site 181000. You can't the Dow Jones gritty team does he can't NASDAQ go under 5000 the president is incensed with those numbers. So he's not gonna I don't know how you. This is the problem here it is I want this is not well it's not easy as you got next we can go like this and bam work I got everything going. If that was the case we've organic. It's not easy but you're gonna have to take it's who you're gonna have to take on some of the big guys if you wanna be hero in this.