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Tuesday, November 14th

Paul Parsons, President of PlanStrong Financial calls in to talk about what's going on in China and how to best prepare to profit off the future


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URG you know the voice a Boston. Let's talk money shall we we do it every Tuesday at this time Paul Parsons joins us he's the founder and president. With plans strong investment management and as long as I've known Paul Paul's one of these guys that. He just looks into that crystal ball and what does that crystal ball shown amendment as he looks and their crystal ball he sees dollar signs around what their crystal ball ashore and I'm. So I thought well we should talk about this week Paul is. I don't know if you saw this story but I've been seen in for a couple of days now about flying taxis in California and I'm pick. And maybe not but that's just me I don't like heights. In the meantime while that's going on over here. Don't look over here but China is making a lot of noise about electric cars so ball put this altogether would mean let's start flying taxes let's talk electric cars. Well first of all the the current brokered morning and separately on the I think that I don't want and say let's put this kind of put together that. Look at air taxis in Los Angeles by 20/20 and by the way they looked just like a Chinese well. So all I have to say about that early tedious you are scum like behind. So they're. I well I you just took the words right out of my mouth boy you know that well our president just over in China though when we've been having these trade deals and all that stuff. China is making a big. Move with the with automobiles to explain. Especially electric cars and V and it isn't because of global warming a couple of Gephardt. Are they good fixing it they need to curb your especially in their big cities and it's going to turn you know that a clear current ten or fifteen miles outside the city. It becomes dark and foggy overcast when you're inside the city just because of all the Europe pollute in the air. So that's a huge concern for two to deal but it also won over to skirt alliance and or an ordeal. Because they don't produce nearly as much our oil for example is ubiquitous burn as much as we go. None of nothingness. The world of autos and China is just incredible or 20% are scrambling right now. I have a car that's compared to nine out of hand them to and you ask so this is becoming you know as a growth market. And they expect Electric's sales especially to increase. For a good 40% a year for the next bunch of years. Global demand around fourteen the bill and electric cars like 20/20 five and statements and are so we murdered them in their own country. But just to put the salt prospective. Last year Chinese or maybe half a million electric cars. And by the way castle which we know a lot of people look at this kind of feeling altered by the State's going to be all of 76000. So this is a cute quote potential market that's out there. Colleague and another word by the way I was China. Meg didn't the people on board here. Well a little bit of a characteristic. You know the government is seriously considering being an and then I internal combustion engine cars in the somewhere between 20302040. Timeframe and equipment that's kind of pie in the sky aren't. The brits the French or English back Colbert government ministers already talking. They're also building new charging station network speaking on eight million charging stations by 21 and the US today we 161000. And there are offering big subsidies you know around 90000 dollars a car he learned don't sales or what it since catches and fires. And here's tackle I like the most. If you want to be able to my actions get license plate for your car what you'd better be buying electric car and seriously and act as you know you know once again in east. So I know you Paula you've looked at all this stuff and you've done your homework and you're seeing. You're do you do your testing your sniffer you're smelling opportunity out of people make money out of what China is trying to do. Well obviously that's that's our all the water that's always looking kind of what's that backs Wal-Mart for next Amazon and I'm not saying that this is but it certainly has a number of features to the market and the market place that makes this current interest in our house. And so you know when we look at it another thing that helped us with China so little bouts of civil relaxing rules. Acquiring international auto makers have a local art so that's good for you know which yams and ports and Chrysler's world. But they also have a 25%. Power on any car sold into their country by an international manufacturer. Arnold that's going away and I'm so. So you know it gives you are an international manufacturing mayor art our country in the market. But if you look at what examples and try each car companies. That are getting very interesting one of our that is colts beat why again probably got an Akron and put bigger screen. I don't delicately famous US investor Warren Buffett bought and bent in 2008. And our technology has swollen steroids because they're producing. Billions. All of our batteries and hundreds of thousands of autos already. Multiple what I was glad you're in the well. And the reason for NASCAR to import down market with a much higher audio market mind as well. So overall it's kind of trend we like to investigate it got quote it's because it's getting to. They're so we don't want some of your government consumers all get behind. So you are certainly interest in investigating a recognized. Obviously involves some risk. I got thirty seconds left Paul but what if I had a really big pumpkin pie for your widgets and get in the one of those flying taxes. You know you've got pocket I would get it done community people as I let you hurt I'm quite fine. Paul always great to doctoral talked again next Tuesday aren't. Thanks a to learn more about electric cars in China what China is doing just in general where they're automobile industry. And if that is something that may be should be in your portfolio. You can call all Parsons act plans strong at 888972. Plan. 888972. Plan or just go online plans stronger dot com and request a call from Paul.