Kim & VB - President Trump mulling rule changes on big game hunting

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Monday, November 20th

President Trump has spoken out about the debate on whether to change big game trophy laws in the US and his opinion is surprising some people


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Is making fun. Burritos here being made fun about here but I'm taken up for both of us who don't worry about it. I hope it's not TV while Jim says that what do you do not want to see it most during your own loan to overeat. No I actually didn't I wasn't the biggest Bon Jovi fans surprisingly I didn't dislike him you know somebody who. Ellison. Totally into them I was actually in degree day has huge free days and that kind of. She's a little bit young for Bon Jovi when he was that he is. I'd high heat streaming news Pineiro but he was the results of the greens. At at at at at at. Good illustrations are so. We talked about this briefly last week illicit about it again Keyon we present this weekend. Announcing that. Somebody's gonna have to convince me that I shouldn't lift this ban on bringing back big game. And most specifically elephant trophies from Africa. Because if you can't convince me I'm gonna probably do it and announce it later this week. Happy Thanksgiving or make it. Well so there's a number of things to this of one is all of you while there were telling me this is. Good for the environment good for Africa. For the animals themselves all the president apparently doesn't agree. Second of all for all of you there were telling me that this is because of Trump's kids right. What he's tweet said specifically I and my kids loved on I don't. And I'm not in minutes so you're gonna have to convince me apparently his kids haven't convinced them. Thirdly my understanding of what the president having to do with us this that they are now apparently god curry I don't think this happened actually. On the presidential level and now. Now all of a sudden he shouldn't in the middle. Right. If you think you're gonna sneak something by this president in this. This climate forget sold zinc he'd forget it nice try. But words against him you might wanna run this stuff by him going forward and figure out where he stands. But this does reek of trial balloon people were loud enough and now not gonna happen right so is this a win for the people arisen not. It gets back to what the issue isn't whether you believe what you what do you believe. Editor and I mean we had people who had some legitimate. I'm not for a I don't wanna see him do it to be honest but I'm not a hunter and I don't have a level of appreciation for. What it means to go there to hunt this and then to bring home. The trophy. But. And there some convincing. Sort of convincing arguments about it for me you know the whole idea that. It's very expensive. And those who spend that money being used that money over the air to try to act. Bolster the population of the L offense and they try very hard to use that money to keep the poachers out. A play one think it has produced a bunch of really graphic photos. Have you seen some of the photos that have come out which. I mean that you eat. Third there are tough man to know like I'm not mean. It's it's a violent sport so I'm it is what it is but there's also some value I do see that there is some level of value. You know in hunting means. Did you ever get what did you think when they had the open deer season situation. A lot of mavs Basel in favor. But in this culling the herd I'm I'm with the president on this I told you this when we talked about this on Thursday. The thresholds should be pretty high and I in terms of convincing before you just do this. I don't know enough about it as I told you. It's a strange defense that it's actually for the better long term betterment of the animals that we kills some of the animals right. But I do understand that concept. Our main over population situation but in an endangerment situation it seems like a harder argument to me. By understanding there too in that bullet you're allowing coaches to roam free. They may kill Mol played what happened was Welling right we weren't we weren't. Reining it in. If you told Boston and you can just judges many you want as long as you want and reside you want they're gonna be lobsters left right so I get somewhat the concept. What I don't get the concept of his bring in a Mac what difference does it may well because I YE. Why and I think that's why. It I wish somebody who was a big game hunter would just tell us that could Colin tell us this but I think that is that is a big part of why your big game hunter. That you. You go out you enjoy the hunt for bin the flip side of it is that you bring home the treasure right I mean he wins the difficult lions and the I've seen the mood I don't think I've ever seen an elephant had. That one seems I had all very young people do it do you isn't the only thing on our own. I think it may be that did not that many people over and they hunt elephants. But to me I think kids have money if they can if they can regulate it and they it gives them money they can keep the poachers out. It may ultimately save the day is elephants and most specifically the ones at their error hunting on a regular basis. Just pay and big game hunting period since 97 and has nothing to do with conservation. Well why they did try to do was co op that's the way they write. And I hope I'm not even a falling for that. You know trade and I'm trying to compare. To it like for example the deer hunt which I've I didn't believe in because I thought that the deer were. Beirut and you know they get overpopulated and then they eat everything in May start dying in a way to it's much more difficult than. If there's is regulated deer hunt. So and in other words culling the herd but I'm I think I'm looking at it like that began IE when it comes to this whole issue out of now. Did. I can just say it is you've been hunting period you will then have hunting because at some point you're going to have to many of terror is not enough lions. To take down all the animals that are going to be there matter is that what you want you want just a freefall all. Crazy killing spree going on because you have so many of these animals everywhere there has to be some sort of population control. However you do that whether the country and makes money off of it. I lived in them bother me but I don't get. If you have a concept of we don't we think it's in port taste to be bring in these things back because there is his coaching because there are these other issues. That's a pretty I wonder are more that and it looks like they've kind of tried to sneak this story. Let me living purses are Evan hunter golfers. They regard. I've I've partnered all my life and I've I've never I I probably could number even if I had the opportunity. Goals and issued an Alfred. Let alone kill a way off. It's cost of page biased when you can take that money. At these coaches that I bought up machines. Elephants like this for free and animal but it but it I I looked at his table letter is the art there's. And it takes them to look at them to us what else just for just part now and LM or eat meat again. I process by Mike Bennett should not process my my my rams might my wild or I can't at all. And an idol are to be in the but not just kill which are to be an awards. Bruce thanks for the call. Well I've no doubt about Islam councilman we've known hole this week I've been there we don't wanna know island denial.