Kim & VB - President Trump defends Roy Moore

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Wednesday, November 22nd

President Trump answers questions from reporters on Tuesday in which he stated that Alabama should elect Roy Moore because he doesn't want a democrat in the seat and he has stated that he is not guilty


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Who's your favorite gym working. I have to think yeah. Drop crooner. I'm sitting here making the moves on Boston's morning show a win win WRK. But provider coming up at 8:30 this morning Dina Webster Ian and spot holiday pack. Natalie 30 this morning so. Do not want to miss that Michael Harrison is with us he's the editor of talkers magazine BP has the morning off. Michael did you see the president yesterday. As he was getting on Marine One heading to. The airplane and headed off on his Thanksgiving holiday we had waited for. I don't know two and a half three weeks to see views ever gonna weigh in on this Roy Moore situation. Totally decided to approach the the media line. And to make a few comments about it which to me was quite calculated by I believe yesterday because he came over to the line. And essentially said the same thing that we heard from Kellyanne Conway the day before on FOX & Friends. So Michael let's listen for just a moment in here a little bit of what happened yesterday as president was getting ready to leave Washington. We don't need a liberal clerics have been there eight Democrat. That looked at his record is terrible and try. It's terrible on the border parable of the military. Krzyzewski was asked did he say he is her role on crime when he's known for putting. You know killers in jail and a he is talking about it up all liquor writes about the Democrat down in Alabama running Jones running feels like we're still talk she gets that sticker on it's I. I didn't hit I wish you you said today did you see the president I thought you're gonna tell me that he's waited on the steroids and other. Half I. He would have done better with that. That the that's an eye of the needle in the political needle that he is trying to thread yeah it it would it would this whole support vote Roy Moore. Remember he was against Roy Moore backed during the primary care. Now suddenly he and what his his wing man nasty men and are on the same wing. But this and I think this is are we doing. Pristine place the president finds himself saying oh yeah you know and I think what pushed him to that conversation yesterday in my estimation. Was revealed really on Monday morning by Kellyanne Conway when she was on fox conference she was essentially saying. After last week she had said that no one should tolerate anyone who preys on children. Then she turned around Monday and said we cannot allow a liberal in that seat because we have to push the president's agenda. Including tax reform. And I really believe the president did not want to weigh in on this conversation at all at any point I think they'd made the decision for him to stay away from this race. And the fact that it's been revealed in Alaska Air chewed it looks like he's gonna have a hard time getting tax reform through the senate side. Has pushed them to a point where they have to say we don't want. A liberal in that seat. And we said yesterday over and over again. Yeah and and basically what he's saying is politics an agenda supersedes. Ethics and character. And almost always it's classic example what we deal with in terms of waiting good vs evil right vs wrong victory vs true it's getting our political way verses. Compromising our ethics yep there's a certain iron into the fact that Roy Moore is now the anti morals can't do it yeah I think that is that's straight back for morals let's get tax kind. Right six point 726668668680. Is a text line you heard with the president said yesterday when asked over and over gonna your but he just said. About Jones that that was his reaction to. Jim good liberal that he doesn't want the seat. But when asked and pushed on that that media lying over and over about Roy war he never said I want you to go out and vote for him he never said that president is walking this tight wrote this is the ultimate political tight rope. And Kellyanne Conway never said vote for neither but what he did say was. He says it's not true for all of its purpose is what he was saying in my estimation was luck all we have is to take him. At his word and when asked does that mean you don't believe that women. He wouldn't say that either she just kept saying only could say was this political tightrope he's on which as we know we don't want a liberal and Betsy. Well you know he certainly didn't take that same tack when I was Al Franken and Weinstein who did you hear yesterday by any chance Michael he was asked about Al Franken. And he said should Al Franken step aside. And he said I'm not gonna speak for Al Franken I can't speak for him either I can't speak for any of the he's he's. Well why really interesting line of another aspect to this he has to worry about suddenly they're being a change of attitude among his core. Certainly his detractors haven't forgotten about the whole bust conversely relaxed and they in look at Donald trumps history. I mean it's documented that Donald Trump was for most of his life pretty bad boy when he came to dealing with women that's that's that's public record yeah. So he's gotten a pass. Because of the desire of enough people in this country to vote for him because they wanted what he represents politically what he's gonna do to drain the swamp change the culture. Get the agenda passed okay we'll look the other way he'll be our bad guy. But. That's that's on loan. It could change on trumpet and a second yet this is this is the ultimate nightmare in my estimation for this president. He said yesterday that he would asked. You know what we do and how do you feel about the changing times in these all these accusations and all these men and all this and he said this is great. For women. And I think I think we have that sound byte do we have that went let's play government. He flatly denied it he says it didn't happen. I'd get a gap Phillips live also did not get about he said forty years ago this did not happen so they don't. Women par. Because a lot of things are coming out and I think that's good grudge society and I think it very very good but let them have a very happy a lot of these big thing coming out. And Kim are you aware that women are special your very special. The fuel and from now on for the rest of the morning I'd like Q did make reference to rhetoric in the days leading your special tip thank you that's. Breed IT appreciative to appreciate you too can yummy you and right right back to you my friend. He can this guy is walking you know this president is walking an unbelievable tyra appear because he's got another problem Michael his problem is that many. Many of these women down in Alabama. Dare trump supporters. He's got women who are proud supporters no two ways about it he is walking a tightrope here. And it is really an interest in dance and I was. Shocked. When he walked over there to say that yesterday because. I thought the smartest thing that everyone headed I think in the White House that employed him to do was to. Don't don't weigh in on this at all just let everybody else around you talk about it. Don't you talk about. I capable of that type of restraint. One of the biggest issues in the White House's how do we control him he he does not know how to keep his mouth or his said tweet shut. And and that's that's a liability on a certain level the very thing that people like about him that he speaks his mind is also his grade I week. Yes yes and you've been hearing these rumblings heard for days now oh well you know if you everyone's going to be off for Thanksgiving it's just me the president on his own speaking his mind for a couple days and between. That and all the tweets he's done this morning and yeah he is often run it and. Well up a whole other thing cam and that is do we really isn't an asset to have somebody that speaks their mind in the presidency. You know that's one of the things that trump fans like about him he says when he thinks and and there's a certain work that refreshing splash her typewriter and it but much. So what you think without an editor. Can also be a terrible liability or especially when your words count so heavily. In terms of public opinion and the way the nation is perceived internationally. Six or seven deuce. 6686 CHX 8680 isn't it fun were you happy to see the president weighing in. On the Roy Moore story yesterday and did did you like the way he handled it. I thought that he. I I thought and he opened up more begins storm bit pandora box for himself. With a three weeks left in this race right hand and I felt like he opened up this pandora box that for himself much more than if you give just. Let them for three weeks yell at him and ask him what he thinks about. More and like out. And let others you know speak for him. Because now. Now he's and he was asked are you gonna campaign for him now he's gonna have to answer that. You know he's gonna have to answer. Hard to a lot of things and if anything else comes out. That proves that Roy Moore was in fact doing what has been alleged. The president is then gonna have to be asked so you're gonna support. Someone who preyed on children over. A different. That I'd vote it's different from your agenda. The comes down to that doesn't it yes. Comes down to the they're the core of our values right. The core what makes us tick politically what motivates us hi grace having my absurd it rhetoric about I don't think the president thinks he's will hurt us early lying. Does he won't say that I they're. He just says he says attacked her well that's and that's a whole other issue in terms of innocent until proven guilty titles when so many women come out about something come on. That's the same more varieties with food and he believes he didn't interfere in the us. Now he believes it yeah I think I I I I don't think it sort again I think hit it it just in magnifies. The the tightrope that he is all he. But that he operates very well and that type robe pass and he run his whole life on that tightrope as he certainly when his political life on that tight rope and a sort of ya your right and he he works without a net sometimes he falls in bounces back up on to write the problem is that I think the president is going to be forced to have to. He's going to be in this place where he's gonna have to answer. What I think is the ultimate question. He's sure agenda. More important. Than having someone in this said it. Who. Is alleged to have preyed on children or. Who has it is been proven that he was preying on children. If he's asked it it really is just a reiteration he's already answered it by saying we cannot have a liberal in their whose soft on crime and blah blah blah blah blah you answered it well he hasn't specifically said those words you know what Michael Kiki to stay in that gray zone right now because there's still a lot of people who believe that these women are telling the truth. So he can be Gray's own the president. Because he can just say he says it's not true. If we if it is proven without a doubt. That this happened in the next three weeks should be assured. That there are a whole lot of people looking for a way to prove this without a doubt and if in fact that does happen. The president's going to be Carter a quandary. I think he'll survive it. All the prisons are surviving no I I think I think I think this stuff just rolls off of Hamlet water on the duck I really do I I think there has to be a paradigm shift. Two to thwart him. In terms of this type of thing. Do you think he's gonna come out with further and with further words on this set Ken do you think he's gonna say you know I've been thinking about it and know. I can't support Roy cardinal organization as a leader he's gonna be asking is he sitting he pushed off to next week will campaign for us.